Canton County Chronicles Ch. 1


Sherry Haig dipped her hands into the soapy water of her kitchen sink and felt around for her son’s favorite glass. Ethan had purchased it at the Canton County Fair when he was thirteen. It was a huge 44-ounce glass that had a picture of some scantily clad model leaned over a hot rod with flames down the side. The first time she saw it she had told her husband, Arthur, that it was inappropriate and offensive. Arthur just said boys would be boys and before long it became a staple around the house.

That was six years ago, reflected Sherry. As her long slender fingers grasped the edge of the glass she pulled it out of the sink and let the water from the faucet rinse it clear of soap. Turning it slowly in her hand she looked once again at the glass. The young woman model draped over the hood was, Sherry had to admit, a very attractive woman. A little too much makeup, perhaps, but she had an incredible body. She could imagine her son finding this glass, in his current hormonal state, very arousing.

Suddenly her mind filled with images of her son lying in bed, his hand gripped tightly around his large throbbing cock as he stared intently at the near naked image of the sexy model. Sherry gasped out loud, stunned by the course her mind had suddenly taken.

She had never in her whole life had such a vivid image flash in her thoughts. She could feel her heart pounding and beads of perspiration break out on her forehead. “My God,” she said to herself, “I….I never…”

Sherry, more than a little flustered, left the kitchen and walked across her large well decorated home and into her bedroom. Stopping at her dressing table she looked at herself in the mirror. She was still a very attractive woman, even for being thirty-six years old. Her body had held up fairly well over time, at 5’3″ 125lbs she was a little plumper than when she was a cheerleader at Canton County High School. But, most of those additional pounds were in her now very ample breasts.

After Ethan was born, Sherry’s C-Cup breasts, already a focal point of many men in Canton, had grown to a D-Cup almost overnight. She had expected them to shrink after she had completed breast-feeding, but they hadn’t. Arthur of course loved it. Even though they often looked somewhat disproportional with her small frame, he knew many a man would kill to place their hands on those titties.

Now Sherry stared at herself in the mirror, feeling her heart race and nipples harden. It had been so long since her and Arthur had made love. So long since she had felt a man inside her. He was so busy being the town’s chief financial offer that he never had time for her anymore. That could explain why, she thought, she had just had such lewd thoughts about her own son, she needed a man in her bed again.

Sherry closed her eyes and imagined herself with Arthur. Feeling his rough skin against hers. His firm hard body pressed tightly to her. As her mind wandered down the erotic path, she reached up and slowly untied the straps to her sundress. With her neck leaned back, and her mouth slightly parted, she flicked the final strap and felt the tiny white dress slip to her feet. Opening her eyes she looked once again at herself in the mirror. Her large heavy breasts and their big round nipples, her slim waist and curvy hips, all reminded her that she was still an incredible woman. She reached up and slowly slid her hand down across her trim abdomen, while at the same time slightly parting her legs slightly. As she touched her now very wet pussy, she felt her body tingle with pleasure.

In the distance part of her mind she could hear herself moan in pleasure as she slowly slid her index finger up into the tight hot confines of her pussy.

Sherry realized that she needed a full release, she was way too far gone to stop now. She quickly turned and ran over to her bed…

Scott Wheeler walked around the side of Ethan Haig’s house looking for his glove. Earlier that day he and Ethan had been playing catch. Ethan’s Mom had bitched them out for knocking the old green tennis ball they used against the house and waking the baby, so they had decided to run over to Jenny Tripelo’s house and play Nintendo instead.

Ethan had a thing for Jenny so when they started acting all sweet on each other Scott made a quick exit. Watching them kiss and play wrestle with each other had got Scott flustered. He would love to be with a girl like Jenny, but Scott was generally seen as a geek. It seemed the only time girls would even talk to him was to ask if they could copy his homework, or they would ask him to convey some heartfelt message to Ethan for them. So he figured he’d leave them be and go recover his glove which he had left outside the Haig’s house.

As he neared the spot where his glove lay he heard a strange sound, like a moan or something. So he walked over to one of the windows and looked inside.

Too his amazement he saw Mrs. Haig laid out naked on her big canopy bed. Her eyes were closed and she had izmir escort knocked several of the expensive white lace overstuffed pillows on the floor. Her legs were spread wide and she was sliding the index finger of her right hand in and out of her pussy.

“Holy Fuck!” Scott whispered.

This was unbelievable, his best friend’s Mom, and the woman he had jacked off to probably a hundred times was fucking friggin herself in plain view. Scott felt his cock spring to attention as he watched the tits he had dreamed about for years rock rhythmically on her chest as she lifted her hips to meet her thrusting finger. He could hear her soft moans of pleasure through the open window.

Sherry could feel the wave of her orgasm approaching. It had been several months since she had done this, and the built up passion that had laid dormant for so long was now ready to burst. She bit her lower lip and reached up with her left hand to grip the soft pillow that lay beneath her head. Her mind raced with images of her making love to Arthur, feeling the man she loved driving his shaft deep into her body, making her groan and beg for more.

Then she thought of how her husband had forgotten her, left her without sex for so long, and the face became blank. In her mind her husband was gone, and it was the faceless form of a stranger plunging his massive cock into her. This image suddenly pushed her over the brink, she felt her toes curl and her inner thigh muscles tighten wildly as her orgasm raced from her loins throughout her body.

“Oh Jesus!” She screamed between clenched teeth, shaking her short sandy blonde head in convulsive pleasure.

She began thrusting her hips up into the air, lifting her tightly clenched ass clear off the bed as she exploded in pleasure.

Scott, by this point, had reached into his pants and pulled out his cock and was now stroking it furiously. Never in his life had he witnessed such a scene. He imagined his cock dipping into her soft pussy with the same abandon as her own glistening finger now did. He imagined Mrs. Haig telling him to fuck her, telling him to drive HIS cock into her like the stud he was. Scott felt his loins lurch in pleasure, felt the familiar feeling of semen rush through his shaft, just as it had a hundred times before, when after school, alone in his room he had jacked off to his Dad’s old playboy magazines.

Only this time it was so much more intense, so much more pleasurable. Scott threw his head back and felt his semen shoot from the plump head of his cock. He felt his knees weaken and nearly collapse beneath him.

“Yeah Bitch,” he hissed, “take my cock!”

“What?” He heard a female voice say in some distant part of his consciousness.

“Oh my God, what are you doing!”

Scott’s eyes burst open in surprise only to see Mrs. Haig on her feet hastily trying to cover her naked form with a big pillow as she looked directly at him and his now visible cum covered cock and hand.

Scott tried to run but realized his pants and belt were now down around his ankles and his sneakers made it impossible for him to get out of the pants. As he jerked back and tried to turn around for some kind of cover he lost his footing and fell painfully to the ground.

“Aaagghh!” He screamed as he felt a harsh burning sensation on his backside.

Rolling over on his side, while still gripping his sticky cock protectively, he looked down and saw that he had fallen on one of Lisa’s toys. Lisa was the Haig’s youngest daughter, she was twelve, and apparently still played with Barbie’s Sports Corvette, because the little plastic steering wheel was imbedded in Scott’s ass.

“Oh Fuck!” he yelled, “That fucking hurts.”

Sherry Haig ran to the window when she heard Scott scream in pain. At first she had been unsure who had been looking at her, since the sunlight from behind Scott had temporarily left him in a dark silhouette. But after her eyes had adjusted she realized it was Ethan’s friend Scott. Still it had taken her a minute to reconcile her recognition of him, with the fact that he had his dick out and was masturbating against the side of her house. As she looked out the window, all the while trying to carefully cover herself with the pillow, she looked down to see Scott sprawled across the ground with tears in his eyes and some kind of object sticking out of his butt.

Sherry wasn’t sure what to do. Should she call the police? The scandal in the small town of Canton would be huge. She could already hear the rumor mill churning, “Did you here about Arthur Haig’s wife, she got caught masturbating by a eighteen year old boy.” No, she thought, the police were out of the question.

She could just close the window and ignore him. That seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how badly Scott was hurt, or how long he may lay their half-naked. It would not be long before one of her neighbors noticed.

She figured she had mersin escort no choice, she had to remain quiet, go outside and bring him in, see how bad he was injured, and then convince him not to tell anyone.

Scott continued to squirm on the ground.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he whispered under his breath, “I am fucking fucked.” Scott assumed that at any moment the police would be coming to get him. His mind reeled with the thought of having to explain this to his parents, much less the impending harassment of his classmates.

Then, suddenly, he felt someone drop a sheet over him. He looked up through watery eyes to see Mrs. Haig, dressed in a big terry cloth robe, leaning over him and helping him to his feet.

“Come on, ” she said softly, “let’s get you inside before someone sees you.” Scott managed to pull himself, and his jeans, up enough to begin the short walk to the Haig’s back door. He felt his face flush with shame over what had happened. He was till gripping his now limp cock protectively. He found he could not even look at Mrs. Haig’s face he was so mortified with embarrassment.

As they got through the back door, Sherry guided him into the laundry room. The room was very small, about the size of a walk-in closet. It had a washer and dryer that took up a lot of space, as well as an open-the-top freezer that left little room to move around. Sherry patted her hand on the freezer to and signaled Scott to ease himself on top.

Scott managed to get up and lay on his side, his bare butt exposed to Mrs. Haig.

“Looks like you got stabbed,” Sherry said in a calming voice as she looked at the little plastic object sticking out his right butt cheek,” but don’t worry its not very deep. We’ll just clean it off and add a little Hydrogen Peroxide and you will be good as new.”

Sherry left the room and started running hot water on a wash rag. She thought to herself that Scott seemed more embarrassed over the whole thing than she did. She was glad of that, maybe then he wouldn’t tell people what he had seen.

Scott heard Sherry come back in. He was turned the other way and couldn’t see her, so he was caught by surprise when she pulled out the little plastic steering wheel with a quick jerk.

“Owww!” He yelped, but he realized quickly that the pain was subsiding. Sherry then began washing the area with the washcloth. She was surprised to discover only a little red puncture spot was left. She then poured some peroxide over it and covered it with a bandage.

“Ok,” she said to Scott, “Sit up and face me.”

Scott turned over and sat up, wincing just a bit as his butt touched the cold surface of the freezer top. He looked up and saw that Mrs. Haig’s robe had fallen open slightly and was now showing an ample amount of cleavage. He felt his cock throb, as the blood rushed once again through his shaft. Sherry didn’t realize he was looking at her breasts, she just figured he was too ashamed to look her in the eye.

“Scott,” she said, “you know you should not have been spying on me, don’t you?”

Scott felt his dick lurch once again as he thought about what he had seen. Mrs. Haig, sprawled out naked on her bed, fingering that sweet pussy.

“Yes.” He said meekly.

When Scott reached up and tried to cover himself with his left hand as well, Sherry realized he was still holding his sticky cock. She thought to herself of how embarrassed he must feel right now.

“Wait here,” she said, and went out to get another warm wash cloth. When she returned she grasped the warm wet cloth in her right hand and used her left hand too push aside Scott’s hands from his penis.

“Oh my!” She squealed, as Scott’s hard cock sprung free.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Haig,” Scott whispered, “I can’t help it”

Sherry stepped back, momentarily, to get her bearings. His cock wasn’t huge, but it was like an iron pole sticking up from between his legs. “Its OK,” she said breathlessly trying to retain some composure, “its nothing to be ashamed of. But, we do need to clean you up a little.” Sherry then reached down and encased his sticky cock in the warm wet confines of the wash cloth. She could feel the hard shaft throb in her palm, and Scott let out a muffled groan of pleasure.

Never taking her eyes off his cock, Sherry began to slowly wash it clean, gripping his cock in the washcloth as she rubbed it up and down. She knew she was driving the young man crazy, but there was something so erotic about it, so utterly forbidden. She watched as Scott’s hips began to rise with each soft stroking of his cock.

Scott was in heaven. He closed his eyes and threw his head back in ecstasy. Dear God, he prayed, don’t let her stop. He felt the warm cloth slide further down until his balls were cupped comfortably in her palm. He looked down only to see her face inches away from his cock head, her nice red succulent lips slightly parted.

Sherry had leaned in, curious about the sakarya escort pre-cum that had begun oozing from the tip of Scott’s cock. She reached out with her right hand and wrapped her long slender fingers directly around his shaft. Flesh to flesh, she could feel the heat emanating from his dick. She then reached up with her thumb and rubbed the pre-cum around the fleshy head.

Coming to her senses, Sherry opened her mouth and started to tell Scott that he was all cleaned up, when she felt his hand grasping the hair on the back of her head.

“What are mmmppphhh…” Suddenly Sherry felt Scott’s cock slide across her lips and into her mouth. Before she could get her bearings the head of Scott’s cock was lodged in the opening of her throat.

Scott stared down, amazed at the sight of Mrs. Haig’s lips wrapped tightly around his cock. Her mouth was so hot, he could feel her tongue swirling around the bottom of his shaft as she tried to talk. He could not believe what he had just done, but when he had seen her soft lips so close to his dick something primal had taken over. In a flash he had grabbed her head and shoved his cock right in her mouth. He felt suddenly ashamed of what he had done. He knew that he was in real trouble now.

But, just as he began to think about the consequences of his actions he realized that his cock was still in her mouth. In fact, she had quit struggling and he began to sense a slight sucking feeling on his dick. He looked down to see Mrs. Haig beginning to slowly bob her head up and down his shaft. The pleasure he was feeling was incredible, his cock trapped in the seething confines of her mouth, but it could not surpass the elation he had in realizing that she was willingly sucking him off.

Scott began to slowly push his hips forward, pushing more and more of his cock into her mouth. To his amazement she did not do anything to stop him. If anything, the more forceful he became the more she struggled to please him. In just a few moments she had gone from his best friend’s Mom, to this sexy slut slurping on his cock with abandon.

Sherry’s faced was flushed red with shame, but she could not seem to stop herself. The feel of this young man’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth had unleashed a torrent of pent up passion. At first she had been so surprised to find a cock resting in her mouth that she had not reacted, but then something base and wanton had taken hold. The feel of Scott’s hand as he grasped the hair on the back of her head, and the rush of feeling his cock forced between her lips, had made her feel so sexy and submissive. It was like being a teenager all over again. Sherry was soon on her knees anxiously blowing him with the same passion she had only ever reserved for her husband.

“Take off your robe,” Scott whispered.

Sherry groaned in acknowledgment of his command, and without taking her mouth of his thrusting shaft, removed her robe. She kept her eyes squeezed shut, as if opening them would bring forth the reality of the situation, that she was naked on her knees giving a blowjob to a high school senior in the laundry room of her own house.

Scott’s mind reeled in pleasure as he looked down and saw Mrs. Haig’s massive tits sway with the bobbing of her head. They were so huge and perfect, he thought to himself. They reminded him of two large cantaloupes.

They had a natural sag to them that made them even more beautiful, and the nipples were the size of silver dollars.

Scott wanted more though, he wanted to look right in her face and see his cock shoved between those sexy red lips. So he reached down and lifted her chin with his hand.

Sherry sensed what he wanted, knew he wanted to see her open her eyes and look at him, her mouth full of his cock, her cheeks and chin covered with saliva. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up. Their eyes locked, and they both realized that this would not be the last time.

Seeing her naked on her knees, her bright green eyes staring up at him in submissive lust, was too much for Scott, he began to thrust his hips harder against her face in an uncontrolled fever. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tight to his crotch, watching her eyes spring open in surprise, until he felt her nose in his pubic hair.

“MMMMpppphh!” Sherry groaned, gagging as his cock slipped clear down her throat. He pulled back slightly, only to plunge his cock even deeper. Sherry could feel his balls slap her chin with each thrust.

Then she felt the cock swell. She knew he was about to cum, but she did not pull away, instead she locked her lips tight around his shaft and reached up to tickle his ball sac with her long fingernails.

“Oh Jeeeesssuuuussss…!” Screamed Scott has he felt his semen rush through his loins like an oil well bursting free. He let go of Sherry’s hair and leaned back slightly, bracing himself against the freezer top as waves of pleasure racked through his skinny frame.

Sherry pulled her head back slightly, leaving just the first few inches of his cock resting on her slick tongue, so she could reach up and jerk on his shaft with her hand. After just a few strokes she felt his cum shoot across her mouth. In seconds her mouth was so full of his gooey seed she had to release his cock and gulp down the first batch.