My First Blowjob, But I’m not Gay


You wouldn’t think getting your annual eye exam could shake your life up, but it did, boy did it.

First, a little about me. I’m 45 and been married almost 20 years. I take good care of myself, staying in good shape for a man my age by doing triathlons. I love running and cycling, and am adequate at swimming. I shave my body smooth like so many triathletes, for the advantage it gives, but admit I also enjoy the smooth feeling, even though my wife hates it. She also hates how I sunbathe in a bikini. Other than that, we get along fine, but sex has been getting less frequent the last few years.

I always look forward to my eye exam because of Rachael, who is always at the reception desk. She’s a young beauty with huge boobs, and she always shows a lot of cleavage. We always flirt, which is harmless, because we are both married, but those boobs!

I walk in, but instead of Rachael, there is a young man sitting there. He looks up and says “you must be Steve. You’re early.”

‘Yes, I’m Steve. Where is Rachael?”

“Her husband got transferred out of state last month and they moved. I’m Thomas, her replacement. You look disappointed. Am I that hard to look at?”

I explained how I loved flirting with her and admiring her huge boobs.

Thomas replied “you will have to settle with flirting with me.”

“That just wouldn’t be the same.”

“Steve, I can guarantee it won’t be the same, but just might be more rewarding.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Was he was flirting with me? Or just messing around? Before I could think of a response, the assistant called for me to come back to put drops in to dilate my eyes. Before I could walk back, Thomas said “wait, come here, I want to get a good look at your eyes before they dilate.”

I looked him in the eyes and realized that he had some of the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen. I stared at his eyes, apparently too long. “OK, Steve, that’s enough, for now, go on back.”

As I went back, my thoughts were confused. Was he flirting with me? Was I getting lost in those incredible blue eyes that belonged to a man? The Doctor put the drops in and suggested I go pick out a new set of frames while we wait for my eyes to dilate.

I started looking over the walls of new frames when Thomas appeared at my side. As he had been sitting earlier, I didn’t realize how tall he was. He was a few inches taller than my 6 feet, and had a fit, muscular body, slim, but thicker than my swimmers build. I had picked up a frame and Thomas took it out of my hand and said “that one is not for you. It makes you look gay. Let’s find something that fits you better.” He picked out a pair of Oakleys and said “let’s sit at the table and see how they fit.”

We sat at the fitting table facing each other. He scooted in and both his knees moved in between my legs, rubbing the insides aksaray escort of my knees. I instinctively moved back, remembering all the times I had done the same thing to Raechel, with no success.

“Steve, you need to move closer so I can mark these frames. Relax, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

I scooted back in and felt our knees again touch. I moved in closer so that his knees were about half way between my knees and my crotch and lightly squeezed my legs onto his. He started doing toe raises, rubbing my inner thighs, giving me the feeling that he was humping me. I didn’t know, or understand what was happening, but my cock was responding. I found the physical contact was arousing me and my cock was hard as a rock, straining to get out of my slacks. The Doctor stepped into the room and asked if my eyes were dilated.

Thomas looked into my eyes and responded “Yes, he’s ready.” Before I could get up he reached under the table and squeezed my thigh, “aren’t you, Steve? ready to experience something new?”

Without responding, I stood up and Thomas’ eyes shifted down to the bulge in my slacks and said “Oh yes, you are definitely ready.”

I shifted my cock in my slacks, hoping to make it less obvious, and went back to the examination room, my brain running on high, trying to figure out what was happening. I couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas during the exam and was glad when it was over and I could go out and gaze into his beautiful eyes again. I walked up to the counter and Thomas took my payment and said “your new glasses will be ready next Tuesday. I get off for lunch at 11:30, so come by at 11:25 and I’ll adjust them for you. Then you can take me out for some fun. Come hungry!”

I walked out realizing I now have a lunch date with a man. Going to lunch with a man doesn’t make you gay, though. Does it?


I was horny as hell as I drove home, thinking, wondering what was developing with Thomas. I tried to get my wife interested in sex when I got home. As usual, she said she wasn’t in the mood. I ended up masturbating, thinking about playing the legs game with Thomas and those amazing blue eyes. Tuesday couldn’t come soon enough. My curiousity about what might happen was killing me.


I walked in at 11:25 sharp and Thomas looked up and smiled as I walked in. He said “Steve, right on time. I see you are good at taking instructions. Have a seat at the table and I’ll be right over with your new glasses.”

He came over and scooted in close, locking his eyes on mine as he moved his knees between mine, spreading my legs, pushing in close, and starting his sexy up and down movement. I gently squeezed his legs between mine and held his gaze, searching his eyes for answers. Answers I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. He slid my new glasses on and said “they fit perfect. How do they feel?”

“It feels great, I mean they feel great.”

“Go wait in the car. I’ll be out in just a minute, and I’ll show you something that feels really great, like nothing you have experienced before.”

I sat in the car anxious about what was going to happen. What were we going to do? I thought to myself that I was letting my mind wander, we’ll probably just go to lunch and talk. After a few minutes Thomas walked out and got in, saying “this is going to be a real treat.”

“Thomas, where do you want to go to lunch?”

“Who said anything about lunch? Let’s go to the Big Falls Park. It will be deserted this time of year.”

I drove as we listened to some classic rock on the radio. Thomas reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled it to his cock so I could feel it start to grow through his slacks. “You’ve been wanting to hold my cock, haven’t you, Steve? I knew you were a cock sucker the first time we met. I bet you give great blowjobs.”

I tried to pull my hand back, but he had a firm grip. “Thomas, you are mistaken. I’m straight, I’ve never sucked a cock before.”

He started guiding my hand up and down his hard cock. It felt big and I continued to stroke it on my own, curious about the first cock I had ever touched other than mine. I turned into the Park and continued to drive. He released his seat belt and unfastened his slacks, lifted his ass off the seat and pulled them down to his ankles. I glanced over, seeing his magnificent cock for the first time, and without thinking wrapped my hand around it and resumed stroking it as he directed me to an isolated place to park. I backed in as Thomas pulled his polo off and lowered his seat so that he was laying back, essentially naked.

I looked at his great body, chieseled chest with a light covering of hair and a line of hair running down over his defined abs to his beautiful cock. I admired his masculinity and thought that he is any woman’s dream, tall, handsome, beautiful blue eyes, great body, and an awesome cock. And I realized that I wanted, no desired him more than any woman I had ever met. I released my seatbelt and turned towards him and started stroking his cock with my left hand and leaned over and started kissing and tonguing his nipple, sucking it gently.

Thomas moaned and nudged me lower, saying “we haven’t got much time. You know you want it, you need it. Suck my cock.”

As I kissed my way down his stomach, I realized that I’m fully clothed and he is naked. I was comparing his body to mine. I am almost as muscular as him, leaner with more defined muscles, and shaved smooth with a bikini tan. Maybe my wife was right. Maybe I do look gay. What would Thomas think of how I look? I’ve always thought of myself as masculine, but somehow I now felt different, …almost submissive. I was now within inches of his cock, and reached out with my tongue and licked a drop of pre-cum that had appeared. This was all new to me, yet felt familiar, natural. I liked the taste and the texture of his cock and took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue around it, sucking on it as I continued to stroke the shaft with my hand. I moved my mouth down the shaft taking more into my mouth until it hit the back of my mouth, and still had my hand around it’s base. He was big! I moved up and down, maintaining suction and using my tongue to massage him as I continued bobbing, trying to take more in, but this position wouldn’t allow it.

He shifted his body towards the door and swung his left leg over me so I was now between his legs. “Lick and suck my balls”, he commanded. I gently licked them, and then sucked them into my mouth and massaged them with my tongue.

He was moaning and lifted his knees up to his chest and said “lick my ass, stick your tongue in my ass.”

I moved down and licked around the rim and probed his ass with my tongue. I loved the smoothness and the reaction it was getting from Thomas. I couldn’t believe that I was licking and sticking my tongue up a man’s ass… and liking it! I wanted his cock back in my mouth and moved up and engulfed it and resumed sucking and moving up and down the shaft. I watched his abs flex and his breathing excellerate and realized that I was captivated with my new found experience. He was leaking pre-cum and it had a new, unique taste. I couldn’t wait for him to give me a big load. I continued sucking. He started moaning and lifted his ass off the seat. I pushed my mouth down deeper on his big cock, trying to swallow it. I noticed I was also moaning with pleasure, loving his cock as it moved in and out. He grabbed my head with both hands and held his cock deep in my mouth and I felt his cock jerk, spasming and unloading in my mouth as he orgasmed. I continued to suck and swallowed his cum. I backed off and looked at the awesome cock that I had just pleased. I licked it clean, sucked it one more time gently, then looked up at Thomas, who had a smile on his face.

“Are you sure you’ve never sucked cock before? That was an amazing blowjob.” He reached down and pulled his pants up. “Let’s get going, I need to get back to work.”

I looked up at him and asked “What about me?”

“Your wife can take care of you tonight. When you were so quick to rim my ass when I asked, I know you will do anything I ask. I have something I want you to do. On your way home stop by the Adult Shop and buy a strap on dildo. I want you to take it home and tell your wife that you want to liven up your sex. Tell her she will enjoy being in control, being the one doing the fucking. Then I want you to come by tomorrow at 11:30 and tell me all about it, and suck my cock again.”

“But Thomas… I can’t do that! She will think I’m gay.”

“You will do it. Something tells me she will fuck you and you will love it.”