Morgan’s Education Continues


Author’s Note: Many thanks to those that gave their input (positive or constructively negative, publicly or privately) from my first story. My intent was always to build on that, and below we have the second installment.

Having set things up in the first story, this one moves more quickly to the action, and I’ll leave it up to you to choose whether to go back and get the backstory from the first installment (as if I could do otherwise).


“I am still in charge here, right?” asked Stephanie.

To no one’s surprise Kyle agreed quickly since so far Stephanie’s only direction to him had been to let her demonstrate her considerable skills at oral sex on him, ending only when he gushed substantial amounts of cum onto her face and into her willing mouth. All of this was done with Troy and Morgan watching intently, wrapped in each other’s arms.

As for Troy, he caught Stephanie’s eye and with a carefully neutral expression said “Yes—you won the game, so you get to call the shots. We’re all yours.” As he held her gaze she realized: he’d set the deck! She thought back to the evening, and realized that not only had Troy been the one to suggest that the winner of the last hand control the rest of the evening, he’d shuffled and dealt that all-important final hand. And, come to think of it, the several hands before that! He’d basically handed her control of the evening.

She could barely suppress the desire to crawl over to him and kiss him, touch him, and show him her appreciation. But she kept herself in check, knowing he’d given her plenty of opportunity to repay him in the course of the evening.

Instead, she turned to Morgan and said “Baby, are you as turned on as you look?”

Morgan didn’t even blush and said evenly, almost huskily, “Yes, more than I’ve ever been. Thank you, thank you for showing me that. And yes, I trust you and will do whatever you say.”

“Good, because it’s your turn to be touched,” Stephanie declared, and quickly continued. “You’re more of a giver, and you’ll have opportunities to give plenty if you want. Since accepting will be harder than giving, we’re going to get you past that right now.”

Stephanie peeled off her cotton cami, being a little careful since it was largely soaked in Kyle’s wetness, and used a dry section to wipe off her face. There was more where that came from, she was sure. “This is going to end with you naked, so let me get ahead of you there,” she said, and shifted to present her legs to Kyle as she lifted her weight off the floor. “Kyle, would you help a girl out of her panties, please?”

Kyle obliged by pulling Stephanie’s bikini panties slowly over her hips and down her long legs, taking time to admire her body as he did. She was lean from head to toe, with flawless pale skin sprinkled with freckles and a small patch red hair (yes, the curtains do match the carpet) at the top of her pelvic mound. She was willing to undergo the cost, discomfort, and awkwardness of having herself waxed for moments like this. The result was stunning—she was model-quality gorgeous, and on display for all to see.

Relishing in her nudity, Stephanie crawled to Troy and Morgan, took Morgan’s face gently in her hands, and holding her gaze she said softly, “We’re going to make this great for you. You deserve it.” She slowly leaned in and kissed Morgan on the mouth, giving Morgan plenty of time to dodge if she’d wanted—Morgan didn’t dodge, and Stephanie could feel Morgan letting go and giving in as their lips pressed together.

The guys pushed the furniture back to make room and Stephanie guided Morgan into the middle of the open space. Stephanie directed Morgan to lie on her back, with her head cradled in Stephanie’s lap.

“I’m going to take care of her head, boys, and you are responsible for everything from there down. I’ll direct some, mostly because I like the illusion of power and control, ” she added with a giggle. “But I bet I won’t really need to, will I? You know what to do, and how to do it. Just start slowly, and take your time. ” Neither man had any qualms about taking their time. Whatever she was ready for they’d give her—and give it great, and at the pace she was ready for.

Morgan sighed and consciously relaxed her body. She was far more excited than she was nervous, and was so turned on that she wasn’t even sure she wanted the men to go slowly. But she trusted Stephanie, and did as she was told.

“Kyle, please lie next to Morgan, kissing her and making her feel special. You can slowly unbutton the shirt that you so generously loaned her, when the time is right,” Stephanie directed. “Troy, I happen to know how good you are at giving a woman attention below the waist, so that’s where I want you to be. You can play any way you want, and don’t be shy about using your mouth—but don’t remove her panties just yet.”

“No problem with that,” offered Kyle as he eagerly slid down to take up his position near Morgan’s toned lower body. “I’ll gladly play nicely, so long as I get to admire this beautiful sight…and so long as I get to taste her wetness, manisa escort soon.”

These words and the feeling of two men’s hands starting to trace her body sent a surge of warmth and desire through her, and she ached with longing at the idea of having Troy taste her wetness which was by now substantial.

Kyle propped himself up on his side, and let his free arm roam over Morgan’s stomach, chest, and gently traced the delicate features of her face. Inside of his dress shirt, Morgan’s nipples were rock-hard and brushed tantalizingly against the starched cotton fabric. She didn’t have to wait long for the release she was craving, since Kyle steadily unbuttoned the shirt from the top and the bottom, slowly exposing her toned stomach and chest to the cool air of the room. He gently pulled it to either side, helping her slide her arms free.

She lay on the shirt, nude except for her lace boy-short panties. Kyle’s hands now roamed freely over her torso, savoring her beautiful form and gently massaging her breasts. Her reaction left no doubt whether she was ready for this and more and his touch became more firm as he focused on her breasts and her hard nipples. His resistance crumbled as her gasps of pleasure increased, and he leaned in and gently lowered his mouth over her right nipple as she squirmed in pleasure.

Stephanie cradled Morgan’s head in her lap, not indifferent to the feeling of Morgan’s hair on her own bare pussy nor the pressure of Morgan’s head against her mound when Morgan squirmed and raised her body up, which was happening more and more as the men proceeded to step up their ministrations.

“Is this good for you, babe?” Stephanie asked as she leaned over Morgan’s face. Morgan’s eyes fluttered open and locked onto Stephanie’s just long enough her to gasp “Yes…oh yes…I’ve waited so long for this…oh…yes….” Experience be damned, Morgan wanted to be touched in every possible way by these men, and her response as well as her body language transmitted that in no uncertain terms.

This was not lost on Troy. He’d taken advantage of every time Morgan moved to gently nudge her knees further apart until he’d positioned himself between her legs, and was gently kissing his way up Morgan’s inner thighs. With Morgan’s response to Steph’s question making it clear how much she wanted, he waited until the next time Morgan lifted her body to push her nipples more firmly against Kyle’s mouth and gently pulled Morgan’s panties over her hips, down her long legs, and away. With no protest from Stephanie, and an implicit approval from Morgan—she kept her hips raised to help him, and didn’t resist when he spread her legs again once the panties were free–he moved back between her legs and with increasing firmness kissed the very top of her inner thighs, inches away from her now-exposed sex. Troy loved giving oral to a woman, and for his part would gladly have drawn this out to admire Morgan’s beautiful mound. It was covered in a fine blonde down, and in her aroused state her lips were swollen and her wetness was almost pouring out of her. Troy looked up and sought out Stephanie’s gaze as he slowly but directly moved his kisses from Morgan’s thighs up and onto her wet pussy.

Stephanie caught his gaze, and the lust and approval in her eyes was unmistakable. She was leaned forwards over Morgan’s face, whispering to her. Troy caught snippets of her words, “…tingles down your spine as Kyle sucks on your nipple…will feel so good when you feel Troy’s wet mouth on you…he’ll be careful, and sense your pace…I know for a fact he likes to put his…”

Stephanie’s quick nod and Morgan’s soft groans of pleasure gave Troy the validation he needed, and he gently but firmly immersed himself in her wonderful scent, and the incredibly erotic feelings of her willing body. Resting his hands gently on her thighs he covered her with his mouth and gently let his tongue wander over her outer layers. He loved the soft roughness of her mound and her thin pubic hair against his lips, and savored the wet opening under his tongue. He softly played his tongue over her clitoral sheath, reveling in the shudders that went through her body every time he found the right spot. Moving one hand between her legs, his fingers explored the warm outer layers of her pussy, sensing the wetness contained inside. He slide one finger up to gently flick her swollen clitoris and when the finger was thoroughly slick with the combined wetness of his mouth and her body, he slid it slowly and carefully into her pussy.

Morgan’s body was shaking with pleasure, as she had completely given herself over to the feelings the men were drawing out of her. She arched her back to push her breasts against Kyle’s mouth as he moved relentlessly back and forth between her nipples. He was sucking on and gently pinching each nipple alternately, and both the warm wetness and steady friction were sending jolts of pleasure through her. On top of that, Troy’s mouth on her body had already sent her to new heights of both pleasurable feelings and erotic desire. With complete abandon she was spreading her legs and opening herself to his mouth, and when his finger slid carefully into her body and he began thrusting gently the waves of pleasure swept her completely away.

Morgan cried out as her first orgasm—ever—swept over her. Stephanie stroked her face and held her gently, and both guys softened their touches on her as she cried out and then slowly rode down the crest of the orgasm. Being in good and experienced hands, the others knew to just hold her and let her relax into the afterglow.

After a few moments in which all of Kyle, Troy, and Stephanie silently exchanged looks that were a powerful mix of gratitude, satisfaction, and desire, Stephanie said softly to Morgan, “You okay, baby?”

Morgan’s eyes fluttered open as her mouth curled into a grin. “Okay? Are you kidding!? That was great! Holy shit! I’ve been missing that??! “

The sexual tension was cut with their collective laughter, but not for long. With four intertwined naked bodies–all of them fit, and lean, and beautiful–there was plenty of energy left, and Morgan was recovering her wits quickly.

“Stephanie, ” Morgan said, “I know you’re in charge, and you’ve done great–I may never be the same after that, and I don’t think I want to be! But would you do something if I asked you to?”

“Mmmmm, probably,” said Stephanie carefully, “If it involves these two studs and their hard cocks, then almost certainly.”

“Yes, it does,” said Morgan. “It’s your turn–will you please do anything you want with them, or to them, and let me watch. I need some time to recover, I think, but I want to see more. You guys are great teachers!”

Although Stephanie didn’t need any more encouragement than that, Troy offered it anyway. Rising to his knees and moving slowly towards Stephanie, his toned body and huge erection were impossible to ignore. “Stephanie,” he said, “you’ve been terrific, but this evening was supposed to be about you and your fantasies too, you know. I think it’s time you got some attention, and I know Kyle will help me give it to you.”

Kyle’s erection had fully returned, and the prospect of having both of these perfect male specimens at her disposal–or her at theirs–was something Stephanie had no intention of passing on.

Taking Troy’s face in her hands, she kissed him deeply and passionately. She wasn’t oblivious to the Morgan’s wetness on his face or in the taste of his kiss, and in fact she found that she liked the taste. Filing this away for the moment, she concentrated on his kiss and the feeling of his hands reaching for her, pulling her to him. His strong hands pulled her to him, and she let herself be pulled against his chest—her breasts were aching to touch or be touched, and she willingly pressed herself against him relishing in the feeling of their bodies pressed together.

Almost immediately, she felt a second set of hands on her hips—this was Kyle, and the realization of what was about to happen made Stephanie’s head spin. She was about to be with two men at once, as she’d often fantasized about. Her fantasies ran both ways: with her directing the men at times using them as her play-things for her sexual pleasures, and at other times her fantasies involved her being permissive and letting them use her as they wished. She was momentarily caught in indecision as to what direction things were taking, now: was she in charge anymore, or had the tables suddenly turned? How did the addition of Morgan add to the fantasy? She wasn’t sure, and any chance she had of thinking through it disappeared when she felt the men roll her onto her back and take control.

Troy continued to kiss her deeply, passionately, almost pinning her face to the floor. He didn’t physically pin her or restrain her in any way, but the intensity of his kisses on her mouth, her face, and her neck combined with gentle caresses from his fingertips tracing the lines of her delicate features were just as effective in keeping her totally under his control.

No less powerful was the feeling of Kyle spreading her legs, and his own wet kisses falling on her lower stomach and moving steadily towards her waiting sex. Wet was not a big enough word for the state of Stephanie’s pussy, and she was practically begging Kyle not to go slowly. Sensing this, he obliged: his fingers arrived first and slid into the outer folds of her labia, sliding steadily forwards and back and hovering wonderfully over her clitoral sheath. Stephanie groaned into Troy’s mouth as they kissed and lifted, thrust her pelvis towards Kyle’s fingers. With complete abandon, she wanted more.

Kyle gave her more. He carefully positioned his mouth over her open sex, and opening wide to make as much contact as possible he lowered his mouth onto her waiting pussy. Kyle loved the taste of a woman, loved the act of giving oral to a woman—and since she’d given him the most erotic blowjob of his life just moments before, and willingly taken his cum into her mouth and onto her face, he had no intention of holding back for her. He regretting not getting to taste Morgan as they collectively took her to new heights, but hoped and expected he’d get his turn with her before the evening was over.

As for Stephanie, he did everything he could to be excellent for her. He ran his tongue over the wet folds of her smooth skin. He’d never been down on a woman who’d recently waxed, and found the smoothness of her skin very appealing. Pacing himself, he steadily delved deeper into her wet opening with his tongue and steadily spiraled in towards her clitoris. He delicately probed her body with his mouth, gently sucking on her and moaning his enthusiasm. He did his best to taste all of her wetness, drink her in, and reveled in the way she opened herself to him and gave him access.

Stephanie’s legs were spread wide, and she was completely lost in the experience of openly giving her body to Kyle’s mouth while she hungrily kissed Troy. She was pulling him to her, now, greedily licking his mouth, pulling his tongue between her lips, moaning and gasping against him. Morgan, forgotten for the moment, lay nearby and watched the show enthralled with every movement, every action. She was overwhelmed with gratitude, an almost nerdly interest in every movement and every technique, and a burning passion that was nowhere near exhausted for the night. She bided her time for the moment, unsure just where to re-enter the action but sure that she would whenever and however the time was right.

Kyle had carefully and intentionally avoided putting his fingers into Stephanie, wanting to draw this out for her and leaving her the option of asking for penetration. He was close to giving in, though, wanting desperately to feel more of her, when Stephanie broke from Troy’s kiss long enough to gasp. “Please, please don’t make me wait any longer. Please, Troy, will you let Kyle fuck me? I want him, you, either, both…I need one of you inside of me.”

Troy’s grin and quick nod to Kyle was all the approval anyone needed, and Kyle once again used his strong hands to take Stephanie by the hips. This time, he lifted her and turned her over onto her knees, and lifted her again to suggest that she stay on all fours. Desperately complying, Stephanie knelt and reached for Troy’s cock, which she knew had been the last thing to get any attention tonight. As Troy sensed her intent and positioned himself to comply, Kyle knelt behind Stephanie and slowly rubbed his cockhead up and down her wet pussy from behind, making sure once more that this was what she wanted. Not that she’d left any doubt, but he had no intention of taking advantage of anyone and wanted still to let her pull back if she chose. Instead, he felt her reach between her legs and guide his cock into her open body, pushing her hips back to meet him. He steadily moved with her, impaling himself completely inside of her. The warmth and wetness were incredible, and she was as smooth and welcoming inside as he’d imagined.

Being filled by Kyle was almost enough to send Stephanie over the edge, but she focused her mind on the sight in front of her: Troy’s poor hard cock, literally dripping precum from the tip, and she passionately pulled him to her and slid her lips over his cockhead. The combination of warmth, wetness, and supple hardness filled her mouth as she closed her eyes and lost herself in her new adventure. She was sucking cock on one end, and being fucked steadily on the other. The dueling sensations were driving her wild, and when she sensed Morgan move in beside her and felt Morgan’s soft touch tracing lines across her shoulders, down her back, and around to her stomach and breasts Stephanie knew she’d arrived at the most erotic moment of her life.

Breathing deeply around Troy’s cock, pulling in and savoring the smell and taste of his arousal, she groaned in pleasure as Troy began thrusting gently in her willing mouth and Kyle began to rhythmically slide his erection into and out of her, his hands guiding her smooth hips.

With no small effort, Stephanie kept her building climax at bay, wanting to stretch this out as long as possible. She felt Morgan shift and move next to her, and managed to sneak a glance over her shoulder to see Kyle reaching over to play with Morgan’s pussy from behind with his hand, as Morgan moved in next to Stephanie and began kissing and licking at Troy’s flat stomach. Morgan’s hand moved across Troy’s abs, and settled around his shaft. Letting instinct take over, Morgan began to squeeze and stroke Troy’s cock while Stephanie backed off to give her room but kept the cock head in her mouth. Thinking of all that Troy had done to facilitate this night—from inviting Kyle in the first place, to helping her roll with the evening when the surprise of Morgan arrived at the door, to setting the deck to make sure Stephanie got to control the evening—Stephanie was filled with a raw lust and deeper caring for Troy and had every intention of bringing him to climax in her mouth. She loved it, she knew he loved it, and she intended to have it. Morgan’s hand in the mix and most of all Kyle’s steady and careful thrusting into her body—all while he fingered Morgan, who was now moaning softly with pleasure—put the entire experience beyond what she’d ever imagined.