Ashley’s Prostitution Ventures #04


February 14, 2005

Ashley Saunders peered out the window for what felt like the hundredth time. Corey was late. But Corey was never late. Worry crept into her thoughts. She could not help but imagine a growing litany of calamities that may have befallen her… her what? Friend? Boyfriend? Partner? Lover?

Eyes closed, the eighteen-year-old brunette forced herself to concentrate on her breathing, slowing it as well as the thoughts speeding through her mind. This was not the time to worry about how to define their relationship. It was Valentine’s Day and their first real date. She wanted everything to be perfect. She would not—could not—let anxiety control her.

Warm brown eyes, too large for her face, and her worst feature by her estimation, flew open at the sound of a knock on the front door. She hurried to open it but stopped to draw in a long, slow breath, fighting unexpected tumult in her belly.

Get a grip, she admonished herself. It’s just Corey. I’ve fucked him a bunch. This is just something new before we get to the normal part.


Corey Strickland waited on the porch, insides churning, a dozen red roses in hand. He hoped that Ashley was not too upset at his lateness. The flowers caused the delay, despite his ordering them days in advance. The harried florist in the crowded shop had offered a perfunctory apology for the wait before thrusting the bouquet into his hand and motioning for the next person in line.

The door swung open, driving away everything but the vision it revealed. Ashley, dark hair falling in waves around and below her shoulders, grinned at him, her sexy, enthralling eyes flicking from his face to the roses then back. Her smile widened, and his focus held on her full, soft, glistening lips.

“These are for you,” he croaked, holding out the roses with trembling hand. He wondered what was wrong with him.

Sure, Ashley was the hottest girl in their class, and she was standing in front of him, dark red dress clinging to the enticing curves of her body, eyes eager, smile welcoming. But he would have thought she could not affect him quite like this anymore, given that they had engaged in a variety of sexual activities over the last few weeks. And yet, he could not deny his anxiety.

“They’re beautiful,” Ashley said, fingers brushing his hand as she took the offered bouquet. His skin tingled at that brief touch, and his mind fought against sudden arousal. Tonight was different. Or at least he thought it would be.

“So are you,” he blurted, watching her lovely cheeks redden as her smile grew even larger.

“You mean for a whore?”


Why the fuck did I say that now? Ashley wondered, feeling her smile fading as Corey’s face colored and his eyes dropped.

“Don’t call yourself that,” her friend mumbled, his gaze briefly meeting hers before shifting away again.

“It’s the truth,” she shrugged, not understanding why her voice betrayed her by continuing to say things she did not want to say.

“Not tonight,” he countered, this time not looking away after their eyes met. “Not to me.”

“I was our first time.”

Their first time together, Corey had paid Ashley $100 to take his virginity. She did so, giving him a pre-sex blowjob to make sure he lasted long enough to enjoy his first taste of sex. But Ashley experienced a first as well—an orgasm from vaginal sex.

Before Corey, the eighteen-year-old had only climaxed through masturbation and once from a guy licking her. The surprising pleasure, coupled with an unanticipated attraction to Corey, led Ashely to continue their encounter long past the agreed-upon activities. After that, the two old friends and new lovers hatched a plan for Corey to help Ashley find other guys among their classmates who were old enough and were willing to pay a fee to lose their virginity, then drive her to her ‘dates.’ In compensation for his help, Ashley agreed to have regular sex with Corey. But it had not taken long for that business relationship to grow into something else, and Ashley alternately attempted to avoid or embrace whatever it was that their relationship might be becoming.

“This isn’t our first time. And you were not that even then. You were my dream. You still are,” he said, his face earnest.

A chill settled in Ashely’s gut at Corey’s words, but it did not extend to her loins, where an undeniable, unrelenting heat grew. Not wanting to say anything else wrong, she pulled him to her and pushed her lips to his. Her intent was a quick kiss, but they both lingered, lips moving, intertwined in a soft yet passionate melding.

“I’m going to go put these in water,” she told Corey several seconds later.

He dropped his hands from her waist and nodded. Her eyes dropped to his groin for a moment, and she saw the bulge she had felt seconds earlier, which did nothing to lessen the moist heat afflicting her sex.

This is going to be a long dinner, she told herself.


Corey watched Ashley, his eyes falling to her nicely rounded bottom, which seemed to sway underneath Casibom the form-fitting dress—the smooth, form-fitting dress. The prospect that she was not wearing any panties filled his mind, furthering his arousal. He tried to think of something else, anything else, but the aroma of her perfume lingered, and memories of her lips on his assured he would fail.

“You like the dress?” she asked when she came back into the entryway.

“It’s gorgeous.”

“I thought about one that showed off some cleavage, but this one seemed both sexier and classier.”

“It’s gorgeous,” Corey repeated, his eyes drawn to her bosom at the mention of cleavage.

The neckline of the dress ran straight across Ashely’s upper chest from collar bone to collar bone, but other than that feature, the tight garment was far from modest. The fitted bodice encased her medium-sized breasts like a second skin, and Corey could not help but remember how they looked out of clothing, round and firm and perfect, tipped with tan nipples and small, russet areolas. These memories did nothing to help him stave off his desire for her.

Below her chest, the dress hugged her flat stomach before flowing over curved hips. Falling mid-thigh, it was not as short as skirts Corey had seen Ashley wear at school, but combined with red, high-heeled shoes, it showed off enticing contours of her smooth, toned legs.

“You’re gorgeous,” he told Ashely, taking her soft, warm hand.

“You just want in my pants,” she grinned, fingers squeezing his.

“You’re not wearing pants,” Corey countered, and the tension and anxiety that had been afflicting him sloughed away. And from the way she rolled her eyes at him but never stopped smiling, he was sure Ashley felt the same.


“I got us a hotel for after dinner,” Ashley informed Corey seconds after he started chewing a mouthful of lasagna. She saw his eyes grow larger, and for a moment she thought he might choke on his food. But Corey recovered enough to swallow before he spoke.

“Oh… I thought we agreed to a movie.”

“If you don’t like the idea of you and me alone in a hotel…”

“No, I do. I do. It’s just I thought we were trying for a real date tonight.”

“We’re having dinner in a nice restaurant,” The eighteen-year-old brunette said, staring at the young man across from her and watching him squirm. “That’s a real date. And then what comes after is… an extension of the date. Unless you don’t want that tonight.”

“I always want that,” Corey said, pitching his voice low. “But I want you to know that’s not all I want. So, if it’s not right for us to, um, do what we usually do tonight, I’m okay with that.”

“Yeah, I kinda figured that one out,” Ashley scoffed, rolling her eyes. “But given I went to the trouble of getting us a hotel room, I think you can guess my thoughts on the matter.”

For what threatened to stretch into an awkwardly long pause, Corey’s eyes never wavered from hers. Ashely, wanting to prompt her friend—or whatever Corey was to her—to action, picked the last breadstick out of the basket on the table and sucked a couple of inches of it into her mouth, hollowing out her cheeks as she slid her lips up and down its length.

“Fuck,” Corey groaned, letting his fork and the bite of lasagna on it drop to his plate.

“And suck,” she grinned after biting off the end of the breadstick.

“We should probably get a to-go box for the rest of…”

“Fuck yeah,” the young woman breathed, clamping her legs together as a twinge deep in her loins intensified the warm, wet feeling between her legs, the one that had been present all evening.


“This is very nice,” Corey said, his gaze wandering around the hotel room.

“You were expecting a sleazy motel with hourly rates?”

“What? No,” the young man responded, rounding to look at his date.

“I mean, I am a whore,” the sexy brunette said, foreclosing his rising objections with a kiss.

“Not to me,” he breathed in her ear, hands on her firm, round bottom as he pulled her groin against the erection straining his pants. He could not deny how much he wanted her, so he decided not to try.

“Nah, I’m a slut to you,” she whispered back.

“You are the most amazing girl I know,” Corey said, shaking his head. “And the most beautiful.”

“Whatever,” Ashley snorted, punching him in the arm as she stepped back from their embrace. But her words and manner stood at odds to the pink on her cheeks.

“I mean it.”

“I know you do,” she said. “But you shouldn’t. We both know what I am.”

“I know who you are, and what you do is not who you are.”

“You stole that from Firefly,” the girl laughed.

“I paraphrased a sentiment that applies here,” Corey grinned back. “I know who you are, deep down. I see it whenever we’re together.”

“God, I love you.”


Oh, fuck! Ashley thought.

The words that had slipped from her lips seemed to reverberate in her ears long after the sound of them faded away. She did not Casibom Giriş mean to say them. She did not even know she was going to say them. Sure, she had thought them, but that thought was not supposed to make its way out into the world.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Corey gaped at her, speechless, his jaw muscles working his mouth up and down. Why did he have to be so sweet, and smell so nice, and looks so cute with his boyish grin and messy blonde hair and taut, lean muscles she knew were hidden under his jeans and button-up shirt. And why did it have to be so obvious how much he wanted her, not because she was a girl willing to have sex with him, but because he wanted her, cared for her, liked her, and maybe, just maybe, more.


“Ashy,” he said, using the name he called her when they were kids on the playground.

“Forget I said it,” she pleaded. “Let’s just fuck…”

“I don’t want to fuck you,” Corey said, his voice serious yet oddly husky. “I want to make love to you.”

“Corey, please…” She said, hoping he would not continue down that particular path.

“Because I love you too,” he went on, his words filling her loins with electric heat.

He fucking said it, she lamented in her head, but happy thoughts overwhelmed concern, beat back worries of what their feelings for each other might mean for her fledgling enterprise, swept away fear that he only saw her as the whore she knew she was.

“Core, we shouldn’t,” she sighed, not bothering to push him away as he engulfed her in his arms and buried his face in her neck.

“Yes, we should,” he growled against her flesh, and a shiver down her spine somehow ended with bursts of pleasure radiating from her clitoris and nipples.

“This isn’t what I planned for tonight,” she confessed while kissing the underside of her jaw.

“What did you plan?”

“A striptease, followed by a long, wet blowjob, followed by me riding you while I come and come and come.”

“That sounds incredible,” Corey said, nibbling on her earlobe.

“It’s not exactly making love like you said you want,” Ashley pointed out following a low moan.

“It is if we’re doing it because we love each other.”

“Good point,” Ashley mewled, her knees growing weak as pleasure from his touch and his words infused her body.


Corey feared he would burst from happiness. He had never wanted Ashley more, not even that first time, when he had paid her to lose his virginity. What he felt was more than desire, more than lust. And while he would have liked to lay her back on the bed and make love to her with slow, aching tenderness as he kissed her face and neck and breasts, he knew she needed something else, something to help her get past having said what he was quite sure she had not intended to say.

“Sit in that chair there, mister,” Ashley instructed, her tone light despite the intense emotions obvious in her blazing brown eyes.

He did as instructed, his stare locked on her lovely features. The sexy brunette held his gaze for a moment, then turned her back to him, just as she had done the first time she undressed for him.

“Um, can you help me with this zipper?” the girl asked seconds later, looking back at him over her shoulder.

“You told me to sit in this chair,” he grinned, climbing to his feet.

“Yeah, that was a bit premature, I think,” she admitted, pulling her hair to one side to give him access to the zipper.

Corey stepped behind Ashley, but instead of reaching for her zipper, he lay his hands on her hips and stared at the back of her neck. Drawing her body closer, he leaned forward and kissed the smooth, warm flesh revealed before him. Beneath his hands and lips, her body trembled.


A shudder ran through Ashley’s frame as Corey’s lips brushed the skin of the back of her neck, and goosebumps rose on her arms and legs. Letting out a breath she was not aware she had been holding, Ashley leaned back against Corey’s body, his erection pressing against her buttocks, his strong hands on her hips. A primal, needful moan escaped her parted lips. She reached behind her head, hands searching for and finding his hair, fingers intwining in its softness.

“Fuck,” the brunette gasped when her lover lifted his hands to her breasts and squeezed.


Corey’s fingers traced the bra underneath Ashely’s dress, but it felt light, insubstantial under his touch, and that he could detect her rigid nipples through it did not at all surprise him. Pinching them, he continued to lick and kiss Ashley’s neck, eliciting frequent shudders and near-continuous moans. The aroma of her need, faint but unmistakable, drove his own arousal.

“Zipper,” she groaned, her fingers tightening in his hair, her bottom grinding against his engorged manhood.

Forcing his attention away from her neck and breast, Corey found the zipper with clumsy fingers. After fumbling with it for what seemed like long, futile minutes, he and yanked it down. Ashley pushed her derriere against him one last time before she turned, soft moist lips finding his for a brief but intense kiss.

“Sit,” the girl snarled, pushing his chest until he fell into an overstuffed armchair, sinking into the comforting softness.


Ashley shimmied out of the dress, letting it fall around her feet. Cool air wafted through the thin satin of her bra cups, turning already firm nipples into aching little pillars of stone. But she resisted ripping the light garment from her body, enduring the agonizing pressure the smooth, cool satin exerted on her protruding nubs. She had been waiting all evening for Corey to see the special bra and thong set she had bought for Valentine’s Day, and she was not about to let a little discomfort ruin the reveal.


Holy fuck, Corey thought, his eyes glued to Ashley’s chest. Two red hearts, the shiny material so thin that he could almost see her nipples through it, covered most of her breasts. But it did not appear that the undergarment offered anything in the way of support. It was nothing more than a decoration, a prop, and the young man very much appreciated the display. The fact that he wanted nothing more than to relieve her of the bra was in no way a commentary on the way she looked wearing it.

“You might want to take a look lower too,” Ashley purred, and his eyes flicked up to her face long enough to see that the young woman had regained her normal composure. She was back in control, the seductress leading him to wonderous pleasures.

Giving a quick smile and a wink, he did as suggested, dropping his gaze from her face, past her bosom, to her loins. A red heart, satin like the bra cups, covered her labia but nothing else. And given the sodden state of the thin material, the small heart did little to hide the fleshy, puffy lips of her sex.

“Holy fuck,” Corey said, this time aloud, as he realized that the crease down the middle of the heart came from the satin clinging to the slit between her legs.


Little sparks of pleasure jolted up Ashley’s belly from her throbbing clitoris, igniting a fire when it reached her nipples. Unable to stand the agonizingly arousing rub of satin across them, Ashley ripped the bra up and over her head, not bothering to undo the front clasp as she had intended. Corey opened his mouth, and she wondered if he was about to say “holy fuck” again. But she did not give him a chance. With a bound forward, she landed on his lap and pulled his mouth to her right nipple.

A muffled sound, she thought one of surprise, escaped around her flesh, and then Corey’s lips were around the sensitive nub, his tongue flicking against it. Several seconds later, he repeated his actions with the left. Ashley whimpered, grasped his hair tightly, and shuddered through an unexpected orgasm. She had heard of women who could come from just stimulation to their breasts and nipples, but she had never really believed it. The waves of pleasure rippling through her, igniting her loins, proved otherwise, and she embraced this new truth.

“Did you just come?” Corey’s muffled voice asked, and she nodded before realizing he probably could not see the gesture.

“Yes, a small one,” she breathed, playing with his hair as he continued to lick and suck her now hypersensitive nipples. “Small, but oh so nice.”

“Want to try for another?” he asked, his voice vibrating against her flushed skin.

Ashley’s first instinct was to say yes, but then she remembered her plan. The striptease part of it no longer pertained, as she was all but naked already, so she decided to move on to the blowjob part. After a quick kiss, she slid off Corey’s lap, settling to her knees between his legs. Smiling up at him, she ran her hands up and down his firm, lean, manly thighs while kissing and mouthing his hard pole through his pants. Corey sighed, closed his eyes, and bucked his hips up ever so slightly.

I could tease him a bit, the young woman thought, but even as the idea formed in her mind, her hands were already acting on their own, unzipping her lover’s pants and yanking them and his underwear down until his veiny penis sprung free. At the sight of his erection, precum weeping from the engorged head of it, Ashley discarded any notion of teasing Corey. Instead, she wrapped her full lips around the tip of his shaft, forming a tight seal as her tongue lapped up the thin, sweet fluid.


“Fuck yeah,” Corey grunted, squirming in the soft chair as Ashley sucked half his length into her mouth, her talented tongue in constant motion while she hollowed her cheeks, just like she had down with the breadstick at dinner.

Why am I letting her do this if I love her? he thought, the intruding sentiment not entirely unexpected.

Corey loved sex with Ashley, including the naughtier things they did, like the time she wanted him to swat her bottom and call her dirty names while he took her from behind. But he also worried that doing those things with her, and letting her focus on giving him pleasure like she was doing at the moment, might be too much like what she experienced with her clients. And now that they had admitted how they felt about each other, he did not want to do anything that made her think of him in the same way as the men who paid her.