Average Wifey Files #01


…I smiled at the computer screen as I typed my reply, “well yes, they are big, light, pink nipples that love to be sucked.” The erotic banter in this chat was heating up. As I eagerly awaited the next volley of naughty thoughts that would propel me down that slippery slope, I was interrupted by a text message from hubby.

~~Just said yes to Mike & Kathleen invitation for BBQ… I will pick you up in about 15 minutes~~

In the flow of something hot and naughty, I was being stripped from my chair by this social call to duty. Mike & Kathleen were a younger couple that hubby had decided we could mentor. They were troubled. They attended our church. It was the Christian thing to do.

So I painfully disengaged from my chat, and without much thought or interest went to change clothes. But then I thought, this is just a simple BBQ in their backyard likely. No need to worry. These shorts and tee shirt will be fine. Of course, this also meant that I would keep my warm, moist panties on. I liked that idea. I liked keeping a reminder of my chat close to me.

A few text exchanges with hubby later, I was ready with a loaf of French bread and a liter of soda. He pulled up in the driveway and honked. As I walked to the car, I smiled at him. Smiled as a polite greeting to a happy hubby. Smiled at the secret inner knowledge that my panties cradled a spot of my naughty fun from moments earlier.

The drive was short, punctuated by hubby’s apology for short notice, casual compliment that affirmed my attire met with his approval, and a short briefing on what Michael had shared with him earlier that afternoon. Apparently Kathleen had wandered and Michael was wounded. We were there to support them. “But,” hubby warned “don’t mention this unless they first bring it up. Kathleen does not know that Michael has confided this to me yet.”

I wondered to myself who Kathleen had been with but knew hubby would deem that “gossipy curiosity”, so I keep my thoughts to myself. Michael was a fine young husband, a good provider, thoughtful and seemingly committed. He was not a flirt, just friendly. Although there were plenty of times when I knew women had wished otherwise.

Kathleen was the young wife many of us tolerated, but secretly disliked. She was always the center of attention. Perky. Bubbly. A former high school cheerleader who still had a figure that drew attention from men young and old alike. She was definitely flirty, not just friendly.

She answered the door in her typical happy sing-song voice. “Well hello you guys! Come on in!” She gave me a big hug like nothing was wrong. Gaziantep Gecelik Escort She gave hubby a bigger hug, which he was happy to embrace. Behind her back, I rolled my eyes at him to signal my less than enthusiastic attitude. He flashed me a shrug of his shoulders as if to say, “what can I do?”

We followed Kathleen to the backyard, where Michael was scraping the wire brush on the grill. His gentle smile and soft words greeted us, which I immediately recognized to be dripping with pain. Michael gave hubby a manly hug. Then I gave Michael a hug. A lingering hug. A hug a bit snugger and longer than my common greeting. I wanted to somehow let him know I cared, even if I could not say anything about the elephant in the room.

That hug also activated my senses as the snug pressure of that friendly embrace mushed my shorts firm against my body, causing a cool wisp of moist pressure over my married slit. It was such a brief, simple, secret moment for me. Standing there with my hubby and Michael & Kathleen, outwardly polite and friendly, while inwardly soaking in the secret thoughts of my earlier arousal.

A few moments of small talk were followed by Michael sweetly telling Kathleen that the grill was ready for her to get going. It was a funny arrangement they had. Kathleen was the one who did the BBQ grilling, while Michael was the one who loved preparing the salad. Hubby and I were the opposite.

Michael asked if I needed to prepare the bread. Hubby’s glance my direction signaled me to go ahead and go in the house so that he could be alone with Kathleen. I figured he wanted to somehow see if Kathleen wanted to talk about things. So I smiled and followed Michael back into the kitchen.

As I worked at the counter, Michael made small talk. I alternated pleasant smiles at him and random, casual glances out the window to where Kathleen and hubby stood by the grill. Michael chatted while chopping and tossing salad ingredients. I enjoyed the casual conversation as I spread butter and garlic on the bread. He moved from the counter to the center island, busy with his preparations. My eyes moved from him, to my bread, to hubby and Kathleen outside.

Honestly, I did have some suspicions on the outer edges of my mind. Kathleen was a cheater. She was an adorable blonde with breasts that any man would find desirable. Hubby was a passionate breast lover, evidenced by his almost daily fondling and sucking of mine. I tried to chase away the silly, paranoid thoughts that now were pushing Michael’s voice to the background. I was ashamed that my own secret activities somehow tainted my trust of my hubby, when he obviously was only trying to help. How shameful of me to project my naughty cyber activities on to him.

I tried to rein in my thoughts. My eyes were fixed on hubby and Kathleen. I stood at the kitchen counter, staring out the window as if I were watching a sunset. My mind was far away from the casual conversation Michael had been carrying; I had lost track of it even. That’s when I was startled by his voice from behind, just inches from my ear.

“What are you looking at?” His question jerked my body to attention as I stood leaning against the counter, almost on my tip toes to see out the window.

I had no idea that he had been quietly watching me from behind for the past minute or so.

I had no idea that my shorts were so snug against my ass cheeks as I strained to get the best view of Kathleen and hubby.

I stammered as I tried to quickly gain my balance, fumbling for the right words that could deflect attention from the reality of my posture. I felt the sudden rush of those schoolgirl moments of panic when making out with a boyfriend downstairs, and then hearing the sounds of mom or dad stirring upstairs. That panic to cover up so as not to be discovered was so real!

After I stood silent for what seemed like an eternity, caught in the tractor beam of his sly grin and smoldering eyes, I muttered “Oh Michael, I am so sorry. I, I uh, my mind was off in another place.”

The sudden terror had my blood pumping. As was common for me, any sudden burst of bodily stimulation also had an arousing effect on my breasts. Specifically, my nipples. Those large, light, pink nipples, the size of tennis balls, would harden and poke out to such an extent, that I often countered the moment with crossed arms or a sweater.

But there I stood. Wearing only a tee shirt. And by the look in Michael’s eyes, not to mention his downward glances, I was confronted with the consequences of my actions. My nipples were hard and ripe, like two juicy pieces of fruit hanging from the vine. I reacted instinctually, turning around towards the window, my back to him, rude but self-protective.

More silence. My eyes did not even register the images of Kathleen and hubby at the BBQ now. All I could sense was the heat of Michael’s body inches away, standing behind me. I was trembling.

“I think you know about Kathleen, don’t you?”

I remained stiff and facing the window, silently nodding yes.

“Do you think I deserve some payback?”

My mind was screaming as I kept quiet. The breath of his last question still moist on my ear. Warm. Moist. Merging with my awareness of that remnant of arousal between my legs.

“Do you think I should perhaps, eee – vennn the score?” With his long drawn out syllables, I felt his finger trace a line along the outside of my leg, slithering up from my knee to mid thigh.

I quivered. I stood silent. But I neither nodded nor shook my head. I was in a daze.

“Do you think I should taste of the same forbidden fruit that Kathleen has offered to another man?” His finger circled around the back of my leg, edging up under the lower edge of my shorts.

“You do know that she was naughty with him.” His whispered words were dripping into my ear. His finger slid along my shorts, lightly prying between the flesh of my legs. I complied, allowing my feet to wriggle a few inches further apart.

“She spread for him.” His words in sync with what was happening between us. “She surrendered her married pussy to him.” When he said ‘pussy’ I was instantly moved to another level of arousal. My previous wetness was greeted by a fresh flow of moisture.

As I felt his free hand slide around my hip, I could only stare out the window… somehow in denial, yet equally complicit. I had a clear view of Kathleen, perky breasts and all, so appropriately conversing with hubby. Yet, there I stood spreading my legs for Michael standing just inches behind me!

His forward hand slithered down the front of my shorts, cupping my wet panties as I felt him squeeze against me from behind. “She would not deny him access.” I felt his long middle finger extended over the length of my slit, only my wet panties between him and me.

I heard, and felt, his other hand unzipping his pants. I was in utter shock! Was this really happening?! “She let him take a dip in her married pussy.” He pressed his middle finger so firm along my slit, that it felt as if my wet panties were going to submerge between my folds.

As his hand moved from behind me to the front, I felt him unsnap my shorts… I felt them tugged over my hips… I felt my panties clinging in vain… “She exposed her most private being to him.”

My bare ass cheeks felt the warm, firm, slick tip of his married cock pressing with lust. He pulled my panties to the side, as I bent over even more, his vision of both Kathleen and hubby squared up front and center as well. “Just like thisssss…” he moaned as I felt his married cock slide between my legs and split my wet, dripping, married pussy.

Both of us looked out the window for an instant. Kathleen and hubby innocent by-standers, as Michael and I wormed his cock in and out of my pussy. “She deserves it” he muttered as he softly fucked me. “And so do you.”