The Toy Box


I dropped my bag and locked the door, then rested my forehead against the wood. It provided a cool contrast to the heat of my body. I was still breathing hard. My heart beat shook my ribcage. Not for the first time, I questioned our arrangement. He wouldn’t last a day on the receiving end of this agony. The thought gave me a dark pleasure.

My phone buzzed in my jacket pocket. I groaned quietly and fished it out.

Go to your toy box.

I was alone. I could stuff my hand down my panties and slide down against the wall while I jilled myself to a shuddering orgasm. He wouldn’t know.

And yet.

And yet, I enjoyed this.

He’d been teasing me since before breakfast this morning. Message after message describing, in graphic detail, exactly how he’d fuck me. And then on the bus home ride home, the explicit voicemails—the dirty talk, the moaning, the tantalizing squelch of a fleshlight. And finally, on my way up the driveway, the picture of his straining cock. Veins bulging. Pre-cum dripping down the shaft.

Long-distance relationships were hard, but his cock was harder.

So I listened.

I stripped down to my bra and panties on the way to my room. The box in question was nothing special, just a shoebox. But its contents promised ecstasy.

I threw the box onto my bed and peeled off my panties. Peeled was the right word—a bursa escort large wet spot glued the cotton to the shape of my lips. I freed my tits from the confines of my bra and snapped him a picture of both. His response was swift.

Do it slowly.

I reached into the box and felt around for the rubber dildo. I slid the head gently along my slick, naked vulva. Teasing. I was so slippery I very nearly penetrated myself simply by accident. Taking a deliberate breath, I began to move it in smaller, tighter, circles, the head half inside me. I could hear my own breathing. One quick thrust and I’d fill myself the way I yearned to be filled. Another text. I turned my head on the pillow.

Bunny-fuck your pussy. FINGERS only.

I threw the toy aside and slammed two fingers into my wet, pulsing slit. I cried out in relief. Another text. I knew what it said without having to look.


I withdrew my dripping fingers and grasped my breasts, rubbing my thighs together as my pussy ached in emptiness.

Buzz yourself.

I snatched up the vibrator and mashed it against my clit before even turning it on. Vibrations shuddered through me, powerful enough to wiggle the fat on my thighs. Blood rushed to the point of contact and the nerves began to sing.

I pushed it harder against myself and sat up half-way, unable to bursa ucuz eskort hold back a moan of pleasure,


He let it go on longer than usual. Twice, I almost came, pulling away just as a throb snapped through my pussy. Either he wanted to prolong my torture or he was too engrossed in his own pleasure to mind my indulgence.

Enough. Dildo yourself.

I slipped the rubber cock inside me, gasping at the shock of pleasure. I swirled and twirled it inside my buttery cunt, reveling the soft squishing sounds it made with every thrust. I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to drill myself.

“Oh fuck!”

My face was flushed with heat. Things were beginning to feel really good. So good, I knew he would try to stop me.

My ringtone was unexpected. I glanced at my phone, briefly confused. His picture was on the screen. He wanted to talk? This was new.

I accepted the call.

“Tell me what you’re doing to yourself,” he demanded. He was nearly panting. I could hear a fleshlight gulping up and down his cock.

“Listen,” I put the phone on speaker then subjected my clit to more teasing vibrations.

“Fuck yourself!” he ordered. I did, I really did. I positively pounded myself until the sound of my moans eclipsed the buzz of the vibrator.

“Fucking Christ, you bursa anal yapan escort sound amazing!” he gasped. I could picture him hammering himself with his toy, bent over the sink, fingers curled around the edge of the counter.

“Say something, baby!” I was close to the edge, but only smut would tip me over.

“I love watching your tits bounce while I fuck you,” he growled. “I want to do so many things to you. I want to suck on your clit. I want to stick my tongue in your cunt.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” I whimpered. I strained against the vibrator, on the edge of a truly immense pleasure. He sped up thrusting and I could picture his balls slapping against the bottom of his toy. “Keep going! Tell me what I feel like!”

“Your pussy’s so raw and hot and creamy! I just want to come inside your throbbing, slurping cunt—”

Too much. A single, great thrust of the fake cock, and—


A massive, rolling orgasm burst inside me. I moaned and moaned as pleasure exploded from my clit, sending my pussy spasming involuntarily. My walls clenched the dildo again and again and I plunged on through the contractions, stimulating myself into a whimpering oblivion. While I thrashed in the waves of sensation, I heard him cream his fleshlight with a chorus of moans. My eyes crossed in devastating, mutual pleasure and I cried out in ecstasy,


I slammed the dildo into my pussy once, twice, three more times, wrenching the final surges of pleasure from my body.

Our gasping breath was the only sound. I dropped the toys.

“Babe?” he said.

“Mm-hm?” A chuckle.

“I’m catching the next train.”