Journal Entry – Milk and Honey


I was laying down on our couch, my laptop resting on my lap my bare feet hanging just off the edge of the couch. I was playing an online sex game with my Mistress when I heard my husband rummaging around in the kitchen for something, having just come down from putting our twins to bed. I had just finished feeding a little bit ago and still I could feel my nipples leaking. I also giggled as my Mistress called me a good cow.

Her cow-girl fetish rubbed off on my Husband and I. I’ve been pumping extra under orders to keep my milk production up. I usually pump an extra 35 ounces or so. That is not counting what my babies or my hubby drinks in between. This turns my Mistress on quite a lot, which I love doing.

Our online play was getting very exciting and I was rubbing my thighs together as I typed and talked. My Husband came around and to my feet kneeling down on the floor. Honestly I didn’t notice him at first, as the play with my mistress was becoming very hot, until I felt him a sticky and gooey substance start dropping on my toes.

I looked down laughing as I saw my husband picking up my feet, two jars of honey were sitting next to him on our coffee table. He began to lick and suck at my toes savoring the honey and my toes. “Hubby is being silly Mistress.” I typed in, squirming as I felt his tongue sliding in between each of my toes slowly and lovingly. “He is pouring honey on my toes.”

Hubby never did this to me before. It was a new experience and as turned on as I was with my Mistress, I was becoming wetter. His tongue and the honey spread to the tops and sides of my feet. His lips brushing across me sucking gently. I tried wriggling my feet but his firm hands held them still. I looked to my screen seeing the reply.

“He should pour some over your labia. You do have a sweet honey pot slave.” I am not sure if I shivered at her reply or the feeling of his tongue dragging slowly along the sole of my foot. Looking into his blue eyes with my green I relayed MY Mistress’s suggestion.

“I will get to that. I will also pour more than honey into your pot.” Was his muffled comment as he began pouring honey all along my leg his lips and tongue following the trail quickly. I was about to get permission to sign off when he told me. “No. I want you to tell her what is happening to you.”

Shivering in excitement his words did not make me as nervous as I should be. I have been extremely nervous about becoming pregnant again. My pregnancy was so horrible on me. Still right now I didn’t care. Hubby was really exciting me with the honey.

His lips and tongue moved up my leg as he reached up and began to pull my shorts and panties both down. I lifted my hips up helping him as I struggled to type in the words to my Mistress letting her know he was stripping me down. His breath was hot on my thighs as he kissed them, my shorts and panties discarded to the side.

My back arched as I felt his breath blowing out over my pussy followed by a large glob of honey. It’s funny how your mind will drift to other things sometimes no matter how hot and bothered you become. I was mentally thankful that I had gone through hair removal a year ago.

“God Mistress! I’m not sure if I’m getting more sticky or wet.” I struggled to do as my husband ordered me. Letting my Mistress know what he was doing to me. “He wants me to take the rest of my clothes off Mistress.”

After typing that I quickly moved my trembling hands up undoing the buttons to my shirt and slipping it from my shoulders. bursa escort bayan Playfully I dropped my shirt onto his head obscuring his view while I undid my bra and dropped it to the floor. Revealing my full 36c breasts to him just as he threw my shirt aside.

I moaned and gasped spreading my legs wide for him as his head moved in between them his tongue lapping at my juices mixed with honey. I reached down gripping his hair tightly as he began to tease and torment my pussy. His teeth grazing over my labia. A growl coming from him as he tasted me caused goose bumps to cover me.

He kept his assault on my pussy going. His tongue teasing my clit out nipping and pulling at it with his teeth. I shrieked in delight lifting my hips up off the couch to him. Holding my hips tightly with his hands he pulled me up to his mouth never stopping. “OH GOD! YES!” I cried out again and again.

“Tell him, he should try a little honey with his milk pet.” I bit my lip seeing the words on the screen. I didn’t want him to stop but neither did I want to disappoint my Mistress. I told him. Reluctant to have him stop eating me. I moved my red hair away from my breasts before sliding my hands underneath each and lifted them offering them up to him.

Eager as always to taste my milk grabbed some honey. Only he didn’t go straight to my breasts. Instead he dropped a big glob over my pussy once more and ran his fingers over it covering completely before doing the same to each of my nipples. My body was trembling in need being teased like this. He looked at me smiling as he said. “I want to let that rest a bit. Does your Mistress have any special instructions she would like? Should I even bother with a condom?”

I told him yes please. “That’s not up to you. Ask your Mistress.”

I gasped and bit my lip squirming there on the couch feeling the honey oozing from my nipples and pussy. I asked my Mistress if she did, Although I left out the condom part.

“Make sure he gets a drink of milk and honey together. I love milk and honey together.” Was my Mistress’s reply.

Grinning my husband took over typing for me for a moment. I stared in shock as he wrote out “Since my wife won’t ask. Should I wear a condom or not?”

Letting me back in control I quickly typed in begging her not to answer that as he was reading the screen waiting for a reply. Instead she answered.

“Maybe in a couple of weeks, after you “forget” she wont mind.”

Grinning like a boy at Christmas he looked at me. “You heard your Mistress.”

Leaning his head down he wrapped his lips around one of my nipples. His tongue began teasing around it as he bit and teased my sensitive nipple sucking the honey and with it my milk from me breast. I threw my head back moaning as he drank from my breasts. He moved back and forth between my breasts teasing me relentlessly.

I Whimpered my body tense in need as I felt him spread apart my thighs his stiff cock running along my pussy smearing the honey and my juices over it. He pulled against my hips leaving my ass hanging off the end. Suddenly he bit down onto the nipple he was sucking hungrily at just as he shoved his entire length into me all at once. Quickly he covered my mouth with a hand, trying to make sure I did not wake the babies, as I screamed my orgasm into his hand.

Only after I started to come down from my orgasm did he begin to move his hips back leaving just the tip of cock inside me before shoving back in again. I cried out again as he stretched gorukle escort and filled me. The pain mixed with pleasure sending jolts all up and down my body.

Removing his hand from my mouth he reached behind my head gripping and yanking back on my hair pulling my head back. His mouth moved away from my breasts and up to my neck biting and kissing me gently. His thrusting causing my body to be pushed into the couch. I could feel the honey that was smeared along my pussy sticking against him each time his hips met mine.

My legs wrapped around his waist tightly digging my heels into his ass pulling myself up to him. God I wanted him so much. He released my hair and my arms wrapped around him pulling myself up onto him, his own hands moving to my breasts. He proved to me he is getting better milking my breasts alternating each one as he squirted my milk onto us.

I leaned my head against his shoulder trembling in delight as I could feel another orgasm building. I trailing my tongue along his neck tasting his sweat. Feeling his thrusting became more urgent, his hands working faster against my breasts, I knew he was near to finishing. My eyes widened as I finally realized two things.

Staring right past my husband it just registered in my brain that not only did we leave the curtain wide open for anyone to see what was going on. He had also not bothered putting a condom on. “Hun! The curtain is open and you’re not wearing a condom!”

He pulled his head back trapping my eyes with his. He kept thrusting into me faster and faster as he smiled twisting my nipples and giving them a sudden tug as he pushed into me completely before letting loose. I could feel his warm cum shooting deep into me.

I was already so close and the feeling of him filling me with cum sent me over the edge and I orgasmed with him. My body bucking and jerking wildly at his. His mouth covered mine as I rode out my orgasm. Already so high on arousal I barely felt him lifting my body up from the couch.

Hubby positioned my body along the couch lifting my hips up high over the arm rest of the couch letting his cum stay inside me as he slowly and carefully removed his cock from my pussy. He moved over to my head and ran his cock along my lips.

Weakly I ran my tongue out across his length tasting our mixed juices as well as the honey he smeared along my pussy. I looked up at him seeing his smile. A shiver went through me as he looked at me in mock apology and said. “Sorry love. I forgot but your Mistress is right. Milk and honey is great.”

I blushed a deep shade of crimson and shook my head. I teasingly made a biting motion towards his cock before swinging my legs down and getting up. My legs wobbled beneath me as I smiled at him. I could feel a little of cum leaking down.

“I’m going to go take a shower hun. I need to clean this off and out of me.”

“I love you.” He stood up kissing me gently before giving my ass a playful swat.

I blushed as I cast a nervous glance out the window. We might live in the country but it was still possible I could have been seen. I quickly ran up the stairs to the bathroom, choosing to get my clothes later.

Letting the warm up just a tad, I usually prefer a lukewarm shower. I stepped into the shower and sighed feeling the water wash over me. Running my luffa over my body gently I scrubbed the honey gently from my breasts and nipples. Trailing my hands downwards I paused holding my hands over my belly.

I bursa merkez escort bayan stood there, water running through my hair clinging it to my body as I wondered. Did hubby knock me up again. Would I really mind? I ran the luffa gently along my pussy gasping softly as after the hard fucking hubby gave me I was a bit tender. Sighing to myself as I worked my fingers and luffa along me trying to clean the honey.

I rested one hand against the wall as I grabbed the shower nozzle and moved it down between my legs. I bit my lip as I began to wash out his cum and honey. The sound of water and my own thoughts and worries going through my head, I didn’t notice hubby stepping into the shower behind me until he was right behind me.

He leaned forward over me, one hand pushing me forward and pulling my hips back towards him. I placed my hands on the down on the bracing myself against the wall as I looked at him over my shoulder. Seeing his smile I shook my head.

“Not now silly I have to clean up.”

“I have the perfect way to clean you up love.” He told me as he leaned forward turning the water off. His cock was hard again and was sliding in between my thighs and over my tender sex.

He didn’t wait for a reply. I was bent over legs spread and as he moved forward his cock easily pushed inside me once again bringing a long loud moan from me. I pushed back automatically. I can never really say no to him. I hung my head down looking back to see him beginning to pound away at me again.

“God hun at least pull out please.” I asked him still a bit worried. I also noticed that he had placed a large bowl beneath me. I was curious as to why. In the shower he can milk me and not make a mess

He reached down in between my legs and began to play with my clit. Bringing another cry of delight from my lips. I felt his other hand slide forward over my ass and sides to my breasts and began to manipulate my breast milking it into the bowl. I pushed back as he started to do this rolling and twisting my hips to meet his.

Whimpers and moans and smacks of flesh against flesh filled the bathroom. He released my clit to start milking both of my breasts while also pulling me against his cock again and again. Clenching my muscles down tight against cock as it thrust in and out of me. I heard him groan.

Turning my head, I looked at him. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on fucking me. His hands just working along my breasts. I moaned as I imagined my Mistress. I could hear her words in my head each time hubby’s cock filled me completely.

“Look at him pet. He is breeding is cow. If you get pregnant you can keep milking even longer.”

I couldn’t take it anymore, my orgasm ripped through me as I cried out in delight. At the same time I could feel hubby thrust deep and shoot his cum up into me once more. I took one hand off the wall and placed just above my pussy. My husband placed his hand over mine and whispered into my ear.

“Sorry, I forgot.” He said as he held me there his cock still lodged deep in me.

I shook my head not wanting to think about it right now. I wasn’t sure If I should be worried or not right now. Instead I took my mind off a possibility by trying to satisfy my curiosity.

“Hun? Why did you bring that bowl in here?”

He gave my hand a squeeze. I could feel his smile as he told me. “Remember? You talked with your Mistress about this. I thought you would want to make a cake for my parents.”

I smiled.

****Author’s Note****

Hello. I hope you enjoy my latest Journal entry. For those who haven’t read my first entry. This is a true story and from my journal that I write to help me. At the urging of my Mistress and Husband I decided to start posting them here. As always constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you.