Double Seduction

Female Ejaculation

Special thanks to volunteer editor HeyAll for their invaluable assistance in the completion of this story.


It’s so nice to have friends.

That’s what my wife Julie and I said to each other after we moved to our new city and were in search of some new ones. Not that there was anything missing from our relationship. Far from it! After three years we still can hardly keep our hands off each other. She is my partner in crime and my great joy in life. I have been made to understand that she feels the same way about me. But it’s just not healthy to live in a bubble built for two. Everyone needs a larger social circle to run in; a support network, if you’ll hold still for the modern jargon. I’m not complaining about where the search has taken us, in any way. I’m just, I guess, really surprised that we got here.

Let me back up.

We had moved into our new apartment and started our new jobs. Everything was going smoothly except that we didn’t know a soul in this place. Work friends were just that…work. We needed to get out of the house in the evening too.

So we signed up for Latin dance lessons. We loved the music, loved to dance. This would be something new. If you’ve ever taken one of these social dance classes, which are everywhere, you know what a delight they can be. Most consist of around twenty people, some couples and some singles, equal numbers of men and women carefully regulated during the signup process. Once you have been shown the steps, you practice, and rotate partners constantly. It’s like speed dating, but more physical. One after another, a different woman would take hold of my arms and we would move together. All kinds of women, different ages, different body types, all happy to be there and to be dancing with me, just as I was happy to be dancing with them. And when it was time to change partners, we would thank each other for the dance. As the instructors were fond of saying, “Tell them, ‘It’s been a little slice of heaven.'” Julie was experiencing the same thing with the men in the class. When the rotation brought us together again, it was like coming home.

We were doing the Meringue that night when she came to me and we quickly introduced ourselves. She was named Marla. She lacked only about an inch of my height, had straight dark hair to her shoulders, brown eyes, high cheekbones, and luscious lips. The top of her dress was a tight fit over bountiful breasts. Something of a contrast with Julie, who is blonde with blue eyes and several inches shorter. The thing that most impressed me, though, was that she was a great dancer. She moved through the steps gracefully and easily, and recovered from a false move that I made at one point so smoothly that it was almost invisible. When the music stopped she thanked me in a melodious voice that conveyed real enjoyment. I thanked her with the same enthusiasm.

Marla had come as a couple with a tall, lean guy also with dark hair. I caught sight of him from time to time and noticed that he was also quite talented on the floor. When the class was done for the evening I got back with Julie and we got caught up.

“That couple over there is pretty good,” I told her, motioning discreetly toward them. “I know she is, it looked like he is too.”

“Oh yeah, he is,” she said. “They must be quick studies. His name is Jim, I think.”

“She is Marla. Why don’t we go talk to them?”

We both glanced over at them for a few moments, trying to make a decision.

“Sure, why not?” she said at last. We walked over to them leisurely. They were changing shoes. They spied us coming and looked up.

“Hi, you two are really good! Are you really beginners?” Julie said to them.

“At Latin we are.” Jim replied. “We’ve been doing swing for a while and wanted to try something new.”

“You sure picked it up fast,” I said. “Marla, you really saved me that one time. Oh, and this is my wife, Julie.”

“Pleased to meet you, Julie. And, uh, Bill, isn’t it?” I nodded. “This is my husband, Jim.”

“Good to meet you, Jim.” We shook hands. He, like Marla, had brown eyes, his with a piercing look to them. But his other features were relaxed and he had an easy smile. The kind of guy, I judged, who could have his choice of women.

“So, are the two of you new to dance?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, this is our first class,” I replied. “We just moved here a month ago and needed something to do with our evenings.”

“Well, this is a good choice,” he said, grinning. “The most fun you can have with your clothes on, I always say.”

Julie giggled. She always makes me want to find a bedroom to drag her into when she does that. “We did have lots of fun tonight,” she said.

Jim went on, “Say, since you’re new in town, you’d probably like to have someone to explore the place with. We know lots of good sights to see, good restaurants and things that not everyone knows about. Why don’t we get together one of these days and tour around?”

Marla chimed in, “Yeah, that would bursa escort be great! Here, let me give you a number.” She reached for her purse.

“We’d be delighted,” I said.

“Yes, we would,” Julie added. “That sounds like a wonderful time.”

Marla produced a slip of paper and a pen, quickly wrote a number on it, and handed it to me. “There you go. That’s my phone. Call us soon, won’t you?”

“We certainly will,” I replied. “Very nice meeting you both. We’ll see you soon!”

We shook hands again all around. Marla’s hand was warm and soft.

“Have a good night!” Julie called as we separated.

Julie called Marla two days later. I listened to her end of the conversation.

“Hi, Marla? This is Julie, from dance class—”

“Oh sure, we’d love to! That’s what I was calling about. Saturday’s fine, isn’t it hon?”

I nodded.

“OK, we’ll be here. Ready? We’re at 542 Broad Street. Apartment 201.”

“Great, see you then. Bye!”

“They’re coming to pick us up at 10 on Saturday morning,” she told me happily.

“I guess we must have made a good impression. They’re not wasting any time.”

Did you ever have one of those interactions where things just clicked? It was like that. They came around for us right on time. I invited them in for coffee before we left. We settled down around our living room table and chatted while Julie poured the coffee.

“I guess we should do some kind of ‘get to know you better’ talk,” Jim said. “Why don’t you two go first. No pressure, just tell us something about yourselves.”

Julie nudged me to start. “Well, we’ve been married three years in March,” I said. “We met in school. I’m working in software development at FabriTech, just started there of course. It’s OK so far. We both love to dance, and I’ve started a collection of rare and exotic musical instruments. I can’t play most of them a lick, but they’re really interesting to learn about.”

Jim broke in, “I know a guy who plays the oud. Do you have one of those?”

“Not yet, but it’s on my list for sure.”

Julie picked up our end. “I’m a commercial artist; I just started at Woodhouse doing graphic design for PR and such. I’d love to be able to do real art full time, but with the cost of living here, we really needed two steady incomes. So I dabble at home sometimes.”

“What media do you work in at home?” asked Marla, with an expression of genuine interest.

“Charcoal and water color, so far. Just something to keep my interest up.”

“I’d love to see your work sometime,” Marla replied. “I had an art history teacher who did fantastic work in charcoal. OK, I’ll pick up for us. I’m an LPN, working at Memorial Hospital. Luckily I get mostly day shifts so we can go dancing at night. We’ve been married just a little longer than you two, it was four years last September. We’d like to start a family later on, but that can wait a few years. We feel like, right now is the best time in life, and we want to enjoy it with each other for now.”

“My wife speaks the truth,” said Jim with a smile and a warm look at Marla, which she returned. They clearly adored each other. Marla’s sentiment matched ours completely; another reason to feel comfortable with them.

“Bill, I’m in software too,” he went on. “Just breaking into the business. I got hired to do testing, which means I guess they don’t think I’m good enough yet to write production code, but good enough to write code to test it with.”

“Yeah, the industry is funny that way,” I said. “I’ve been through some bizarre interviews, where they want you to do things like write a function on the fly in some language you hardly know and certainly didn’t claim on your resume. They think they need to watch you for a year or two before they decide you have skills. I guess it gets better.”

See what I mean? No awkwardness at all, we just clicked.

Soon we were all piling into their car and headed downtown. We spent two hours at the Space and Science Museum, marveling at the exhibits of historic spacecraft and seeing an amazing planetarium show. After that, Jim drove us to a small Thai restaurant on an out-of-the-way side street for lunch. This place turned out to have the absolute best pad bai ka prao I had ever tasted. I marked it for a return visit very soon.

As we lingered over our lunch, Marla was saying, “Another great thing we have here is the greenbelt and park system. Just acres and acres of open space with views of the countryside, and wooded areas too. There’s camping, fishing, practically anything you want to do outdoors. Opportunities for nature drawing too, obviously.” This last to Julie, who nodded in appreciation.

Jim picked up, “Neither of us were ever much into sports, but one thing we like is disc golf. There are a couple of courses out in one of the parks we know, and we always keep a stash of discs in the car. If you would like to get some malatya escort fresh air and a look at the scenery, we could go out and play a round or two. Sound good?”

Julie and I had thrown our share in our time, so…sure. We were all dressed for play, in jeans and t-shirts, so no problem. We finished up our lunch and soon were back on the road. Another fifteen minutes and we were at the entrance of a state park. Jim parked inside, near a narrow gap in the stand of trees that surrounded the parking area. We walked through the gap and discovered the first hole of the course. It was made with minimal cuts through the woods, with the goal in a clearing no more than ten feet in diameter. The trees were natural “hazards”. The entire course proved to be like that.

After an hour of play, laughing, kibitzing, trading little jokes, we had all bonded and were well on the way to being good friends. It was a great closer to a day’s outing, so we drove around a bit more, taking in some views, then headed back to our place.

“Well, this was a fun day,” said Marla with a big smile, after we all got out of the car. “We really enjoyed your company, didn’t we hon?”

“Absolutely,” Jim agreed. “You guys fit us like a glove. When do you think we can get together again?”

“Oh, we should have them over to our place, don’t you think?” she proposed. Jim gave a thumbs-up.

She went on, to us, “Yes, we’d love to have you over soon, just to relax. Our complex has a pool, we could have a dip and some drinks.”

“Sounds awesome,” I said.

“We’ll call you soon, as soon as we know we have the weekend free. I have Julie’s number.”

“Wonderful,” said Julie. “We had a great time with you guys as well. We’ll look forward to it.”

Marla gave us each a quick hug, and Julie hugged Jim quickly. I shook Jim’s hand, and we started toward our door.

“Oh, and see you at dance class,” I called back to them.

Next Saturday we were at their apartment, relaxing by and in the pool. The day was warm and sunny. When Julie and Marla dropped their cover-ups and waded into the shallow end, the sight of both of them in bikinis gave my libido a case of the warm fuzzies as well. Julie’s suit had a triangle top that she filled out beautifully, while Marla wore a halter top that cradled her larger than average boobs. Julie’s breasts are just the right size for my taste, but I always appreciate a nice large pair. Both women have flat tummies, cute navels, and a sweet curve to their hips that clings to their suit bottoms.

When they started playfully splashing each other and their breasts bounced as they reacted to the cold water hitting them, well, the warm fuzzies got considerably warmer. I was fortunate to already be in the water waist deep, let’s just say. Soon Jim and I joined in for a free-for-all splash fest. This was the most silly fun I’d had in ages.

“Hey Bill, race you to the far side?”, Jim challenged, motioning to the deep end of the pool.

“Sure!” I was not really practiced at swimming for speed, but who cares? “Ready? One, two, three!”

We took off, he doing a strong backstroke while I was going freestyle. In the end he edged me out by an arm’s length.

“Yeah, you’ve got a height advantage, is all.”

We paused for a minute, holding on to the side of the pool, and caught our breath. We half turned and watched our wives continue to play at the other end of the pool.

“Say man, gotta tell you, just between us, your Julie is a real beauty. Seriously nice, too. You’ve done well for yourself.”

I was a bit surprised, but quickly recognized this as “guy talk” and returned it in kind.

“Hey, thanks. Same goes for you. Marla dazzled me the moment she came up to me in class. She’s a stunner. We’re two lucky guys, eh?”

“Five!” We slapped palms, grinning, and swam back to our women.

We started seeing more and more of them. Once our Latin dance class was finished the four of us started going out together to dance clubs where the music was played. We all dressed in our finest, looking to impress; it’s all part of the scene. For me this would mean something like a pair of dark slacks and a brightly colored silk shirt, both of them as tightly fitting as possible without making me look like a sausage. I have always worked to keep fit, and hoped I could pull off the look. Jim, being tall and effortlessly slim, had no problem. As for our ladies…problem was absolutely the last word that would obtain. They wore short, tight dresses or blouse/skirt combinations, often with the top cut low. No problem at all.

We mostly swapped partners among ourselves; sometimes another couple would come over and ask two of us for a dance, so the others would not be without a partner. It was like class, but much, much better. Julie and I had made the most of our learning time and were pretty passable, I thought. Jim and Marla, of course, were practically masters. They made Julie and I look çanakkale escort much better when they danced with us, and together they were spectacular. I must admit that dancing with two beautiful women in hot outfits was getting me aroused.

One evening, doing the Salsa, I started using a firmer grip on my partner’s waist when leading her into a turn, and pulled her extra close during a crossover, to where our bodies pressed together. Julie loved it when I did it with her, of course, and Marla gave me a big smile that told me that she enjoyed it too. We maintained eye contact while dancing, as was proper form, and it was getting rather intense. I started making more overtly sexy moves with both of them, and got positive responses from both.

That night in bed, Julie practically attacked me, straddling me and ramming herself onto my throbbing cock again and again, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. She was taking me more aggressively than ever before, biting my neck and clawing my shoulders as if to mark me as hers. Her full pink lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as she climaxed, her sky-blue eyes rolled up toward the ceiling. I made a few more strokes into her trembling body and came with her, pumping my juice into her pulsing pussy. We rolled onto our sides and slept, my cock still inside her.

She started texting me the next morning at work.

So, how’s your fantasy with Marla going?

Uh oh, this was not a good sign. What fantasy? I messaged back.

You know, the one you obviously have, the way you were all over her last night.

Really? I was all over you too you know. It’s a dance, it’s supposed to be sexy.

Talk to me later please.

Shit. I hate it when she does this. If you have a problem, just bring it up to me when we’re home. Don’t bug me at work. I have enough to think about here.

End of the workday. Car, commute purgatory, home.

“Hello, dear. What’s all this about, then?”

“Bill, sit down with me please…OK. I just don’t feel it’s fair to me. I mean, here we finally get some nice friends, and you have to have the hots for her. Why should I have to worry about that? I know what a flirt you are, but then that’s how we met. Can you tell me honestly there’s nothing there?”

“Of course I can, hon. Look, I admit I find her attractive. Hell, I’d have to be dead not to notice. But believe me, I’d never do anything to hurt you. Or to hurt Jim, for that matter. And I’m not that shallow anyway, to do something like that because of her looks. I like her, sure. She’s smart and funny. We all have a good time together. But she could never replace you. I just felt like the flirting added some fun to the friendship, that’s all. Is that a problem?”

“I guess it kind of is,” she said. “Not going to pretend it’s rational, but it’s how I feel.”

“OK, then. Tell you what, if that’s how you feel, I’ll tone it way down. It’s a small price to pay. Does that help?”

“It does, and I appreciate that, love. Sorry to be such a pain about it.”

“That’s OK, I’ll live. What do we have for dinner?”

So yeah, not the greatest outcome from my point of view, but better than picking a fight over it. That seldom goes well. After three years you start to learn a few things. Give and take.

The next weekend we took a trip out of town to visit Julie’s parents, Sam and Linda. They’re good people. Sam is a CNC machinist who worked his way up to a senior position, and Linda is now a legal secretary after doing various office work part time while Julie was growing up. They bought a house in a pleasant neighborhood when she was four years old, and are understandably proud of the life they have built. Julie is their only child and they are naturally very protective of her, and I was happy and grateful that they quickly accepted me and welcomed me into their family.

This weekend Sam was setting up a home network, so of course I was the local expert to be consulted. While I was making sure their access point had proper security, he again raised the question uppermost in the mind of every parent of a young married daughter.

“So Bill, do you think you two will be making us grandparents soon?”

He knew the answer of course, but loved to tease me with it anyway. And I would tease back.

“Aww, Sam, you and Linda are still young. You sure you don’t want to enjoy the child-free life a little longer before worrying about spoiling—I mean, raising the next generation?”

“Go ahead and call me young, sprout. My back tells me otherwise.” Gruff sounds, but he was smiling.

“All in good time, Dad. We won’t let you down, I promise.”

Julie was helping her mother with weeding the vegetable garden, which was Linda’s prized project in the summer months. It was fifteen by twenty feet planted with heirloom tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cabbage, carrots and herbs. The two women returned to the kitchen door with dirt-stained clothes and hands, bearing a harvest of ripe tomatoes and carrots.

We all washed up and joined in preparing dinner. There was roast chicken, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, and sliced tomatoes (with home-grown it’s almost a crime to have them any other way).

When we sat down at the table, Linda said grace. We all held hands in a circle while she spoke the short prayer, as was their custom.