Arizona Nights

Big Tits

“Honey why don’t we stay here tonight and just enjoy the evening on the patio?” she said.

“I thought you wanted to go dancing this weekend?” I replied.

“Well it’s Friday and we can go dancing tomorrow night if we feel like it besides, I’ve had a busy week” she replied.

“Your on,” I said.

True, it was another perfect Arizona evening, our working week was done and now it was time to relax. The thoughts of the two of us on the patio enjoying another warm Arizona night sounded pretty good. My wife and I treat weekends as our special quality dating time. Since our daughter moved away to college, every weekend has become an erotic event in one way or another.

We always look forward to our time together, she really knows how to turn me on; I love taking sexy pictures of her wearing her short skirts, lingerie, low cut blouses or when she is wears just a bra and lacy panties. The pictures I take are the calendar girl types, provocative but not exposing too much and always covering her pussy. She’s afraid someone might see them besides me. She wants me to erase most of them if she’s not pleased with way she looks. Only a few pictures every make it to the storage folder on the computer. She enjoys seeing me get hard, it’s her way of teasing me.

After a few pictures she loves to kneel in front of me and take my cock into her mouth and suck me off. When she wears a tight fitting short skirt and low cut blouse or just kneeling in front of me in her bra and panties it drives me crazy with desire. I love watching my cock enter her mouth as she sucks and strokes me. When I cum in her mouth she willingly swallows every drop and smiles knowing she has pleased me again.

“Well, since you mentioned dancing how about I put on some slow music, and we’ll dance right here on our patio.”

I had set up our bedroom ahead of time with soft candles flicking their shadowed glow about the room. Sometimes we never make it to the bedroom and tonight would be one of those nights.

She met me on the patio with drinks in hand wearing her short black lingerie that hugged her beautiful body and she wore nothing underneath. When she stood up it looked like the ultimate short skirt from a distance. alanya escort It was another beautiful warm Arizona night and as we danced on the patio between conversations swaying to the slow beat of the music. My arms held her tight to my chest. I felt her quiet breathing in rhythm with every beat of my heart. I kissed her neck slowly as my lips brushed behind her ear. I drew her closer to me and whispered.

“Touch yourself,” I said.

“What?” she replied with a smile..

“Touch yourself while were dancing, reach down and touch yourself.” I repeated.

Somewhat surprised by my request, she placed her hand between her legs and slowly started rubbing herself as we continued the dance. I pulled her close and we kissed a slow sensuous kiss as we slow stepped around the patio to the music. My nasty request was turning her on as we slow danced together. She obeyed like she was hypnotized, the fact that she was masturbating and dancing was very erotic for both of us.

“I’m really wet,” she said. Almost in a trance she kept rubbing her pussy as we moved about the patio swaying to the slow dance music. When the song ended she said,

“And what else would you like me to do?”

I replied, “Sit on the edge of the lounge chair, and spread your legs so I can to take your picture.” I knew that would be going to far but it didn’t hurt to ask. She wasn’t camera shy but I never got a picture like that before.

“And what do I get in return?” she replied.

“Anything you want,” I said somewhat surprised that she seemed to be serious.

She moved over to the chair and elevated her lingerie just enough to reveal her beautiful pussy mound. ”Aren’t you forgetting something?” she said.

“What,” I asked.

“The camera,” she laughed. It was one of her classic teases again. But I returned with the camera. In the past she only allowed cheesecake type pictures, sexy but not showing too much. Her offer to let me take a picture of her sitting on the edge of the chair, legs spread apart inviting me to fuck her, was a fantasy photo op come true.

It wasn’t so much the picture itself; after all, I could see many erotic poses on the Internet. But this was my artvin escort beautiful wife giving me a “come fuck me picture” that I couldn’t resist. When I pointed the camera her way she said, ”before you take this picture, I want something from you.”

“What’s that?” I questioned.

“Sit here and I’ll take pictures of you first.”

“Alright, fair is fair but no backing out of your offer to pose,” I said, as I sat down on the chair.

“Take your cock into your hand and stroke it, I want to watch it grow.”

As I started to stroke myself she knelt in front of me with camera and started taking pictures. I was getting really hard sitting on the edge of the chair stoking my cock, fantasizing about shooting cum all over her beautiful face.

She sat right in front of me, her tight lingerie hugging her beautiful curves, her lingerie slid up around her waist showing her pussy.

“Want to fuck my mouth?” she asked as she set the camera down. My cock was begging for her and she knew it. Her warm red lips parted slowly as I entered her mouth with my rigid shaft, the feeling was incredible as she sucked slowly at first then vigorously and her free hands fondled my balls with light sensuous touches. I relished the sight of my cock in her warm mouth as she sucked me to the edge of a climax. My cock thrusting in and out of her mouth, her head moved rapidly back and forth, the moisture was dripping from my cock as she made sucking noises as I fucked her beautiful face. I was about ready to cum, but I still wanted to take that picture of her with her legs spread in that “come fuck me pose,” she had promised. I knew I had to slow things down and said “It’s my turn now.”

She moved to the lawn recliner in the pose I had requested. Sitting on the edge with her legs spread apart I knelt and opened her legs wider. I started with light touches moving up her legs slowly with both my fingertips. My lips brushed her outer pussy lips as my tongue thrust inside and circled her clit. I sucked very gently at first flicking from side to side then longer slower licks with upward pressure. I knew she was getting hot; I could feel her squirming and tensing up, her beautiful legs lightly burdur escort touching the floor spread wide as I went down on her. I swirled my tongue around her clit and thrust my tongue in and out her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. I was about ready to reach for the camera when she said,

“Hand me the vibrator.”

I was surprised by her request but handed over her favorite vibrator and picked up the camera. The vibrator was a dual type with a rotating shaft that twisted and had a clit vibrator for the outside of her pussy. She held the shaft right at her sweet entrance and said, ” Now take the picture you’ve always wanted ” I was rock hard at the very thought of it. I snapped away with the camera as she inserted the rotating shaft all the way in and paused for the camera. She gave me several different looks with the shaft in deep and not so deep. She was getting hot posing for me and this was her ultimate private show.

Her lingerie was elevated above her waist, her legs slightly spread apart in a come fuck me pose. I just couldn’t resist watching her use the vibrator. She was teasing me, but she in turn was getting really hot as well. She continued her tease and whispered “Come on my face when I climax”

I watched her moving the vibrator in and out, slowly at first then faster. The clit vibrator flicking and vibrating her outer lips with every insertion and the rotation of the shaft as it worked its magic. I watched her desire swell to a peak; she started touching her breast and biting her lips, as my free hand lightly pinched her nipples. I put my cock in her mouth while the vibrator pulsated and teased her pussy. She arched her back and tensed up, a sure sign she was on the edge.

I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as she moaned with pleasure as she started to climax. She slid deeper into the recliner and arched her back lifting upward, she wanted every inch of the vibrator as she moaned with ecstasy. I slowly pulled the vibrator out and entered her with my cock as she moved with me begging for more pleasure. I thrust my cock in deeper and deeper as she moved her hips in unison working her spot against my bulging cock. When she came the second time, I shotcum into her pussy and held her tight to me with my hands holding the small of her back as she convulsed with passion. Her pussy lips squeezed every ounce of love juice from my cock. We fell into each others arms as the music played on….

Another perfect Arizona Evening.