Sara The Astroslut Ch. 04


Author’s note:- This is chapter 4 in the Sara series, she was last seen getting well fucked by a big purple alien. This story explores some of the kinkier possibilities of couple sex, if this is not your thing, just skip over those bits, and let me know, and I’ll leave this kind of thing out of future Sara chapters. Alternatively, if you like it, let me know too and I’ll keep putting it in (heh heh). Any kind of feedback is good feedback.

A small sphere blinked in the holographic radar display. A ship, out here? Sara immediately opened her comm. channels and tried to contact whoever it might be. After her last ‘close encounter’ she was keen as mustard to meet more aliens.

To her surprise, a human voice answered.

“Who are you and what are you doing out here?” she asked.

“My name is Stuart, I am from the Dauntless, at least I was until I was lost a few years ago?” came the reply.


“I fell through a wormhole, I have been looking for humans ever since?”

“Well today’s your lucky day” said Sara, and began setting up the docking routines.

A few minutes later, Stuart emerged from the airlock, and thought to himself “sure is my lucky day,” as he was greeted by the voluptuous Sara in her skin tight lycra flight suit.

Sara was thinking much the same, as she looked at the tall blonde pilot and was reminded that it had been several weeks since she had been fucked (by a human at least). She wondered how long it had been since Stuart had been laid. From the rapidly growing bulge in his bulky outdated flight suit, Sara guessed it had been a while. She also guessed that the shower unit on his ship had broken a while back.

She winked at him and said “let’s get you out of those clothes” as she led him to the medical bay, where the auto-med systems gave him a thorough cleaning and a series of shots and inoculations, along with taking a few samples for later analysis.

Stuart emerged from the med-bay completely naked, and looking a little sheepish, until he saw Sara laying naked on her pilot’s couch, beckoning to him with one hand, while she stroked her pussy with the other.

Stuart’s cock sprang sarışın porno to attention, and he moved quickly to the couch.

“It’s been so long …” he started, but was silenced as Sara wrapped her lips around his throbbing cock, sucking him briefly, before laying back and pulling him onto her, wrapping her long legs around his back, and guiding his cock straight to her hot wet hole.

Sara gasped as he thrust into her hard, his cock swollen with desire, and began pumping her with almost brutal force. His orgasm approached quickly, but not too quickly for the oversexed Sara, and as Stuart’s cock dumped its huge load of come deep inside her pussy, the couple shouted their release, and celebrated a return to human company.

They lay together for a few moments, both catching their breath, yet far from spent. Sara rolled Stuart onto his back, and lifted herself off his cock, which was still semi-erect, and spun herself around, her knees straddling his face, and her lips wrapping around his cum-coated cock. Stuart grabbed her hips and drew her cum-soaked pussy to his face, driving his tongue into her folds, licking and slurping on their combined juices, his enthusiasm both pleasuring and inciting Sara as she sucked the same mixture off his cock, now rapidly hardening again.

Still facing Stuart’s feet, Sara moved back down his body, stuffing his fat cock back into her still-wet pussy, and began to ride him vigorously, her full breasts bouncing as she did so. Stuart’s hands snaked around her waist and began to play with her clit, while her own hands moved to his balls, gently fondling them as she bounced up and down on his dick.

Suddenly she stopped moving, and started to climb off, but Stuart held her hips down, not wanting to change anything. “Where are you going?” he asked. “I need to pee” Sara said. “No need to go anywhere for that” Stuart replied with a grin, and Sara could see what he was suggesting immediately.

She settled herself back onto his cock, her pussy still twitching around it, and relaxed her bladder, releasing a stream of hot liquid onto the cock inside her. It built up inside her briefly, then sert porno found it’s way out past her pussy lips and onto Stuart’s crotch, who was groaning with the unusual pleasure, before finding it’s way onto the flight couch, where the nano-systems in the fabric cleaned it up.

The pair resumed their fucking with even greater ardour, the kinkiness of the act firing the perverted side of their imaginations. Raising herself off his cock and turning to face him, Sara placed her feet either side of Stuart’s waist and squatted over his cock, spreading her arse cheeks to give his cock access to her anus. It slid in with little effort, as it was well coated with their juices, and Sara was soon grunting with pleasure as the full length of Stuart’s dick pistoned it’s way up her back passage, her anus squelching as it clenched his shaft tightly.

As Stuart’s cock exploded inside her, Sara squealed and spasmed with another orgasm and collapsed forward on his chest. As they lay recovering, Sara felt his cock soften slightly, then gasped as another stream of hot liquid began to splash against her insides, as Stuart began to give her a urine enema direct from his cock. The stream continued for what seemed an age, far longer than any (human) cock could ever have come for, filling Sara’s anal passage with hot liquid. As Stuart’s cock began to soften, the mixture of urine and come began to ooze out of her distended sphincter, again flooding Stuart’s crotch and making use of the nano-cleaners.

The pair crammed into the probeship’s small bathtub, and were soon coated in lather and once again screwing one another’s brains out, the soapy slipperiness opening further options for sexplay, as Stuart discovered to his delight as he slid his cock in the delightfully slippery yet hot and tight groove between Sara’s breasts, as she wrapped them around his cock, her tongue licking the head each time it came near enough. A short time later they were engaged in a form of 69, as Stuart’s tongue probed Sara’s freshly cleaned asshole, while she did the same to him in between sucking his shaven scrotum, his cock still gripped firmly between her luscious breasts. sex hattı porno

Feeling the way Stuart’s cock twitched as her tongue probed his anus, an idea popped into Sara’s mind. She climbed out of the bath, and leading Stuart by the hand, returned to her quarters, where she extracted a double ended dildo from her storage compartment. About twelve inches long, and self lubricating, it was one of Sara’s favourite toys, although she mainly used it with other women.

Sara lay on her back and spread her legs, inviting Stuart to return his cock to her pussy, where it fitted so nicely. He obliged in a flash, sliding his full length inside her, his pubic bone resting against her clit. Sara rubbed the length of the dildo firmly, causing its self-lubrication to take effect, then began to insert one end into her own anus. She then paused for a second, but the look in Stuart’s eye told her to continue, and she slid the other end into his arse, eliciting a groan of pleasure from her new lover.

With the artificial phallus firmly inserted, and the real one well entrenched in its rightful place, every move that either of them made gave both of them a dual pleasure. After a few thrusts they found that standard missionary fucking was something of a “mission,” and manoeuvred themselves into a sitting position, facing each other, with Sara’s legs wrapped around Stuart’s waist. In this position, the pair could bounce together or separately, and the dildo in their arses would be pressed up by the couch below them.

As they writhed and bounced, slowly approaching yet another climax, the sounds and smells of sex filled the air. As she felt her orgasm begin to build, Sara reached down behind herself and fingered a soft hidden button on the fake penis, causing it to twist and vibrate.

Both Sara and Stuart grunted with the extra sensations, and the pair of them began to thrust at each other with even greater enthusiasm, culminating their pleasure in a simultaneous climax, Sara’s pussy clamping down on Stuarts cock as it pumped spurt after spurt of hot thick come into her burning love box, the buzzing phallus in their arses overloading their bodies somewhat, as screams of pleasure became choked gasps and grunts, as the two hot young spacefarers finally collapsed into a sated pile of sweaty limbs and heaving chests.

A few minutes later, as they began to recover, Sara smiled at Stuart and remembered something.

“Hi, I’m Sara.”