Her First Gang Bang


You call me, and tell me that you have a surprise for me. I ask, “What sort?”.

You say, “One that you are sure to enjoy.”

You continue to tell me that you will pick me up at 8 sharp and to be sure to bring my coat and state, “It will be chilly.”

You know that I will be wearing one of my usual outfits for when we have the chance to meet. Skirt, stockings, heels.

It is now 8 and you arrive as you promised. I enter your truck and you say, “You look absolutely delicious tonite, my pet.”

I respond, “Thank you.”

You see the excitement in my face and show no signs as to where we are headed. We kiss full on the mouth and it sends a shiver through my entire body. You reach between my legs and find my pussy. It is wet with anticipation.

You enter my pussy slowly with one, then two fingers. You twist them and coat them well with my juices. Lifting your hand to my mouth, you tell me, “Lick them clean.” I do as you instruct.

You ask, “Do you like they way you taste?”

I respond, “Yes.” You begin to drive.

I ask, “Where are we going?”

“In due time, my sweet, in due time.”

We continue to talk about how our week had gone. Family, work etc.

At some point during the drive, you say to me, “Take off your clothing, leaving only your stockings and heels.”

I protest, “Not while were driving Everyone will see me.”

You say to me in a stern voice, “It is not a request, but a demand. Now remove all your clothing as I told you to do. You kuşadası escort may cover yourself with your coat.”

I am surprised, you have not spoken this way before. It excites me, yet I don’t want you to know this. All you see as you glance toward me is slight rage.

I do as you have demanded and sit in the seat covered only by my coat.

You continue to drive. I again ask, “Where are we going? How long before we get there?”

“You will know this soon enough slut.” You continue, “Play with my pussy.”

“Yours?” I question.

“Yes, it belongs to me. I will choose to do whatever I want with it.”

I start to rub my clit from under the coat. You reach over and push the material away.

“I want to watch you.”

It is starting to get dark. You say to me, “We are almost there. You must lay back and close you eyes and not open them until I say that you can.”

I do as you have said. I can feel the truck making turns and then we stop.

You say, “Lay still,” and then kiss me full on my mouth.

As you do this, I feel your hands place something over my eyes. I start to wiggle a little and you tell me, “Not to worry, it is only a blindfold. You must wear this and not try to remove it.”

I obey.

I hear your door open and you get out. I am still lying there with my lower half exposed.

I hear my door open and a sudden breeze of air rushes over my exposed skin. You remove my coat and instruct me to get out.

“Where are kuşadası escort bayan we?” I question.

“Do not worry, I will not let anything happen to you that you do not want to happen. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I do.”

I get out and stand. You take my arms and lead me from behind. I feel something cold on my wrist. And hear a slight click. My hands are now bound behind me.

I am frightened. But you whisper, “All will be good. You will truly enjoy what is in store.”

You lead me up a stone path. We stop and I hear you knock on a wooden door. The door is answered and I can hear the voice of a women.

She says, “Welcome, you may join the rest of us in the living room. Ah, what a very nice slave you have with you.”

I am seated in a chair, my wrists are bound and connected to the chair, my head is turned to the side and there is a large cock placed into my mouth. It starts to saw in and out, back and forth, I feel the cock head gliding over my lips. When the head is touching the back of my throat, I feel soft balls against my chin. I AM IN HEAVEN ~

I am still blindfolded and know that there is a pair of lips and a tongue that is running up and down my hot wet juicy slit. I move open my legs as wide as they will go, hoping for more of that tongue.

Suddenly, I feel another presence between my legs. I feel a finger slide up my lips and I lift my hips towards it. I want it inside so bad.

I feel one set of lips take my clit in side, suck on escort kuşadası it, then nibble it with teeth, Oh, God, it feels so good.

I now feel a finger as it slides up inside of my hot wet cunt. All the way to the nuckle.


When I do that, I hear your voice groan as the vibration of my mouth on your cock causes you to go over the edge. I can feel the familiar throb of the head of your cock and know you are about to cum. You have cum in my mouth so many times before, I LOVE IT, I know exactly what to do.

I give one last large suck and then open my mouth wide. You start to fuck my face, faster and harder and deeper. I feel the first load of cum splatter against the back of my throat. I swallow quickly, but know there is more.

I then feel it as you slide the cock from my throat, I can’t see but I know you are jerking your cock and I open my mouth for what I know is more loads of cum that you want me to capture in my throat.

The 2nd load hits me near my mouth, I try to get my tongue around to taste and then another loads hits my face, then another, and another and another. I love it.

I now feel the cum dripping from my face and then I feel soft lips. I am sure they are the lips of a woman kissing my face, trying to lick it clean of your cum.

This sends me over the edge and I lift my ass so I can get more of the mouth and the finger.

When I do this, a finger is jammed up inside of me. Suddenly, another finger finds it’s way to my asshole.

“OH MY GOD”, I scream.

The finger is thrust deep inside of my tight hot asshole. As the two fingers start fingerfucking me, one in my cunt, one in my ass, I scream and cum.

“Oh fuck, oh my God, fuck yeah, eat my cunt and finger my ass.”

My body explodes.