Shake! Lift! Praise!


This is sort of a follow up to Chosen By Passion, but stands alone I feel. As The Goddess of Passion is only tangentally involved in a man becoming a swole altersex mini-giantess. So, If sex changes, men getting buff, breast expansion, butt expansion, and other such things bother you. I would read something else n.n

It had been a long day by time Wallace got the gym after work. The former Clemson halfback had been out of town for work the last few days and had not been able to workout as much as he would have liked. He was looking forward to just putting on his music and then hitting the treadmill a bit before starting “leg day.” He loved leg day–especially since he started taking a double dose of Delta5 in each of his three daily snack shakes.

Although he had not set foot in a college weight room for more than a year, the two time Rose Bowl veteran from the suburbs of Charleston had not slacked on his routine in the slightest. If anything, now that he was working a desk job and had a lot more time to himself, he could go harder–and he had big time.

That extraordinary effort was at least part of why the man once known as “John Henry of the Gridiron,” from how he hammered the defense, was quite a bit more than hundred pounds heavier than he was this time last year. Wallace had seen body thickening gains from head to toe. Just about everything, aside from his waist oddly enough, had gained a fair number of inches in mere months.

His lower body, in particular, had grown like crazy since he had intensified his routine. His quads had become so beefy that he could not encircle them with both hands, and his glutes positively overflowed hands big enough to palm a football. His legs and hips had grown so much in fact that he was wearing one of a few new pairs of size fifty-two slacks. The fifties from a few months ago had already gotten unbearably tight.

As the realization that he was here to work those muscles out even more crossed his mind, he shuddered. Wallace could not figure out why, but working out like this just felt so right, like there was nothing else he needed to be doing. His hand was trembling with excitement as he swiped his membership card against the panel on the member’s door, and then ducked through the entrance.

The door frame had become too short for him when he outgrew size forty-six pants six months ago. The one-time football star had already been tall, but the last few months had brought him inexplicable further growth. So much so that he had to slouch at work to keep his head from knocking down the ceiling tiles.

Motion lights flickered on to reveal the facility’s vast open space. Only a few support columns, some strategically placed equipment, and a couple of weight racks served to break up the room. It seemed Wallace was the only person in at the moment; even the radio was quiet. That suited him just fine.

As much as he had come to love people checking him out, it was to the point now that it was distracting. At first, he thought it was because people recognized him. Then he passed seven feet tall, and he could not get through a workout without being hit on by at least five other guys and twice as many women who wanted to date a big, strong black guy.

He downed the last few mouthfuls of his double-dose shake to chase the frustration away as he crossed the room. The creamy drink’s strawberry flavor clung thickly to his mouth and tongue, ensuring the sweet taste lingered as he smacked his lips. Pondering the now empty blender bottle, he still could not bring himself to believe just a few extra ounces of powder in raw milk could be the reason for all of this. Even so, the evidence was right there. As a life-long athlete, he had never experienced or heard of growth like this before–outside of like, a comicbook.

Squeezing into the locker room, Wallace set his stuff down in front of the unit he always used. He took a seat on the bench and his knees pressed against the locker doors on either side of his own. Even wearing larger pants, he could still see his flexed muscles pushing into the navy blue fabric.

The now larger-than-life athlete undid the buttons of his newest big-and-tall silk shirt and let it hang open around his tight, well-developed core and the hills of his plump pectorals. The stretchy fabric of his white a-shirt clung to his damp torso like a second skin, highlighting the cleavage between his broad, powerful pecs and the curve of his obliques as they flowed back to meet his massive cobra-like lats.

The sweat-soaked undershirt also really highlighted how big his nipples had become. Even darker than his skin, Wallace’s nipples and areolae were super apparent as they showed through the translucent cotton. The swelling was supposedly a side effect of taking more than the recommended amount of Delta5 each day. However, Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort in comparison to just how much beef he had put on since upping his portions, fat nipples that felt super sensitive were honestly a small annoyance.

Letting the button-down slip off his beefier-than-ever arms, he jerked the undershirt over his broad shoulders and polished bald crown. Wallace gasped both when the shirt’s hem dragged over his nipples and again when the cold air hit them. He glanced down at them, only to realize they were noticeably more prominent than this morning. The colossal athlete fumbled with thick fingers while trying to undo the unfamiliar buttons on his new slacks, but when he tried to look at how the clasp came undone, his pectorals projected so much now that he could not see past them while squished between his equally massive biceps.

The football-star-turned-bodybuilder glanced around for a mirror and crossed the room to stand before it. Wallace’s vast body hardly fit in the frame. Only his square jaw and a bottom lip which had gotten plumper than it had ever been after an injury showed at the top edge. It had been weeks since he last shaved, but his dark brown skin showed no signs that he had ever even had facial hair. Much like his face, the reflections of his rounded deltoids ended abruptly at the left and right sides of the mirror, and his thickly muscled legs were not far behind.

Forgetting about taking off his pants for a moment, he flexed his biceps and reveled in the way his tensed muscle stretched out his skin enough to brighten his complexion. He reversed the pose make triceps flex. His chest bounced from the movement and flexing his pecs caused further quivering. He brought his arms up, causing his deltoids and biceps to ball up and his lats to flare out. He rolled his hips and his whole body undulated with the movement. Rubbing his hands over the mounds of his ripped abs and then up over his muscle tits made him suck in a breath.

While not as intensely stimulating as his nipples, caressing his chest had become quite sensual. Honestly, all of his body was much more receptive to touch. The feeling of hands on his muscles had become so very arousing at this point that preening, with or without a mirror, was a twice-a-day habit. Continuing to rub mounds of chest muscle so large they could be mistaken for boobs, he felt his cock twitch in response and could not help but grin as the movement traveled down into his tight-fitting pant leg.

It had been a long time since his reflection made him start to get hard, but there was something about the moment right now that was getting him going. There was a real chance it was due to how the sheen of sweat from the walk through the Mid-September evening made his dark brown complexion shine like he was oiled up. The shimmer highlighted just how thick his physique had become as the as the light played over his softly pumping veins as well as the subtle stretch marks along the end of nearly every muscle.

Finally undoing the slide-button on his slacks, he worked them over his bubbly muscle butt and down his thick thighs to calves equally swollen with bulky mass. Now freed from its khaki restraints, his cock rose slightly against his boxers. He was not erect, not even close, but at half-chub, he still looked more impressive than most guys. It looked like he had a one-liter soda bottle stuffed between his boxers and his balls.

Wallace was tempted, so very tempted, to get off right then, but there was no telling when others might arrive. Getting changed, he returned to the gym floor with his shaker cup nearly half full of Delta5 and seemingly oblivious to his state of dress. The tank-top, which had been adequate only days ago, was pulled so tight over his chest that his bulging pecs almost looked like boobs with implants, the change in size was so significant that his mass pulled the shirt’s shoulder straps taut.

On top of that, since his upper torso occupied so much fabric, there was hardly any left for the rest of his trunk. It honestly looked like he was wearing a sports bra. Between every inch of his shredded abs being on display and his mini-marshmallow-like nipples tenting his top, his appearance was as much “gym bunny” as “hulking male bodybuilder.”

The pants he had bought to workout in were hardly the right size anymore either it seemed. The form-fitting pant legs ended with the elastic cuffs stretched tight around his calves, while the waistband was barely able to get past his hips. As it was, the spandex pants were only staying up because the band was caught his quads as well. The shape of his junk was impossible to ignore.

Digging into the fridge, he pulled out a jug of milk, dumped a liberal amount into the cup and shook it up with nearly five times as much powder as recommended. Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort The bodybuilding-hopeful had been upping his servings during workouts to help with the burn but had never used this much. He could not even point to why he had poured out so much of the supplement, but all the doubt melted away once he took the first sip and a taste far more intense than any before washed over him.

He guzzled the shake, his throat working like crazy as he raised the cup. Some of it run down either side of his face, but he kept drinking until the bottle was empty for a third time that day. His warm-up passed in a blur after that. Working out felt ten times better than usual. It was as physically satisfying as masturbating. Then he started his “leg day” routine, and it felt like someone was giving him the best head of his life. The sensations from below the belt were utterly overwhelming. Wallace kept moving, his drive to work out verging on an obsession.

Wrapped in music and pleasure, he did not become aware again until an attempt to squat resulted in his pants tearing open. The feeling of fabric slithering back from being stretched out startled Wallace from his hedonistic trance. He was mid-squat with a bar across his shoulders that had four fifty pound plates on either side. The weird sensation that his skin was too small crept into his mind. Heaving himself to his feet, he almost toppled forward by an unexpected amount of weight.

His gaze snapped down to an expanse of dark brown skin spilling out of his top in an avalanche of flesh that climaxed in twin rounded peaks nearly a foot away. Did he… Did he have honest to Atlas tits all of a sudden? He went to rack the bar, but it was not where he expected it to be. It was much lower, almost even with his waist. Wallace had to squat again to reach it. As he did, his full tiddies settled on his thighs–and his junk.

His package felt very different now; there was no feeling of his balls shifting against his quads, just the heavy weight of a dick even more gigantic than before. His crotch, as a whole, felt so much warmer than before. Just what had happened since drinking that shake…?

Releasing the bar, Wallace stumbled to his feet once more. Standing up straight made him feel like he was standing at the top of a step ladder. His eye level was at least a foot above where it had been before. He shifted from a lifting posture to a relaxed one and a weight settled on the back of his thighs. A weight which bounced as he flexed his glutes. Sinking his fingers into his new ass made him moan with a voice that he only half recognized as his own. It seemed the preexisting sensitivity had apparently also inflated and yet, he could not pull his hands away as his cock started to rise. His powerful grip pushed down through the plush to the firm as he began to slide down.

The further he went, the more he had to stretch to reach his cheeks. His lats pulled together, his still present pectoral hills spread out, and finally, the stretch reached its zenith as his fingers. His ginormous titties were sliding along his obliques, the contrast of muscle and fat turning him on even more.

Ever heavier with blood, his growing erection’s weight prompted him to move his hands forward, his fingers dragging over the plump expanse of his hips. His nails caught on even more plentiful and apparent stretchmarks born of his accelerated expansion. Each little ridge makes him moan again and again. The voice still is not his own, but he was quickly becoming fond of it.

His cock twitched as pleasure arcs up along the underside. Just the wobble of his girthy pole rising and then dropping, only to bounce a few more times, was more staggeringly stimulating that all of the sex he had ever had before. It kept happening, the sensation of his twitching enough to cause even more. Wallace finally dragged his hands around to grip the base, and it fit perfectly in his meaty grasp.

Beneath the surface, an astonishing vascular system pulsed and throbbed as it pumped blood into a monstrous member that would likely never fit in something ever again. Tightening his grip, he stroked away from himself and felt something within shifting. Instantly, a huge glob bubbled out of the distant tip to splatter on the floor.

Then the most startling thing yet happened as he felt his taint contract. Slipping curious fingers down between his legs, the transformed athlete felt another gout of pre-cum pumping when his fingertips brushed something wet and warm. Pushing harder, trying to reach around his humungous boobs, Wallace found that he had a pussy as his fingers sank into it. It was not all that much stimulation, but it pushed him past the edge all the same. His cock was visibly growing as his first giant-sized load built. The first big throb was much like Kurtköy Vip Escort the other two releases of pre-cum, just twice as big. The next one, however, painted a white line across the far wall from floor to ceiling.

Spunk was running down his shaft now, lubricating his ever more emphatic strokes as he rode his orgasm. Between his legs, his new pussy was quivering, the muscles still untrained. He kept pushing his hand deeper. His thumb was rubbing the underside of his shaft, and then it was inside him as well, causing his hand to sink in past the wrist. Everything went white, and he dropped to his knees as his entire body shut down from sensory overload.

When he woke, a pair of women stood over him. One was a towering, unearthly beauty with bronze skin, statuesque features, a flowing mass of night-black hair, and a massive bust only restrained by a pair of scarves matched with hips that swelled through cutouts in a draping, flowing skirt.

“I see you ignored the warning on the bottle, mortal,” the probably Greecian woman said in a lilting, sensual accent. “Though, perhaps it is for the best. You feel better now, yes? More honest with yourself?”

“What happened to me?”

“You were partaking of my essence, my dear sweet strongman. My desire fueled your own, at least until you were taking in so much of my elemental components that your desires became my own.”

“I don’t–“

“Elle, dear, why not show our new friend here what he really wants to see?”

The other woman was just as tall with similar hair, though she was quite pale. She was sort of like him in that she appeared to be a very buff pear-shaped woman. Elle, if that was her name, stepped forward while undoing the clasps on her skirt. It opened around her like a towel, revealing stockings, garters, and an absurdly big dick which rivaled his own for size. He wondered if he could fit her in his mouth and blushed at the thought.

Then his learned panic set in and he tried to fight that admiration down. The feeling, however, would not be held back anymore. He had kept his bisexual interests a secret for more than eight years, and they were fighting him now as he licked his lips.

“Yes, that is the feeling, mortal,” the first woman cooed. “Admit your true feelings…”

He reached out to the woman like him, his hand caressing skin that was almost velvety soft. She moaned at the touch, and he wrapped his hand around her flaccid length. The next thing he knew, he was kissing her dick, licking it, tasting it, even loving it. Wallace sucked on Elle just a bit, his pillowy lips wrapping around her stiffening head. She leaned over to put her hands on his head. Her pelvis was still a foot away, but it was getting steadily closer. Somehow he was swallowing all of that meat!

Gripping his cock with his other hand, he matched strokes with her as she slid ever further into him. Elle’s fingers twitched, her nails digging into his scalp as the smooth motion became more erratic like her hips were starting to buck. He looked up at her. Their eyes met. He nodded, telling her to go on. She did not need a second prompting as her sporadic humping quickly became regimented thrusting.

In and out, she dragged her cloaked length between his lips and over his tongue. In and out, she was close enough now that he could no longer stroke her. In and out, he was fingering her now, his fingers slipping into his partner’s pussy with each of her more and more powerful thrusts. There was one last in as she yanked him all the way down so that his tongue could reach her slit. The taste of her nectar paled in comparison to her spunk as she began to pump cum into him.

Wallace kept stroking his dick, doing everything in his power to not orgasm, but it was getting harder. His grip was slippery now, his hand freely sliding up and down most of his length. Which is when she did something he did not expect. With barely an appraising glance, she stepped to the side so that she was straddling him. Even standing over him, his head was already banging on the doors to her sanctum. He looked up at her, hoping his eyes conveyed his apprehension.

She grinned back at him and began to rub herself around the end of his cock. Her orgasm had subsided, and she almost slipped out each time she rotated her hips back to rub her plump labia against the underside of his head, only to shove her half-chub back into him.

Finally, it was too much for Wallace. His hips jumped up. His cock entered her with a pop, and she moaned like crazy as her weakening knees ensured more and more of him pushed inside. He came just as his dick hit her cervix, filling her uterus with his flood of cum. They both watched in awe as her stomach expanded for nearly a whole minute.

Elle waited a moment longer before slipping off as if she was trying to ensure that not a single drop escaped. When they separated, the otherworldly beauty was petting herself ever so slightly, but it the sheen on her skin betrayed how much she had enjoyed herself.

“Well, mortal, would you deign to become my pet’s playmate or would you rather I turn you back? The choice is yours…” (3505)