Doci – Do


Here is a short diversion for you in this COVID19 self-isolation period. Whether you are a Jack or a Jill, wash your hands before and after touching your play things.

A sequel will come in time. Which of a bunch of scenarios is the one that this story wants to follow?

Doci – Do

The party had begun pairing off already. I eyed my sister; she was in a lip-lock with some guy and the way she was pressing herself on him, he was going to have a good time. I was jealous of my sister. She had no trouble getting the guys. Why couldn’t I get the girls?

Doci, pronounced doe see, and I are twins. We are both 19 and enjoying the summer between high school and our first year of college. I am a little taller, otherwise, we share very similar facial features. We share matching blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Doci has tight lips that always seem ready for a kiss.

I’m called “Do” pronounced doe. When you put us together, we are Doci-Do. Our parents did that to us for a laugh that we can’t shake. I don’t know how many people know my name is Greg.

As twins mostly often will, Doci and I got along well. We have a Jack and Jill bathroom between our bedrooms that mom and dad thought was cute, “…like they have their own little apartment…” We were sick of that right about the time puberty kicked in.

There were many nights when we would stay up until the sky started to turn that early morning pink on the horizon. We could talk about anything. One night she got me going on how many snowflakes are in a cubic inch.

I glanced over where Doci was. She was gone but the guy she was with was still there.

“Hey, dude, where’s Doci?”

He gave me an angry scowl. “Fucking bitch! Fucking prick tease! Fucking cunt said I’m not man enough for her!”

I had never heard anyone talk about Doci that way and I was ready to rip his head off. Either one. I didn’t care.

He was hostile as he started to stand up. The opportunity was perfect for a well-placed knee to his nuts. I thought he would pass out as hard as he fell back. I laughed in his face listening to his voice about three octaves higher.

“I’m not as polite as Doci. Look in my face mother fucker! Who do you see?”

He tried to focus, panting in pain. “You fucking cunt!”

“No, dick for brains. Twin brother. Your nuts are going to be swollen for a week.”

Humiliation set in as he saw everyone near laughing. Someone yelled, “Hey jock, next time wear a nut cup.” There was more howling.

“Who is this nut case,” I asked one of the hecklers. There was more laughing as I realized I’d called him a nut case.

“He thinks his shit don’t stink because his dad plays pro baseball. He loves to brag about the size of his bat.”

One of the girls in the group added more fuel to the fire, “I’ve snapped twigs bigger than his bat.”

Poor guy finally got to the point that he could move, albeit, hunched over. He could only shuffle his feet as he moved.

“Get out of my way.” Trying to act tough, “I’ll fuck you all up!”

“Not with your nuts in your mouth,” came a voice I recognized. It was Doci. “Now slink your sick ass out of here.”

About a month later, Doci and I were out shopping together. Yes, I like shopping with Doci. She likes my opinion on her clothes. She always chooses perfectly and my opinion is usually a thought a brother shouldn’t have about his sister. The problem being twins is she almost always reads my mind.

“Stop thinking about your sister that way, Do.” She always smiled, often winked, and sometimes gave me a peek.

Let me try to describe Doci. She is a bit shorter than me. I am six feet tall and she is close to five-eleven. Don’t let height fool you. She is petite in all other ways. She is a “B” cup bra, not a full 36. Her waist is trim 23. The curve of her hips reaches about 35. Doci has long athletic legs and likes to run. She is toned.

“Stop izmit escort being the most attractive girl I know.”

She took my hand and squeezed. A little blush came to her cheeks. “Naughty boy.” Then she gave me one of her quick kisses.

We were walking from one particular store when the nut case appeared. He started acting like a bully again saying that no one could get away with doing what I did to him.

The stupid idiot got up in my face and I could see he was hot and wanted to have another go. So I gave it to him. His eyes bulged out. He sucked in a huge breath.

As the story goes, he only got hit twice. Once by my knee in his nuts and once by the floor. Doci and I made a police report this time. The report hit the papers. “Pro Players Son – Out On Balls”

One evening, Doci came home from a date. My back was turned to the bathroom door. I was watching a program streaming on the computer and blurted out before seeing the look on her face. “Hey! I could have been jacking off!”

Smiling, I turned toward her and saw the disappointment wearing on her face when she walked into my room through the adjoining bathroom. “Woah, Doci, what’s the problem?”

“I need you to hug me, Greg.” A tiny trickle of a tear swelled in her eyes and splashed on her cheek.

I started to stand when Doci crossed the room and planted herself firmly on my lap. I hugged her tightly feeling her shiver and begin to cry more forcefully. She was gulping big gasps of air. I just held her.

I felt her breath on my neck, the wetness of her tears, and finally little butterfly kisses. I raked my fingertips up and down her back in a massaging manner. I alternated between rubbing her back and hugging her.

The crying calmed after a few minutes and her breath was coming in a heated passionate way.

“You better talk to me Doci.” No lying here, I was feeling something having a rise within me. I strained to keep it to myself.

“What happened on your date?”

“It wasn’t a date, Do. I had to get away from home to think.”

My twin senses began to kick in. “Is that why you are sitting on me straddling me?” Instinct made me hug her tightly, intently, passionately.

“It’s good to be a twin, Do. It’s also bad. You know the answer before I say it.”

“Then kiss me.”

We both knew when our lips touched we had gone too far. We were in complete surrender.

Doci began rocking on my lap and I didn’t care that she must be feeling my hard-on. My hands slid down her back and over her hips. She felt magnificent. Doci whimpered a soft “Oh!” as I cupped her globes. She was rocking against me faster and catching her breath in long gasps.

This didn’t last long. Soon she was driving her hips into mine trying to stifle a cry of pure pleasure.

Doci soon settled down from her high. “Don’t laugh Do. I’ve never done anything like that with a guy. I’m so happy it was with you.”

I kept silent. I didn’t move my hands from her butt and I did begin kissing her again.

I didn’t know how long I could last with her worked up again. I didn’t care if I did cum in my pants.

Doci built up to another orgasm and as she again tried to keep her cries quiet, I whispered, “I’m cumming with you.”

Our hips met in a simultaneous thrust as Doci wet her pants a second time and I soaked mine.

Doci fell asleep on my lap. I tried to maneuver us without waking her from the chair to bed. I was able to lay her down on my bed. I could smell her scent and the sight of her there sent jolts of electricity through me. The line wasn’t really crossed, we didn’t make love.

I’ll ask her tomorrow the question troubling me, is Doci a virgin? I made a quiet retreat to the bathroom as I could. I needed to pee and shower.

Going back to my room and seeing Doci sleeping a blissful sleep was such a beautiful thing. I caught myself saying out loud, “I love you, Doci.”

I got into bed with her.

There was a knock on my door that woke me. “Do, do you know where Doci is? She didn’t answer a knock on her door.” It was mom and I knew it would be another second before the bedroom door opened.

I tried to shift to conceal Doci laying next to me. “I guess she’s in the shower.” Mom must have taken that as a good answer because she didn’t open the door.

Doci darted away and into the shower. “I heard what you said last night, Do.” She blew me a kiss.

There were a lot of things we needed to talk about.

I got dressed and headed for the kitchen. Our parents were working on cups of coffee. Mom commented, “You look cheerful this morning.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. Doci came home early last night and we had one of our late-night talks that are always fun.”

Doci made her way to the kitchen. “Was it hard for you to stay up so late last night?”

“It was hard but not something that bothered me. It’s been that way with us forever.”

Mom and dad just shook their heads. “Why didn’t we have kids who fight all the time?”

I took in Doci’s expression and read her mind. “Doci, I need to get some gas after a while. Want to take a short drive with me? Nothing more exciting than watching a guy fill his tank.”

Doci blushed a hot read and dashed off. “Let’s go now!” she yelled back at me.

“It’s after a while, already?” I called back at her.

Dad told me what I already knew, “It’s after while.”

I gathered up what I needed for a trip to the gas station. She has something on her mind about last night.

The door of the jack and jill bathroom jerked open followed by Doci bounding in. She gripped me and her kiss was hot and needy. “I’m glad you love me, Greg. In case you were wondering, I am a virgin.”

We had to rip ourselves apart. Need and desire was great.

“Okay,” I yelled. “We’re off.”

Doci added additional information, “He’s taking me shopping, too.”

“Where am I taking you shopping?”

Doci smiled as she got into my car. “I’ll tell you where to go after you fill up.”

“Doci, I don’t need gas. The look in your eye told me you need to get away.”

“Do, ah Greg, I’m glad we made love last night.” There was some blush showing in her cheeks.

“We did, didn’t we. Why were you crying so hard?” I felt I knew what her answer would be and I wanted to hear her say it.

“It felt good to have your hug. Your finger massages turned me on so much. I felt you trying to restrain from getting hard. Then you told me to kiss you. It was all over for me.” Doci inhaled deeply, “Then you put your hands on my butt. My nerves exploded. It was my first cum.”

Doci was still flushing red, though now it wasn’t in shyness. Reliving our night again, she needed my attention. I pulled off into the parking lot of a vacant store where traffic passing by wouldn’t likely see us.

I reached out to touch Doci high on her thigh, she reacted with a sudden gasp of breath. She covered my hand with hers and pulled my fingers higher up her thigh where the hem of her shorts opened to my fingertips.

“Oh fuck!” Doci opened to my fingertips. She thrust her hips as my fingers found her tiny wetness.

My fingers felt the seam of her panty and began to snake closer to her wet pussy and her nerve center.

“Doci! I’ve never touched a girl this way. Tell me what you want.” I ran my finger along her outer folds and touched her love bud.

Doci cried out, “More like that!”

She bucked and rode against my fingers and repeated strokes against her clit.

Her moistness increased and she moaned loudly as she was about to cum on my fingers.

Rubbing her faster and harder was greeted with her crying out and cramming against my hand with her legs tightly closed. She continued to cum until she relaxed in a heap.

I could have ripped her clothes and mine off right there. Doci turned her head and smiled contentedly. “I’m a tingling hot mess, Greg.”

I rubbed up and down her leg holding short of touching Doci’s labia. She reacted, moaning my name and begging me to touch her. A thought occurred, “Doci, we have our hideout.”

It had been a long time since we used our hideout. It was creates and pallets hobbled into a hut and slightly improved on over the years. It is on a little piece of property along the river that came into the family through a relative. I told mom and dad often that I could live there if it had some type of permanent house. It is just six miles away and Doci and I could still be close. Doci and close now has a new meaning.

“Take me, Greg.”

The tone of her voice, the way she said take me, the implied meaning, I didn’t miss it.

The hideout evolved into a shack from a hobble. It got enlarged enough for the family to take weekend camping trips. There was no electricity except for a couple of solar panels and small 12-volt appliances. There was a well of good clean water, and a hand pump to draw water into buckets. Water had to be boiled for hot bath, and washing water. We had a composting toilet. Yes, inside.

The turn-off came up on the left. The transition from pavement to gravel was abrupt as the car rumbled over the rock. The road was a short half a mile and vibrations were affecting Doci in a very erotic way.

I felt her thoughts in ways I never believed possible. It was an intense feeling of excitement punctuated with Doci grasping my arm and shuddering through a less intense orgasm.

I’m glad we were stopped when Doci orgasmed. I can’t explain the feeling of our mental connection that moment, I felt her feel her orgasm.

From the car to the door was a very few feet that we crossed without realizing. Our bodies melded into one as we stopped at the door to embrace and kiss.

As quickly as the door unlocked, Doci dashed to the toilet. I was in no condition to “open” the cabin. I took the dust cover sheet of one mattress and sat waiting for my sister.

I heard her leaving the bathroom. She greeted me naked. Doci was everything I expected and more. “The cold water didn’t really cool me off.”

My clothes were off and on the floor in moments. I was hard and needed to cum.

Doci stood before me; all I wanted was to feel her skin touching mine. The final gap between us closed with Doci wrapping her hand around my cock.

Doci must have sensed I was about to cum; she instinctively jerked my cock and took my cum on her stomach.

No led and no follow. We caressed and kissed, touched and groped. Each move brought the mattress closer until we felt the edge. We spilled over tightly locked to each other.

We rolled and rocked over onto each other letting our bodies dictate the next moves. We were ready to join our bodies in lust and passion.

I was on my back with Doci rubbing her mound against my cock. Slowly, Doci adjusted her position until we were aligned. I felt her warm moistness and then resistance.

Doci jerked full upright as her hymen gave up resisting. She impaled herself on my full length.

It was almost like last night. Doci’s eyes welled with tears and she began sobbing. As each sob gripped her body, she slid gently on my cock. Like last night, the sobs gave way to the new feeling inside her.

Doci relaxed into having my cock in her. Her eyes glowed now; the tears were gone. Her body was hot red. Her nipples were even harder. We stared into the others eyes for long moments.

I put my hands on her hips with a light touch. Doci jerked to the feeling, gave a sigh, and relaxed again. Barely any movement between us.

I slid my hands up Doci’s body to her ribs. Her skin was silk and lace. Doci jerked rapidly as my palms came in contact with her nipples. She moaned loudly now moving her body for pleasure.

Doci came hard.

I came just as hard.

We were locked in the final spasms of our orgasms when the door opened and mom and dad were standing there.