My First Desi Threesome in India


This story is about Me(Madhu), Bujji and Purna. I have done my Masters degree in Computer science and living in USA for the past 20 years! Bujji is very cute, curvy and beautiful working lady and speaking of Purna he is very athletic, high energy, bold and brave guy. I knew Bujji right from my college days and I had a huge crush on her but in those days with the social stigma we could not even talk or even be closed to each other.

I have decided to travel India for a short trip and I happen to talk to Bujji and words between us went on adventurous side and also to celebrate our union she want us to go out of town and spend some time with me along with her husband. With my hectic schedule I told her that I will book flight tickets and go out of town and stay in a 5 star hotel for couple of nights. To our luck Purna agreed to our travel. After confirmation from Purna I have arranged everything!

Right after I have landed and started visiting friends and family in India, I got a call from Purna and we want to sit one evening to talk about our travel plans and also to get to know each other. We all went to Nice 3 star restaurant and ordered few drinks. To play it safe we ordered one coke for Bujji and Purna mixed liquor in her coke and I found it funny but given the culture over in India I understood that it’s safe to be that way. After few large pegs I started to loosen up a bit and told purna that I am being honest and I had a crush on Bujji Purna got a sense of where I was going and nodded and he is smart enough to know when it will lead!

I have decided that if it is bound to happen it will happen and If not I will just spend some quality time with them and get back to US. Bujji was excited as it’s her first ever flight!! All three of us took Air India flight and got out of city and checked in to The STAR hotel which is a 5 star hotel! It was not a pleasant experience as we checked in we were not given a nice room and after complaining about that room we were given a decent room. I only reserved one room and it’s got a king size bed! This got Purna worried a bit as he ordered an extra bed. We got freshened up and went out to eat at a restaurant right in the star hotel.

All three of us walked towards restaurant it was well lit and decorated very well. Theme of that day is Arabian nights! huge lamp sets were erected and lit up and cool breeze uşak escort coming from sea shore. Sound of waves giving a very romantic feeling as we walked across and sat at the table and ordered some drinks! After half hour or so as we all cheered up having a large peg, Bujji started to loosen herself up and started giggling and Purna asked her to be seating between me and him and as Bujji came and sat between us conversations are getting lighter and Bujji raised her leg and placed it on my lap was the first ever touch and I know Bujji is not going to stop with that!! Purna is looking at other girls in the restaurant and start to stare at them enjoy his time as well. Bujji and Purna did not like food as food over there is continental and spice levels are low for them but to me I enjoyed my food and did make sure that I got right amount of alcohol in my body!

We went back to our room and Bujji is already very high and asked us who will come first!! That word electrified me and my shaft was hard on! Purna went first and started teasing Bujji and asked me to join!! Till then I was controlling my lusty moments and my patience got paid off! On one side Purna and other side me exploring Bujji’s body and that is when a surprise was thrown at both me and Purna! It was seahorse tattoo was put on Bujji left butt cheek! Watching that view was amazing and had given Purna and me a kick and thrill to our fuck session. As we spent an hour or so just exploring our bodies with each other is when I pulled Bujji’s Panty down and went down kissing from navel area to lower side and the smell of Bujji’s cunt was amazing!! Honeysuckle: As I went down and started doing honeysuckle Bujji was shivering with ecstasy and her body was responding with my tongue touching her clit and making passionate sounds! After Bujji had few orgasms she is ready for a fuck session!

We have changed positions and Purna slept on the bed and Bujji is in Doggy position and I am behind bujji and her Vagina got juiced up already giving me a smooth entry in to her!! I kept on ramming her and Buijji started to suck Purna’s dick and its double pleasure for Bujji!! It was my stamina that kept me going for longer time and another half hour went by Bujji Vagina got dried up and I stopped fucking her and got some water as we tried to lubricate Bujji Vagina. Time was 2:30 AM and it seems like Bujji is half asleep and slept between us. I could not get a release but was happy that the time went and when Bujji asked me what time we started doing this I told her around 11:30 PM. Our love making session went for 3 hours!!

We slept through the night and Bujji slept between us after a few hours around 5:30AM I started to explore Buijji’s body and Purna woke up as well we started another round. Its Purna who decide to fuck Bujji into her ass!! as he applied vaseline around ass area for smooth penetration! Bujji’s face is very close to me and I could see that it’s hurting bujji but she did let Purna to insert his dick into her ass. It was little difficult for Purna and after few attempts he stopped doing it. We changes positions again this time I am alone fucking her and I did see Vaseline as I was fucking and I inserted my index finger into her ass while fucking and Bujji got surprised and looked at me! I took my finger out and it was that moment I felt ecstatic and got my sperm bursted in to Bujji cunt. What a fuck session that was!!

I just could not sleep after that for some reason and I kept on drinking more water as I do not want to get dehydrated. I told Bujji and Purna I want to go for a walk and they want to join with me as well. We went out and sunshine was welcoming us and we walked around the shore for 10 minutes and Purna and Bujji are enjoying taking pictures I was just enjoying nature and its pleasantness. After 15 minutes I was very hungry and went on to eat my breakfast and Bujji and Purna joined me and ordered coffee. Purna want to get and get dressed up for big day to travel to see the beautiful side of Araku valley and I told Purna that you get freshed up and we will come in 10 minutes. I was just talking to bujji and assuming Purna will come and join us for breakfast it seems Purna was expecting us in 10 minutes and got frustrated as he did not see us for another 20 minutes or so and by the time we went back to hotel room and there is Purna who is upset and want to get back and I realized that Purna is very possessive of Bujji and of course he is her husband and has every right to be I told them that I will be back in 10 minutes. In the meanwhile I looked at travel and hired Innova to go for a day trip.

By the time come back to room it seems Purna kind of calmed down and we all travelled for the day and on the way Purna decided to have a drink and we went deep into one of the small town to purchase liquor and just could not drink there as the environment is not that suitable and by the time we reached Araku Valley we both took a peg each and started walking and Purna went back to get one more peg! As we walked around Valley with lot of people around! We are done watching and on the way back we stopped at a local restaurant and Bujji and Purna loved that food as its got good spice in it and I was ok to eat but did not like environment but I don’t want to be disrespectful to them. On the way back they stopped at few places and asked me to join them and told them that I will sleep and you guys go watch and come back and they did. On the way back Bujji asked questions and driver was explaining her patiently! Purna and I were sleeping in the back seat!

Once we reached back to hotel and freshened up this time we bought full bottle of whisky and had two pegs each and went to the dancing room and surprisingly there is no one to dance and so for few minutes I did dance with Bujji and Purna came to dance with bujji after a minute and we all went back to hotel room and so we started our third session and having alcohol in our bodies helping us to loosen ourselves and touching and feeling body sensations! When Purna got excited and he began to embrace both me and Bujji and for a second I felt weird of him touching me but also unknowingly felt a tingling sensation giving me a thought of being “bi curious?” and I did the same to Purna for once to see how it is and there is no response from him but its funny to feel that way because Purna and myself are both straight!

We started again the same pose and Bujji started sucking Purna’s dick and massaging his balls and I am behind Bujji and started fucking and I felt so good and Bujji cunt oozing love juices giving me a perfect tingling sensation as I keep fucking!! After all this fucking marathon all three of us slept good and got up little late in the morning and we did a 1 kilometer walk across the beach and had our breakfast outside and took auto to come back to hotel. We exchanged our pictures and I was looking for one last fucking session and it did not happen as we were out of time! There was a sign language Bujji and I were following and we respected Purna for providing us such a wonderful opportunity and a beauty like Bujji deserved to be pampered, cuddled and ultimately fucked by two guys! Our first threesome was awesome!!