Sally’s Sr. Sex – Neal and Jeff


When tgg returned from his walk, I told him about my time with Neal and that next Friday he would be bringing the lifeguard along with him for a threesome.

The week passed slowly. I swam three times during the week and each time Jeff smiled at me and winked.

For the benefit of those who have not yet caught up with my sex life, I am Sally. I really enjoy sex. I have differentiated between sex and love since I gave up my virginity when I was a young teenager. The earliest story I have shared here was the one where I took my first double load when I was an 18 year old college freshman. I am now in my mid-60’s, wrinkles, sagging skin from my weight loss, and hanging breasts. I was out of circulation for nearly 30 years, but my husband, tgg, is no longer able to take care of my sexual needs because of an operation for prostate cancer. He has convinced me that I am too young to give up on sex and wants me to enjoy life. We have no secrets and I share all the details with him if we don’t share the adventure.

On Friday morning, I completed my normal 5K on the treadmill, showered, and slipped into a long T-shirt that came mid-thigh on me. Tgg and I were sitting at the kitchen table when the men arrived about 10. Tgg met Jeff for the first time and told us to have fun. He would be working in the yard and garden if any of us needed him for anything.

Neal is 40 years old and my personal trainer at the club. He has been with me since I began my weight loss and knows that I am now physically fit under my wrinkles and loose skin. Jeff has been the lifeguard who watched while I swam my laps each week and has also witnessed my reemergence as a woman over the past year. In a recent conversation with Neal, Jeff referred to me as a MILF and Neal brought him along today which was their day off.

Jeff said he had a video camera in the car and asked if I would mind if he taped our adventure. I said absolutely no. Our adventure is private between the three of us (until tgg shares it with the world via Literotica).

In the Family Room, Neal took me in his arms and began kissing me. I kissed him back with an open mouth while his hands began to wander. He cupped my butt and pulled me against his groin. I rubbed my pussy against his hard cock and he said, “Here or the bedroom? “

Breathlessly, I answered, “Here” I may be getting old, but I sure was getting turned on quickly. I had anticipated this meeting all week and it was really happening.

I hadn’t noticed, but while Neal and I were kissing, while my eyes were closed, Jeff had taken off his clothes. He was standing behind me naked when he reached under my shirt and gently cupped a breast with each hand.

Neal said, “What if tgg comes in?”

“He will either watch or join in,” I answered as I reached behind me to find the hard rod that was poking my butt. Jeff’s cock was hard, there was a distinct erzincan escort curve to one side, and my thumb and middle finger met when I gripped it. He was about 5 inches long with a very prominent ridge around the cap which stood out distinctly like an oversize screw cap on a bottle.

I passively watched as Neal took several oversized lounging pillows from the pile by the fireplace and laid them on the floor in front of me. Jeff helped me to the floor, pulled off my T-shirt and began gently loving my breasts with his mouth, tongue and teeth. Neal dropped his clothes and suddenly I was on a nest of cushions in my Family Room with two naked men, both with erect cocks. Neal moved close so that I could reach his tool with my mouth and Jeff slowly worked his way down to my neatly trimmed pubic area.

He rubbed me with an open hand as he kissed his way down my body and a single finger parted my vaginal lips as he gently explored. I was dry, I don’t produce love juice as I did when I was younger, and he stuck a few fingers in his mouth to wet them before going back to my love opening, spreading my nether lips and tracing the folds and undulations outside my vaginal opening. My legs opened to give him total access and he wet his fingers again before stimulating my clit. I moaned. He began licking me and suddenly moisture was no longer a problem. His wet tongue took the place of his fingers and I moaned again.

Speaking of moisture, I was slobbering over a very erect cock fucking my mouth and couldn’t have done anything other than moan if I wanted to.

Jeff moved a bit and began dragging his erect cock between my vaginal lips before plunging into me. I pulled Neal’s cock out of my mouth with my hand and said, “Jeff, I want you in me, but I am too dry, give me a second.” I ran, bouncing breasts and jiggling skin, out to the kitchen, grabbed my jar of coconut oil and ran back. I scooped out a generous amount of the thick mixture and liberally coated Jeff’s cock. I lay back down and guided him into me. He slid to the hilt, fully inserted, in one thrust. His curved cock slid up and down one wall of my vagina – it was the first time in my 50 plus years of having sex that I had felt that particular feeling and all of a sudden my vaginal muscles started contracting and relaxing around his cock without any control on my part. I wrapped my legs around him and began humping. My body was taking over and I was just going along for the ride. This went on for what seemed like minutes, I had no control, but the feeling was wonderful. I guess it was good for Jeff too, because he began shooting his warm, thick cum into me much sooner than either of us would have planned. The sensation changed as his cum filled me, I relaxed my grip on him with my legs and we lay together covered in sweat and drained.

“Wow. That was something special,” he panted.

Jeff’s erzurum escort cock shrank and slid out. He lay beside me, kissed me and began gently caressing my breasts. My nipples were as erect as they have ever been, sticking out like small acorns, and my large areolas were tight.

Neal moved between my legs and began to gently fuck me in my loose and well lubricated passage. He was turned on from watching us, and his cock was hard. I was ready to keep going and welcomed him gratefully. He was gentle for about 5 minutes and I was moving with him, loving every sensation. He reached much deeper and filled me much more that Jeff and his cock felt totally different.

Gradually he began moving faster and thrusting to the hilt each time. I knew that he would want to cum soon. I began using my internal muscles on his cock as he slid out until only the head remained inside me and slammed his meat all the way back in. Suddenly, he shortened his strokes, increased his pace, took one final thrust to the hilt, seemed to freeze in place, his cock swelled and spewed his cum tight against my cervix. If I was capable, this would have been a baby maker.

I held him close and we rolled over so that I was lying on top of him. He felt so good inside me that I couldn’t help continuing to gently hump him and make the sensations last as long as possible.

As I humped Neal, my legs spread to either side of him. My knees were near the floor and the tops of my feet were definitely on the floor. I was totally relaxed, and feeling well loved. I had totally forgotten that Jeff was in the room until I felt a lubricated finger begin massaging and stretching my ass hole. Jeff was using the coconut oil directly on my ass and as he inserted two and then three fingers, I knew it was working. He must have put more on his cock as well, because when he was in position and applied pressure, he slid in to the hilt.

I was sandwiched between two men and it felt so good. The presence of Jeff’s cock in my ass stimulated Neal and I could feel him getting harder in my vagina.

Just as Jeff was beginning to move in my ass, tgg came into the room from the garden. I’m sure his presence took the men with their cocks in me down a notch, but tgg didn’t hesitate at all. He dropped his pants and briefs and walked over to us. He stood over Neal and I took his cock in my mouth and began loving him while Neal and Jeff began moving inside me again.

All my holes were filled, the love of my life had his cock in my mouth, and I was on cloud nine. My ass is still tight as it isn’t used often and it wasn’t more than 5 minutes before he began slamming into me like a man possessed. He shouted when he came and his ejaculation triggered Neal to shoot which triggered my orgasm. I had to be careful not to bite tgg as we all bounced around together. Noises were coming from both my ass bursa escort and my vagina as trapped air escaped. Eventually we all slid apart and lay prostrate on the floor.

Tgg suggested that we all go to the bedroom for a nap and he would go back to work in the yard.

We napped three in a bed with me in the middle. Just on top, no cover.

When I awake several hours later, it was to Neal’s gentle snoring, the aroma of garlic and onions sautéing on the stove, and Jeff gently sucking on my left breast and his finger circling my relaxed nipple on the right. I ran my fingers through his hair to let him know I was awake and reached down to see what state of arousal he was in. He was hard. With some gentle urging, he positioned me on my side and he moved himself so that he would be entering me from behind and sideways. I am always open to new ways to have sex, so just lifted my leg to give him access and, because of all our earlier lubrication, he slid right in. Oh how did he slide in! Because of our positions on the bed, and the curve of his cock, he was directly in contact with my G-spot with every thrust.

I shouted, “OH JEFF, FUCK ME! FUCK ME.” My shouts awoke Neal. He watched us for a few minutes and then began kissing me and loving my breasts while Jeff continued gently and purposefully fucking me. His attention to my G-spot brought on a series of orgasms and he just continued fucking me right through them. Neal moved down and sucked and nibbled on my clit while Jeff continued fucking me and this brought on a big orgasm which in turn brought Jeff along and he emptied his balls in me along with some loud vocalizations.

Jeff slid out and Neal positioned himself over me. I raised my legs up over his shoulders and he began pushing into me. I was freshly lubricated, so it wasn’t long until he was fully inserted and stroking freely in and out of me.

Tgg chose that moment to stick his head in the door and announce that dinner would be ready in 15 minutes. Neal calmly thanked him and almost immediately began shooting rope after rope of warm, thick cum into my open vagina. I began to shudder with another big orgasm and continued humping his cock with everything I had for the next several minutes.

Finally I said, “We should shower before we go out to dinner. Anyone want to come with me?”

We all three showered together. I don’t think my intimate areas have ever been washed so well or so often in such a short amount of time. The guy’s cocks were sparking also.

I put on a clean, long T-shirt in the bedroom, but the men had to go naked to the Family Room to get their clothes and dress. After they dressed they met us in the kitchen where tgg had prepared spaghetti, garlic toast, and a salad. After dinner and a shared bottle of wine, tgg suggested that they could spend the night if they wanted to. Both were on the early shift at the gym in the morning, 5 AM, so they declined, but said that they were interested in spending more time with us in the future.

Tgg and I discussed the day and cuddled with another bottle of wine after the guys left. I was sexually content and thanked tgg for everything.