Alone In Pattaya


That must be almost 10 yeas now.

I was in my late 30s and married back then. I was working for an international company as Regional Director. Every few months, I had to fly to Asia for business meetings. One year, I went to Southeast Asia for a business trip but unfortunately the meeting in Bangkok was cancelled at the very last minute. so I had a few days to kill there and I decided to get out of Bangkok for a change. I booked a taxi to Pattaya, which I had never been, for a few days.

The resort hotel I booked was not in the touristy area in Pattaya, for a reason. I just wanted some peace and quiet. The hotel was quite close to local residential area. I could see there was a local food stall less than 3 minutes’ walk from my hotel which was filled with locals. After I had checked in, I decided to have my lunch there.

As I sat down, a slim Thai waitress, 5’5″, 50kgs came and took my order. She was wearing a red dress with some makeup on. She looked pretty young, must be about 20, the most. I pointed at the soup noodles at the next table since I didn’t speak Thai and had no idea the name of the noodles. She smiled and asked me in English where I was from. I told her what happened and how I ended up here in Pattaya on my own. I also told her that my hotel was just across the road.

My noodles arrived and I finished it quickly because I was quite hungry. The noodles were delicious actually. I then asked for the bill and we got chatting. From our conversation, I knew that she was still a high school student. She told me her name, Ying and she was a ladyboy (which I suspected). I had been to Thailand many times and I could roughly tell when I saw one. She asked me what I intended to do in Pattaya and I told her I had nothing planned. I then headed back to my hotel.

My room was on the 2nd floor of a two-storeyed wooden building. I could see from my balcony through the trees that there was a open air swimming pool. Since it was a hot day, I then decided to go for a swim. When I came back to my room, I had a cold beer and a nap.

When I woke up, it was dark outside. I had no idea how long I had slept. I got up and walked to the shower. Then I heard someone kept knocking on my door. I had to stop washing my hair, grabbed a towel and rushed to the door. To my surprise, it was Ying! When she saw me in my towel and my hair was full of shampoo, she laughed.

I was quite embarrassed and invited her in. I was really surprised that she appeared in my room because I didn’t remember inviting her over or telling her my room number. Anyway, I let her sit on the sofa and went back to finish my shower. I quickly finished diyarbakır escort my shower and dried myself. I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist. I was pretty glad that I did go to the gym on a regular basis. Despite approaching middle age, looking and feeling more like a daddy, my body was still in good shape.

She looked at me up and down and smiled. I smiled back at her trying to cover the embarrassment that she was checking out my body.

She then said, “You have a very nice body.”

” I need to go to gym more often.”

“You don’t have to. You look perfect for a man your age.”

“That’s very kind of you. Thank you.”

I grabbed a underwear from my luggage and trying to put it on back in the bathroom, but before I managed to walk away, she said “You don’t need it when you are having a massage.”

“A massage?” I wondered. “I don’t remember booking a massage.”

“You do now…..a free one,” she said it confidently.

She nodded and walked towards me. She sat me down by the bed, turned the lights off in the room, leaving only the bedside light. I was getting very confused and nervous because I wondered whether it was a scam, let alone being massaged by a ladyboy. She must have read my mind. She convinced me that it wasn’t a scam. She also explained that she helped out at her family food stall during daytime and a masseur in the evening when she was free. But tonight she just wanted to give me a free massage because that was what Thai people do for their friends.

She then took a massage mat out from her bag and placed it on the bed and asked me to lay face down. She moistened her hands with some massage oil which smelled like lemongrass. She started with my shoulders and then slowly moved down to my back. Her strokes were warm and firm. I was amazed how powerful her hands were despite her slender body. I then could feel she was trying to undo my towel. I had been massaged numerous times but not by a ladyboy. I had to say I was not only confused, nervous, but excited at the same time. After all, I kind of knew her by now since we chatted earlier today and this was actually the second time we met and she told me about her background. I was married for more than 10 years but never once been interested in ladyboys. I had nothing against people’s sexuality and preferences. As a matter of fact, I had some close friends who were gays. But this close to a ladyboy, that was the first.

I lifted my stomach a little so that she could undo my towel. She put the towel on my buttocks and continued her massage under the towel, unto my thighs and between my edirne escort thighs….I could feel tingling sensation as she massaged my inner thighs. I had a rush of excitement rushed through my body. She then finished my legs and feet. She asked me how I felt and turned me around. I told her she was fantastic but I forgot that my towel was undone because when I turned, the towel fell off my body and I was totally exposed in front of her. She gave me a sweet smile when she saw that I had semi erection. She told me not to worry about the towel and continued her massage on my chest. I couldn’t think properly then and just let her decide what was best. I honestly couldn’t explain how I felt. Embarrassed? Aroused? Confused? Nervous? Excited? Maybe it was a mixture of everything and more. I always thought I was straight but now my body actually had a reaction to the touch of a ladyboy…..Maybe I needed to reevaluate myself.

My mind was everywhere and my breath was getting heavier as she moved her palms around my chest. I had very sensitive nipples. Every time her hands brushed my nipples, it sent intense sensation through my whole body.

She was literally above me as she massaged my chest, our bodies were so close that we could hear each other breathe. I could even smelled her…I mustn’t think too much, so I just closed my eyes, swallowing my saliva and enjoying her working on my body. My body is rather muscular and much bigger than her. It must be hard work for her massaging me. I could feel that she had used a lot of strength. I told her that she should have a rest. She nodded and walked to the bathroom.

I must have fallen asleep and didn’t realise until she continued her massage. I felt her touch on my thighs and more….. I totally woke up and reacted to her touch on my cock and balls. It was so soft, warm and moist. I had a massive erection and my foreskin pulled back completely. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe my eyes because she was topless! Despite her slender body, she actually had a pair of full and round breasts. I sat up, as she was massaging my cock. I pulled her close and held her in my arms. She gently wrapped her arms around my neck, legs around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel her nipples pressed against my chest and it was electric. I looked at her face. Such a lovely sweet face. I kissed her gently. She reacted passionately and stuck her tiny tongue into my mouth and we kissed passionately. She caressed my nipples as we kissed. I got even harder by then. I lay her down, lay on top of her, I caressed, kissed and sucked her breasts madly, as if I had never made elazığ escort love before. I then kissed her behind her ears, her neck. She enjoyed it very much. Her eyes rolled back. She moaned. She groaned. I knew she wanted it. She needed it. The more she moaned and groaned, the more she excited me. I wanted to give it to her….

I had never been this horny and excited before. It was explosive. My cock was rock hard and dripping with precum. It was all over my stomach. I pulled down her shorts and underwear. I saw a tiny ladyboy cock. I looked at her, she gestured me to give it a taste. I lowered my head and put it in my mouth. The head felt silky in my mouth. That was the first cock in my mouth, not only that, but a ladyboy cock. She then reciprocated, she crawled on my body, wrapped her thick lips around my 6-inch cock. She adored my cock so much that she sucked it up and down while making the “mmmm mmmm” sound. She was hungry and greedy. She licked my balls and swallowed them in her mouth. She certainly knew how to please me. I had to stop her from sucking my cock too much before I exploded in her mouth. I really needed to cum by then. I was beyond horny. It just had to be done, be it ladyboy or not.

I applied generous amount of massage oil on my cock and around her anal. I pulled her closer, resting her legs over my shoulders. She was totally exposed and ready for me to penetrate her. I could see her ladyboy pussy hole. We didn’t have a condom but I really couldn’t wait any longer, I had to do it. I held my cock in my right hand, aiming at her hole, I stuffed all the way in until I couldn’t go any further. She moaned, she groaned. She was moist, warm and tight. After we both got comfortable, I started fucking her in a rhythmic fashion. We both moaned and groaned like two wild animals. We were in a trance, we were in heaven. It never felt so right.

After a few minutes, I lifted her up and placed her on a table and started fucking her again. I played with her breasts and she played with my nipples as I fucked her furiously. We were beasts. I just loved the looked on her sweet face as I pleasured her deeply. I kissed her repeatedly as if there was honey in her mouth. I just couldn’t get enough.

We then changed position again. She was on all four this time as I took her from behind. I could penetrate her the deepest in this position. Slapping my balls against her ass. We made a lot of noise enjoying each other’s body. I noticed she came at this point. As for me, I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I had to shoot and I shot the biggest and hottest load in my life, inside her. I shot so much that the cum dripped on her balls. By then, we were both exhausted. I stayed inside her until I got soft. It was the best sex I had ever had, period.

We rested for a while, we then showered together. I gave her a very good tip. She declined but I insisted. She was happy, and so was I.