Miss Julie Ch. 5


Chapter 17: Julie realizes what she’s done

Julie Jasper felt like she was floating on a cloud as consciousness began to creep on her, and she realized in her dreamy state that she was having a positively awful dream. It was like a nightmare, a nightmare of filthy, perverted sex. Like a picture that slowly comes into focus, Julie began to gradually become more aware of things. Something just didn’t feel right as she struggled to reach wakefulness.

Finally, her eyes opened painfully. As she rubbed her eyes, she was mystified by the large amount of crusty sleep surrounding her eyes. Then, she sat up with a start. Where in God’s name was she, and what was she doing there? As she looked around the room, she saw that this was definitely not the Kansas City Hyatt, which she knew had been her destination when she had left Dallas on Friday.

Then she looked down at herself and was appalled at what she saw. She was naked on a bed with damp, sticky sheets and she was covered with dry, white crusty streaks all over her body, including her face. Her body was also streaked with grime and grit. Her hair was a stiff mat of dried tangled spikes. The bed was also covered with white crusty stuff and dotted with wet spots. The room reeked of stale sweat and of another strong, peculiar odor that she couldn’t quite place, and she was alarmed when she realized that much of the smell was coming from her body as well as the filthy sheets.

Then, as she tried to get up, she realized that every muscle in her body ached, she had red scratch marks all over her sides and on her buttocks, her knees were sore and raw, and she had a dull ache between her legs. Her vagina and anus felt stretched and distended. She reached down with a hand to examine herself between her legs, and recoiled when she found a large amount of wetness pooling out the gaping hole that was her vagina.

Realizing she had to pee badly, she went to the bathroom, during which time several big plops of stuff fell out of her pussy and ass into the water. When she wiped herself, she came away with not only the last few drops of pee, but also a gooey, sticky substance that she knew immediately was a man’s sperm. Fighting off a wave of panic, she tried to recall what had happened. She had broken down on the highway somewhere in Oklahoma, her van had been brought to a mechanic, and she had gone in for lunch… And with dawning horror, she realized that she’d been drugged, kidnapped and raped, and in her revulsion, her stomach lurched violently.

Dashing back into the bathroom, she barely made it to the toilet before she vomited into the stool, and she was further repelled when she realized that most of the vomit was the same gooey white substance that had come out of her pussy and ass, and she retched some more.

Finally, she slumped to the floor and cried in great heaving sobs. After awhile, she finally stopped crying long enough to focus on her predicament. OK, she had been kidnapped and raped, but she would get out of this, and then whoever did this would pay dearly. She got up to try the door to the room, but as she expected, it was locked.

Deciding she needed to cleanse herself, she walked back into the bathroom and took a shower. It gave her a small measure of comfort when she saw her toiletries on the sink counter before she showered. She found a towel, dried off, wrapped the towel around her body and returned to the bedroom.

It was when she walked in and looked at the dresser that she saw several stacks of glossy 5×7 photographs. With a feeling of dread, she picked a stack up, then threw them aside like they were poison when she saw the one on top. It was a side-view picture of a woman surrounded by four men, all of them naked. They were engaging in a perverted sex act, where one had his thing in the woman’s behind, another had a hard fat penis screwing the woman’s vagina, the woman had her mouth on one penis and the other one in her hand.

That was bad enough. But what shocked her to her core was the fact that the woman in the picture was her. Fearfully, she picked up the stacks of pictures and began to thumb through them. They were all of breathtakingly perverted sex acts and she was in every one. And she wasn’t just going through the motions, either, and there was no sign in the pictures that she’d been forced into anything. She looked carefully at her face in the pictures to see evidence of her having been drugged, but all she saw was an unseemly eagerness in her eyes.

Julie’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she saw some of the things she’d been doing. The look on her face in the pictures made it appear as if she hadn’t been forced to do any of the things she saw that she had done in the pictures. Some were close-ups showing her face in lustful ecstasy, with her mouth disgustingly full of men’s hard erections, others were close-ups of her very wet crotch being stuffed front and back with a variety of men’s penises and there were several of her having sex with women, including a couple of a woman putting a long rubber penis in her ass. How long had she been here, she wondered, and how could they have gotten her to do these awful, nasty things? Then her emotions muğla escort overwhelmed her and she began crying again, this time harder. She wondered if she would ever see her kids again, or her husband.

Just then, the phone on the dresser rang. It rang several times before she finally stopped crying enough to answer it. “Y-y-y-yes,” she answered with a sniffle. “Good morning Miss Julie,” answered the voice at the other end. “I trust you’ve gotten everything out of your system and can listen to what I have to say.” “You bastards!” she yelled into the phone. “You’ve kidnapped and raped me, and now you want me to listen to you! Go to hell!” And she slammed the phone down. She was pissed now. Julie was known for having a very even-keeled temperament, and she was slow to anger, but when she got mad, she got real mad. She had a lot of Irish in her blood, and when she was angry, she could be a spitfire. These people had snatched her from her comfortable suburban life and were keeping her prisoner for … for what, she wondered.

The phone rang again, and at first she ignored it. But it kept ringing. So finally, to silence the bell, she picked it up again. Before she could say anything, the voice spoke up again in an almost condescending tone, “How rude, Miss Julie. One shouldn’t speak that way to one’s hosts, now, should one.” Julie finally calmed down enough to ask coldly, “What do you want with me? Are you going to use me again for your filthy pleasure, then kill me?” “Kill you? My God, woman, why would I want to kill the finest piece of ass to ever set foot in my establishment,” Michael answered, with a hearty laugh. “Who are you, and why am I here?” Julie demanded.

“Good question,” he answered. “We have already been introduced, but you don’t remember it. In fact, I’ll bet you don’t remember anything after having a cup of coffee at the diner, right?” Julie didn’t answer, so he went on. “My name is Michael, and I own this place. You were brought here because I believed you had what it takes to become one of my girls. And, I must say, you passed with flying colors, as you will see in a moment. You were given a powerful knockout drug, almost like a truth serum. After the initial unconsciousness, the recipient awakens into a kind of catatonic state, not unlike what they supposedly give people in Haiti to induce a zombie-like attitude. It lasts for approximately 48 hours. You are awake and functional to a point, but are unaware of what is going on, other than your immediate feelings and sensations, and you are devoid of free will. When the drug wears off, you have no memory of anything that happened while under its influence. In addition, you were given a drug that increases one’s sex drive many times over. I call it the Venus potion. It works like a vaccine in that its effects are permanent. We are going to send you home safe and sound, but from now on, my dear, you are going to have a nearly uncontrollable urge for sex. You are going to be in a constant state of some level of arousal until the day you die. That and some other techniques that we used have turned you into a sex maniac.”

“No,” Julie whispered. “You can’t make me like … this,” indicating the stack of pictures. “We didn’t make you do anything,” Michael said. “Everything you’ve done in this room, you’ve done voluntarily, even eagerly. We simply brought out the real person that was inside of you all along. It’s Sunday morning, around noon. For the past two days, you have sucked and fucked everyone who has passed through that door, and then some. I would guess you’ve probably had somewhere around 200 men either in your pussy, your ass or your mouth. There practically isn’t any sex act you haven’t performed here, any perversion that you haven’t tried, my dear. Don’t believe me? Look in the second drawer from the top. You’ll see a video. Be a good girl and put it into the VCR under the television over there.” Then the phone went dead.

Julie felt her insides lurch and she felt a heat begin to emanate from her crotch. What’s happening to me, she wondered with alarm, as she realized that she was becoming aroused. How could I possibly be getting any sexual pleasure out of being used like some common tramp, she asked herself. With trembling hands, she opened the drawer and found the video, with a label that read simply, “Miss Julie.” She opened the cabinet, put the video in the player, turned on the TV and sat down on the floor with her back against the bed to watch.

It was basically a highlight reel from the previous two days, showing all of the nastiest moments from a series of nearly endless orgies, in which she was the central figure. As she watched, she became aware that her vagina – her pussy – was throbbing and her clit was tingling. She tried to ignore it, to push it aside, but the feeling grew stronger the more she watched. As she became captivated by the video, she was barely aware that her towel had fallen away, leaving her naked, and that she was caressing one of her breasts. “NO,” she said out loud when she realized what she was doing. “I can’t do this. I won’t do this.”

But the fire in her loins got more persistent as the movie progressed, until she couldn’t rhodope-mugla.org stand it any more. With a sigh, she reached between her legs and unfolded her juicy pussy and began to slowly finger herself. The pleasurable feeling grew and spread until she was squirming on the floor. Just then, the phone rang again. It was Michael again. “If you look in the top dresser drawer, you’ll find your toys. They’ll help you.” Then the line went dead again.

Julie paused the tape and walked naked to the drawer, opened it and found a slender dildo of soft rubber and a big, fat black one with a handle, along with a number of other items. Starting the tape again, she sat back on her haunches against the bed as she stared at the screen. Taking the big dildo, which was made of harder rubber than the smaller one, she slid it into her pussy and was surprised when it went in smoothly all the way to the hasp. She quickly established a steady fucking rhythm with the dildo.

As she watched the tape, she had to admit, with an air of awe, that she was in fact quite good at sex, and her stamina was a thing to behold. Thank goodness, she kept herself in shape. She had played basketball for her high school, and she had always been athletic. That background had, undoubtedly, helped her through the previous two days.

Michael had edited the tape skillfully, including enough of the prompts that Julie was writhing on the floor in orgasm before the movie was half over. But when she came to the part where a big black man fucked her with his 15-inch dick, she came again, in a gut wrenching, shattering orgasm.

In a frenzy, she grabbed the smaller dildo, then got up onto her feet in a squatting position and drove the flesh-colored rod into her ass, so she was fucking herself in both holes. She was dismayed at her reaction to her behavior on the video, yet she had never in her life been so turned on. Her juices flowed over her hands and onto the dirty carpet as she rocked on the twin rubber dicks in her pussy and in her ass. And every time she came on the screen, she came on the floor.

By the time the movie ended, after some two hours and half a dozen strong orgasms, Julie had reached an epiphany, a breakthrough in her mind. Sex wasn’t bad, it wasn’t dirty, after all, and she found she really did enjoy it. No, that’s not quite right. It appeared that she loved sex; she wallowed in it and wanted the pleasurable feeling to never end. She was suddenly aware that these men had all wanted her for herself, not for somebody else, that she was desirable sexually and that men wanted to please her, and that she wanted to please men – and women. She found she liked the idea that people viewed her as a sex object.

The men and women here had gone to a lot of trouble to bring her body to heights of pleasure she’d never been before. This was a new thing to her. She’d always been too tall, too thin, and too bookish; her breasts weren’t big enough; she was too prudish. She had lived all of her life on other people’s terms: her parents, her husband, her kids, her sorority, and her organizations. She had never just let herself go and be Julie, and now these people, by abducting her and reorienting her sexuality, had unlocked a door and shown her a whole new life.

She laughed almost mirthlessly. “Fuck you, Glenn,” she said out loud with a trace of bitterness. Then she stopped for a second as she considered what she had just said. She had never in her life willingly used that word, but now it had rolled off her tongue like she’d used it all her life. Yeah, fuck you, indeed, you stupid prick, she finally decided. The one time in my life when I need you to protect me, to be there for me, and you’re out in California playing fucking golf, she continued with her train of thought. So all of this is your fault, she finally concluded, I asked you to come with me, to have a weekend getaway and meet some of my friends, but nooooooo, golf came first. So this is what you get for being a dumbass. They want me to be a whore, fine, she decided. She’d be a whore, all right, and she’d be the best goddamn whore they ever saw.

She realized that Glenn, with his puny five-inch cock, had never come close to pleasing her sexually. Nor had her other two lovers from college. They had each been pretty small and inconsiderate, as well. She realized, from watching the video, that she craved big cocks, hard fat pieces of meat that could fill her up the way she now knew she needed to be filled.

As that thought coursed gleefully through her mind, she felt a sense of liberation. Damn straight, she thought determinedly, there’s a new Julie coming to town, and all the women in Dallas had better keep a close rein on their men, because she was out to make up for all the sex and fun that she had missed along the way.

Chapter 19: Julie does the diner The phone rang again, and this time Julie was pleasant. “I sense a change in attitude, Miss Julie,” Michael said. “Am I correct in assuming that since you’ve spent the past two hours fucking yourself silly with your toys that you now approve of our decision to invite you here.” Julie was a little coy as she replied, “Let’s just say, I’ve decided that if I can’t beat you, I’ll have to join you. I think I’ve come to grips with what I’ve become.” “And what have you become, my dear?” Michael asked provocatively. “A whore,” Julie whispered. “A cock-craving, cum-sucking slut, who needs dick all the time.”

It was true, she suddenly realized, she needed a cock badly. She wanted to do all of the things she had done in the video, only she wanted to do them when she was fully conscious and aware. “Good, because I have a job for you this afternoon. Lisette will be coming in a moment to bring you some clothes and something to eat. When you’re finished eating, get dressed and she will direct you to where you need to be.”

After she hung up the phone, Julie wondered idly how Michael had known she was sitting there masturbating. Then it hit her. They must have cameras hidden in here. They’ve probably watched everything I’ve been doing the past two days, she thought, which is probably where they got the pictures they had left for her to see. And the thought sent a thrill down her spine.

Just then she heard the lock on her door unlatch, the door swung open and a woman entered the room carrying a small overnight bag and a garment bag. But all Julie saw was a statuesque beauty with large tits, a wide ass, looks that could kill, long brown hair that cascaded in ringlets to the middle of her back, dressed in white thigh-high stockings and high heels. Her otherwise-naked body was divine, including her smooth-shaved pussy. “You must be Lisette,” Julie said.

The woman looked Julie up and down admiringly as she answered that she was. Lisette put the bags down and returned to the hall and brought back a tray containing a large salad and a big glass of ice water. Julie had thought about making a pass at Lisette, but the sight of food suddenly reminded her that she hadn’t eaten anything or drunk much of anything except cum for two days. Lisette waved as she left the room. “I’ll be back when you’re done,” she said with a wink. Julie noticed that she did not relock the door. It didn’t take Julie long to devour the salad and every single one of the crackers that came with it.

She hadn’t been finished two minutes when Lisette returned. “Here is your outfit for today. I’m to deliver you to the diner, where Michael is hosting a private party. You’re the entertainment.” Julie had a slight quiver in her voice when she asked, “How many are there?” “Oh, I don’t know, 20, maybe 30,” Lisette answered. Julie couldn’t suppress a shudder as she realized that this was the moment of truth. If she was ever to come to grips with her new self, she had to do this, and do it right. Finally, with an exhalation of air, she said, “OK, let’s go.”

The garment bag contained a dress, a one-piece black mini-skirt with thin shoulder straps. As she pulled it over her head, she realized that it was the shortest dress she’d ever had on, especially without any underwear. The skirt only extended about six inches below the bottom of her butt cheeks, which meant that anytime she bent over, her ass and pussy would be exposed. The dress fit snug, especially across her modest breasts, allowing her nipples to stick up through the satin cloth.

It was funny, she thought suddenly, it never even occurred to her to put on underwear. She liked the idea that her pussy and ass were all but exposed to the world in the short dress. The overnight bag contained a pair of six-inch stiletto heels which lifted her even taller than she already was.

After carefully applying makeup, and putting on a pair of earrings, she looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She looked like a sex queen. Hell’s bells, she thought, I am a sex queen. And somehow that thought gave her an enormous sense of confidence.

Lisette obviously approved, because she stepped up behind Julie, reached under her skirt and ran her hands over her butt, then slid a finger along her slit, which was still wet from her masturbation earlier. Julie turned around and they embraced, their mouths on each other as they kissed.

But they could only kiss for a few moments. “Maybe later we can get together,” Lisette said. “From what I saw this weekend, you’re worth waiting for. Anyway, we don’t want to keep our guests waiting, now, do we? So be a good girl and follow me.” Julie blushed both from her comments, but also from the effect of the trigger phrase that turned on her libido like a faucet.

She followed Lisette out of the room, up the stairs, down the first-floor hall to the side door that opened onto the back of the diner, with her naked pussy drooling in lustful anticipation. If walking outside naked in the light drizzle that fell from overcast skies fazed Lisette, she didn’t let it show. As they reached the gate and Lisette opened it, she said, “This is as far as I can go, kiddo. I’ve got to stay here and man the fort. Michael wants you to walk around the right side of the diner so everybody can get a good look at you. Good luck. I know you’ll do great.” Then the gate closed and Julie was alone. She looked out at the complex. There were two truckers gassing up, and they each gave a wolf whistle as she walked by. She smiled and winked at them, wondering if they were part of the party. There were also several big rigs parked in the truck lot on the opposite side of the building, and she wondered if they were part of the party, as well.