Interracial Threesome


I always have trouble sleeping in a hotel, especially the first night, so it is no surprise I am wide awake at midnight. I pour another glass of wine and open my laptop. I start searching for some gay porn so I can get off. Alcohol and orgasm are my go-to cure for insomnia. The hard part, aside from my cock, is finding a video that shows “real” guys. Shaved, oiled twinks don’t really do it for me. Well. A shaved, oiled twink in the flesh might but I’ve never met one in real life. For all I know they are all CGI effects. I finally find some videos that I can get into and prop the laptop on a pillow next to me and start stroking. It is fun but I’m not reaching release.

I get up and get my vibrating dildo and lube and start working it into my ass. It is a large dildo so it take some time and effort to get it all the way in. Just as I reach full penetration i hear some noise from the room next door. At first I’m not sure what it is. The voices are muffled and i can hear some movement but nothing distinct. After a couple of minutes though i can tell that someone is having sex, and not by themselves like me. As they progress in their sexual play their voices get louder. I can make out a man’s voice and he sounds like he is being treated right. He is talking dirty about his cock being sucked and having a finger in his ass. I turn my vibrator up to full power and work it in and out of my ass as I listen. Then he is talking about having his balls sucked so I put lube on my hand and massage my balls. After a few minutes he is moaning about licking his ass and tongue fucking and I am so jealous.

I get a little confused when I hear him talking about fucking “that beautiful ass” and about being fucked in the ass. Then I realize I am hearing two different male voices and no female ones. It is two guys fucking and the bed starts banging against the wall rhythmically. They are inches away fucking like minks. I pound my own ass with the dildo to their rhythm. They are no longer talking just moaning and grunting. Then the top yells he is going to cum and the bottom tells him to fill his ass and I am so fucking turned on that I cum without touching my cock, shooting some sperm all the way to my own face.

When I finish cumming I have long strands of semen on my stomach and chest. I rub my fingers around in it and then lick it off, over and over, wishing it was someone else’s cum. Just as my cock softens I hear them moving around. I hear the bottom say he is going to fuck his partner now and the moaning and groaning starts anew. My dick gets hard again and I start jerking off to their rhythm again. I finish long before they do and I lay there licking cum off my hand listening to them screwing like pros. It is so erotic. I fall asleep and dream of a big, hard cock sliding in and out of my ass.

I wake up late and have to shower and dress in a hurry so I won’t miss the first workshop of the day. I am still trying to get my laptop bag over my shoulder as I shut the door when the two lovers emerge from the room next door, also apparently in a rush. They are both African American men. One is dark skinned, tall and lean. He is not handsome but not unattractive either. The other is maybe 5’10” but with a nice build, well developed arms and chest Gaziantep Escort İlanları are easily visible through his tight t-shirt. He is lighter skinned and has boyish good looks. They both look to be in their late twenties or early thirties. As I follow them down the hall toward the elevators I can see that they both have very nice asses and I imagine massaging those cheeks and spreading them apart so I can tongue their assholes. I have a hardon by the time we get to the bank of elevators.

As we wait for the elevator to arrive the tall one greets me and asks how I’m doing. The car doors open and we get in. I tell him I’m tired and he says he is too. I tell him it sounded like a good time last night. They both get embarrassed and I tell them not to worry about it, that I enjoyed every minute of it. The shorter one tells his friend he told him he was too loud. I tell him that I could hear both of them and that it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile, which, sadly, is true.

We are in the same workshop that morning and we talk a bit before and after. They are Robert and Charles and have been together for a couple of years. Charles, the short one is very funny and outgoing. Robert is a bit more reserved but sarcastic and very smart. It sounds like he should be teaching the workshop. We part ways and head off to different workshops.

I don’t see them again until almost seven in the evening. They are having drinks in the hotel bar and invite me to join them. After a couple of drinks Robert becomes less reserved. He runs his hand up Charles’ thigh when he thinks no one is watching. I can see bulge in his crotch and can tell he is horny. I am becoming less reserved, too. And before I know what I am doing I start talking about hearing them have sex last night. I let slip that it has been a while for me and that I was jealous listening to them.

I get up to use the restroom and when I get back they are both looking at me in a strange way. I give them a questioning look as I sit down and Charles leans over and asks if I want to join them tonight. He says they have been thinking of having a threesome but haven’t met anyone they want to do it with- until now. It takes me about 1/1000 of a second to agree and we all get up and head for the elevators. There are other people in the car so we can’t talk on the way up. When we get to their room Charles asks if I am a top or a bottom. I tell him I am versatile. He says he wants to fuck me while I suck Robert’s cock. I heartily agree.

Charles kisses me and his lips are soft and his tongue is warm and gentle in my mouth. We kiss deeply and grind our crotches together. Robert is running his hands over my shoulders and arms, lightly massaging them. Charles hands are on my ass kneading and grabbing and spreading my cheeks through my clothes. I surrender to the sensations and decide I am going to let them do what they want to me.

When we finally break our kiss off Robert turns me around and kisses me. He is more forceful but not too hard. Charles starts grinding against my ass and I can feel his hardon through our pants. He untucks my shirt and runs his hands up over my abs and chest from behind. As always, the feeling of flesh on flesh turns me on like nothing else and I am moaning into Robert’s mouth.

Charles starts to pull my shirt up over my head, causing me to break off my kiss with Robert. Charles is running his hands all over my torso while Robert starts to unbutton my pants. When my pants are down at my ankles Robert kneels down and pulls my shoes off and then my pants. I am standing between them buck naked. Robert starts running his hands up and own my legs. He is touching me everywhere but where I want to be touched. He starts on the outside of my legs, rubbing up and over my hips but not touching my ass. Then back down and up the inside of my legs. I widen my stance because I want his hands on my cock, my balls, my ass. I want his fingers inside me. But when his hands get to my inner thighs he slides them back around to the outside of my legs, coming within a quarter inch of my genitals but not touching them. He is driving me wild and my cock is standing straight up.

Meanwhile Charles steps in close and his crotch is pressing against me ass crack. He is grinding against me and through the fabric of his pants I can feel a very large and very hard cock straining to get out. His hands are wrapped around me, rubbing my chest and abs and, like Rob, he is avoiding all the most sensitive areas. It feels like every nerve in my body is firing and I want them to touch me and I want to touch them. I want a cock in my hands, my mouth and my ass. I need it so bad I am starting to shake.

They pull me over to the bed and lay me down. Charles starts massaging my legs, starting at my feet. Robert is undressing and watching me hungrily. When his pants come off his cock is hard. It is long but not as thick as mine. The shaft is dark, almost black, and the head is purple-brown. There is a drop of glistening precum on the tip and I want to lick it off. He climbs on the bed and starts kissing me. His hand is sliding over my chest, his fingertips brushing my nipples lightly.

Charles has reached my inner thighs and the anticipation is killing me. Finally his hands brush my scrotum and his fingers start exploring my pubes then he has my cock in his hand. The other hand is massaging my balls and my perineum. At the same time Robert starts kissing my neck and working his way downward. When his lips and tongue find my nipples I arch my back and moan loudly.

After a couple minutes getting my nipples rock hard Robert kisses his way slowly down my torso. Charles’ fingers are circling my anus, drawing smaller and smaller circles. He stops to bring his fingers to his mouth then he works a wet finger into my ass making me gasp. Robert finally reaches my cock and takes it in his mouth and I have never felt so good. Charles pulls out and goes to the nightstand and gets some lube. He drops his clothes and starts fingering me again. He adds some lube to his hand and works a 2nd finger inside me and slowly twists his hand, stretching me in all directions and I am practically writhing in pleasure. When Charles gets a third finger inside me I lose control and cum in Robert’s mouth. I haven’t cum this hard and this long in forever. Robert takes his mouth off my cock and manages to keep most of the cum in his mouth but there some leaking from both corners of his mouth. He then kisses me again and my own cum fills my mouth. We kiss for a long time, swapping cum back and forth.

As we are kissing Charles pushes my knees back toward my chest. He grabs me by the thighs and drags me down until my ass is at the edge of the bed. Then he kneels down on the floor and I feel his tongue start licking and probing my asshole. When his tongue touches it my asshole opens on its own. He runs his tongue all around it, stimulating every nerve ending and I want to grab his head and pull him in tighter. When he stops I feel cool lube being applied around the opening and pushed deep inside me.

Robert breaks our kiss and we both have cum on our mouths and chins. He kneels close to my head and places his cock against my lips. I lick the precum that has gone from a drop to covering the entire head. I grasp the shaft and take it into my mouth. I start pumping and sucking and use my other hand to massage his balls.

Charles places the head of his cock against my asshole and starts to push against me. He feels huge and I have to tell myself to relax and push out. He uses gentle pressure, pushing and backing off rhythmically. When he finally enters me I have to stop sucking Robert because it hurts like a mother fucker. My eyes water and I can only gasp. Charles waits patiently for me to relax. After about 45 seconds I can move a little and I start rocking my hips a little to move his cock in and out in small increments. He stands still and lets me move at my own pace. His self control is amazing. Finally I am relaxed enough for Charles to start pumping. He begins with slow, short strokes and then increases his speed and depth a little at a time. I take Robert’s cock back in my mouth and do my best deep throat. He is so long I can’t get all of him in but, by the sounds he is making, I do pretty well. I bring my fingers up to his mouth and sucks and licks them, getting them slick with his spit. I find his anus with my now wet fingers and start exploring.

The two of them lean over and start kissing over me while their cocks are filling me. They are obviously in love and I feel honored to be part of their love making. The feeling of being stretched and filled, the site of two beautiful men kissing and the smell of sex are almost too much to bear. Almost but not quite. This is heaven.

Robert is the first to cum. He shoots spurt after spurt into my mouth, so much that it is spilling out and running down my cheeks. The site must be too much for Charles because he lets out a guttural cry and starts pounding my ass and then he is cumming. I can feel his spasms as he fills my ass with his seed. That is all it takes for me to cum again, without even touching my cock. All I can smell and taste is cum. Charles pulls out of me and he and Robert switch positions. Charles puts his cum-covered cock in my mouth. It is so thick that deepthroating is damn near impossible but I manage to suck it clean. Robert kneels down at the foot of the bed and starts eating my ass, sucking and licking as much of Charles’ cum as he can. He even inserts a couple of fingers to pull out more. Charles then licks my cum off my torso.

When we are all licked clean we lay together on the bed kissing and touching for a good long while. I spend the night in their room and we try as many combinations and position as we can think of. It was the best night of sex I ever had.