Hitchhiker Play


Sandra sped along route 39 at 115 mph. There were never any cops around here. There was never anybody around really just miles and miles of dirt and sand. Even if she did go off the road she could probably control it….probably. Sandra was a 5’8″, busty, smart brunette with a fetish for life. She liked it and got as much of it as possible. Some said too much. So what if she had tried every extreme sport known to man (and invented just as many of her own). So what if she tried just about any food dish she came across (at least once and amazingly she never gained a pound, must be the exercise). So what if she fucked anyone (and anything) that took her fancy. It was her philosophy on life. Do it all. And she did her darndest to do just that. Lately she had been fantasizing about hitchhikers. She had never done it with a hitchhiker before. People said it was dangerous to pick up hitchhikers. That of course was what made it appealing to Sandra. The thought of fucking a complete stranger that she pick up off the highway was very arousing. He would probably be dirty…oh yes. She was definitely going to try it. And it was as simple as that. Sandra decided to pick up the next person she saw and try to seduce them.

It took a while. She was out in the desert after all. But eventually she saw a guy walking on the road ahead. As she got closer he got onto the side and pulled out his thumb. He looked surprised when she slowed to a stop a few feet away, even more so when he caught site of sexy Sandra sitting in the front seat. He was about 5’4″, 30’s or 40’s, sandy blond hair, maybe two days growth on his chin, and kinda scrawny. His eyes were a bright green color. Kinda weird. Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort Cool!, she thought. Oh yah and he was dusty and covered in sweat after walking in the desert all day.

Perfect, she thought. She rolled the window down as he walk up.

“Need a lift?”

“Y-yes,” he looked a bit unsure.

“Hop in sexy,” she flashed him a seductive smile.

Confused but not one to argue he climbed in the passenger side. Sandra took off. They drove for about ten minutes before anybody said anything.

“Nice car,” the hitchhiker said.

Sandra smiled, “What’s your name?”


“Where ya headed Ned?” Sandra started to play with her hair. Ned took notice.


“Really! Me too. We can just travel together then,” she smiled as her hand dropped down her neckline across her tits and down her stomach. Ned was really taking notice now.

His eye’s fairy popped when her hand dipped in between her legs and started to stroke her pussy through her shorts.

She pretended to only just now notice his attention, “Are watching me Ned?” she said coyly.

Ned’s eye’s jerked back to the road ahead, “Um, n-no.”

Sandra put on a pouty face, “Why not?”

Ned slowly turned back to see that Sandra had slipped her hand into her shorts and was now breathing rather hard.

“I was …just…..trying….to be….polite.”

Sandra smiled at him, “Rule

: No being polite in this car.”

Ned smiled back, “Ok!”

His eyes glued to the erotic scene beside him, Ned watched as Sandra jacked herself off while driving at 90 miles per hour.



“This is kinda hard to do while driving at the same time. Could you help me out so I can keep both eyes on the road?”

Ned practically salivated, “S-sure.”

Sandra put bother hands on the wheel and Ned slipped his hand into her jean shorts and found her pussy lips. He then slipped two of his fingers into her wet pussy and began to finger fuck her. Sandra moaned and writhed under his touch as he brought her closer and closer to climax. Her steering started to get a little shaky. Squeals of pleasure ripped from her lips as climax came and wave after wave of ecstasy hit her. Her hands left the steering wheel and she grabbed hold of whatever she could, oblivious to the fact that they were now careening off the road. Dirt and sand flew out in all directions as the car swerved and spun out into the desert. Finally they came to rest, his hand still extracting pleasure from her cunt. In a rush of action she jumped up, dislodging his fingers from inside her, and straddled him in the passenger seat.

“Your turn!” she grunted into his ear, as she unzipped him and slid down till she was face to face with his raging cock. He wasn’t huge. About seven or eight inches total. But he was hard as a rock. He was also dirty. He had been walking in the desert all day and it showed and stank. That was fine with her. In fact it kinda turned her on. He slid back the seat and put down the back to give more room to maneuver as her lips slide down and over his dick. His tilted back and he let out a loud groan as she turned her mouth into a vacuum and sucked him dry only to lather him up again with her own saliva. His hands gripped her head forcing his cock all the way back into her throat. He proceeded to pump her mouth until strings of white seed blasted down her throat and he saw bright lights. She took over again and sucked down his sperm savoring the taste. His dick didn’t deflate though. It stayed hard as steel so he pulled her up and yanked off her skimpy shorts revealing her bare ass to the hot sun.

He was about to ram himself into her dripping cunt when she turned around and said, “Fuck my ass you dirty man and I want it hard!”

Not wanting to disappoint he speared into her rectum with enough force to make her scream obscenities at the top of her lungs.


She came so hard that she squirted girl juice onto the dashboard. She screamed for him not to stop though so he didn’t. He yanked her tee-shirt off over her head and began to maul her big luscious tits. Her soft flesh gave beneath his strong hands, folding and mashing as he attacked her orbs. He took a long pointed nipple in each hand and pulled out hard. She screamed more obscenities and grabbed his hands to pull them out farther hurting her even more. Finally after coming a few more times and after he pumped what seemed like buckets of hot sperm up her rectum, she slid of ad he pulled out with a pop. She slid back into the driver’s seat and they sat panting and grinning at each other.

“That was….crazy,” said Ned.

Sandra nodded, “Fun though huh?”

Ned just grinned.

Sandra started the car again and they drove to L. A. They talked and joked and found that they got along famously. Sandra dropped Ned of at his friends house and drove away.

The End.