A Neighborhood Sex Party


I’m not sure when it started, but some of my neighbors practice a very unusual ritual that I was initiated into a year ago when my husband and I moved into the area a few months previously from New England. The neighborhood was a middle class mix of blue collar and white collar professionals and my husband and I were delighted by the friendliness of everyone. One evening we were having dinner with our new friends, Tom and Lisa, when they mysteriously referred to a “special event” we might like to attend.

“What do you mean ‘special event?’ we asked, very puzzled at their hush-hush manner.

“Well,” explained Tom, “are you into sharing partners?”

The question was a bit of a shock, coming out of no where, but Jim and I are open-minded and were not offended.

“No,” I answered, “we’ve never done anything like that. Have we, Jim?” I gave him a nudge and a sidelong glance.

“No, but you were fantasizing about the delivery boy once and I was lusting after the hot slut next door!” said Jim

“What Tom is talking about,” continued Lisa “is experimenting with things. Like going to a party where something unusual will happen but you don’t know for sure what.”

“But something sexual?”

“Yeah,” he said, “but you don’t have to participate. Just watch?”

“Just watch and get really excited,” giggled Lisa. She had a dreamy look in her eyes that aroused my curiosity about the party.

Two weeks later we attend ed a pot luck supper with Tom and Lisa. There were about twenty couples. It started like a regular party. Everyone shared the dishes they had brought and the beer and booze flowed freely. There was music and dancing and lots of socializing. Everyone was friendly to Jim and me, but because we were new, they seemed almost to be examining us. Or at least it felt that way. I sensed that most of the men and quite a few of the women too, were appraising my physical attributes. It was subtle, not leering, but it was there. And curiously, I wasn’t uncomfortable with it. I rather enjoyed it. Modesty aside, I consider myself attractive, and if someone wants to check out my chest, which is substantial, let him. I look great in a bathing suit and at 30; I’m still at the peak of my good looks. So I don’t mind if someone pays me a compliment with a smile or a look. Since I’ve been married, though, a compliment is all I’ve let anyone pay me.

After everyone had eaten, the party split into two groups, men in one room, women in another. Though Lisa was with me, she was very coy and wouldn’t ex plain what was going on. She wanted all the surprises to just happen. The women discussed who among the men should be chosen. Several names were bandied back and forth and finally they took an informal vote and came up with a name. When everyone rejoined in the living room there was an air of excitement and conspiracy among each group. The women kept the male choice a secret, as did the men for their choice of a woman. And no one could be certain that one of the choices was not him or herself.

The man the women selected was a dry-wall con tractor who did a lot of hard physical labor. His arms and chest were huge, his waist was trim, and his face was square-jawed and rugged. I fantasized for a moment what it would be like to be carried naked to the bedroom by him. THEN FOR A STARTLING MOMENT I WONDERED WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO HAVE EVERYONE WATCH HIM SPREAD ME AND FUCK ME. But they wouldn’t have picked me. Tom and Lisa said they wouldn’t pick newcomers. I was, none the less, intensely curious about the outcome of the evening.

The “happening” was scheduled for eleven o’clock. In the meantime, everyone continued socializing and acıbadem escort drinking, but with a heady air of anticipation. It was a strange party but not a dull one. Almost every man talked to me and most of them danced with me. All of them were courteous, some charming, and a few were forward. One asked me my bust size. Another patted my ass when I danced with him. Some of the guys, like the contractor, I let dance a little closer than others. I rested my chest against his and let him park his erection against my tummy.

At eleven o’clock the room went black. The men began whistling and cat calling. The host came to the front of the room, where one lamp was used as a sort of spotlight, and begged for everyone’s attention. The men were re quested to move to one side of the room, and the women to the other.

“It’s the bewitching hour of eleven o’clock and we re quest that everyone take a shot of tequila.” Several bottles were passed around the room amid hooting and hollering. I took a couple of healthy swigs. I felt Lisa at my side. She took the bottle and downed a shot or two.

“I wonder who it is’ she said nervously.

I looked at Lisa, who seemed to be trembling slightly. Her tousled brown hair, turned-up nose and perk breasts were very appealing. I imagined her naked for an instant.

“Who do you think it will be?” I asked.

“You want to know something?”


“I’ve never done this before.”

“What? I thought you and Tom—”

“This is only the second time we’ve been here.”

Earlier in the week I had been shocked by her audacity —now her naiveté surprised me.

“So you’ve never done any of this weird stuff?”

“No,” she said and took another swig of tequila.

“Well, here’s to a good fuck,” I said grabbing the bottle and downing another ounce.

“Good friends,” the host continued, “let me reveal our Party Guests Supreme, our Lord and Lady of the Eleventh Hour. The ladies have chosen Dan Brooks to entertain us with his abilities.”

There was more hooting and hollering especially from the women. Then he announced the men’s choice.

“Lisa Gray!”

In the previous moments, I had suspected it might be Lisa and I think she had too. But she was a little over whelmed at the prospect and she entered the arena like a scared little fawn. The men whistled like wolves. Lisa was cute as a bug, in a studious way, with her round glasses and ponytail. And she had the absolutely most precious buns packed into her tight, faded jeans. Even I was curious to see them bared. The host exited, leaving Dan and Lisa by them selves. From the darkness, the audience waited for the first move.

Dan had a comfortable presence in front of the audience, he lingered a few moments, extending the tension. Lisa seemed embarrassed. I felt sorry for her, but I believed she was going to go through with it. Like me, she was thrilled to death by the prospect of it. There were just a lot of other feelings to overcome.

Dan looked at Lisa, and then looked away. Then he grabbed her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. There she was, naked from the waist down with a cute brown bush. The crowds “oohed” at his masterly stoke of brashness and I felt a little pang of pleasure. Covering her bush with her hands, she waited for his next move. Dan, in a very leisurely and cocksure manner, unbuckled his own pants and pulled out along, beautiful piece of gnarly cock. The women drew their breath. I felt myself getting wet. God, this was an interesting party.

On her knees, Lisa opened her mouth wide to accept Dan’s throbbing erection and sucked it all the way down!

He atalar escort swung his cock like a billy club. He was hamming it up for the crowd while Lisa stood by demurely. The choice of participants had obviously not been as spontaneous as it had appeared. This was an intentional pairing of an “old pro” with “new stuff.” He bade Lisa get on her knees.

“Now, do what you do so well—suck cock.”

This elicited a stream of shouts from the audience.

“Feed her your meat!” shouted one woman.

“Give her a throat full!” said another.

Dan guided her head, glasses intact, onto his thick piece of love gristle. Lisa complied and opened wide, allowing him to place his cock deep inside her mouth. She closed her lips on it and sucked all the way down the shaft to the very tip amid more howling from the audience. Crouched before him, with Dan guiding her movements, she dutifully sucked away on his big, fat cock. And what a big, fat jawbreaker it was— red, with lots of veins. That grizzled club must have parted a hundred women’s lips. At that moment, I wanted to be one hundred and one.

Dan threw his head back and visibly savored the head. He sucked in air through his teeth and blew it out with a huge sigh. Smoothing her hair, he complimented her talent for fellatio. The audience began making re quests which I learned were customary with these shows.

“Lick his balls!”

LISA WITHDREW HIS DICK AND TOOK HIS BALLS INTO HER MOUTH. WITH HIS COCK STRETCHED ACROSS HER FACE, SHE BATHED HIS NUTS WITH HER TONGUE. We watched his big bag bob in and out of her mouth as his huge cock sprawled across her face. At one point he lifted her glasses off her face with his dick which caused an uproar of laughter.

“Here, have them back,” he said. “I want you to see what you’re eating.”

After giving her partner a thorough nut bath, Lisa took the initiative and grabbed a cloth napkin, tucking his around his collar like a bib. She slipped completely out of her pants and rubbed her hairy muff.

“Your turn,” she said. This gathered applause and laughter from the audience, who suggested she straddle an easy chair on all fours so everyone could get a good view. Lisa climbed up on the chair facing backwards so that her legs were on the armrests and her arms on the headrest. Lisa, with one of the cutest little asses I’ve seen, stuck it straight at the audience for everyone to ad mire. Smooth, well rounded mounds arising from the small of her back, formed a delightful heart-shaped design that positively commanded attention. A mischievous patch of fur pie poked through the middle that Lisa wiggled at the men. They began to whistle and cheer.

Dan, who appeared a little upstaged at this point, straightened his bib and got down on his knees behind her. He leaned forward and began licking her thighs. Lisa stuck her butt back further and engulfed his tongue in her cunt.

The eroticism of the moment was magical. The show was so explicit, so naughty. I was very excited, as many in the audience were. I was glad that my husband was not standing by me. I wanted to privately revel in my own fantasy, imagining I was up there, my thighs spread wide, with that hunk of a man dining on my private parts.

Lisa slowly humped his face, moving in concert with the working of his tongue. Evidently still not comfortable with others’ eyes on her, Lisa partially hid her face in her hands. She was caught between the pleasure of the raw sex and the shame of her exhibitionism. It was, after all, the sluttiest behavior imaginable.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Dan got into the 69 position, his face smothered in cunt; hers contorted with bloated aydınlı escort cock meat. Appearing now to abandon herself to the act, she sucked on his cock with gusto as she enjoyed having her pussy sucked. Her body quivered with each stroke of his tongue as it traveled from the top of her clitoris to the inside of her hole. I was standing directly in back of her. Her cunt was split wide open and glistened with his saliva. As his tongue moved up her hole, her head dove down on his dick. And as he went deep into her cunt, her head pulled back and she smacked her lips on his cock-head. They were 69ing in rhythm!

After a few more minutes of cock and cunt sucking, Dan got up and pulled something out of his pants pocket. It was a knife, and he brandished it in front of Lisa.

He grabbed her T-shirt by the collar and with his knife ripped it clean down the middle. Cantaloupe sized melons jiggled forth, which he seized and squeezed.

“Nice tits,” he said. “I should have let these out earlier. Now bend over and grab your ankles.”

She hesitated a moment but the audience encouraged her to do as he bade her. With her feet spread and her shirt in tatters about her shoulders, she bent over and grabbed her ankles. Dan patted her rump and massaged her crack.

“Are you ready for me?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered meekly.

I said, “Are you ready for me?’

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck me good.”

“That’s more like it. Let’s hear some more.”

“FUCK MY CUNT. PUMP ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK.” The dirty talk was titillating; very titillating. I was secretly rubbing my crotch in the dark as my breathing became shorter.

Dan approached from the rear and parked his dick at her cunt door. He positioned himself to maximize the audience’s view. Then inched himself slowly inside her so that everyone could see that big cock of his enter her pussy. When he hit bottom, he grunted. Lisa was jarred forward slightly, but regained her balance. She repositioned herself in a halfback stance with one arm on the floor while Dan with drew slowly and buried it in her again until his balls were banging wildly in the air.

After several of these demonstration entries, he grabbed her waist and began seriously fucking her. He grunted, Lisa whimpered, and everyone enjoyed it. He latched onto one of her titillating jugs and fondled it loosely in his hand.

“Love your fucking tits,” he said.

“Fuck me hard. I’m cumming!” she shouted. “Oh, fuck my pussy hard. Fuck me!” She shuddered as orgasm racked her body. The emotional tension and apprehension of the evening had transferred to and culminated in sexual energy and Lisa was being overwhelmed by the fuck. At this moment, she wasn’t concerned that people were watching. She was howling with ecstasy. The audience watched with glazed eyes and wry smiles as Lisa got the hell fucked out of her. Then Dan showed

signs of throwing in the towel as his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Hot damn! Here I come.” He banged her cunt unmercifully and pumped her full of what I only could imagine was a cupful of hot spunk. My pussy burned with sensation as I had my own uncontrollable mini-orgasm. I was tempted to run out there, get on my knees and suck his dick clean.

When he pulled his cock out of her, Lisa collapsed on the floor. She couldn’t move, her legs were so weak from taking a standing fucking. She laid back and quietly moaned while cum oozed out her crack.

The show was over and as people came up to congratulate the participants, I sat down by Lisa and wrapped her with a blanket.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Lisa I’ve been royally fucked. How did I do?”

“Every man here wanted to screw you.”

Lisa had gotten a bit more than she bargained for but she survived and continued to go to future fuck parties. I got a dose of what she experienced the next time we went to a party. But I’ll write about that next time.