Rebecca Pt. 03


Just to let you know before you read this, there’s a lot of ballbusting in this chapter. I am planning on keeping feet as the main fetish of this story, though. Also, to the many of you awaiting “good cockrubs,” I promise that in all of the remaining chapters there will be some.

My visitations to Rebecca’s dorm room continued, and I began to look forward to them more and more. I never tired in the least at massaging Rebecca’s incredible feet; I began to look forward to it more and more as I did so in several different ways. After I’d gone to her room several times and massaged her feet in the same way I had the first time, she told me to do it differently.

Rebecca lay prone on her bed doing homework. As always, I looked at her feet, but my eyes were also drawn elsewhere. She was wearing short shorts that showed off her smooth legs and closely hugged her beautiful, voluptuous ass. I hadn’t even touched her yet and I was already getting hard. Rebecca cleared her throat, and when I looked at her I found an admonishing gaze fixed on me.

“Is this going to become a habit?” Rebecca asked me, a degree of ominousness in her voice.

Chagrined, I bowed my head, remembering the video.

“No,” I murmured, “Sorry.”


It didn’t sound like she believed me.

“Go there today,” She instructed, “I feel like laying down this time.”

I nodded and quickly complied, taking care not to disturb her too much as I knelt behind her. My eyes drank in the sight of Rebecca’s silky heels and rosy, gently wrinkled soles; her impeccably shaped and maintained toes. My eyes hungrily wandered up to appreciate her firm legs and butt. As I massaged Rebecca’s feet, the way I was situated added something new and exciting to the experience. I was in such a dominant position, kneeling above Rebecca while she was laying down, but I could do nothing. I was under her control. Knowing this gave me a strange, strong thrill that I ‘relieved’ whenever I got back to my dorm room.

A few days later that feeling of being controlled by Rebecca soon escalated far higher than I could have imagined. It started out with another foot rub. Rebecca sat up on the side of her bed after I entered, and she was barefoot. To the left of her feet sat a small towel, a large towel, and a basin of water with wisps of steam rising out of it.

“Hey,” I said.

Rebecca acknowledged me.

“My feet got pretty sore from walking around today,” she went on to explain, “So I walked around barefoot for a while. My feet got a little dirty, see?” I did, and wished that she would have taken off her flip-flops in the class we shared. My pulse quickened as Rebecca straightened her leg out towards me. Her soles were covered with a thin blanket of dirt, mostly at the heels and balls of them, which emphasized their aesthetic structure.

Rebecca lowered her legs and pointed to the floor.

“Wash them,” She commanded.

I immediately walked over to her and knelt. I looked up at her, and as my eyes traveled to her face, they stopped at her breasts. Rebecca was wearing a t-shirt that outlined them beautifully. They were about a 38 D, a perfect match with her thin body. Remembering what had happened when I was admiring her ass, and not wanting to make her irritated again, I willed my eyes to quickly continue up to Rebecca’s face. She wasn’t reading a book or doing homework; she was staring right at me, almost through me, with a slightly displeased, thoughtful expression. A little disconcerted, I looked down and tested the water, and found it to be warm. I soaked the washcloth in the bath and began to delicately scrub the dirt from Rebecca’s feet, careful to rout every speck from every inch of her soles and toes. After I was sure that they were completely clean, I reveled in the results. I had the feeling of a treasure hunter who had just struck gold, appreciating her feet even more after just seeing them dirty. After I dried off Rebecca’s feet with the larger towel, this incident in her room got even better.

Rebecca tapped me on the shoulder, and when I looked up I saw her wordlessly holding out a bottle of lotion. Containing my surprise and excitement, I eagerly took the bottle, hurriedly got a chair, and sat down. I tried and completely failed to not get hard when I squirted the creamy white liquid on Rebecca’s feet and worked it into them. They became impossibly soft in my hands, causing my cock to grow even more and my breath to shorten. I was pulled out of fantasizing when Rebecca suddenly sighed-and not in a good way. As the last of the lotion I had applied was absorbed by her feet, I looked up at her, and found her looking right at my hard cock.

“Have you been jacking off after you leave from here?” Rebecca asked me, suddenly breaking the silence.

I was completely surprised by this, and answered honestly.


Even as I said it, I knew it was the wrong answer.

“So, all that’s been happening is you getting kayseri escort more pleasure out of my feet. Am I wrong?” She asked in an accusatory tone.

I realized that this was what she must have been thinking about, and that she was right.

“No,” I timidly answered, looking everywhere but at her. I decided that sticking to one word answers was my best ought right now.

“Look at me,” she ordered, and I reluctantly brought my eyes up to hers.

I twitched a little as I felt Rebecca’s right foot slowly moving up my thigh. I wanted to look down, but the look in her eyes stopped me. Her foot reached my crotch, and it didn’t stop. I inhaled in pain as the heel of her foot started to slowly crush my balls against my pelvic bone. Rebecca smiled for the first time since I entered her dorm at the pain and fear in my face. I withstood the pain for a while, but it soon became to much. I grabbed Rebecca’s ankle softly with both hands, but she didn’t stop. I felt her start to grind her foot back and forth, further mashing my balls, and quietly gasped with every turn of her heel. Unable to take it any more, I frantically started smacking my hands against Rebecca’s lower leg, silently begging her to stop. She instantly did so, and I sighed in relief and closed my eyes against the pain. My eyes shot open at her next words.

“Did you just hit me?” She asked incredulously.

There was a look of anger that I could never have imagined possible in her pretty eyes.

“I…I…” was all I could manage.

Rebecca reached down and grabbed a pair of her dirty socks, then shoved them at me.

“Put these in your mouth,” she demanded, “Right now.”

I swallowed and obeyed, then attempted to placate her.

“I’m sorr-” I awkwardly tried to say.

“Shut up,” Rebecca interrupted. “You’re not sorry yet. But you will be,” She continued as she pulled her leg back, bending it at the knee as far as she could.

I watched as she stopped, her leg poised to strike. She looked into my eyes, drinking in my fear, and suddenly pistoned her leg forward. Her foot slammed directly into my balls. I groaned long and loudly as they exploded in pain, and I bent forward. Rebecca’s other foot pressed against my chest, stopping my descent, and pushed me back upright in the chair as she pulled back her leg again. I strained to keep my legs open, knowing that closing them would only make things worse, as she kicked forward hard eight more times. After her eighth kick, I was groaning constantly with every erratic breath I took. Both of Rebecca’s feet left my body, and I instantly closed my legs and leaned forward as far as I could. She laughed and stood up, and her footsteps padded away from me. As the pain in my balls lessened a bit I realized in confusion that my cock was still hard. I didn’t have much time to think about this, though, as a terrible sound entered my ears. I stayed huddled down as the clop of boots against a wooden floor came closer and closer to me, until eventually I was looking down at a familiar pair of brown ankle boots.

“Get up.” She impatiently told me, no hint of mercy in her voice.

I slowly and shakily complied. Rebecca took a step forward and put a hand on my chest. Even through the pain, I was still mindful at how close she was to me. And Rebecca was aware that I was. She smiled knowingly at me and pushed with the hand on my chest, slowly driving me backwards until my back touched the wall. She looked down, and I followed her gaze in time to see her knee slowly rising between my legs. I looked back up at Rebecca with pleading eyes, but that just seemed to encourage her. She jiggled my balls lightly with her knee, and it felt amazing. My mind was already weakened by pain, so I couldn’t suppress a moan into the socks in my mouth. Rebecca’s knee left my balls and I sighed, completely unprepared. She took her chance then. I was caught off guard when her knee suddenly hit me like a freight train. My legs became weak, and Rebecca stepped back as I fell down in pain. Irritated again, she knelt down and told me to get up again while physically pulling me upward. I forced myself to stand up again, my breathing heavy. My head lolled back and forth, but it instantly stopped when Rebecca got right in my face again.

“You remember that little video I have don’t you?” She angrily asked me.

“Mm-hmm.” I mumbled through the socks and nodded compliantly.

“If you fall down one more time before I say it’s okay,” she threatened, “I will send it to everyone I know, and I’ll tell them all who the dirty little boy who took it is. Do you understand?”

I vigorously nodded my head.


She immediately kneed me in the balls again and glared at me, daring me to fall down. I trembled and gritted my teeth, somehow remaining upright.

“That’s better,” Rebecca said in a more pleased voice.

She kneed my balls countless more times, getting unrelentingly harder and faster with each one. She was also kıbrıs escort getting more into it, grabbing my arms to gain more leverage and pumping her legs like a dancer. I was delirious when she finally stepped back, and we were both breathing hard. Through the haze of pain I could see that Rebecca’s face was beautifully flushed, and that there was a predatory look in her eyes.

“You’ve been doing well,” she complimented me when she caught her breath, and she gently wiped the sweat from my head with the back of her hand.

I felt a little better at her praise and her touch. But what she said next filled me with dread.

“Now you just need to take three kicks, and then you can have a little rest,” Rebecca said matter-of-factly.

My brow furrowed in uncertainty, and at this Rebecca cruelly smiled.

“You better hope for your sake you can, you remember the video?” She pitilessly told me, then let a tiny bit of softness into her voice. “Plus, it would make me really disappointed if you don’t.”

I fearfully watched as she backed up, moving like a lion stalking some poor gazelle. She stopped, letting the tension build, and then suddenly lashed out with her foot. My eyes widened at the incredible speed she had moved with, and more so at the pain. Her hard boots hurt twice as much as her knee. I whimpered, unable at this point to even groan, and squeezed my eyes shut. Closing my eyes turned out to be a bad move, as I was completely unprepared for Rebecca’s second kick. Stars exploded in the darkness under my eyelids as I felt her boot crush my balls again. My legs buckled, and this time there was just a low whine in the back of my throat, but with great difficultly I willed myself to stay standing. For some reason the only thing I could think of was Rebecca saying that she would be disappointed. I opened my eyes and swallowed, shifting the socks shifting in my mouth. The look in Rebecca’s eyes was almost admirable, and there was a small smile on her face. I then felt the most intense pain that I’d ever felt since this torture had began when Rebecca hauled off and kicked me harder than she had the other two times. My mouth opened but no noise came out as my legs folded completely at the knees, I dropped to the floor on my shins, and bent forward until my head touched floor too. My hands went between my legs and I held my balls.

When several minutes passed, and I had half-regained my sense, I heard a faint rustling. The sound had been Rebecca’s feet leaving her boots, I realized as I felt her bare toes soothingly stroking my cheek. I moaned as they moved down to the front of my head and gingerly pushed. Understanding what she wanted me to do, I raised my head a little, and Rebecca moved her foot forward until the top of it was under my lips. She used her toes to grab the socks in my mouth and pull them out, then put it back under my mouth.

“Kiss it,” Rebecca instructed me quietly and melodiously.

I was more than ready to comply, as I had fantasized about doing so for a long time. I shut my eyes to enhance the feeling as I tenderly kissed the soft skin on the top of Rebecca’s foot, softly moaning in pleasure and in pain at the same time.

“Good boy,” She praised me in a silvery voice.

My heart fluttered at the compliment and I kissed her foot more passionately, eager to make her happy. Rebecca eventually switched feet, and I kissed her other foot with just as much fervor. Eventually she pulled her foot back, much to my disappointment, and walked away from me. I remained in my bowed position for several minutes.

“How do your balls feel?” Rebecca asked me from her bed after a while.

“Not terrible,” I truthfully answered. They ached, but not too badly.

“Good, then you’re ready,” she said, and it was then that I fearfully caught the mischief in her voice with. “I’m going to punish them some more.”

I wasn’t sure if I could take any more, and tried to plead my case.

“Rebecca, please, I…I don’t think I-” I started timidly, a feeling of dread rising up in my stomach.

“I gave you more than enough rest. You’ll be fine.” Rebecca harshly interrupted. “Now get up and come over here.”

Compelled by her tone, I shakily got to my feet, careful not to jostle my balls, and slowly limped over to Rebecca’s bed.

She smiled disconcertingly at me and stood, then got right up in my face again. She was so close that I could feel her body softly pressing against mine. Remembering the pain that she had afflicted on my balls earlier, I couldn’t help shuddering in fear. Rebecca giggled softly into my ear when she felt this. What she said next was almost as surprising as a knee in the balls would have been.

“Strip,” she whispered right into my ear.

It was so quiet and so unexpected that I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right.

“Wh-what?” I answered, flustered.

“I said,” Rebecca impatiently repeated in a louder voice, “Strip. Don’t make me tell you again.”

That konya escort quickly brought me to my senses. I nervously removed my shirt and pants, and more hesitantly my boxers. Despite the fear and lingering pain that I felt, I couldn’t help but be very aware of the fact that I was naked in front of a hot girl. Rebecca wordlessly eyed my rapidly growing cock with her hands on her hips, displaying no emotion. She then simply told me,

“Lay down.”

I did, and then Rebecca stared into my eyes as she slowly took something out of each of her pockets. She showed them to me, and my heart skipped a beat as I saw four pairs of handcuffs. Rebecca got on the bed, spreading my legs so that she could kneel between them. She leaned forward, led my hands to the bed post behind them, and cuffed them there. She repeated this on my ankles. The mix of fear and excitement I felt whenever I was with Rebecca was strong, as I knew that I was now completely hers to do with as she wanted. She knew it as well as I did; I saw it in her eyes as she leaned back.

Rebecca focused on my balls then. She delicately held my balls in her left hand and rolled them around, lightly squeezing now and then, as if they were melons in a grocery store. The combined rolling and squeezing hurt a little when she pressed on the more sensitive nerves, but otherwise it felt amazing, and I lay my head back and closed my eyes. At one moment when a really strong wave of pleasure washed over me, my bare cock, still rock hard, twitched, and I clenched my abs. Rebecca instantly stopped rolling my balls around. When I raised my head and looked at her, I saw her staring at my cock in a definitely disapproving manner. This look stayed on her face when she raised my eyes to look at me, and that’s when the real torture started. Rebecca adjusted her grip on my balls so that they were in the middle of her palm, and then slowly started squeezing. It was nothing like the squeezing that she had done earlier, it was like my balls were in a vice. A quiet ‘ah’ escaped my lips as Rebecca compressed my nuts more and more. These soon turned to high pitched ‘oh’s, and I strained futilely against the cuffs as she applied a force that seemed superhuman to my sensitive balls, especially coming from her small, dainty hand. Before I could start pleading, the pressure on my balls rendered me speechless. All I could do was make high pitched, garbled noises and hope that Rebecca would have mercy. Finally, she did, loosening her grip on my balls. I sighed with relief as I tried to cope with the needle-like pain. Just as I started to feel a little better, I heard a familiar clacking sound. I looked, and I saw Rebecca rolling two die around in her cupped hand.

“We’re gonna play a little game, okay?” Rebecca told me, her last word humorous:

We both knew it didn’t matter what I said.

“Okay,” I answered, my voice cracking embarrassingly.

Rebecca smiled, and then went on to explain.

“I’m going to punch you in the balls,” she stated in a smart, conversational tone that unsettled me. “I’d rather just punch them until you pass out, but I decided to use these to tell how many times I’m going to do it. Isn’t that nice of me?”

“Yes,” I quickly and obediently answered, “Thank you Rebecca.”

She made some noise of acknowledgement, and, eager to begin, rolled the dice onto my stomach. I strained to look up, and saw that she had rolled four. In thought of the highest number she could have gotten and sighed, somewhat relieved. Rebecca looked disappointed, and said blandly,

“First, your left ball.”

That worried me. She never said she was going to do them separately. Rebecca roughly trapped my left nut by looping her thumb and pointer finger around my sack just below it and pulling back the extra skin. I watched, terrified, as she raised her other hand and clenching it into a fist.

“Ready?” She asked, and immediately brought her fist down.

Completely caught off guard, I gasped when I heard the smack of Rebecca’s fist on my left ball. There was nowhere for it to go, so it took the full force of the punch. My mouth opened and I writhed in the binds, my eyes wide and my mind overloaded. But Rebecca didn’t care. She ruthlessly brought her fist down three more times, brutally pounding my balls, and on the fourth punch I managed to force out a pitiful gasp. I was on a whole new level of pain. Rebecca still didn’t let me rest, picking up the die and rolling them again. My head was back, so I didn’t see what she rolled. I just hoped that it was something low again.

“Eight,” I heard Rebecca’s pleased voice say, and she trapped my right ball.

There was no way I could endure that. I frantically tried to speak as I opened my eyes and saw Rebecca’s hand cocked back.

“Rebecca, plea-”

But it was too late. All of the pain from the kicks, knees, and previous punches put together still didn’t equal the pain I felt. When Rebecca finished the last punch my eyes were watery and I was desperately groaning with every breath. Some small part of my mind realized that it was over, and was thankful.

“Now for both of them together.”

I only comprehended what Rebecca had just said when I felt the die against my stomach again.