The Ache


I wake up alone, before the dawn breaks. The bed feels empty and uninviting, as it has every morning and evening since Master left, six days ago. Even knowing that he returns tomorrow, I can’t help but feel a little lost, as my efforts to keep busy and stay distracted have been unsuccessful.

The ache is all-consuming. It gnaws, it gnashes, it demands attending to. I need to be filled. I need my Master.

I decide to go for a walk.

The air is brisk and the world hasn’t woken up yet. I clutch my coat a little closer and kick a rock as I go, not sure where I’m headed. I feel my core pulsing, like a second heartbeat, seemingly loud enough to be signalling for Master. The wait of another day is too much.

I find my way back home, kicking off my shoes and trying to bury the ache further down inside myself in the hopes that I might finally find some precious sleep.

“Where have you been?”

I spin around quickly, seeing Master freshly showered and in his robe, sitting on the sofa. The pale morning light touches his skin softly as it pours through the window.


My frustration turns to zeal as I pounce, running to him and straddling his lap before he can even think about standing. I slip my hands under his robe, stroking his warm chest and press my lips against his, devouring the words before they can escape. I feel his hand slip around the my neck and pull me back, away from his face. His other hand secures my hip.

“Where have you been?” he repeats.

“I couldn’t sleep. I’ve missed you so much I’ve barely been sleeping at all. I thought Maltepe Anal Escort that maybe going for a walk would help me settle down but then I – “

“Why didn’t you leave a note?” he asks me, his fingers pressing into my hip slightly.

I stare at him, confused. My head tilts a little to one side, trying to find the meaning in his face.

“But you said you weren’t coming home until tomorrow and I – “

“Next time leave a note,” he interrupts.

I hear the annoyance in his voice but his eyes give him away. He’s missed me too and wanted to surprise me. In bed, perhaps, having lacked the comforts of home during his trip. My ache finds his own and I want to touch it.

“Mmm… I want my Master. You’ve been gone so long…” I whisper in his ear, kissing it. I shift my hips against him, hoping to rub against his cock. I’ve been deprived.

Master grabs my wrists suddenly, making me gasp. I squirm in frustration as he holds me away from him, not letting me touch. My fire is stoked by my impatience. I thrust my hips forward and struggle to take back my hands.

“Behave, now. You’ll get what you want when I give it to you.”

My eyes grow wide as the ache bursts out of its temporary hiding, demanding to be soothed. I’m losing control over myself. My aggression scares and excites me.

“No! Fuck me!” I cry suddenly.

“No?” Master repeats, raising an eyebrow. I can tell he’s also amused. I’ve surprised myself, too.

I can’t help myself. I break one of my wrists free and dig my nails into his shoulder, leaning in and Maltepe Yaşlı Escort biting his neck at the same time. He tastes delicious and I want to swallow him whole. Master grabs me around the waist and throws me on the sofa. I feel his knee separate my legs and he regains power, holding my hands above my head. I thrash, feeling feisty.

“Don’t be a brat. You do as I say or I’ll punish you,” he tells me, baring his teeth slightly. I feel my pussy flood with juices.

I start to kick and whimper, but his weight presses into me. Master starts to tear off my clothes, throwing them on the floor. I’m left only in my underwear. His hands run up and down me, grabbing my breasts and biting my nipples. He lifts himself and pauses for a moment, staring at me.

“Get on your knees, slut. On the floor in front of me, now.”

He pushes me to the floor, but I refuse to meet his eye. He grabs my jaw.

“You will look at your Master.”

I narrow my eyes and look into his, daring him to tame me.

“Open your mouth. I’m going to fuck your face,” he tells me, pushing a finger between my lips.

I can’t help but suck. I do so tight-lipped, an ounce of defiance, sending the message that he must take what he wants from me. I’ve been waiting too long to give up so easily.

He guides his cock between my lips, pressing them open. His other hand, still on the back of my neck, inches me forward to accept him inside of me. My fire burns but my resistance weakens, unable to say no, like a neglected pet tempted with a treat. Master’s cock is warm and hard Maltepe Zenci Escort and just for me, a satisfaction that I crave.

I rest my hands on the sides of his thighs as he thrusts, scratching lightly with my nails.

“Hands behind your back, slut,” he commands, as his cockhead reaches the back of my throat.

I ignore him, wanting to test the limits.

He takes his cock out of my mouth, grabs me by the wrists and pulls me up suddenly, dragging me to the bedroom, pushing me face down on the bed. I squirm and attempt to right myself, but I feel my legs pulled apart by my calves and hands running up my thighs as Master slides his cock into my cunt, bearing down his weight on me and holding me still.

Finally… finally. The relief floods into me. I let out a long, loud moan as I melt, my limbs relaxing, giving in. Giving up. The fever breaks.

He fucks me slowly and deeply, his teeth sunk into my neck. He growls, still holding my wrists at either side of my head, though his grip loosens slightly knowing that I no longer have a fight in me. Six days, six weeks, six months… it didn’t matter. I had been waiting an eternity. Every thrust is a relief, a small mercy in itself. I wonder how I could possibly need anything ever again.

“Cum,” he whispers in my ear.

And I do, letting out a small cry, feeling Master finish inside of me. The ache subsides.

He rolls onto his side, pulling me with him, my back to his front. I try to wrap his arms around me tighter, like a blanket. He gives me a squeeze, his breath on my neck. I feel him nuzzling my hair, smelling it.

“It aches when you go away.”

“Mm. I know.”

“Don’t leave me again.”

“Elle…” I know he can’t promise.

I whimper a little, but quiet quickly. I want to be a good girl.

“Sleep now,” he tells me gently, “I’ll be here when you wake.”