I Love Women in Panties Ch. 02


Following my awakening to the joys of panties granted to me by Sally and her friends whilst on my sick bed, life carried on pretty much as normal over the next few months with Sally and her friends, or did it? Was it my imagination or were the girl’s hemlines just a little bit shorter than they had been previously when they were in the house? It seemed so to me, as I was regularly getting panty flashes in fairly ordinary scenarios, of course it could have been that I was just paying more attention and looking for the opportunity to get an eyeful.

My heightened vigilance was probably the truth of the situation and it wasn’t just Sally and friends I was paying attention to! Any female in my line of sight was fair game, and I soon became an expert at finding places where a flash of panty was possible.

I was now approaching my 19th birthday, and still had a close relationship with my sister, but sadly slightly more from a distance as she had moved out to her own flat now, and meant I did not see her as regularly as I used to. Jenny had moved abroad with her parents, I was so sad to see Jenny go, as it was she who had helped me realise my love of panties on that day as she sat in my bedroom.

Whilst fascinated by panties, it was always about seeing them being worn by a women that I loved. I never had any particular desire to dig through the linen basket looking for my sister’s dirty panties to hold to my face and breathe in stale pussy. However, I would and still do enjoy burying my face in a pair of panties that are still being worn, damp from the warm sex that they cover or soaked after I have been chewing and licking the pussy they enclose.

I did however go through my sister’s panty drawer on more than one occasion, as I wasn’t exactly getting close to that many other girls’ panties. Although at least I was no longer a virgin, even if I had not really reached the levels of Casanova just yet! If Sally ever had any of her friends round to stay I would always try to have a rummage through their overnight bag to see what panties they had brought with them. This way I could visualise them wearing the ones I had handled. White cotton was always common, but this was the seventies and there were all sorts of colourful nylon and silky panties and they were all bikini briefs. To this day this style is still my favourite, there is always a little bit of bum crack showing and they enhance the roundness of a lovely bottom.

So, as I said earlier it was coming up to my birthday and I had plans to go out on the Saturday night with my then girlfriend, who, whilst adorable and pretty and made me horny as hell, I was not getting very far with. I’d had my hands on her bra covered tits and her panty covered arse but it was always in the dark and I had never laid my eyes on her underwear at all.

I came home from school one evening and Sally was sitting at the kitchen table there chatting to mum, I stopped and chatted with them for a while then went up to my room. Sally came up about 15 minutes later walked in to my room and flopped onto my bed, while I continued to sit at my desk doing some homework. Sally nearly always wore impossibly short skirts and dresses, so when I turned round to talk to her as she lay on my bed, it was impossible for me not have a substantial view of her panties, the hem of the dress she was wearing was virtually up around her waist and her pale blue panty covered mound was there for all to see.

Sally was now 20 about 5’7″ with long legs and 34C boobs and despite the fact she was my sister was a sight to behold as she lay there.

“So you still enjoy looking up girls’ skirts then? On the lookout for a flash of panty, eh little brother?” she said laughing.

I laughed “That’s hardly a flash is it Sis, you’re dress is virtually up around your waist with all of tomorrows washing on view”

We both started laughing as she altyazılı porno stood up and pulled her dress down and sat back on the bed.

“Spoilsport” I said

“So you’re still interested your sister’s panties then are you? What would Mum say if she knew you were lusting after your sister? Hmmm? Shall we ask her?”

“Don’t be such a cow! I’m not lusting after you as you well know!” I replied

Again she laughed “So the bulge in your trousers has nothing to do with me then?”

“Oh come on you know full well, that whenever I’ve seen you in your underwear I imagine someone else in the room with me” I said squirming just a little.

I did have to admit, even to myself, Sally was looking hot, and on this occasion, it was Sally and no one else that was creating the bulge I my pants.

“Any way enough of this, what are you doing for your birthday? I want to organise when I can give you your present” she asked

“I’m going out with Hilary and a few friends on Saturday, although I have already been warned that no one can stay out late, so I guess it will be a bit tame!” I said

“Then why don’t you come over to mine afterwards? I’ll give you your present and we can have a chill out day on Sunday? I might even be able to persuade Diane and Julie to come over, it’ll be like old times again” she asked.

“That sounds like fun, but surely you’ve all got better things to do on a Saturday night?” I replied.

“Oh we can keep our selves amused having a girly night in and a drink and a while we wait for you, so don’t worry about us” She replied

“OK sounds like a plan then” I said

“Cool” she said getting up and coming over to me and draping her arms around me, “Beer or wine, which do you prefer?” she asked

“Um, I don’t think I really mind” I replied. “I haven’t really got a particular taste for either just yet.

“Ok, leave it to me then” with that she kissed the top of my head, ruffled my hair and left. “See you on Saturday” she called as she went back down stairs.

So my birthday celebration looked like it could be fun after all, most of the evening in the local disco with my friends and a bit of a party round at Sally’s after.

Saturday morning was spent opening cards and a few prezzies, Mum cooked a full blown breakfast which was only ever happened as a treat in our house. I went round to see some of my mates and whiled away the afternoon listening to music and talking girls, overstating how far we’d all managed to get with them, if you listened to us we were the biggest studs in town shagging everything in a skirt! Nothing unusual there then!

I went home to get myself ready for the evening, a quick shower and then into my best shirt and flares! Hey it was the 70’s! And I was convinced I looked cool, although I cringe when I look back at the photos now. Dad dropped me at Sally’s flat so that I could drop off my bag and then walked into town and met my girlfriend at the Disco.

Hilary was looking hot in a very tight top and suede mini skirt with a zip up the front; I hugged and kissed her like only a hormone enraged young man can, of course groping my way around her curvaceous body.

“Whoa, there Mike, let’s wait till we get in the dark shall we?” she said laughing.

Now for me and my friends the disco wasn’t somewhere you went because you wanted to be the next John Travolta! It was somewhere to observe the female of the species, to try and find a girlfriend and to lust over the untouchable beauties who knew full well you were lusting after them! One only ended up on the dance floor with either your girlfriend or on the way over to who you hoped might be your next girlfriend. It always brings a smile to my face when I consider how optimistic we were in those days, never believing that any girl could possibly say no to our unbelievable charms!

However I had zenci porno my girl of the moment and once in the disco promptly continued where I had left off outside as Hilary and I sat in a dark corner oblivious to all around us. I was doing OK as well, one hand on the bare flesh under her top and was trying to wheedle my hand under her bra, was I finally going to get a feel of her tits al last? It certainly seemed promising at first, although there was some resistance with my hand being gently placed on TOP of her bra, it wasn’t with too much conviction. My other hand was slowly finding its way up Hilary’s skirt also approaching uncharted territory; I’d had my hand on her panty covered bum many times but never her pussy. I had almost reached the intended target, when my two so called friends dropped on the seating next to us following an unsuccessful hunting trip on the dance floor.

“They don’t know what they’re missing out on, they really don’t!” said Paul.

“Oh I think they probably do!” Laughed Hilary, I had of course stopped my voyage of discovery to her hidden parts rather hastily on their arrival. I couldn’t believe their timing, so close to the honey pot! Life was cruel sometimes, and so were the trousers I was wearing! Anyone old enough to remember will know how tight they were in those days and how they did not leave any room for a rampant boner! So while I continued to surreptitiously readjust myself Hilary stood up announcing it was time for a dance.

“Oh brilliant! Thanks guys” I said as I was dragged up to the dance floor.

The only saving grace of the dance floor was the amount of gyrating female flesh it contained, my dance moves were nothing to be proud of, in fact they were truly nothing! I tended to stand and sway with the music as opposed to dance as such but then that was the same for most guys so I got away with it. Apart from being surrounded by bobbing and swaying girls there was one other joy of a 70’s disco, and that was ultra violet light the DJ would put on for a few minutes at a time. This was the point in the evening when the girls discovered whether they had put the right clothes on that evening and maybe regretted the choice of white panties and bras they had worn under flimsy outer clothing.

For those of you that don’t know, with ultra violet light, everything white shines out like a beacon, a white shirt or blouse suddenly appears as if it has back lighting and a white bra lights up through a dark or thin blouse. Hilary was OK with her panties, the light wasn’t going to penetrate her suede skirt, but her bra lit up like a neon sign. It was not a good thing to have dandruff when the UV light was on either, but let’s not spoil the image for now. Now for a few minutes, there was a dance floor full of iridescent bras, panties, blinding white jeans, blouses and tops. It was brilliant in every sense of the word, especially for a panty freak like me; the light was never on long enough for my liking.

Hilary and I left the dance floor and went back to the darkened corner, I hoped, to resume where we had left off before being interrupted by Paul & Dave, which wasn’t really their fault as in truth we were all supposed to be out together after all! It’s just that I had other things on my mind and had come so close to a new experience on my sexual journey with Hilary. The guys decided that their luck must be in by now and set off for another foray to the dance floor in search of this evening’s conquest. Hilary and I got back down to getting to know each other better

It soon became apparent that I was not going to succeed with my exploration of the underside of Hilary’s bra; I had been desperate for a while now to get my hands on those beautiful globes but obviously tonight was not the night that was going to happen!

However progress lower down was looking (well feeling actually!) aldatma porno far more promising, my hand had travelled, without resistance so far, to the top of Hilary’s thighs and had had just felt the very lightest brush of the front of her panties. They were silky but I had no idea of colour which didn’t seem that important at this point in the proceedings, my heart was pounding as I touched the front of her panties and felt the soft warmth of her pussy for the first time. There was a noticeable intake of breath from Hilary and an increased intensity in her kissing and she pulled me closer and held me tighter. My cock was trying it’s hardest to release itself from the confines of my trousers which were way too tight for current events! (Note to self on that one!)

We continued to kiss while I kept my hand on Hilary’s pussy gently rubbing her mound, by now I could feel a definite dampness, I had no idea whether I was concentrating on the right spot, as I slowly rubbed her through the front of her panties this was my first time after all! We continued like this for a while, Hilary had her hand on my cock but wasn’t really doing anything with it, while I tried to make my mind up as to whether or not I should try to move my hand under the leg of her panties, however I decided not to push my luck on this occasion.

After a while, I really have no idea how long, Hilary pulled her face away from me and buried it in my neck, her breathing had become shallow and she was holding me really tight like her life depended on it! There was no doubt in my mind that Hilary was starting to lose a little control of the situation as she started to thrust her hips, slowly grinding her pussy into my hand, in fact she was pretty much humping my hand. Her panties now, were no longer just damp, they were wet! As I continued to rub her pussy through her panties she suddenly thrust it hard into my hand and with a gasp she bit down on my shoulder and started to gently shudder and moan, this seemed to last forever although in truth it was only a few moments until finally with a sigh she went limp in my arms. She looked up at me, smiled, kissed me long and hard, then, without a word got up and went I assumed to the toilet.

“Oh my god, she’d come! I thought to myself. I also realised that despite not being a virgin any more I had yet to make a girl come, until now that was! I was also still struggling with my cock which had not given up its mission to escape my trousers!

In fairness I was pretty close to creaming my own pants and think I was probably only saved by how tight my trousers were. I a strange desire to grab the DJ’s mike and let everyone know that the stud standing before them had just made his girlfriend have an orgasm! I didn’t of course; I waited for her to come back and held her tight.

“That was my first” she said to me as we sat there watching everyone else having a good time.

“You’re kidding me?” I said surely you’ve…. well you know done it for yourself?

“No, never” she replied.

“Wow” I stuttered

The rest of evening was fairly uneventful, as we danced, well one of us danced! I continued my tree in a gale impression!

It is interesting looking back, what a monumental achievement that seemed to be for me at the time, I guess during your youth, those sort of early, ground breaking experiences, were pivotal and important to your development. Oh Boy! If only I had known just what a monumental evening this was going to turn out to be!

I’ve always felt that the experience with Hilary in the disco, is the reason I like a woman to keep her panties on for a while when making love, why get naked straight away when there is so much pleasure to be had in getting there? I love it when I have to peel a pair of panties off that are soaked with pussy juices and my saliva. Interestingly I have yet to meet a woman that has not enjoyed having her pussy played with and eaten through her panties as part of our foreplay.

Anyhow, the first part of my evening was coming to an end as we waited for a taxi to come and pick Hilary up after which I set off for Sally’s flat…

To be continued…