Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 04 – The New Batch Ch. 01


“I don’t need this.” I tossed the photo back on the desk and she picked it up studying it for a few seconds.

“Oh yeah, looked her up on the net and found this headshot. You know, if you print a picture on good enough paper, it almost passes for the real thing. I only use the best glossy paper for my inkjet; what about you?” Ms. Frakkes smiled sweetly folding and tearing Gen’s photo in half as the loud tearing noise permeated the room.

“You bitch; you dirty, stinking cunt, oh my god you didn’t -YOU FUCKING BITCH!!” I lost it as most of the security team rushed into the room taking me to the floor. Ms. Frakkes methodically donned her suit jacket, picking up her suitcase as she stepped over the guards struggling to keep me pinned to the floor. I unintentionally got an upskirt view of Karen as she passed over us. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Maybe you should find yourself a new school to attend; like before the week is over.”

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!!” I blurted out with half of my face pressed into the rough carpeting. There was a guy for each of my limbs keeping me restrained.

“By the way, there’s been this question I’ve been dying to ask you since we started.” Karen stood in the doorway watching the rent-a-cops struggle with me, a wide grin adorning her beautiful face. She actually used her phone to take a photo of me on the floor.

“Do you still want to FUCK me?”

BAD M.I.L.F Volume 4-The New Batch Ch. 1

The grounds were partially darkened, there were still maintenance crews cleaning up after the event. A few disparate couples were spread across the grounds. I frantically walked about hoping against hope that I would be able to find Gen and apologize. I found the model staging area, this temporary structure at the other side of the park, but makeshift dressing room was empty. I had a seat feeling the weight of my failure finally admitting that Carry Anne McIntyre had destroyed me. Her daughter had broken me, proving her mantle as the “Golden Child” of their feminine inner circle in dramatic fashion. I’d expected Ms. Frakkes to come after me with false allegations of some sexual nature. That tactic had been a proven strategy in my community since the fifties, used to take down men of prominence and wipe away achievement and wealth like a blight of locusts. Gen’s faux-headshot on her desktop swayed me emotionally, pushing me to sign my dignity away. They wanted me to feel debased, less than and wholly humiliated. A simple trick had been used to direct my actions in the desired direction as I severed a budding relationship with Gen. I’d denied myself the chance to find out what might have been as we courted one another. I thought about the distraught expression on her face as I walked away, beating myself up for not being man enough to talk to Gen. My phone started ringing in the lonely darkness of that dressing room.


“They got to you already; you’ve signed their agreement to disappear, haven’t you?”


“Yeah, it’s me; they got to you, right?”

“What do you care; you’re in on it too, right?” There was a long pause on the line as she pondered my accusation of culpability.

“Look, I’m evil but I’m not your evil.”

“Fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“That doesn’t matter; what I want to know is whether or not you’re going to take the hand you were dealt or do something about it? You gonna sit there with your head up your ass crying about Gen or are you going to truly take back your manhood?”

“You talked to Gen?”

“Of course, she called me all messed up because of your boneheaded move with that fake headshot, but I need you to focus on the situation at hand. You need to fix this shit before I let you slide over the rainbow to a happy ending.” There was genuine emotion in her voice for the first time since we’d met.

“What are you talking about?”

“Shut up; how much time do you have before it hits the fan?”

“Ms. Frakkes mentioned something about leaving at the end of the week.” I didn’t know what was happening answering her questions blindly.

“Listen, I want to know if you want everything back from those bitches and more; are you willing to take a walk in the dark to even the playing field. I’m bad, evil and a little twisted if you haven’t figured it out yet, but these assholes need to be chopped off at the knees. I need to know if I can trust you to listen and follow my orders to the letter.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Be my Agent of Chaos.”


Almost an hour later I was standing near the same club, I’d picked Carry Anne up from the night she’d crashed in an intoxicated mess. I walked a few blocks over finding myself in a decidedly seedier side of the downtown area at some dive bar off the main strip. Malaya had been clear in her directions promising me a revelation that would start the wheel turning in my direction. I Maltepe Escort followed her instructions walking down another back alley until I found some guys standing around in the back talking amongst themselves. As I got closer, I noticed a few other cliques milling about in the muted darkness mimicking the action s of the first group I witnessed. It seemed weird leaving me with some questions as I noticed everyone was African American.

“New Here?” This tall brother with the appearance of a body builder spoke as he approached from the same direction I’d come from. He was relaxed with an easy going smile on his face.

“Uhm, yeah.”

“Dude, what you so nervous about? You just hit the jackpot fam; we about to be knee deep homey.”

“Knee deep?” The guy looked formidable with giant arms that were nearly as big as my thighs. I doubted I could take him in a fight, but he seemed to be just a friendly type with no other interests.

“Penguin party, you down, right?”

“Uh, sure.” The guy laughed patting me on the shoulder in a sign of friendship as the back door to the dive bar opened up with some loud, thumping techno music spilling out into the alley. I watched as all the waiting men quickly line up single file in front of the door.

“I’m Gene; nice to meet you.” He motioned for me to stand in front of him as we took our places in the back of the line. I remembered the rousing pep talk given by Malaya using as fuel to steal myself for what lay on the opposite of those doors as we moved into the building. The music seemed to get louder than usual as we approached the back door, making goosebumps pop up on my back as we entered.

“Lighten up man; it’s all good up in here, bro.” Gene had what some other blacks called that “white guy” voice.

“Yeah, sure.”

We were led into what looked like a storage room with unfinished brick walls bordered on both sides with tow heavy, reinforced steel doors that slid into place with a loud metallic thud which emphasized their weight. The floor was unfinished, cracked concrete partially covered in broken, fragmented tile and a dirty, rust covered circular drain at its center.

“What’re you waiting for dude; get natural.” Gene sounded glib and jovial as he removed the simple cotton t-shirt, he’d been wearing revealing a torso that could rival Schwarzenegger in his prime. He didn’t stop there losing sweat pants and sneakers until he was standing before me clad only in white socks which he lost as well. He seemed to find my obvious shock humorous as he motioned toward the other undressing guys.

“What the fuck?”

“Price of admission into heaven, homie.” I noticed all of the brothers were big, jock, athletic types and more importantly, all were packing endowments, some of which dwarfed my own. I reluctantly lost my clothing internally steeling myself wondering if I’d walked into some underground gay bar.

“Yeah, sure Gene; this is a little crazy.”

“Trust me, once you get inside, you aint gonna be worried about shit.”

The steel door opposite the one entered slid open heavily thumping into the wall with enough force to cause some plaster to rain down onto the floor. I hung back watching with my hands covering my junk as this really fat woman entered the room flanked by two equally large guys in event staff yellow windbreakers. I noticed they were brothers as well, wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I was nervous, scared that Malaya had sent me to my doom as the woman walked about the room looking down at the endowments of the assembled men. She was an alternative type with a Bettie Paige hairdo enhanced with the stereotypical crimson dyed bangs. She was wearing a red, black trimmed corset which was supposed to enhance her porous, doughy figure but failed miserably. Her face was round and childlike with sloppy makeup, but I could help but stare at her big, expressive blue eyes surround by dark coronas of shadowy eyeshadow. It made her appear a demented cupie doll. As she got closer it became apparent that she had these massive, pendulous breasts that were visually staggering. She walked the wall inspecting some of the guys assembled stopping a few feet away from me looking down at one guy’s average penis.

“Sorry honey, wrong party, babe.” The brother looked at some associates he’d arrived with finding them indifferent. In seconds there was a scuffled between the friends, but the large security contingent quickly restored order shoving the naked man out into the alley on his bare ass before the steel door slid closed again. They didn’t even return his clothing as the woman stopped in front of me with this mischievous smile.

“Come on beautiful, don’t be shy; April won’t bite unless you want me too.” Her voice was saccharinely sweet matching her almost unreal face which I noticed was lightly sprinkled with glitter as well as her mammoth cleavage.

“Sure.” I reluctantly uncovered my endowment for her inspection.

“New meat; Kartal Escort handsome and packed for play.” April was wearing these opera length lace sleeves that went from her elbow to her thumbs; her chubby little hands handled me closing into a chubby fist around my girth. Her long shiny nails were painted reflective black as she gave me a few tugs awakening my member before drawing her hand away.

“That’s why we’re here, right?” Gene added with a laugh.

“You know it babe; I might have to see this guy after the party.” April added, licking her lips. She was short, just over five feet reaching up to pinch my cheek before moving on to inspect the other guys.

“Watch yourself with her, bro.”


“She’s into pegging and a bunch of sick shit; don’t go alone if she calls for you. Let me know, I’ll watch your back.” Gene could never know that I wouldn’t ever touch that nasty looking bitch. I wanted to wipe my cock with wipes after she’d touched me.

While we were talking, the steel door slid open at the opposite side of the room revealing another room as the music ramped up considerably muting the rest of Gene’s cautionary warning regarding April. I felt a pinch looking back to find April the culprit as she walked by with her security contingent leading us into the next room with a sparsely lit with a small lamp in a corner. The room was lined with racks containing these bondage masks. Some were animal based, while others looked like old presidents. Oddly enough I noticed a few Care Bear masks. Everyone was masking themselves. Gene playfully slapped a gimp mask into my abdomen like we were playing a game of pickup. There was a red lightbulb giving the room this crimson tint as April gathered us around her in a semi-huddle.

“Rules are simple boys; you are eye candy unless someone says otherwise. Then all bets are off, but my advice to you would be to follow the interested party’s lead if you don’t wanna end up dancing with the devil. There’s more than enough condoms to go around, so play safe unless you like walking on the wild side. No names, no contact information or you end up on the business end of my cattle prod. Have fun-FUCK IT OFF!!” April sounded like some deranged coach as she yanked open velour curves that revealed what was hidden on the other side.

Three steps led down into what appeared to be a converted factory or slaughter house turned into this underground club. It was completely dark with flashes of multicolored lights highlighting the undulating masses of patrons on the floor. The area appeared nearly a block long with a DJ at the far end on an elevated platform. The electronica was so loud that I could feel it vibrating against my naked body. There were some hanging cages that contained dancers shrouded in the strobing lights. Some cages contained couples engaged in a variety of sex acts as Gene nudged me forward. He had decided on the care bear mask which looked silly contrasting with his dark skin tone. I stumbled down the steps making a distinct observation about the partygoers.

They were all females of various ethnicities, mostly white and all dressed for the most part professionally. There were scores of men walking about nude and masked, all African American or other black ethnicities. All were well-endowed as the reason I was suited for Malaya’s mission became clear. There was something here I was supposed to see, she’d given no other instruction besides the address and where to get inside the building. I navigated the floor ignoring some of the women who took it upon themselves to palm and grope me wantonly as I noticed little alcoves filled with more undulating bodies. I’d waked into some sort of sexual carnal house where scores of connected women came to get their freak on away from prying eyes. I noticed one half nude woman on her knees sucking off a trio of studs as her friends cheered her on. Some women were making out with each other sitting at these booths lining the walls. This attractive brunette turned to me, hands raised over her head, breasts exposed trying to get me to dance with her, but I turned away finding an elderly woman in front of me looking for business. The air was hot and heavy, reeking of sex and other artificial inducements designed to enhance the mood. The old woman roughly cupped my package flicking her tongue at me in a disgusting display. She looked like someone’s grandmother, stripped to the nude sagging everywhere.

I recoiled horrified, retreating into the crowd where I found another woman looking like a housewife waiting. She just stared with an untouched glass of wine in her hands as we both noticed this brother taking what was probably a friend against the unfinished, brick wall. She moved towards me offering a hand which I nervously shook. This woman quickly leaned in embracing me in a deep hug as I felt her finger poke my backdoor. I shoved her away backing up into an alcove as she laughed giving some associates a high five. I wanted to punch Kurtköy Escort her in the face for that intrusion, feeling like a piece of shit for falling for the ruse. I tugged at the mask feeling self-conscious like these people knew my identity navigating the crowd and more caressing, groping patrons. I noticed some woman literally doling out wads of cash to monetarily interested brothers. My behavior must have set off some alarms because I noticed a number of yellow jackets on the dance floor searching, Maglite’s illuminated at the ready.

“Oh shit.”

I turned finding this Arabic looking woman with a shock of shoulder length curly hair. She was nude sporting a plethora of tattoos and one sleeved up arm. This woman had an awesome hourglass figure that she was using in these sort of undulating, snake-like movements that synched perfectly with the thumping music. My eyes were drawn to this triangular tattoo with an eye at its center between her large breasts. She slid over in front of me using her body to box me in as I noticed security moving in my direction. While my attention was averted, this woman suddenly took me into her mouth. It only took seconds for her to get a rise out of me with an inspired, focused technique that drew my attention back to her as the yellow jackets backed off. This woman was on her knees, shapely legs splayed apart in an upright position, no hands sucking me off with passionate fervor. She had this kind of middle eastern themed makeup on her face with dark hued eyeshadow or paint that ran off the sides of her face designed to give her a serpentine appearance. I couldn’t deny her efforts grabbing a handful of her dark, wooly mane in my fist. Her posture didn’t change allowing me to use her however I liked which lasted another five minutes before I shoot several ropes across her face. My senses were addled as she stood smiling through her glazed visage before walking over to a voyeuristic acquaintance kissing the woman full on the mouth until both of their faces were soiled. I was disgusted wiping my forearm across my mouth as I sought refuge elsewhere. Gene was railing the snot out of some morbidly obese woman while some others tossed c-notes on their bodies. I turned finding this muscular looking woman with a pixie cut and a handful of cash waving it under my nose, expectantly.

“What is this shit; what have I stepped into?”

Mindful of the watching security, noticing some wall mounted cameras, I took the cash following the woman behind some curtains that led to some cramped side rooms containing these red trimmed booths filled with women engaged in various activities. There were massive bowls filled to the brim with condoms throughout the venue. The muscular woman led me into a really narrow corridor near what looked like restrooms before sheathing my cock in three and turning her ass in my direction.



“BACKDOOR, FUCK MY ASS YOU MORON!!” She barked, angered by my confusion. She sounded like someone who was used to giving orders, some used to being obeyed as I gave her what she wanted. It was like fucking a mannequin as she locked her joints in place until I filled the condom.

“No tip for you, dummy.” The woman glared at me for a few seconds looking down at the filled condom hanging from my penis. She unceremoniously snatched it off with a loud snap making me double over from the pain. She was already through the curtains before I looked up.

“What’s it take to get a little cock out of you, boy?” The elderly woman I’d encountered on the dance floor had followed me into the back area.

“Uhm, I’m on break.” I blurted out.

“Bullshit, I want some action; you can eat me if you’re too tired.”

“On break, really lady.”

“Man, you’re so hot, I want to lick your asshole; you didn’t clean it did you, boy?” She ignored my protests flicking her tongue at me again. Her body odor was stifling and a little reminiscent of urine.

“That’s enough, he’s new; give him some space.” April appeared, I noticed the old woman’s posture change denoting her place as the manager of this soiree.

“He can’t say no; I want my pussy ate.”

“Piss off granny, before I take you into the back room, again.” April casually warned without looking. The old woman stormed off onto the dance floor as she turned regarding me.


“Don’t thank me yet; I have some questions and depending on how you answer; you may leave here with a severe limp.” Before I could react, I was placed in a chokehold from behind. I was locked in tightly by a yellow jacket at my back.

“HEY!!” The guard tightened his grip further as April held my length in the palm of her hand casually stroking me before looking into my face licking her lips.

“Who sent you?”


“No, I really mean it; who sent you here.” She was using three fingers in a methodical fashion that had veins sprouting on the surface of my cock.

“Nobody lady; I-I saw the brothers in the alley and some guy said this was the place to be then-you know the rest!!” I mixed the lie with the truth scared that I’d be beaten senseless or probably raped with a strap-on by the chubby boss bitch.

“So, you’re saying you accidentally ended up in here?”