Fender Bender Ch. 09


Author’s Note: The following is purely fiction and the property of the author. While I try to make each chapter capable of standing on its on merit, it is best to read the previous chapters to fully understand the story line. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


My name is Robert, I have been cross dressing since I was 14. I turned 18 last summer and this story takes place during my senior year in High School. I am 5’9″ 160 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. When I am dressed I call myself Vicki.


I had met Julie at a recent party. Well it was not as much as a party as it was an orgy with a bonfire and a lot of beer. Julie and I hit it off. We put on a very naughty show in front of the guys at the party so she knew my secret. We were both used pretty good that night but before the party broke up We exchanged phone numbers.

I thought it would be good for Vicki to have someone to do girly stuff with. I was dying to go shopping as Vicki because up to this point I had been buying my feminine clothes over the Internet. Julie and I began calling each other every couple of days. The more we talked the more we became friends. Julie was a nice girl, She came from a bad home and never got the attention a little girl deserved so she began sleeping with any guy that showed he least bit of interest.

Julie was 19 and had a job working as a sales girl in a boutique at the mall. She told me she did not make a lot but it was enough to allow her to live on her own in a small apartment. Anyway we decided to go shopping on Friday and then she giggled and said maybe after shopping I could come back to her apartment and we could have a slumber party. I liked that idea.


Friday afternoon I rushed home to get ready to go shopping with Julie. I took a nice hot bath and shaved my body all smooth. I decided to wear my red haired wig tonight. They say blondes have more fun but I think red heads are sexier.

I wore a simple lace black bra and matching lace panties. With the foam inserts in the bra it looked like I had a nice pair of 34 C breasts. I decided on wearing tan pantyhose and I love the feeling of sliding a pair of hose up my freshly shaven legs. It always seemed to make my small 5 inch cock rock hard. I had the overwhelming urge to jack off but decided to try and control myself.

The outfit I picked out was a short sexy skirt that was black with white polka dots with a white sheer top. I know I should have work a camisole under the sheer blouse but I liked the fact that you could make out my black bra under my shirt. I thought it was a sexy look and hoped I get a lot of looks from hot guys at the mall.

A pair of 3 inch heels and a silver bracelet that matched my silver hoop earrings finished my outfit. I had gotten pretty good at doing my own makeup but I took a little extra time to make sure my makeup was just right. It may sound conceited but when I was done I thought I looked pretty hot. I grabbed my jacket and pocketbook and headed down stairs.

I found Curt, my step Dad, in his small office and when he looked up and saw me his jaw dropped.

“Wow you must have a hot date tonight who is the lucky guy?”

“Actually I am going shopping with a girl I met at a party. Uh, can I borrow the mustang?”

Curt has a vintage 1965 candy apple red mustang that I have borrowed from time to time. Of course each time I borrowed it I usually have to do something for him in return.

Curt was smiling. “Do I get to fuck that hot ass of your?”

“Come on Curt, I do not have time for that now. How about I give you a rain check?”

“Tell you what, I am horny so here is the deal. You promise to let me fuck you later and give me one of your special blow jobs now and you can have the car.”

I was in a hurry and did not have time to haggle. I got on my knees and reached for his zipper. Curt’s cock was almost as small as mine, just barely over 6 inches but it was rock hard already.

I started working my hand up and down the length of his cock. I was hoping that if I did it right I would be able to mostly jack him off quick and not mess up my makeup. I leaned in and gave the head of his cock a kiss. It throbbed in my hand. One hand was stroking his cock while the other went under him to squeeze his balls.

“Oh hell Vicki you do that better than your mom has ever done.”

I decided it was time to wrap this up. I started working my mouth up and down Curt’s cock. He was squirming in his seat and moaning loudly.

“Baby that’s it. You keep that up I am going to give you what you want.”

What I wanted was the keys to the mustang. So what if I had to swallow a load of cum to get it. A girl knows how to get what she wants.

When I raked my nails up and down Curt’s inner thighs he all but screamed.


I was prepared when the first shot of cum hit the back of my mouth. I pulled my mouth back a little and mardin escort finished milking his cock by moving my hand up and down the length. When I had milked Curt dry I stood up and grabbed the key and headed out the door.


I was only like 15 minutes late when I drove up to Julie’s apartment. She came out to meet me wearing the sexiest green dress. It was low cut and came down to mid thigh. She was wearing black hose and heels. God she looked hot with her blonde hair tied back into a ponytail.

Julie is 5’3″, well 5’6″ in the heels she was wearing. She was thin, only 115 pounds. She had blue eyes to go with her long blonde hair. She had nice 34 C breasts and hers were natural.

I could not help but stare as she slide into the passenger seat and the hem of her dress slide up her thigh. I caught myself licking my lips. When she seen my reaction she just giggled and patted my thigh.

“I guess you like what you see?”

“God Yes Julie, you are hot!!!”

“So are you sweetie. I can’t wait to have fun later, but I am starving, lets get something to eat first them do some shopping.”

I smiled at her, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

We ate at a local upscale chain restaurant then hit the mall. Since it was Friday evening the mall was packed with teenagers. It was making me nervous because I recognized some of them from school. We were getting a lot of long looks and some very lustful stares. I tried to convince myself that it was because we were two hot girls and not because they recognized who I really was.

After a couple of hours shopping and flirting with cute guys we ended up in the lingerie store. All the sexy panties, bras, teddies, garter belts and stockings. I know it is cliche but I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to try on everything.

Julie picked out two lacy baby doll nighties. one red and one hot pink, and lead me to the dressing room. An older sales woman gave us a weird look as we both went into the same dressing room. As soon as the door was shut Julie pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me deep. We share a passionate kiss as our tongues explored each others mouth.

Her hand went under my skirt and started rubbing my small cock through may panties and hose. In seconds I was rock hard. We continued to make out as she rubbed and squeezed my cock. When her hand slipped inside of my panties and I felt her fingers wrap around my cock it was all I could do to keep from shooting a load right then.

Julie took me to the edge then stopped. She broke our kiss and sat on the small bench in the dressing room. She raised the hem of her dress and spread her legs. Oh my God, she was not wearing panties, just pantyhose.

I wanted to cum so bad but I wanted to please Julie. I got on my knees and started kissing her thighs and licking my way up to her pussy. I did not even bother to pull down her sheer hose but started licking her hot pussy through them.

Julie was starting to squirm and moan. She lifted her hips and I pulled her hose down to her knees. She reached down to spread her pussy to allow me better access. I started darting my tongue in and out.

Julie put her hand behind my head forcing my mouth tight against her crotch. I was licking the folds of pussy and flicking my tongue over her clit. She told me to start concentrating on her clit as started grinding her cunt against my face.

Julie started moaning louder, “So close, God I am so fucking close.”

If there was anyone in the other dressing room or just outside ours, I knew they had to hear what was going on. I started licking and sucking Julie’s clit. When I bit down on her clit she groaned and her hips started bucking wildly. Eventually her body went limp as she collapsed. I continued to lick her pussy and clit until Julie finally pushed me away.

When I stood up She reached out to start stroking my cock again. She bent over to kiss and lick it. I could not hold back any longer and when she took the head into her mouth I started cumming. Julie stood up and kissed me forcing my cum into my mouth. We shared a sexy sloppy kiss as I licked my own cum from the inside of her mouth.

It took us a few minutes to clean up and redo our makeup. When we exited the dressing room we got quite a few stares as we made out way to the register to pay for our new night gowns. I hope they fit because We never got around to trying them on.

We went back to Julie’s apartment and decided to change into our new nighties, curl up on the couch and watch a movie. I went into the bathroom to change. When I was dressed in my pink lacy top and matching lace panties I thought I looked pretty good, the only thing I did not like was that without my padded bra I was all but flat chested.

When I emerged from the bathroom Julie was already changed into her red teddy and had opened a bottle of wine. She put in some chick flick and we settled on the couch. Between the wine and the fact van escort that I was sitting beside a really sexy girl dressed in lingerie I could not concentrate on the movie.

Soon we were snuggled close and started making out. The movie was boring so Julie asked me if I wanted to watch something hot instead. Of course I agreed. When she popped the DVD in the player I was surprised to see Julie on the big screen. It was a home made video of her and another blonde girl.

Julie said she had to use the little girls room so I gave the video all of my attention. The girls were wearing sexy little black dresses and dancing seductively for the camera. Soon they were making out and undressing each other. after they were undressed and spent several minutes in the 69 position Julie pulled out a strap on dildo. She slide it up her legs ant started fucking the other girl doggy style.

I was so hard that my small cock hurt. I was so intent on watching the video that I did not realize Julie had returned. I was on the couch rubbing my cock through my panties and when I looked up Julie was standing there holding her digital camera and she was wearing the strap on.

She pointed the camera at me and said, “Don’t stop because of me.”

“Uh I don’t know, maybe you should put the camera away.”

Julie just giggled, “Come on, every girl dreams of being a movie star at some point in their life.”

I thought what the heck, We could always delete it later. Besides she was right, the idea of watching a video of myself doing kinky perverted things was an incredible turn on.

I went back to rubbing my hard cock under my panties. Julie continued to film me as I had my eyes closed and was playing with my cock with one hand and started pinching my nipples through my lingerie with the other.

“You had better not cum until I tell you its ok little slut.”

When I opened my eyes to look up at Julie I realized her toy was just inches from my face. It was 10 inches long, thick and shaped like a real cock. I could not resist. I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth. I knew that if I did not stop playing with my cock I would cum so I quit and wrapped my hand around the base of the fake cock.

I was sucking her cock and looking up at the camera. After a couple of minutes Julie ordered me to stop and to stand up. She took my hand and lead me back into the bedroom.

She must have made several recordings in the past because she knew just where to put the camera to catch all the action on and near the bed. She stood me in front of the bed facing her.

Julie reached out and started stroking my small cock. She held it up to the fake cock she was wearing. She pressed them together and continued to move her hand back and forth. I tried to hold back but I could not help it when my cock started spurting cum all over her hand.

“You naughty little slut, I told you not to cum without my permission. Now you need to be punished.”

While she was talking she moved her hand back and forth over her toy coating it with my cum. She ordered me to turn around. She playfully swatted my butt. I jumped when I felt the head of her “cock” push between my ass cheeks.

The toy was coated in my juices but it still hurt as she shoved it into me. Her hands were on my hips pulling my ass back to meet her thrusts. She continued to fuck me like this for several minutes.

She eventually pulled out and told me to clean it for her. I dropped to my knees and licked and sucked the toy clean. When it was spotless, Julie unhooked it and took it off. She pushed me back onto the bed and slide her panties down and off.

I watched as Julie climbed on the bed to straddle my face and lower her wet hot pussy down to my lips. I had no choice but to start licking her cunt. I started tonguing her pussy trying to concentrate on her sensitive clit. I must have been doing a decent job because she was moaning and at one point I heard her all but scream, “OH HELL YEA!!!! EAT MY PUSSY!!!”

She started wildly grinding her sweet pussy all over my mouth and face. She rode my tongue through at least three orgasms before she finally crawled off and collapsed beside of me. Julie giggled and started kissing and licking her juices from my face. We were both pretty worn out and soon we fell a sleep wrapped up in each others arms.

We were still tangled up with each other when the sound of someone beating on her front door woke us up. We were both still dressed in the lingerie we had purchased the night before. I went to the bathroom to freshen up while Julie pulled on a short black robe to answer the door. I heard voices and Julie giggling.

When Julie returned she had a guy with her. It was Devon, a guy that I had met at the same party that I met Julie. Devon is 23 years old and is a 6′ tall black guy, with short black hair and deep brown eyes. I remembered how good it felt to feel his nice 8 inch hard cock in my ass and I could not help but glace ankara escort at his crotch. I could already see a growing bulge.

Julie told me that Devon dropped by from time to time when he wanted to have a little fun. She gave him a playful punch when she said that he usually calls first.

“Hey I was horny and I know you are always ready for a good fuck. I just got lucky that you have a hot friend with you today.”

Julie and Devon started kissing and she pulled his T-shirt over his head to show a muscular sleek body. They resumed kissing as Devon started squeezing Julie’s breasts as she ran her hands over his bare chest. I felt left out so I slide off of the bed to kneel in front of Devon. As they continued to make out I reached up to unbutton and unzip his tight jeans. Devon was not wearing underwear and his hard cock sprang free.

As his pants slide to the floor I grabbed his cock and kissed the head. I started licking the shaft and head of his delicious cock. Julie pulled away and crawled onto the bed and as she slide her panties down she looked at Devon.

“Come on baby, I want that long hard cock deep inside me. Please fuck me!!”

He pulled his cock from my mouth and quickly kicked off his shoes and finished taking off his pants. Crawling onto the bed between Julie’s thighs Devon had no trouble pushing the head of his spit covered cock into her wet pussy.

I sat down in a chair and watched as Devon started fucking Julie hard and deep. As Julie started to lift her hips to meet Devon’s thrusts, I was busy rubbing my small cock through my panties with one hand while I pinched and twisted my nipples with the other.

Devon was grunting each time he thrust into Julie, while Julie was moaning and begging him to fuck her harder. My little cock was throbbing as I watched them go at it like animals.

I was on the verge of shooting my load into my lacy panties, so when Devon screamed he was going to cum and slammed his cock deep inside of Julie it sent me over the edge. After I came down from my orgasm I noticed that Devon had rolled off of Julie and his cock was starting to go soft. Julie looked like she had that well fucked look on her face as she laid there with her eyes closed.

As they rested I slipped out of the bed room and went to get drinks for everyone. After I returned and handed out the cold beers. I could not keep my eyes off of Devon’s cock.

I took a long drag from my beer and then set it on the night stand. I climbed onto the foot of the bed and as Devon sipped his drink I started kissing my way up his muscular black legs. I kissed and licked his thighs then started licking and sucking on his balls. He started getting hard again as I licked the shaft of his cock.

I was just starting to deep throat that delicious cock when he pushed me away. I gave him a disappointed look but he just smiled and got onto his knees. He pushed my face into Julie’s messy cunt and told me that if I wanted to swallow his cum I could lick the load he shot into her pussy.

I started licking around the edges of her slit as I felt Devon move behind me. He put his strong hands around my waist and positioned the head of his cock between my ass cheeks.

I knew what was coming so I took a deep breath and pushed out as I felt the head enter me. I thought I was prepared but it still hurt and I moaned into Julie’s pussy. Her hand was behind my head holding my mouth tight against her as I started licking her juices and Devon’s cum from her cunt.

Devon worked his cock into me slowly. Like I said it hurt at first but soon I felt a warm glow spread from my ass through my whole body. Devon was saying how tight my ass was and how great it felt as he fucked me at a slow steady pace.

I was lapping Julie’s pussy and flicking my tongue over her clit. She must have been enjoying what I was doing because she started grinding her pussy against my face telling me to lick her deeper. I could feel Julie tense up and then her body started to shake as she came hard. I continued to lick for a few minutes until Julie said enough and pushed me away. She went to the bathroom to clean up as Devon continued to fuck me.

With Julie satisfied for the moment I could concentrate on the intense feeling of being fucked by a large cock. Devon was starting to pick up speed and I was starting to push back to meet his thrusts.

As I started to roll my hips Devon moaned and told me what a great fuck I was. I could not help but smile at the compliment. Devon started to fuck me like he fucked Julie. He was starting to ram his cock in and out of me fucking me hard and rough. He was fucking me like I was nothing but a sex object and I was loving every minute of it.

Devon started to slap my ass as he fucked me. Calling me his dirty white sissy whore. The harder he fucked me the harder he slapped my ass. He continued to degrade me by calling me whore, slut. sissy bitch. He surprised me when he reached around to wrap his hand around my small cock and squeeze it.

It just took him touching me to cause me to cum all over his hand. He slammed his cock into me and held it there enjoying the feeling of my ass contracting around his cock as I came. As he held it there he brought his cum covered hand up to my lips and I eagerly licked my cum from his fingers.