Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 01


Derrière, culo, butt, ass, bottom. Call it whatever you want, but since my teenage years I’ve had a very unhealthy obsession with a woman’s behind.

From the time I convinced my parents to take the parental control restriction away from the internet, I spent hours and hours on the internet looking at pictures. Not necessarily porn but just pictures of ladies wearing tight yoga pants.

Being painfully shy and being a virgin until I was eighteen, I simply had no idea what do with my obsession for a very long time apart from masturbate to Literotica stories under the anal and fetish categories.

I sacrificed many boxes of tissues reading about men sniffing, kissing, rimming and fucking tight assholes of their girlfriends and wives.

Regardless of the amount of stories I read about many ladies liking anal play and anal sex, I was convinced no one in real life would let me do all the things my dirty mind wanted to do.

So finally when I met Maria and we started dating I was so freaked out about any negative reactions she may have regarding my ass fantasies; I played the perfect gentleman with her. My hands hardly went below her waist and when we did finally make love it was the classic missionary position and was over within 10 mins.

I’ve finally managed to see a girl naked and have sex, but I was just way too shy to ask her to turn around so I could admire her naked bottom and rim her asshole. Fuck my life!

Having spoken to a few like-minded individuals on the web, I resisted their instructions of speaking to Maria about my obsessions. My mind simply could not accept the fact a normal girl like Maria would let me do all the dirty things to her ass.

I’m just so glad all this changed within a year….

During the time I was dating Maria she had an Indian roommate. Priya was a classic South Asian beauty. She had long dark hair almost reaching her butt, a lovely petite body and a cute face. I would bump into her every time when I would go to pick Maria up and she’ll just give me one of those cute shy smiles as I would wave goodbye to her.

Although I found her very attractive, I hardly paid any attention to her for two reasons. One, because I was always preoccupied with how to approach the subject of ass-play with Maria and secondly Maria had told me how Priya had mentioned to her numerous times her parents are strictly against Priya dating while at University. Strange if you ask me but I just assumed that was the Asian culture and didn’t think anymore of it.

Being such a cool roommate, Priya had no issues when Maria asked her if I could spend the night with her at their place. This worked well for me as I had just moved out from home and my current flat simply was not suitable for me to entertain a lady.

One of my Literotica buddies advised me to start sniffing my girlfriend’s panties to satisfy my urge until I found the guts to speak to her.

So suddenly staying over at Maria’s place worked perfectly as I would wait until Maria excused herself to go to the bathroom and I would quickly search her room for a pair of used panties and stuff it quickly into my pocket to smell later. Once home, I would leave it on my face and sniff it and lick it as I played with myself. I found the best panties to “Borrow” were the ones that she had worn for her gym sessions as the smell was a lot muskier and stronger. Warm days were also a jackpot!

I also loved stealing her white or light coloured panties as usually there will be light stain where her asshole must have rested. I found I always ejaculated the hardest when that stain was prominent as it meant a stronger smell which turned me on the most.

Most of the times when I am about to cum I would move the panties Bayan Eskort from my face to my cock and cum into them. I would always hand wash them properly and take them back the next time I was around Maria’s place so she never suspected a thing.

If I thought this would satisfy my animalistic desire I was wrong. The more I smelled and jerked off to her panties the more frustrated I got. I found the sex to be boring and I was getting tired of the missionary position. When I plucked the desire one night to go down on her I was quickly shot down by Maria and that embarrassment caused me to lose my erection. Not cool when you are only nineteen!

On the other hand I was noticing Priya more and more. I found the more time I spent around Priya the more relaxed she became. So much so she started wearing shorts and skimpy T-shirts while I was there. Now this presented a dilemma for me as I started to realise her ass was simply to die for. It was slightly large for her body and pushed out nicely when she stood up. I spent so much time staring at her bottom, especially when she wore small shorts, I began to realise her ass had to be slightly darker than the rest of her body.

To prove my theory, I started watching Indian porn and realised Indian girls did have a darker ass and pussy compared to the rest of their body. Whenever she joined Maria and me on the sofa, my white skin next to her beautiful tanned skin was also a major turn on for me.

One thing that really surprised me about Priya was the amount of alcohol she could drink. Man for a shy Indian girl, she sure could hold her drink. We would get a bottle of Tequila and more often than not Priya would outdrink me for the night. Countless times Maria would tease me how her tiny roommate kicks my ass when it comes to drinking games.

I didn’t mind as the more they drank, the chirpier the girls became and they both would get very touchy feely with me. I swear I got a couple of seductive glances from Priya when Maria would lean in for a snog while the three of us chilled out in the lounge.

I also found Priya was so used to seeing me at their flat day and night, she started leaving her clothes around especially in the bathroom. This presented me with my next opportunity as I would wait until Priya got ready in the morning for university and then run to the bathroom after she left in the hope of finding some of her clothes.

She was such a lazy girl she often ran late for classes so quite often I would at least find a pair of shorts lying in the bathroom. Although Priya’s shorts did not emit the strong smell as Maria’s panties, it was still something I enjoyed as just imagining this piece of garment was hugging this beautiful Indian girl’s ass only a few minutes ago was such a turn on.

Finally a few weeks later I got lucky and found a pair of used panties just after Priya had changed. With trembling hands, I picked the white panties up and turned them inside out. I moaned to myself as I saw a wet stain where her pussy would have been and slight beige line on the back of the panties. Just the anticipation alone had given me a massive hard on. I brought the front of the panty to my nose and inhaled. The smell was so much stronger compared to her usual shorts. I brought it to my lips and licked the wet stain ever so lightly.

I realised my whole body was trembling as I turned the panties around. My hand trembling increased as I brought the panties back up to my nose. I resisted the urge to moan again as the pungent smell of Priya’s ass filled my nostrils. I let my tongue trace the crease line as I closed my eyes and imagined this beautiful girl’s ass on my face. For the first time in my life, I realised I was about to cum without touching my cock.

I gritted my teeth to stop myself from yelling as I grabbed my cock as my cum boiled over and I came all over my left hand. I quickly placed the panties back where they were and quickly cleaned myself before I joined my girlfriend for breakfast. The evil side of me was glad as I pulled Maria in for a kiss knowing very well only a few minutes ago my lips were on Priya’s panties.

Since then occasionally I would get lucky with Priya’s panties in the mornings and that truly made the rest of my day. I resisted the urge to take them with me as I did not want to get caught. However, that meant I spent a few minutes in the morning smelling them as I jerked off. I found the orgasms I had when I jerked off smelling Priya’s panties were a hundred times better than when I ejaculated inside Maria in our customary missionary fuck.

I realised my ass fetish had reached a new level one day as I realised Priya has just had a bowel movement just before she left the flat. As soon as I walked in to the bathroom I could smell the pungent smell masked with the air freshener she must have applied after doing the deed.

Almost on autopilot, I shut the window to make sure none of the smell left the small bathroom. I quickly searched around and realised I’d gotten lucky again as I saw her panties on the side with the top and shorts. I quickly reached for them and turned them inside around.

The smell in the room and the panties gave me a hard on in record time. I quickly undressed and sniffed the bottom of Priya’s panties as I rubbed my boner. Wanting more, I opened the toilet lid and knelt near it and sniffed the bowl as I massaged her panties on to my cock. I imagined her tight asshole expanding as I covered my cock with her panties and jerked off. I came hard in record time into her panties as I took another deep breath of the toilet bowl.

I used a tissue to clean as much cum as I could from the panty and left it back where I found it. Part of me was shocked at my action as I for one never had a toilet fetish. Yes, I knew what assholes were made for and what the smell is associated to, but I had no idea I could come this hard simply by smelling the remains of the deposit left by a beautiful girl.

I had the time of my life for the next three months by jerking off to Priya’s panties in the morning and to Maria’s panties in the evening. Little did I know the next chapter to my ass fetish was only a few days away.

It was another Friday evening when Maria asked me to come over. I had already plans to go out with a couple of my lads so I told her I’ll probably be there by 11pm. As usual, by the time I have had a few Guinness I realised it was already half past eleven. By the time I caught the taxi and got to Maria’s flat it was nearing midnight.

As the lights were switched off I used the key my girlfriend had given me and eased myself into the flat. Walking in to Maria’s bedroom, I noticed she was fast asleep. A quick look at the empty Tequila bottle in the lounge confirmed the girls had been drinking again and my girlfriend being the light drinker was probably passed out for the night.

Slightly disappointed as I was hoping for some action I peeled my T-shirt and pants off and headed to the loo for a quick pee before hitting the bed.

As I walked out of Maria’s bedroom, I noticed Priya’s bedroom door being slightly open. Not sure if it was the alcohol or just plain stupidity, I decided to quietly slip inside. The fact I was only in my boxer shorts and how inappropriate that might look in case she was awake simply did not register in my mind.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed her lying on her bed with her face towards the wall. She must have been so drunk or warm she was simply lying on top of the duvet as compared to under it.

My eyes quickly scanned her clothing and I nearly moaned out loud as I noticed she was only wearing a skimpy t-shirt and panties. With a thumping heart, I walked towards her. On the floor her shorts and a bra was discarded, which confirmed she must have been pretty drunk or at least tipsy when she went to bed.

Finally the object of my desire was at arm’s reach. Once I reached close to her bed I knelt down to take a closer look at her bottom. By now my eyes were well adjusted to the darkness of the room and I memorised every curve of her bottom.

Now or never I told myself as I gently touched her hips and lightly shook her. She was pretty much dead to the world.

My hard on was threatening to tear my boxers as I brought my nose close to her bottom and took a sniff. Again I resisted the urge to moan out loud as I spent what felt like hours moving my nose around her ass crack inhaling her intimate smell.

After a while, I started getting bolder and I placed my nose right on top of her panty covered ass crack and took a deep sniff. The sudden hit of the musky, sweaty smell almost made me cream my pants. The animal inside me wanted me to simply tear her panties and shove my tongue into her asshole, while the coward inside me wanted to run outside as fast as I could.

I resisted both urges and ever so gently pulled her panties away from her ass crack. Once convinced she was not waking up, I gently pried her ass cheeks apart. I so wished I could see her asshole but it was simply too dark for a visual image.

Instead I brought my nose back in and took a quick sniff. The musky smell was a lot more prominent and I felt a few asshole hairs tickling my nose. I ignored the minor irritation and opened her ass cheeks a bit wider and took long deep breaths. I was getting so turned on my nose was literally on her asshole and my mouth was very close to her partly covered pussy lips.

I simply couldn’t resist any longer and I moved my mouth towards her puckering hole and stuck my tongue out. I froze as I felt her stir ever so lightly as my tongue touched her asshole.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how this may have looked if she had woken up to see me kneeling down with a tongue up her ass.

Once I knew she had gone back to her Tequila induced coma, I started to gently move my tongue over her asshole. The more I tasted her ass, the more I wanted. I started by licking it up and down as if my life depended on it until my tongue started to tire, then I hardened my tongue and gently started to poke her asshole like a tiny cock.

I simply couldn’t get enough of her taste and I was so turned on I slipped my boxers off and started jerking off with my left hand as I continued my attack on her asshole. Passed out or not, I could feel her body responding to my stimulation as my chin began to get coated by her pussy juice.

Just as I was reaching the point of no return, I reached down and gave her pussy a long lick as I came hard in my hands. I swear I heard a moan from Priya as I shuddered uncontrollably due to cumming so hard. I kept on sniffing her asshole as I continued gently rubbing my cock.

I was so turned my hard on refused to go down even after such a powerful orgasm. The wet noise of my cum filled hands was getting too risky so I reluctantly stopped and wiped my hands on my boxers that were on the floor as I gave her asshole one last lick before standing up quietly.

I licked my lips tasting her pussy juice and ass for one final time that night as I picked up my boxers and slipped away from her room.

Just as I got to the door I thought I heard her stir however, convinced she was still asleep I walked out and in to my girlfriends room.

To be continued…