Little One Ch. 12

Bbc Slut

“So… This is going to prevent…err… intruders?” I ask the stout man working at my window.

“I just install this ma’am. I’m no good with technology. Hell, these could attract intruders…” He laughs, scratching his bald head. How was I supposed to feel safe if the employee couldn’t even tell me anything about it?

“Jacob, I need you!” I call over my shoulder feeling the color drain from my face. He walks in with his briefcase in hand.

“What do you need babe?”

I had forgotten about his strange working schedule; he usually works from home, but has to actually go in a few times a month.

“Oh… never mind.” I mutter walking past him out of the room.

“Kathryn!” He sighs walking after me, “Kat, stop.”

“Sean was in there!” I shout balling my hands into puny fist, “I know you don’t believe me, but he was in my room! My room! He could have easily slipped into yours! If anything happened to you I- I…” Tears begin to pool from my eyes. Just the thought of losing this man makes me crazy.

“Kathryn, nothing is going to happen to you, I won’t let it.” He murmurs pulling me into his strong arms.

“I don’t care about me Sir…” I sob looking up to meet his watering eyes.

“This is going to be hard for both of us…” He starts kissing my forehead, “And we can get through this if we work together.”

“Kiss me Sir?” I whisper against his chest. He leans down and presses his warm lips against mine. I lean back into his chest and close my eyes.

“I should be back around four o’clock… Tidy your room please. I love you Kat.” I smile to myself; for the first time I’m beginning to understand what real love is.

. . . . .

“Ms. Starzbet Canon?” I ask shyly slipping into the kitchen. The way I had treated this kind woman was tugging at my heart.

“Over hear Hun!” She calls dusting off her apron.

“Can we talk?” I whisper looking down at my hands.

“O-Of course…” She mutters looking around nervously, “I’m quite sorry if I did something wrong!” My guilt begins to bubble up inside of me.

“No, no! It’s I who is in the wrong here. How I have been treating you is truly uncalled for.”

Her face twists in confusion, “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean…”

“I yelled at you last night…” I mumble feeling my face redden. She begins to laugh and I jump surprised by her reaction.

“Oh Ms. Hawthorne, enough of that, now I know why my Jacob loves you so.”

I smile at her and tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, “Call me Kathryn…”

“Okay, would you like to join me for some tea…Kathryn?” She smiles returning to her work.

“That sounds great Ms. Canon.” I say pulling down two tiny cups. She turns to me and purses her lips then begins to laugh.

“Call me Helen!”

. . . . .

“How was your day?” Jacob asks leaning down to nibble on my ear.

“It was nice; I had lunch with He- Ms. Canon.” I giggle reaching to take his brief case, “Yours?”

“Eventful. Just put my stuff in my office.” He sighs emptying his pockets. I nod my head with a smile, and walk down the long hall leading to the big door of his private area. I set his belongings down gently on the polished wood desk. I turn to walk out and hit him in the chest with a sound thud.

“Oh…sorry Sir, that Starzbet Giriş was my fault.” I mumble flushing with embarrassment.

“Kathryn, take a seat.” His voice is hard and I obey without hesitation, “We need to discuss some things.”


“I didn’t ask you to speak.” He growls taking a seat in the recliner in front of me.

I shrink into the leather sofa.

“I think it’s time we define our relationship.” He begins leaning forward, “We have history—obviously—, but the person I became after you left me is different. While I do indeed love you more than a…a sub; we need to make it clear that you are also playing that role as long with the role of my partner.”

My head begins to swarm in different directions. I wasn’t fulfilling all of his personal needs. I’m not trying hard enough.

He watches me with cautious eyes then continues, “With that said I think you need to undergo some…training.” Sean’s own words flash in my mind, and I push the thought away immediately. This man, Jacob, is nothing like that man.

“Thoughts?” He asks hesitantly.

I rack my brain for the right words, “I-I couldn’t agree more. It’s my place to see that you are pleased. If training can help me better myself for you…so be it.”

“Good, I’m glad you have agreed. I will set up an appointment with Mistress Pam for next week.” He smiles standing up. I had a feeling the appointment was already made; after all he didn’t need my permission.

“Uhm…” He turns to look at my confused face, “What kind of training?”

He lets out a cold laugh, “It won’t be enjoyable, but is necessary.”

“Yes Sir. You know what’s best.” I Starzbet Güncel Giriş whisper looking at my feet.

He looks down at me eyes full of lust. I peer at him through my lashes and lick my lips. He pulls me into his arms with a growl and presses his mouth against mine. His tongue works against mine; I feel his erection press into my belly.

“Suck me.” He grunts breaking the kiss. I slide down to my knees and work at unbuckling his belt. I have his pants down in seconds, and stare at the bulge in his briefs hungrily. I free him and stroke him rhythmically. He was much bigger than Sean and I couldn’t help but marvel at the length of his member. The earned me a sharp tug on my hair, and I gulped a breath of air before popping the head into my mouth. I push him deeper into my throat swirling my tongue in different patterns. My hand moves to his balls and I cup them while taking more of him into my mouth. He lets out a deep growl and thrust deep into my throat. He continues this until I feel his member stir and shoots his seed into my mouth. He pulls out and releases my knotted hair. I open my mouth to show him to crème coating the inside of my cheeks. His eyes sparkle and he smiles.


I gulp down his cum and open my mouth again to show him that I had not let a drop get away.

“Thank me.”

I look up at him with sincere eyes, “Thank you for allowing me such a treat.”

He zips up his pants and pulls me to my feet. We stare at each other for a moment until we’re pulled back into the present.

“Go wash up for dinner slut.”

My mouth falls at the insult, but then the strangest feeling washes over me. My sex aches and I feel myself become quite wet. I should be upset, yet I want him to continue to degrade me. I want to be his slut, whore, I want to be his.

Rattled by the sudden realization I stumble out of his office.

I stop by the door and turn to face him, “Yes Sir.” I call proudly and run away giggling.