Brother and Sister First Time


Samantha and Robbie were sister and brother. They were fraternal twins. They recently both celebrated their eighteenth birthday. Their folks took them to a Japanese style dinner where they sat in front of a hibachi chef.

They enjoyed all the cooking tricks the chef did. The parents didn’t really have the money to have a party like some of their friends had. The kids were used to not having their parents do too much splurging on their birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, each kid got a fabulous gift that they were happy with. Their parents were workaholics and weren’t home much. Their mother would take out something for dinner and the kids would warm it up.

Samantha and Robbie were very close. They considered each other their best friend. They had other friends, but they shared a very special bond with each other.


Samantha and Robbie were fooling around on the computer. First, they were looking at funny videos and next thing you know they were both staring at a porn website.

“Do you think we should look at it?” Robbie asked.

“If you want to. Have you ever seen it?” Samantha asked nervously.

“Of course. Haven’t you?” Robbie said rolling his eyes at his sister.

“No. Not really.”

Robbie just clicked on one of the videos. Both kids looked at the screen. Basically, it was just a very sexy couple having sex with each other.

“Have you ever had sex?” Samantha asked curiously.

“No. Have you?” Robbie replied.

“No. We should try on each other. Want to?” Samantha asked blushing.


Robbie and his sister stood up. They held each other in a tight embrace. Robbie placed a kiss on his sister’s lips.

“Open your mouth a little!” Robbie asked calmly.

The Escort Bayan siblings shared a kiss with a little tongue-action. They had never shared a kiss, so it was very slow and not perfect.

“Let’s lay on the bed,” Samantha said.

They moved over to the bed and helped each other off with their clothes. The computer was still showing the couple having sex together. They heard the noises that they were making. Both kids had never seen another naked body before.

They continued to explore each other’s bodies. Samantha was on her back while Robbie sat on top of her. He played with her breasts. He’d never seen something so beautiful before. Samantha was blessed with a large chest. He squeezed them together and played with her nipples.

“Robbie, that feels so good!” Samantha moaned while he pleased her.

Robbie wanted to see what else his sister had for him to explore. Samantha opened her legs and her brother rubbed his fingers over her pussy. She had hair there. He rubbed his fingers and slowly pushed a finger inside of her.

“Oh! That feels nice!” Samantha said.

Robbie fingered his sister and felt how excited she was. He had seen in the movie that the man would kiss the vagina. He too wanted to try that.

“I’m going to kiss your private parts. Is that okay?”

“Yes. Please do!” Samantha said excitedly.

Samantha opened her legs wide while her brother licked and kissed her sweet bits. He kissed her pussy lips and moved his tongue in an out of her pussy hole like he watched the man and woman do on the movie.

His sister wriggled on the bed moaning in delight. He noticed she got very wet while his tongue explored every inch of her pussy. He also noticed her nipples were hard and her face was quite flush while he licked and kissed her pussy like it was a wonderful treat.

He noticed that his cock was quite hard while he pleasured his sister with his mouth. He wanted his sister to please him now.

“Why don’t you play with my dick now!” Robbie asked firmly.


Robbie moved over on his bed. He lay on his back while his sister sat next to him. She held his cock in her hands. She moved her hand up and down his dick. She had seen the actress do it to the man in the porn movie. She too did it which made her brother moan out.

“Why don’t you put it in your mouth. Don’t use your teeth?”

“Of course. I wasn’t planning on eating it like a pickle!”

The siblings giggled at Samantha’s comment. She opened her mouth and put his dick into her mouth. She slowly sucked on his cock. Robbie held the sheets in his hands. It felt incredible and accidentally blew a load down his sister’s mouth.

“Eww! What was that?” It tastes awful.”

“Sorry! It felt so good. Just keep sucking it. Fucking hell!”

Samantha didn’t appreciate the surprise he gave to her. It tasted bitter and was quite slimy. It made her sick, but she continued to play with his cock. She moved her hand up and down his shaft. She played with his balls that felt very warm in her hand.

Robbie was enjoying his sister’s exploration of his dick. He had masturbated several times and made himself come. When his sister was exploring, he was too excited and could not hold back. He didn’t want too, but he couldn’t hold back. Samantha was a little upset but continued to please him.

It didn’t take too long for his cock to get stiff again. His sister pulled and sucked on it until he was hard as a bat again.

“Do you want to go all the way?” Robbie asked.

“We might as well. We’ve come this far.” Samantha said happily.

Robbie was hard and he rubbed his fingers on Samantha’s pussy and eased himself into her. They kissed passionately while he slowly began his journey into her tight wet hole.

Samantha cried softly while he pushed himself into her vagina. She could feel the pain and pleasure that happened once he broke her hymen. He slowly began to thrust into his sister while Samantha moaned out loudly. He saw his sister’s tears while they made love together.

“Should I stop? Robbie asked.”


Robbie thrust in and out of her pussy. He felt like he was going to come and pulled out and sprayed his semen over his sister’s body. Even though it was both their first time, he didn’t want her to become pregnant.

Having sex with his sister wasn’t usual and it wasn’t something they could talk about with family and friends. He held his sister in his arms while they both were exhausted from having sex together. Their hearts were beating loudly that they both heard the other’s heart.

“That was amazing! I’m sure it will get better with practice!” Robbie said proudly.

“It hurt a lot!” Samantha said.

“I’m sorry. You said to keep going!” Robbie said caringly.

“It hurt in a good way. I’m sure in time it will feel pleasurable.” Samantha said.

“We never can let our parents know. They would be mad that we did this. I love you. Please don’t tell mom and dad.” Robbie said sternly.

“Of course not. I’m not stupid you know.” Samantha said rolling her eyes.

They lay in the bed for a while and practiced kissing. They both were happy they weren’t virgins anymore. With practice they would get better. They had a lot of learning to do. They also had a lot of time to practice. Their parents worked a lot.