A BBC Personal Ad No. 01


This is a true story. My wife, Patty, and I are both white. Unlike a lot of stories I’ve read where the husband claims his wife is a knockout beauty, my 5’3″ wife is an older woman, still very cute, but with less than perfect body. In her mid-fifties, Patty’s figure has gotten a bit thicker with age. Her melon-sized tits now sag slightly and her well-rounded ass is a bit too big. She has wide curvy hips and her thighs are fleshy soft. She once joked, “Her body is built for comfort, not speed, when it comes to sex.” Don’t get me wrong, my wife looks fuck-me lush in a pleasantly plump way. Patty still gets me hot. She’s just not a firm twenty-something anymore.

We’ve been married for twelve years. Again, unlike stories where men claim their wife was a virgin and he’s been her one and only, Patty had already been divorced twice before we met. Her son was born during her first marriage and her daughter in the second. Both children are now grown and gone.

By the time we got together, having children and regular use by men in the course of time has made Patty’s pussy a little loose. Being older, I only felt it was normal wear. My wife also gets very juicy. Normally I like it. But, when she gets highly aroused and her juices start flowing heavy it becomes a problem for me. My cock is slightly below average in length and girth. Usually when I’m fucking her, I can feel the walls of her vagina, if somewhat barely.

However, when Patty gets really excited and her hairy pussy becomes mushy wet, I lose all friction. At that point, reaching down between us with one hand, my wife will grasp my cock to squeeze it tight while I hump her or she’ll jack me off in her pussy. She’ll do the same thing to give me a quickie prior to bedtime when I’m horny and she’s not in the mood. Stripping naked and lying back in bed, she’ll tell me to climb on and stick my hard dick in her pussy. When I do, my dick slips into her easy without foreplay or lube needed. Then she’ll jack me off, rolling her plump butt to work her hairy pussy on my cock while talking nasty in my ear, erzurum escort getting me to shoot my load within minutes. Finished, I’ll typically roll off her and fall to sleep while she goes to clean herself in the bathroom.

As a general rule, I don’t eat my wife’s cunt prior to fucking her. Not that it matters. She rarely has an orgasm when I do. Plus, I never go down on Patty once I do spurt a weak load of cum into her while fucking, regardless of my wife’s need to get off. I can’t get past the idea eating a cream-pie oozing out of her hairy pussy is gross, even if its mine.

To me, we don’t have a bad sex life, even if it seems I often get the best of it. I’m aware of not always being adequate in meeting Patty’s needs, so I’ll use a dildo I purchased at an adult video store to fuck her cum-filled pussy until she creams. Large and black, it’s made to look like the real thing. I’ve often fantasized about my wife being fucked by a black bull, so watching the huge dildo sliding in and out of Patty is a definite turn-on for me.

The idea seems to make Patty hot, too. Often, when I’m fucking her with it, I’ll ask, “You like the feel of that black cock, baby?” Not bothering to reply, my wife will move her curvy hips faster. Within minutes, Patty’s soft body goes tense and she shudders in the throes of an orgasm.

Knowing how it excited her, I carefully broached the subject of having a third person join us. Patty flatly refused to consider it. I didn’t force the issue, although I continued to gently encourage her. One night, while sitting at a desk in our bedroom as my wife was dressing for bed, I took a bold risk by calling her over to look at the computer screen. I’d been online all evening, checking adult personal ads for casual encounters. I’d found one I thought Patty might find intriguing, but was really unsure how she’d react to it.

Looking, she gasped. “He’s huge!”

On screen was the picture of a big black cock, uncircumcised, thick as my wrist, dangling about ten inches long with big balls. “He’s not even bodrum escort hard, baby,” I pointed out, although judging from Patty’s fixed stare at the screen, my comments weren’t needed. “You can bet that heavy hanging nut sac’s full of hot cum.”

“Wow,” Patty said in awe.

The ad was entitled: BBC SEEKS WMW. Reading the content to Patty, I said, “Thirty-two year old black male wants to fuck married white woman while hubby watches. Prefer ages Twenty-one to Forty-six. Only e-mails with pictures get reply.”

I glanced at my wife bending down to view the black cock photograph. She was wearing short pajama tops, partially unbuttoned and without a bra underneath, allowing her melon-size breasts to move freely. Full white panties were stretched tight over Patty’s plump ass and wide hips. To me, she looked sexy.

I reached out to rub her panty-clad crotch. The material was warm and soaking wet. “I can tell you’re turned-on by what you see,” I grinned. Patty moaned, covering my hand groping her pussy with one of hers, pressing it against her.

“You want to answer the ad, Patty?” I prompted, squeezing my wife’s mushy pussy-mound in my palm. “You want that big black cock?”

After a lengthy pause of silence, Patty softly said, “Yes.”

With her agreement, I felt a buzz of lust run through me. Slipping fingers beneath the leg band of my wife’s panties, I massaged her hairy pussy, which was slick with pussy juice. She was absolutely gushing, she’s so hot, I thought. Reaching up with my free hand, I cupped the back of Patty’s head, pulling it down to mine for a tongue-dueling, passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she asked, “Do you really want this to happen?”

“Yes, I’ve fantasized about it for a long time.”

“If I do it, will you still respect me?”

“Of course, I love you, baby. And it’s not like you were a virgin when we met. I know other men have gotten to enjoy using this hot, sweet pussy,” I said, giving her puffy pussy another squeeze. “You realize I’ll have to take some pictures of you for him eskişehir escort to see. I hope that’s not a problem for you?”

“I don’t know about that,” she said, once again sounding hesitant. “Who knows where pictures posted on line end up? Why did you pick him, anyway?”

“He was closest. Plus, he’s a Negro. And being bedded by a black man has been a secret fantasy of yours for a long time, if you’d admit it.”

“Not just mine.”

“I don’t hide it,” I shrugged. “It’s a turn-on for me to see you fucked by a big black cock.” Disengaging from our embrace, I reached into a drawer, withdrawing a digital camera. I wanted to take photographs while Patty was still intent on replying to the ad, avoiding a later possibility she might change her mind.

Switching clothes, Patty put on a sexy red bra accenting her 38DD breasts. Matching red panties, cut high, didn’t conceal much. Although not thongs, there was still only a thin strip of material covering her ass-crack with the cheeks of her plump white ass ballooning out to either side. In front, the panties barely hid her puffy pussy mound. A camel toe was clearly evident.

Patty appeared to be wearing underwear several sizes too small, straining to hold-in her charms, giving my wife’s soft over-ripe body an enticing allure in my mind. I snapped front and back photographs of her slightly thick body to e-mail. Both only displayed her from the neck down. A third picture just showed her cute face smiling.

“You think he’ll like how I look?” Patty said as I prepared to send a message including her photos.

“Why wouldn’t he?”

“My ass is a little too fat,” she said, gazing at a saucy photo of her near-naked butt presented for casual review by anybody caring to look. “Besides, I’m well-past the age limit he wanted.”

“Don’t worry about it. Word has it most black men like a big booty. Plus, you’re a married white woman. It’s all that matters, regardless of age, if you’re not ugly and easy to spread.” Especially if you’re willing to do it while your husband is watching, I thought. At least, I hoped so.

I tapped the keyboard button on my computer, sending a message with my wife’s pictures to a black stranger for his judgment, deciding if Patty was worthy of his big cock.

I wondered how long it would take to get a reply…