Obsessed with Mrs. A


It finally happened. It took a little over two years, but boy was it worth the wait. I’ll get to that in time. First to explain how it all started…


My name is Dan and when I was 18 a new family moved in on the side of us. Tom and Cindy Ames were middle to late 40’s with two kids. Sam was my age, and his sister Beth was 19 years old. They had trucks coming in stages and would unload them as each one showed up. It took them a few days to finish, and it was kind of funny at times watching them from my bedroom window as they struggled to get the job done. I was sick that week or I would have offered to help. It ended up working out anyway.

Tom, who I later found out was 49 at that time, was short and a little on the heavy side. I remembered him sweating like a pig and being out of breath as they moved furniture and boxes into the house. Cindy, who turned out to be 48 at the time, was the stronger of the two, and she was absolutely stunning. Standing 5’7″ tall, with shoulder length reddish brown hair, she had a body most 25 year olds would kill for. From what I could see, she looked to be perfectly proportioned. She wore tight shirts that were tucked in to snug fitting jeans at a tiny waist, with hips that flared out to an ass I would agonize over for the next two years.

I spent those first few days watching her work on moving things in to that house. Of course I had my cock in my hand for a lot of that time, which is how my obsession with her began. During those first few days I fucked her and did things to her in my mind that I never thought would become a reality. But again, back to the story.

Sam was about my size, 5’9″ and 170 lbs, and he worked as hard as his mom. Beth unfortunately took after her father, and was a short girl and kind of chunky. She didn’t take after her mom that’s for sure. She spent more time sitting on her fat ass watching her mom and brother work than she did helping move things in to the house. She would be a pain in the ass for the next couple of years, but ironically it ended up being a talk about her that eventually helped me get what I wanted in the end.

Sam and I became friends once they got settled in, and truth be told, I would have done anything to get in that house and be around Mrs. Ames. I just thank the good Lord I made friends with Sam, and didn’t have to use Beth to have access to the house. We hung out all the time, played sports, talked about girls and what not, and spent most of our time hanging out at his house. He came over to my house once in a while, but I would always make excuses to hang at his house instead. He never knew the real reason why.

Spending nearly all of our time at Sam’s house was ok with him because my mom was a bitch. My dad left when I was a kid and my mom never stopped bitching about it. She let herself go and didn’t even try to get out there and find another guy. She weighed about 190 lbs. and really didn’t take good care of herself. She spent a lot of her time drinking alone and would end up passed out on the couch, dead to the world. So now you can see why it was no problem staying away from my house, and hanging out at Sam’s most of the time. That was exactly how I wanted it anyway.

Beth turned out to be a bother rather quickly. She liked me. Lucky me. From the first time I met her I could tell she liked me, and she wasn’t shy about saying or doing whatever it took to get that message across to me. When Sam introduced us, she had this big stupid smile on her face, and said “Oh my, your friend is so cute.” I just smiled, shook hands, pulled my hand away and said “Nice to meet you.”

I guess I was what they call a good-looking kid. I was blessed with nice features, a strong chin, and an olive complexion that always made it look like I had a tan. I kept my hair nice and neat, stayed clean and smelling good, and did not have an ounce of fat on me. Hell, I was only 18 years old and burned off any food I ate. I wasn’t gifted in the cock department, but I wasn’t shortchanged either. Fully erect-it measured in at 7.5 inches and had a nice thickness to it that got some complimentary “oh my’s” from the few girls who had been bold enough to touch it and see it so far. I was happy with myself and knew I was a handsome kid. Apparently so did Beth, and it’s too bad she wasn’t someone I wanted to share my good looks with, or I would have taken advantage of that for sure.

Tom met me with a handshake that was so limp and sweaty that it made me want to go wash my hands right away. I just brushed my hand on my pants and then greeted Cindy Ames. I held her warm, smooth hand a little longer than I should have, and said how nice it was to meet her. I tried with all my might to keep eye contact with her and not look down at her amazing tits. She wore a button down shirt and she had a bra on, but the shirt was so tight I thought one of the buttons was going to pop off and hit me in the eye, and I smiled at the thought. She asked me what was so funny, and I said, “Oh, nothing, nothing balıkesir escort at all, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Ames,” and I got out of there as quickly as I could.

From that day on, every time I was there and Beth was home, she would do her best to get me to notice her. If she was dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt when I arrived, 10 minutes later she would come back down from her bedroom dressed in tight shorts and a button down shirt, sans bra, half the buttons undone, and prance around while Sam and I played video games or watched sports on TV. Sam would bust my balls and tell me how much his sister liked me. I would just laugh it off and tell him I was working on Cathy, a girl we both knew, and I wasn’t interested in his sister. He knew Cathy was hot and understood why I wasn’t going to be doing his sister any time soon.

Mrs. A, or Cindy, was always dressed conservatively when going back and forth to work. She worked in an accountant’s office and her clothes said “married, not trying to show off.” Pant suits or mid-length skirts, or slacks and loose-fit tops to hide her tits. She had that “don’t even try it” look most of the time, just professionally did her job and came home.

Around the house however, she was very casual. Comfortable-fitting shorts and tops, sweat pants a lot, and sometimes no bra. Her tits were not huge, but without a bra on you could tell they were bigger than they looked with the bra on. Every time I was there, and as I said, I was there a LOT, I did my best to come in contact with her any way I could. Bump in to her. Squeeze past her in a door way at the same time on purpose and rub up against her. I’d always say “Oh, I’m sorry Mrs. A, what am I thinking, ladies first,” and step back, but never before getting that contact in first. She probably knew damn well what I was up to, and would always smile and walk past me, occasionally brushing against me too. Maybe she wanted to play this game as much as I did. Who knew? Anyway, she always looked nice, very lady-like in her choice of clothes.

What no one knew was what she wore under those clothes. I knew because a month after they were living there, she had the blinds down in her bedroom, but the slats were open enough so I could see in her window, which fortunately faced my bedroom window. The day after she moved in, I had bought a cheap pair of binoculars from a consignment shop, thinking they might be handy to watch her when she was out in the yard, and hopefully through that same bedroom window.

Her blinds had always been closed that first month, so I never had the chance to see her in her bedroom until that day. That first day I saw her, she had on a matching panty and bra set. It was red, lacy, and very sexy looking. She even had the matching garter to boot! From what I could see through the slats, her tits were very big indeed, and they were supported very nicely in that sexy red bra. I wish I could say I saw her naked that day, but it wasn’t to be. I only caught a glimpse here and there as she passed by the window while getting dressed. It was enough to have me stroking my cock and thinking of fucking her in any way she would allow me. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I was shooting a huge load of hot cum into a dirty t-shirt, the most convenient thing to grab when I had to ejaculate.

This went on for over a year, catching the occasional glimpse of her as she passed by, always in a bra and panties, and only if those damn slats were left open. I’d sit by that window when I knew she was home, just hoping and praying she’d go up to her bedroom and change. I knew her schedule and did my best to catch her. It just didn’t happen enough for me and the waiting was torture.

What compounded my torture was being in their house when she was home, trying to sneak every glance I could at her while fantasizing about the last time I saw her in the window. We got to be very friendly since I was there so much, and she began to treat me like one of her kids. I was always there, and she was very comfortable around me. She no longer had to have her robe all tied up in the mornings, and would sometimes come down in her pajamas, usually those flimsy shorts and a loose top, and once in a while, no robe. The shorts displayed her great legs, and if she bent to load the dishwasher, or reach up in the cupboard for a coffee mug, I’d get a sneak peak at her lovely ass cheeks.

So many times I fantasized about crawling on the floor over to her and reaching up to squeeze those beautiful ass cheeks, and plant a big kiss on each one. I would think of her looking back over her shoulders at me, smiling, and I would lick her ass cheek with my tongue, and she would say “Let me turn around, I have something else for you to lick,” and then BAM, I’d have to snap out of it because she was saying something to me and I had to act like I heard what she said. Good thing she was tired most mornings and I got away with it.

After that first year, things seemed to balikesirmetroturizm.com go from bad to worse with Cindy and fat lazy Tom. I would hear them argue more and more frequently, thought they always stopped if they knew we had come in the house. She would complain about wanting to go out dancing, or to a movie, out to eat, something, anything. But most nights she gave up in frustration and would just sit and watch TV with us, then go to bed. Sometimes she would talk to me about Beth, saying how much she liked me and how she thought it was so cute. I always said I had a girlfriend already and couldn’t get involved with her. She would say Beth would be lucky to land a handsome boy like me. I would thank her politely and change the subject.

Little did she know how much I wanted to fuck HER, Cindy, and the heck with Beth. The more I watched porn on the internet, the more I pictured her in every one of them. I wanted her to suck my cock. I wanted to suck and lick and tongue fuck her pussy. I wanted her ass. Hell, I was obsessed and wanted all of her! It was driving me crazy. I was dating Cathy, but she was such a prude. One of the hottest looking chicks in our town and she was saving it for the right one. Great! The most I could get was a hand job while I played with her tits. Most times I’d rather be watching Cindy and stroking my cock, but you take what you can get when you can get it.

Then one morning I was up in my usual spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of my fantasy goddess, when she stepped up to the window and opened those damn blinds. I thought to myself, FINALLY! After almost 14 months she opens the damn blinds. Maybe there is a God after all. Then she just stood there in her baggy pajama top staring out the window. Since the window sill was about mid thigh, I had the feeling she didn’t have the bottoms on because I could see some flesh below the hem of her top.

My cock immediately started to throb, and when she absentmindedly brought her hand up to her shoulder, then slowly let it drop to her tit, giving it a squeeze, I thought I was going to cum right there without having touched my cock yet. I stared in awe as she first caressed her right tit, and then moved to the left one. She then brought her other hand up and squeezed both of them, massaging them with her eyes closed.

By now I was jerking off furiously, imagining those were my hands feeling those tits from behind her as my hard cock pressed between the cheeks of her smoking hot ass. I ached to see them in all their glory, and the thought of them naked made me lose it. Just as I started to cum, she opened her eyes, and I swore she caught me looking at her. But her gaze seemed to go right through my window and past me, and she stepped away and went to get dressed. I backed away from the window and figured I got away with it that time, but must be more careful in the future.

Two days later the blinds opened up, and there she was again, only this time the buttons were all undone on her top. Cindy was obviously not wearing a bra yet, and I could see her powder blue panties covering the pussy that I had been agonizing over for more than a year now. Her top was open enough to show the swell of both her tits, and it was a beautiful sight indeed. As she moved to look out the window I could see them swaying back and forth, and without even realizing it, my cock was in my hand and I was stroking it and silently praying for a full view of those naked tits.

Then it happened. She opened her blouse and grabbed her left tit with her left hand, and lifted it up, as if hefting its weight. Then she started to press on it with her right hand like she was feeling for a lump or something. She did this for several minutes. Then she took the nipple between her thumb and index finger, and started to roll it back and forth, her eyes closed again and her head tilted back. I came right there. Sprays of hot cum were exploding out of my cock, all over the wall under my window, and I didn’t give a shit.

And it stayed hard as I continued to watch her and stroke it. Her eyes were still closed and she was pulling and squeezing and pinching that nipple as her other hand slid down her belly and inside her panties. Her hand was working furiously on her pussy, and right after I came a second time, she stopped and looked behind her. She took her hand out of her panties and pulled her shirt together. It looked like she said something to someone, then turned back and stood there looking out the window. I saw fat ass Tom pass by and hated him for interrupting her session, and intruding on my jerk off moment. Still, I had the feeling there would be more so I vowed to be patient, and went about my day.

For the next nine months or so that’s how it went. At least three times a week she would be in the window, daydreaming, half dressed, and more often than not masturbating in one form or another. I never saw her pussy naked, but she had her hand in those panties so many times, and watching her tease herself or rub herself was almost more that my young heart could take.

I would have died happy from an orgasm while watching her finger her pussy and play with her beautiful tits. My only regret would have been not sampling them in the flesh myself. I doubted that would ever happen and was content with the jerk off sessions and my own live home movie right outside my window.

Mrs. A had a birthday party for me when I turned 20. She knew the situation with my mom and we just had a few friends over and a cake. It was nice and she was especially nice to me that day. Hugging me quite a few times and kissing me on the cheek, saying how she watched me sprout up to be a strapping young man in the last 2 years. I loved every minute of it and hugged her back every time, running my hands up and down her back and touching her as much as I possibly could at every opportunity.

I felt bold after the first couple of hugs, and let my hand go lower down her back than I should have, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see what I could get away with. One time I touched the tops of her firm ass cheeks and she didn’t stop me, so by the last hug of the day my hands were halfway down her ass and she never said a word or stopped me.

Beth on the other hand was too much. She would not stop touching me all day. She pestered me the whole time I was there. “Do you want a drink? Do you want more cake? Can I get you anything?”

“No, no, and no!” I replied every time.

What happened next was unbelievable. She stopped me in the hallway as I came out of the bathroom, where no one could see us, and she grabbed my cock and squeezed it, saying “I know your Girlfriend isn’t giving you what you need. I’ll suck your cock and even let you cum in my mouth, what do you say to that pretty boy?”

I was tempted, what horny young guy wouldn’t be? Believe me, if she wasn’t so fat and dumpy looking I might have taken her up on it. But I just couldn’t go for it. I replied “I really love Cathy and she and I will do everything when we get married.” Hey, it was all I could think of to tell her at the time.

She laughed and said “Any time you want me, just come over.”

“Thanks for the offer,” I said, and went back to the party.

I tried to avoid her and looking back, I was actually kind of rude to her the rest of the day. She ended up going to her room and staying there. I didn’t think anything of it.

A few days later Mrs. A. called and asked if I could stop by. I said I would and headed on over to her house. My mind was racing and I was wondering on the way over if it might have to do with the party, particularly how my hands were all over her ass. It had to do with the party alright. She was disappointed with me for upsetting Beth. Turns out Beth had spent the rest of the day in her room crying and all she would say about it was, “Danny is an asshole and I hate him and never want to see him in this house again.”

Mrs. A. then asked me to explain why Beth was saying that and what did I do to cause it.

“I didn’t do anything Mrs. A.,” I explained. “I don’t know why she is saying that.”

I certainly didn’t want to tell her what Beth said to me, so I sat there, saying nothing. She sat and stared at me as well, waiting.

“Look,” I said, “it’s uncomfortable to talk about. All I will say is I didn’t do or say anything wrong.”

She glared at me and said, “Danny, that’s not going to cut it, and you will not leave here until I get an explanation.”

“You know how she’s always throwing herself at me” I pleaded. “All I did was refuse her and that’s why she is mad at me now.”

She demanded an explanation. “Refuse her how? I want to know exactly what was said between you two.”

So I told her verbatim what was said between us, and how Beth grabbed my cock when she said what she said to me. She sat there looking at me for a while and said, “this is my fault.”

“How is it your fault?” I asked. “Now I want an explanation.”

Mrs. A told me Beth said she really liked me a lot and she didn’t know what to do. So she told Beth to let me know and just “go for it” and see what happens. She added, “I didn’t expect her to say or do THAT!”

She then explained why she told Beth, ” just go for it.” She said she had a cancer scare almost a year ago. Doctors thought there was something in her breast. It turns out it was nothing, but she was so scared until she found out for sure. Then seeing Beth so sad and wondering if she herself may one day have breast cancer, she told her if she wants something to just go for it.

She sat there looking so sad. I moved my chair closer to hers and said “What about you Cindy?” It was the first time I called her by her first name, and she was a little shocked.

“What do you mean?” she asked me.

“I mean why don’t you just go for it,” I said.

She sighed, and then replied, “It’s pretty much too late for me, I’m 50 now, stuck in my marriage, and just letting it take its course. What else is there for me to do now?”

A little voice inside me said take control of this situation and use it to your advantage. So I did. I looked in her eyes and said “You know you want me more than Beth does, don’t you?”