Caroline Finds Out Pt. 04


“That just made me a little wet, Sean.”

I know I’m not the only person in this world to have ever had a crush on a sibling. And if you are at all like me, or anyone else for that matter you probably remember a moment where that crush went either of one way or another.

In university I had a guy friend that I adored, and wanted to be with sexually. But you don’t want to be wrong about that sort of thing if you’re going to try and make it go forward. He wasn’t the first guy I’d fallen for, but with the other two there was always this moment where I convinced myself I knew that it wasn’t going to happen based on that moment. It could be something someone says, or the way they look at you at a certain moment and you let your brain determine right there and then if it goes any further.

With Joel I knew the day that I seduced him it was going to happen. Our moment came when we were shopping for a meal that we had decided we were going to make instead of going out for dinner when I went to see his new place. As we picked out things, I looked at our basket and said “It looks like we’re getting ready for a date.” It was a throw-away Bayan Escort Gaziantep line if it needed to be. One that I could laugh off if I caught a glimpse of annoyance or discomfort. But he looked in my eye a little longer and said “then we should get some wine.” So I slept with Joel. Because I knew.

Now my sister was sitting across from me in the restaurant, looking me right in the eye and telling me my confession that I had masturbated to the thought of being with her had made her a little wet. And that in just a few seconds, we would have our moment.

“When did you last cum thinking of me, Sean?”

“This afternoon, sis.”

Before this, the evening was comfortable but unpleasant. If she was having any trouble processing what had happened before I left on my trip, she was not going to be denied the courtesy of having whatever information she needed to keep working through it. She had intentionally picked a restaurant nearby in part I think so that neither of us had a retreat, and each of us were at the mercy of a timeline. Once we were seated, there was enough routine to distract, but not enough to interfere.

At first it was manageable. It was a lot of questions about us growing up, and really a lot of questions about when I became sexually active (she had guessed it right), the sorts of girls I was attracted to (physically, emotionally), whether I’d been with a guy before (she was the first person I ever knew so closely that I shared that with) a litany of questions about pornography, and sexual interests that I may have that veered outside the normal bounds and whether my sex life with my wife was 100% satisfying, I didn’t ask a thing. I didn’t want to know, but I also thought I knew. All I could do was answer. Order. Wait. Answer. Eat. Wait. Answer. A part of me hoped that I would wear her out. That she would run out of questions and by the sheer power of honesty and openness, I could somehow get out of this without her wondering about, well, us.

The bill arrived, she paid on our behalf and we were about to leave.

“Just one last question, Sean. Maybe two.”


“Have you ever masturbated thinking about being with me?”

I didn’t have to answer. I wasn’t expecting that question, so I had made the mistake of letting down my guard and looking her in the eye when she asked. She would have watched my face flush as my lips quivered. My entire body said yes. And I got hard. I didn’t have to answer but I did.


“That just made me a little wet, Sean.”

She went to get up, but hesitated in the process. The effect was to have her half leaning over the table, even closer to me than before.

“When did you last cum thinking of me, Sean?”

“This afternoon.”

She stood beside me and offered her hand to help me up. If she had looked she would have known. If she looked I didn’t know. She led me, arm-in-arm out of the restaurant and hailed a cab. Inside she sat close to me. She gave her address, the driver started the fare and we were on our way.

“Can I tell you something, Sean? It isn’t as much a question as it will seem.”

I nodded. She leaned towards me.

“Is it wrong that the panties you’ve made so wet, are the ones you came in while thinking of me?”

She didn’t need to say that. I knew back at the restaurant that we had our moment. By the time we got in the cab, everything else was just noise. She knew. I knew. Something was going to happen, and I thought I was ready.