House Guest


“So when does he get here?” I asked folding my arms. My husband sat in his chair with a beer in his hand watching the television.

“When he gets here.” he shrugged. He did not even look at me. “He called earlier and said he had to do a few things, then he would be here.” he said his eyes still glued to the television. I shook my head at him and went into the laundry room. I looked back at him. At one time he would do anything to help me around the house. Now he just sat there, collecting dust and drinking. I couldn’t blame him for the sitting part. He had an accident at work just over a year ago. The doctors said he would never be able to walk for long periods of time, or carry anything heavy. So going back to construction was out of the question. So there he sat day after day. While I worked at the nursing home, cooked, cleaned and did whatever around the house that needed to be done. The bills did not stop though, and since it was his fault for getting into the accident the job did not pay workers comp.

“You better wash your hair, if you want me to cut it.” I yelled back at him.

“Whatever. I will do that later.” he yelled back. Which meant he would not do it. Which also meant, his hair would smell like smoke and whatever crap was in that chair. I shook my head. We had been married for a little over fifteen years. The first few years were the best. Now we tried to stay out of each others way. I dumped the last load of his clothes into the washer, and gathered myself. Today was the day another man was going to come live with us. Since the bills were too much for us to pay on our own. Tim my loving husband decided to rent the downstairs basement to one of his ex co workers. I had not met the man, or did I want to. But he paid for three months in advance in cash, so who was I to say no to that. I looked over at Tim as he laughed at something stupid on the television. He was thirty seven and looked in his forties. He used to be a track star in high school, that’s where we met. But now he could not run to save his life, even if the accident did not occur. A beer belly the size of a beach ball, graying hair with a receding hair line. His eyes used to give me shivers when he looked at me, but now they looked defeated, as if life had beaten all the motivation out of him. I was no bombshell either. So I could not complain. When he met me I was a head cheerleader. I had kept in shape up until a year ago. But after things went bad, I to began to put on weight. I was not huge, or obese but I wasn’t going to do any cartwheels anytime soon. I looked in the bathroom mirror one last time.

“Well this is as good as it’s going to get.” I said to myself. My ginger hair was all a mess, but it usually was. My mom used to say there was no gel or cream that could tame my hair and she was right. But I loved my eyes. They were green, the lightest green I had ever seen. People still stopped me to tell me how my eyes looked. The door knocked loud.

“I’ll get it.” Tim said. I nodded. Here was the moment my life would change. Babysitting two men. I shrugged and walked out. I heard the two of them laughing at the front door. I turned the corner from the bathroom into the front room, just as they came from the hallway.

“Sandy. This is Jeremy.” Tim said introducing me to a giant of a man.

“Hi Sandy.” Jeremy said reaching out his giant hands. I smiled and shook his hand. Jeremy stood there looking down at me with a perfect smile. He stood almost seven feet tall, bald head, very muscular, there must not be an ounce of fat on him. And he was black, not charcoal black but almost brown. He reminded me of the black guy on my show criminal minds but much taller and much more muscular.

“I’ll show you around the house.” Tim said with a smile on his face.

“You got the money right?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah of course.” Tim said nodding his head. The two walked into the hallway towards the stairs to the basement. Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I sat down on the couch listening to Tim, giving the giant the tour. After they were done, they came into the front room.

“Thank you again for having me.” Jeremy said sitting down on the other couch.

“No problem.” Tim said. “Happy to help.” he said picking up his beer. “Did you want one?” he said offering Jeremy a beer.

“No. I don’t drink.” he said. “Or smoke” he said looking over at me. “I gave three months advance because, I should be out of your way in that time.” he said as he explained his situation. He had just gotten a divorce and by the sounds of it, it was a nasty one. He was planning to move out of state and just needed a place to stay till the dust settled.

“Well make yourself at home.” I said as I got up to check the laundry.

“I will get the stuff out of my truck.” Jeremy said as he stood up. He towered over me as I only stood at 5′ 6. “Sorry.” he said as we nearly bumped into each other. The rest of the day, we saw Jeremy load and unload things from his pick up, back and forth. Tim did not ask if he wanted help and by the way Jeremy Bostancı Türbanlı Escort lifted things, it seemed he did not need it. He finally stopped close to dinner time.

“Dinner is ready.” I said as I made Tim his plate. I brought it out to him and looked around for Jeremy.

“Downstairs.” Tim said as he took his plate. I sighed. Just like a man, did not hear me when I talked. I walked to the door, I began to open it then realized it was not mine to just open anymore. I knocked hard and announced dinner. But heard nothing. I opened it a touch and looked down the stairs. I could see movement down there.

“Jeremy. I made dinner.” I said. He peeked his head around and looked up the stairs.

“Thank you. You did not have to. I brought a hot plate to make my own dinners. So I would not be a bother.” he smiled up. I was curious how he had the place looking down there. “Want to come down?” he asked. As if he sensed my curiosity.

“Sure.” I smiled. As I went down the stairs. “Wow.” I said marveled at what he had done. “All of this was in your truck?” I asked as I looked around. Most of the cement floor was covered with a thin carpet, there was two sofa’s. A huge entertainment cabinet with a large screen television, some kind of game console. Over on the other side was a medium sized fridge, right next to it was a small cabinet with a two faced hot plate on top. “Where are you going to put your clothes?” I said looking around for something to put clothes in.

“I will just live out of my suitcase for now. It’s only a few months.” he shrugged.

“Typical.” I nodded. “We have a clothes cabinet, we are not using. It’s yours if you want it.” I told him.

“Of course. Till I move out.” he said nodding. We walked back upstairs. As I turned around I saw him checking out my ass. I smiled but he looked away just as I had caught him. Well at least I still had a nice ass it would seem. Tim was still in his usual place.

“Going to give him the cabinet. We are not using.” I said to him. Which he just nodded. I shook my head at him and went upstairs. This time Jeremy was ahead of me. I guess he did not want me to catch him checking out my ass again. But it was me checking out his. For a man he had a very nice one, very firm and tight. I saw a smile on his face as he looked back. “Damn” I thought to myself he caught me. Well it was only fair I thought.

“Here you go.” I said pointing it out in the other spare room.

“Perfect.” he said. As he looked it over.

“Good. I will get the dolly from the garage.” I said as I began to walk away. I heard some grunting and a large heaving sound. I turned to look and the giant had lifted it up. It had taken two men with a dolly, nearly an hour to get this thing up here. When we moved in, here he was picking this thing up by himself.

“You mind. It isn’t that light.” he said still with a smile on his face. I moved out of the way as he moved towards the steps.

“Want me to…” I began to say as he put his back against the wall. He began to walk down the stairs. I heard him counting. I smiled it was something my father had done. Count the steps so he knew how many there was. I followed him down as draws slipped in and out.

“Door!” he yelled as he got to the basement door. I ran ahead and opened it. Again he counted as he made his way down into the basement. “There.” he said as he put it down. I looked at him. He was sweating and his muscles in his arms were bulging. “Mentioned something about dinner?” he laughed.

“Yeah. Come on. I will fix you a plate.” I said. The two of us sat at the dinner table. It had been a long time, since I sat at the dinner table. Usually Tim ate his dinner in his chair. I took mine into the computer room and that was it, till we both went to bed. We talked about a lot of stuff, good stuff not just idle chatter. I learned that he had played football in high school, married a co worker from a previous job and they had fallen apart through the years. I told him about Tim and I, how we met, and my job.

“Going to bed.” Tim said to us. As he got up. I looked down at the time. It was way past the usual time I went to bed. Jeremy and I had talked the rest of the day away. We both said our good nights and went to bed. As I climbed into bed. Tim started making his usual moves to get me in the mood, which was pitiful. Finally I gave in and he climbed on top of me. I felt him slide his dick into me and I pretended to moan as he began to fuck me, within a few seconds his body went rigid as he came. He rolled off and within another minute he was fast asleep. This was the usual sexual routine we had. At first it was great, he was a master in the bedroom. After we got married it got less and less, until it was this. He blamed it on his back after the accident, but it was like this even before the accident. I grabbed my toy and went into the bathroom to finish the job. As I sat there on the toilet, I began to slide it into me turning the settings. I began to think of all the usual things, Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort that turned me on. Like some of the football player dreams I had. But I found myself thinking of Jeremy, this got me really horny. I moved the toy faster inside me and on my clit. Before it was just not cutting it anymore. I wanted the real thing. I dreaded what I was going to do.

I went back into the bedroom. I tried to wake my husband up. So he could help me. I should of really bought that new toy my friends were talking about. I grabbed his limp dick and began to rub it. It began to harden as he woke up.

“What..” he said as he looked at me.

“Nothing.” I said. I didn’t need him awake just his hard cock. I straddled myself over it and lowered. It was so much better than that toy. I began to bounce up and down on it. I looked down at him and he had a startled look on his face. It had been years since I had rode him like this. I put my hands on his chest and closed my eyes. Thinking of Jeremy’s muscular arms, fuck it was making me hornier. I began to ride him faster. I opened my eyes but only saw my husband.

“I’m cumming.” he said.

“Not yet.” I said to him. He shook his head as I felt him cumming inside me. “Goddamit!” I shouted. As I climbed off of him. That was it. Short of money or not, I was getting that toy.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

“Nothing. Go back to sleep.” I said angrily. As I laid down and turned my back to him.

Two whole weeks went by in a blink of an eyes. I barely saw Jeremy as he worked late night shifts, and I had early mornings. It was a Sunday, I was washing clothes as usual. When he came into the laundry room.

“Hi stranger.” he said as he came in.

“You’re the stranger.” I replied. “Creeping in all times of the early morning.” I laughed. His face went serious.

“I try not to wake you guys, when I come and go.” he said politely. I looked up at him.

“I am joking.” I said as we both smiled.

“Well I better get going.” he said as he began to walk towards the door. He picked up two large black bags.

“What you got there?” I asked.

“Just my laundry, was going to do them at the laundromat.” he said turning for the door.

“Bullshit.” I said as waved him back. “Put them down there. I will get to them.” I said.

“You sure. I mean I can do my own laundry.” he said.

“Well since you are up and ready. How about you do some grocery shopping?” I asked. To which I thought I would get some sort of excuse not to go.

“Sure.” he said. “You have a list?” he replied.

“Yeah. On the fridge.” I said quite surprised. He walked into the kitchen and brought back the list.

“This one?” he asked. I nodded back at him as I put another load of my clothes in. “Alright be back in a few then.” he said as he walked out the door.

“Where is he going?” Tim asked.

“Grocery shopping.” I said. Tim scratched himself in the most pleasant way.

“Rather him, than me.” he said as he returned to his chair. I shook my head and continued to what I was doing.

An hour passed. As I sat there in my chair reading a few blogs and chatting to some friends online. Tim came into the room holding his phone.

“It’s for you.” he said handing over the phone.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hey.” Jeremy replied. “Nearly done with the list, but two things. You just put a gallon of milk. Which one? And four can’s of canned milk?” he asked. I smiled.

“Two percent and three cans evaporated and one can condensed.” I said. “Shit.” I said as I remembered I did not give him the money.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I forgot to give you the money. I am sorry.” I apologized.

“Oh nonsense.” he said as I heard him coming up to the cashier. “For what you guys do for me. This is nothing.” he said.

“Well thank you.” I said.

“See you when I get back.” he said. I began to tell him to bring back some other things when I heard the phone go quiet. But then I heard him talking. He had put the phone in his pocket, without turning it off. I heard all of the conversation.

“So all of this for the family?” the cashier asked. It was a female cashier.

“No. I am staying with some good friends. Thought I would pay them back by doing the groceries.” he replied.

“Very nice. They are lucky to have you with them.” she said. She was flirting with him. I could tell by her voice.

“Nah. I am the lucky one.” he said.

“Ok so your total will be One O five, thirty one.” she said. “Debit or Credit.” she asked.

“Debit.” he replied.

“All set.” she said.

“Thank you.” he said as I heard him picking up the bags.

“No thank you for shopping with us. Hope to see you again soon.” she said. “Your receipt is in that bag. You have some saving coupon’s on the back.” she said. To which I shook my head, there usually was crappy coupons on the back of the receipt tape.

“Thank you.” he said as I heard him walking away. Bostancı Ucuz Escort I hung up the phone. I just shook it off. And went back to what I was doing. A half hour went by and I heard the door open.

“Back.” Jeremy said.

“Need help?” I asked as I joined him in the kitchen but as I looked at all the bags in each hand. I could tell her got it all.

“Nah. I am good.” he said as he bent down to help put everything away.

“Go.” I said. With a smile. I did not want him to mess up the system that I had. He smiled and sat down on the couch looking at some football game, on the television. I went back to doing laundry. As I lifted his heavy comforter, I felt a dry flaky feeling under my hand, instantly I let go. Dropping the comforter. I gently began to peel back the layers, there it was a huge spot of dried cum. I turned my face up at it. I grabbed the whole thing and threw it into the washer. I was going to go out and tell him about it, but something stopped me. I don’t know why but I began to take it back out. I had to see it for some reason. It was like I was possessed. There it was a huge circle. I couldn’t imagine how much cum it would take to make such a huge mess.

“Everything alright?” I heard him say coming into the hall leading to the laundry room. I quickly shoved it back into the washer.

“Yes.” I said grabbing the first clean load and handing them to him as he came in the door. “Your dark’s are in the dryer and your comforter is in the washer.” I said with a smile. He nodded and went back downstairs. For the rest of the day, I could not get the thought of him cumming out of my head. Even when he came up for dinner. I could not look at him without picturing him, jerking off and cumming.

“That was a good dinner.” Tim said as I climbed into bed next to him.

“Thank you.” I replied. I slowly laid my head on his chest. My hand crawled down his chest and to his stomach.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“You’ll see.” I smiled. I reached under his bed pants and pulled out his hardening dick. I moved forward and took it in my mouth. Tim let out a light moan. As my head bounced up and down on him. He was no means big, nor was he small. He was average between five and six inches. I was always able to deep throat him all the way. Which always made him cum faster. This time I took him deep into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.

“Fuck sandy.” he said as his back arched pushing his dick deep into my mouth. That’s when I pulled off just in time for him to cum into my hand. I quickly wiped it onto the comforter. It wasn’t even close to making the large circle from before. He would have to cum three or four times to make it even close. “What was that about?” he asked. I shook my head.

“Nothing.” I smiled at him. “Do I need a reason to please my husband?” He went to sleep just a few minutes later. I was left wide awake, thinking about the man downstairs. Was he watching some porn on his laptop, jerking off as I laid here? How many times did he cum in one night? How big was his dick? These questions plagued me till I fell asleep.

The next day. I had made up my mind. My curiosity had gotten the better of me. After work I grabbed one of the small camera’s we used to spy on new workers, who some of the patients would complain about. It was to make sure they were doing their job. Everyone signed a release when they applied here. It was small and very easy to hide. I made a plan in my mind, now all I had to was wait. The rest of the day dragged, well it seemed like it did to me. I made dinner and left him left overs for him to take to work. When I went to bed I set a silent alarm to wake me just after midnight. He was sure to be gone by then. I fell asleep easily with my plan on my mind. The phone vibrated hard underneath, waking me up. I quickly rolled out of bed, grabbing my small work bag, I ran down the stairs. I peered through the front window to make sure his truck was gone, it was. I rushed down the stairs and looked around. He had a pull out bed. So the best place to put this camera was on top of the entertainment cabinet. I grabbed a chair and stood on it. I placed the camera on top. Looking up at it, it was barely visible but it was noticeable especially when looking directly at it. I went back up and moved it off to the side, using one of the clips to make sure it stayed. I stood away from it. Still noticeable.

“Where else can I put you.” I said to myself. I looked up. Pipes ran across the room. They were small but high enough for me to reach. I grabbed the chair again and placed the camera on top, at a junction between two of the pipes. I got back down. Not noticeable at all. In fact I had to look for it again, even though I knew where it was. Satisfied I put one of the air freshener candles on top of the entertainment cabinet. I went back upstairs to my computer. I logged in and looked for the camera that I had just set up.

“Here we go.” I said. As I took a deep breath. There it was. It had a great view of his bed. I felt intrusive for a moment. Part of me wanted to go back down and take it down. Another part was too excited to move. “Just one day.” I said to myself. I nodded and went back to bed. I could not wait to see what it recorded. As I was heading out the door in the morning, I saw his truck pulling in around the corner. I waited for him.