Making a New Friend


A big thank you to Destiny_Parker for the help with reviewing and editing this story.


This is the story as told to me by a friend recounting her first experience with another woman. It certainly got both of us hot when she was telling so with her permission

I wanted to share it. This is my first story and I would love to get your feedback.


Let me start at the beginning and tell you a bit about me. My name is Hannah and I was 26 when I was first seduced by another woman.

I may have thought a little bit about other girls when I masturbated but never really anything serious, I certainly hadn’t planned for what happened or went looking for it.

Just before Christmas last year a gang of friends and I planned a night out in Sheffield in the north of England where we most of us live. The night was great fun and we all had such a laugh. During the evening we visited a number of bars and worked our way through quite a few drinks. When someone suggested we head for a club I was all up for it and had quite a buzz going.

Now unusually at the beginning of the night all six of us girls made a pact that tonight was a girl’s night with no men allowed. With six leary girls all set on having a great night this never really stood much chance of happing.

By the time we started thinking about calling it a night there were only four of us left. Our friend, Kelly, was really getting into it on the dance floor with some guy and looked to be making her own plans. Maddie had already left after obviously deciding a quickie in the toilets was not enough to quench her needs!

As we hailed taxis home a problem became apparent, Cassie who was from out of town was suppose to be staying at Maddie’s for the night. Maddie would have seemed to have other things on her mind in her lust filled state.

I didn’t really know Cassie but we had been chatting throughout the night and she seemed like a really nice girl. We had both laughed at all fella’s in the club desperately trying to cop off with any girl they could get their hands on and had both gotten on well, So I told her to her come back to mine and stay.

“I only have a sofa but its better then the streets.”

She was really grateful and in our drunken state we carried on having a laugh while we waited in the taxi queue. She need not have worried about sleeping on the street because even in the taxi queue she got more than one offer of a bed for the night. Her amazing tits probably had something to do with this.

Cassie did not have amazing striking model looks or anything but had a really pretty face and a nice slim petite body. Her small frame meant that no one could fail to notice and admire her large boobs, I would have killed for a pair like them!

We had to wait about 30 minutes to get to the front of the queue for a taxi and the weather was cold. When we left for the evening wearing dresses had seemed like a great idea; now, standing here freezing to death, it did not. Cassie told me that the drink and the cold were making her need to pee really badly, I laughed and told her it was only 10 minutes Antep Escort Bayan to mine and we were next up for a taxi. She said she would wait.

Now you know what it’s like when someone puts an idea in your head? It made me realize that I had not been to the loo for ages and I started feeling the need as well. As soon as the taxi pulled up we jumped in and I told the driver where we going.

By this time Cassie was squirming in her seat crossing her legs and it was all I could do but to laugh at her hysterically. I soon realized doing that was not a great idea when I needed to pee.

As we were getting nearer I bunged the driver a note to cover the fare to save messing about when we got to my place. As soon as the car stopped we both piled out and with Cassie following my lead, charged up the steps to my flat. As I unlocked the door Cassie pushed right past me, racing down the hall to get to the loo first. Unfortunately for her my bathroom is the first door to the left as you enter my flat.

Not being either kind enough or sure that I could wait I darted through the bathroom door, yanked my knickers down and took a seat. The feeling of relief was fantastic.

Cassie, realizing her mistake almost immediately, appeared in the doorway. Rather than politely waiting outside she stood leaning against the door frame watching me, laughing she called me a mean bitch. From the noise, she could hear that I was nearly done and she started moving across the bathroom while simultaneously pulling her knickers down. Without giving me a chance to move out of the way she gave me a huge shove launching me off the loo and onto the floor.

Laid in a heap with my dress around my waist and my knickers around my knees I nearly wet myself again laughing.

As I tried to stand up with some dignity my panties slid down to my ankles, “sod it” I thought, being too drunk to risk bending down and falling again, so I left them there on the floor. As I perched on the bath side both of us in the fits of giggles, Cassie exclaimed that this was the best pee she had ever had. By the sound of it she really did need to go, I don’t think I have ever peed for as long as she did.

Both feeling more than a little relieved we headed into the lounge, neither of us ready for sleep we stuck some chilled music on and lounged out on the sofa

“Want another drink?” I asked Cassie.

“Yeah, but just a Coke or something. I think I am quite drunk enough” she laughed.

As I came back from the kitchen I saw Cassie had made herself comfy, laid out on the sofa. While it is not the biggest sofa there was room for both of us, so she shifted her legs over and I laid the other end. Once I was comfortable she draped her legs across mine. As we just laid there chatting and giggling over nothing in particular we both shuffled about bit and ended up really snug with one of my legs beneath hers and one in-between hers.

As we were chatting I glanced down at her legs and was a bit shocked to notice her dress had ridden up quite high and there was nothing blocking my view!

It would seem that she also had not bothered to put her knickers back on. Laying there I couldn’t seem to glance away but was fascinated by what I could see. The way we were lying left her pussy totally exposed as her legs where slightly parted. It suddenly occurred to me that if I had this view she could most likely see exactly the same from her end and I was also flashing her. I found this quite amusing and started giggling!

“What?” Cassie asked.

“Er, nothing,” I said, feeling quite embarrassed. She twigged and laughed.

“Oh well, bit late now to worry,” she exclaimed. “I see you shave too,” she laughed.

For a while neither of us said a word, we just laid there enjoying each other’s company. I could not get my mind off the fact that there was a bare pussy right in front of my eyes and so near to my own exposed sex. The more I thought about it the hotter I got. I could feel myself start to get damp.

I felt the need to move and in doing so realized that I had moved down the sofa a bit, closer towards Cassie. Our thighs where lightly touching, it felt warm and comfortable. And I realized that our pussies where now really getting very close to each other. As I had moved Cassie had lifted her arm slightly to make room, when she laid it back down it rested on my leg and she absent mindedly started stroking my thigh.

Still neither of us said anything it just all felt nice and comfortable; just two friends chilling out and getting comfortable.

We laid there listening to the music in the back ground, I am sure we were both feeling good. A nice alcohol buzz going on and a new friendship being formed.

“Hannah,” Cassie said as she sat up slightly, as she moved forward her bum slid a bit further down the sofa and that was when it happened. Our pussies suddenly touched. A shock of electricity shot through me, I didn’t know what to do so I just laid there.

“Oops,” was all Cassie said, but she didn’t move either. She just lay down again which put a little more pressure on the contact.

Again we where both silent, but strangely the shock passed and I lay there feeling more and more comfortable.

“Are you OK?” Cassie asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

Laying there with our pussies touching and our thighs most certainly rubbing together I couldn’t help but start to feel more and more turned on. As I felt myself getting wetter I realized that it wasn’t just inside me that was getting juicy but my lips where feeling a bit slippery too.

That’s when I noticed that Cassie was also finding the contact a turn on and was starting to get wet and was leaking her juice onto me.

I must have flinched at this realization as suddenly I felt movement as our pussies graze each other, at this Cassie let out a little, “hmmm”

She must have taken this as a suggestion as she slid down just a little pushing herself into me a bit more, then she started too gently wriggle her hips, causing her pussy to slide over mine. Two thoughts shot through my head just then: 1) God, we are both dripping wet and 2) this feels really nice!

We both started grinding softly together, both of us shaved smooth, our juices making things so slippery. Mashing ourselves together I could feel her lips sliding between mine, our lips parting. The insides of our pussies slid over each other and when our clits got caught in the action my god it was amazing.

We got moving faster and faster until I couldn’t bear it anymore and a massive climax took over my whole body. I felt like I exploded into utter bliss.

My moaning must have pushed Cassie over the top as well because suddenly she let out the cutest squeal and her juices flowed like a river, soaking my already wet sex and almost giving me the feeling that her juices where going up inside me. It felt amazing!

“I am so sorry,” she said, “I get really wet.”

“Oh my God! Don’t be sorry, that was lovely,” I replied.

We finally started to get our breath back but the whole thing had really got me hot, still mushed together any movement sent another wave of pleasure through me.

I reached between my legs and lightly stoked my clit, as we where both still joined at the hip so to speak this also meant I was running my fingers through Cassies pussy too, sliding my hand between us touching myself with one side of my hand and Cassie with the other. My fingers slid all over the place slipping inside me one moment then into Cassie. This was the first time I had ever touched another women and it felt great, I loved the way Cassie felt so smooth inside, that her lips could wrap around my fingers and that she felt so tight.

Soon enough Cassie’s hand joined mine and with no pattern we just played with ourselves and each other, it felt unbelievable having both mine and her fingers inside me at the same time.

While this felt amazing it was not going to make us cum and we both clearly wanted another orgasm. We moved a bit making some room between our pussies and started to concentrate on each other. We ended up kind of both on our backs with our legs in the air. Our bums pushed together. With her fingering me and me fingering her, our arses pushed against each other it, felt very intimate. Before long we where both moaning loudly and knew another cum was on its way.

Without disappointment we were both pushed over the edge, God my release felt good and again Cassie flooded us both as her juices poured out. I couldn’t resist enjoying her wetness as I slid my hand across her lips, over her thighs and even copped a good feel of her cute bum. I was even brave enough to slide my finger through the crack of her bum and over her anus, which coaxed a little moan from her.

She sat up and laid down on top of me still in-between my legs, and for the first time I got to find out about her other set of lips as she leaned over and kissed me. The thought that this was another woman was well and truly gone by now and I just enjoyed it for what it was.

Pulling her mouth away from mine I could feel her weight on top of me and those fine tits of hers pushed against my own, “I really want a go on those,” I thought to myself amusingly.

“Is that the end of a pleasant accident or the beginning of a lot more fun?” she asked.

Leaning up and kissing her again I said, “The beginning of a lot more fun I hope.”

“Well lets go to bed where there’s more room, we are going to need it,” she replied, jumping to her feet and pulling me up at the same time.

What she taught me the rest of that night was the most fun I have ever had. Maybe I will tell you about it in the next installment 🙂


The above is a true story as told to me and the next part is just as hot!