Strawberried Phone Conversation


Hi Reader…before reading this story, you might like to read Job Interview Down Under, which is where and how Rebecca & Mr Johnson met…hope you enjoy Rebecca’s continuing antics with Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnston! Gosh, does that man ever give up? He’s been calling and leaving messages for two weeks now. Mr Johnston… mmmmm, such a nice thought. My reflection on my interview with Mr Johnston makes for some very interesting and umm might I say “wet” feelings.

That interview with him would have to have been the most interesting sexual experience I’ve had so far. And, he was so easy going, gentle, tender, sexy, but also very, very satisfying. We were both very satisfied.

Anyway, I did return his call but, I got his new secretary on the line, so I just left him a message with her.

Gosh it’s been so hot here lately. Today was a scorcher, 45C. I got into the house (thank heavens for the air con) and popped the shopping on the bench top and finally stepped out of my dress, instantly feeling cooler in just white French knickers and bra.

I’ve come home from late night shopping on a Thursday night. I’ve brought some groceries, fruit, vegetables and a new dress. I also picked up the mail. I’ve been waiting on a bikini, skirt and some panties that I ordered on the net. Finally, that parcel arrived today as well, just in time for the weekend.

I’m thinking of relaxing by the pool on Saturday, getting a little sun and then having some friends over on Sunday for a Barbie as this will be my last weekend alone on our country estate. Mum & Dad will be back from the Maldives on Monday. Mum sent me a postcard and it looks so beautiful. I’d love to go there for a holiday with someone special.

I put the shopping away, remove my white bra, grab some fruit to nibble on, a magazine, the bikini package, the remote control and sit on the sofa.

The answering machine is flashing that I have 3 new messages. One is from Mum, saying they’ll be home on Monday afternoon, one from a girlfriend and one from Mr Johnston. Another one. That man just doesn’t give up.

“Rebecca, I’ve left you so many messages asking you to contact me, and when you did, I was out of the office. I won’t accept a second hand message from my new secretary as to why you didn’t show up the following day after your interview. I want you to contact me personally and explain why you didn’t show up. I am home alone for the weekend and I would appreciate a call from you on 3597-5555 so we can discuss this matter further. Please Rebecca, call me.”

What am I going to do about this man I’m thinking as I open the bikini package. WOW. It’s beautiful, it’s made of this soft sheer mesh fabric and it’s a G-string. I can’t wait to try it on after I have a shower in a little while.

I have some fruit as I flick through my magazine, not really seeing anything, remembering Mr Johnston and the things we did…and the way he made me feel. I grab the phone and dial his number. It rings and rings and just as I’m about to hang up I here him say “Hello.”

“Hello, Mr Johnston. It’s Rebecca …Look I’m sorry to call so late, but I just got in and I just got your latest message. So I thought,” I just babbled on quickly “I’d just give you a quick call and say that I’m sorry I didn’t return the following day because I didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to work there after our encounter on the day.”

“Rebecca, oh thank God I finally I have you on the phone,” he says. “Can we please talk for a bit?” he asks.

“Sure. About?” I ask.

“I’d like for us to get together again. Maybe I could bağdatcaddesi escort take you to dinner over the weekend?” he says. “And we could talk then.”

“Mr Johnson, I’ve already lined up a new job, so maybe dinner wouldn’t be a good idea but thanks for offering.” I say.

“You have?” he says. “Where are you, what are you doing tonight? Maybe we can meet somewhere for a drink?”

“Tonight? No way! I just got in from shopping and I’m sitting here on the sofa cooling off and relaxing. I couldn’t possibly go out again tonight” I say.

“Please Rebecca, let me take you to dinner tomorrow night” he says, his voice sounding so deep and sexy. “I need to see you again. I can’t get the taste, I mean I can’t get you out of my mind.”

I pause for a second…. Mmmmm taste huh? I am tempted to see him again, I’ve thought about him and the way he made me feel a lot since our interview.

“Well, I didn’t really have any plans for tomorrow night, in fact my whole weekend is still wide open. I was just going to relax and chill out around here cause my parents get back on Monday and I have the house to myself.”

He laughs. “So, that means you will have dinner with me?” he asks.

“Well, I guess you’re not going to give up inviting me, so, yes thank you, dinner would be nice. I was just about to have some fruit for dinner now, but I thought I’d give you a tingle first.”

“It’s late to be having dinner. What are you having Rebecca?” he asks.

“I’m just having some fruit. Apricots, grapes, strawberries…it’s too hot to eat anything else” I say.

“Rebecca, what are you wearing now?” he asks in that sexy, husky voice of his.

I giggle a little, “Umm, well not much really. I was so hot when I got home, I slipped my dress and bra off in the kitchen, so I’m just sitting here in my French Knickers.”

“Rebecca will you do something for me?” he asks.

“What is it Mr Johnson?” I ask.

“I want you to do something for me and tell me how it feels. Rebecca, run your hand over your breast for me, nice and slow. Run your finger around your nipple. Are you nipples hard Rebecca?” he asks.

“Mmmm very hard Mr Johnson,” I moan back.

“Nice” he says. “Now Rebecca I want you to squeeze them a little, pulling on them as if I were sucking them into my mouth.”

I’m doing as he’s telling me, moaning softly, as I feel the dampness forming on my panties.

“Now move you hand down your tummy Rebecca, dipping a finger into your belly button, and then over your beautiful belly sliding down to your panties. Tell me what the panties are like Rebecca” he says.

Softly I say, “Well Mr Johnson, they are white, lacy, French and now they have a wet patch between my legs.”

“Oh Rebecca, I like the sound of all that. They’re wet cause I’m turning you on aren’t they baby?” he says.

“Uhuh” I moan.

“That’s good Becci,” he says “cause I’m so turned on right now too. I’m stroking my cock as you moan so sweetly into the phone while you do as I ask.”

“Now Bec slide you hand inside your panties and run your finger over those bald, puffy lips that have not left my mind for the past couple of weeks, just over your slit baby. That feels good doesn’t it Bec?” he says to me as I moan into the phone. “Becci, push your index finger in between your pussie lips for me.”

I do that and softly gasp at the feeling.

“Bec, slide you finger up and down. Now bring that finger back up and lick it for me. Come on Bec, I want to hear you tasting yourself on your finger” he says.

“Mmmm, oh Mr beykoz escort Johnson mmmm” I’m moaning as I lick my wet finger and begin squirming on the sofa. “I taste so good Mr Johnson, mmmm.”

“Oh don’t I know that to be so true Rebecca!” he says huskily. “Bec I’m stroking my cock as you moan, licking your finger like that and ohhh baby, I have to tell you I’m leaking pre cum already. You’re so hot Rebecca. You sound wonderful girl.”

“You sound great yourself Mr Johnson” I say. “Your voice has become deeper and more husky. Very, very sexy.”

“Rebecca, now I want you to slip off your panties. It’s time you got started on that dinner you have there” he says.

“Ok, I’m sliding them off now,” I’m saying as they slide along my legs and off onto sofa.

“Rebecca, now I want you to put one foot down onto the floor and leave the other resting on the sofa” he says. “I can just imagine you sprawled out that way. Your bald plump pussie spread out, glistening already cause you’d be so wet” he’s saying in that sexy husky voice of his. “Now I want you to take a strawberry and place the tip of it onto you clit and then moving it down a little and back up.”

“A strawberry? Oh Mr Johnson, I haven’t done anything like that before” I say as I pick up a big red one out of the bowl and move it down towards my waiting tender clit. “Ahh, it feels so hot and so cold” I’m giggling as I place it onto my clit. “I’m slowly sliding it back and forth now” I tell him.

“Becci, put that strawberry to your lips and take a bite” he says.

“Ohh Mr Johnson,” I moan as I bite into it.

“Now, take it back down, place it against your clit, your hand over it and start moving your hand around in circles, your clit pressed against the strawberry.”

I begin moaning, “Ohh Mr Johnson, oooooo that feels so good. I wish you were here so I could feed you this strawberry.”

“Oh Becci, I’d love to eat that strawberry. I’d love to be there right now, eating that strawberry, licking its and your juices up at the same time, eating that sexy fucken pussie of yours” he’s saying, but his breathing is laboured a little.

“Rebecca, eat that strawberry now, and as you do slide your fingers inside your pussie and start fucking yourself. You’re very wet aren’t you Bec?” he says in a rough but excited voice.

“Mmmm, yes I am” I sigh as I swallow the strawberry, so very horny as my fingers slide in and out.

“Rebecca, I want you to move the phone down between your thighs for me. I want to hear your pussie squishing as your fingers slide in and out of you.”

“Are you serious Mr Johnson?” I ask a little shocked.

“Yes, very. Now Rebecca put the phone down there and keep fucking yourself for me” he says.

So I do as he asks. I hold the phone with one hand, the mouth piece just above my pussie as my fingers slide in and out. I’m moaning, so hot at the thought of Mr Johnson stroking his cock at the other end while listening to the sounds of my pussie begin fucked by my fingers.

Still holding the phone down there, I call out almost breathlessly, “Mr Johnson, oh that feels, feels so good, I can’t wait any longer, ohh…I have to cum….I, I’m going to cumm” and with that I bring the phone back up to my ear as I cumm all over my fingers, moaning into the phone, listening to Mr Johnson saying “That’s it baby, cummm, ohh you sound so good to me Becci, cumm baby cumm.”

I’m breathless, but my pussie isn’t totally satisfied yet and my fingers begin moving in and out again.

“Mr Johnson, I’m going to cumm again…that was so fucking hot. caddebostan escort Oh Mr Johnson, I’m cumming again, I’m cummminggggg” I’m moaning breathlessly.

That orgasm so deep and strong I felt it right to the core of my body. Moaning into the phone, “Ohhhh, yesssss, oh my God yesssssss, oh Mr Johnson, ohhhhh, mmmmm, ahhhhh.”

“Rebecca you sound so fucken sexy, I’m about to blow for you girl”.

In my breathless voice I’m saying to him “Oh yes, that’s it Mr Johnson, cum for me sir, cum. Stroke that cock, ohhhhh yesssss, mmmmm, you sound so good sir, that’s it stroke that cock for me.” My fingers resting on my hot, creamy pussie as I talk with Mr Johnson. “Mmmmm, oh I know what you look like sitting there doing that, stroking your cock that way. Oh yesss stroke that cock baby, cum for me.”

“Rebecca, you’re going make me cumm… I’m gonna cumm Becci, oh Bec, I’m cummingggggg”…and with that comes the sexy grunts and groans as his cumm shoots out. “Oh Becci, oh baby, oh Becci…you are so sexy. I’ve been thinking about you so much. I’ve cumm so often remembering our interview” he says, kinda breathless.

“Ohhh Bec, Bec, Bec, Bec” he says. I can here his heavy breathing beginning to come back to normal.

“Ohhh Bec, you should see how much you made me cumm girl…’s all over the place baby” he says.

I’m laying there, listening to him, softly sighing as he talks to me, my hand still on my pussie, not wanting to move, totally enjoying this moment, not saying anything, just smiling and feeling on top of the world.

Mr Johnson and I have just had phone sex. Wow. My clit flutters again and my finger moves a little to still it, but when I touch it I realise that I still need to cumm again. And so without talking this time, but with Mr Johnson still on the line, I begin to move my fingers in response to the demands of my clit. Rubbing over it, going around in circles gently, increasing the pressure a little. I begin to feel my orgasm building up inside me. I can hear Mr Johnson saying something into the phone, but I’m not listening and not responding.

I move the phone down to my pussie, still kneading my clit tenderly, round and round….I start talking then, but not into the phone, it’s still hovering over my pussie. “Mr Johnson, oohhhh, you’re going to make me cumm again sir, oohh yessssssss, oohh Mr Johnson, ohhhhh, yesssssss, yessssssss” I scream out as I cum for the third time with him on the phone. “Ohhh, yesssssss.” I try to catch my breath as I bring the phone back up to my ear as I pant into it. Is he still on the line?

“Mr Johnson, Sorry, but I had to cumm again. You turned me on so much” I saying, a little breathless again.

“Rebecca honey, you sounded wonderful. Don’t ever, ever be sorry for cumming. You sounded fucking fantastic honey” he says.

“Oh Mr Johnson, I feel so wonderful. You feel the same way?” I ask.

“Absolutely my dear, absolutely.”

“Mmmm, good. So, umm, back to our original conversation, dinner. What time tomorrow night?” I ask giggling into the phone.

“Well, how’s 5pm sound you little vixen. I might have something on earlier, otherwise I could have come out earlier. I’ve got your address already, I took it from your application form, I hope that you don’t mind me doing that.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. Five sounds great and anyway, this “vixen” as you call her, will be home most off the day, so if you are a little early, it won’t be a problem.” I say. “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and Mr Johnson, thank you so much for tonight…it’s been a wonderful phone call!”

“No Rebecca, thank you honey, you are wonderful and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Sleep tight sweetie. Goodnight Becci.”

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