Elizabeth’s Confession Pt. 02

Big Tits

This story, not just this part, is for Hooked100!

An inspiration, to me & I hope to others…

(You need to read part 01 to understand Elizabeth’s perspective and the reason for her narrative.)


We drove home in silence, George furious. I could see his red face in the dash lights. I smoked incessantly. Filling the ash tray in the console with lipstick stained butts. I also lifted my skirt, accidentally on purpose, so that every time George looked across the saw my shaven pierced cunt. Nothing I did could bring him to even to tell me to cover myself. We eventually arrived home. He took several beers from the fridge & vanished to a guest room. (It’s not so fucking grand. It was our oldest daughter. Rebecca’s room, but there’s a big tv in there, and a double bed.)

I went to our room, carrying my bags. On my last trip I took a bottle of scotch from the lounge & found an old dish to act as an ashtray. (I needed to buy some, since my smoking wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. I was enjoying the hedonism too much, and bollocks to my long-term future.) While I was in the kitchen, I remembered what Sophia asked me to do, so I took a couple of bin liners upstairs too. I sat for a while, my piercings aching a little, had a drink taking stock. When my mind cleared I continued. I emptied every piece of underwear I owned into a bag, snapping a picture and sending it to Sophia. She replied asking me to log on to Facebook, so I did.

I sat in front of the laptop with a smoke & large scotch. I saw friendship requests from Sophia, personally and the shop, and from Kirsten too! (That pleased me, as I wasn’t just winding George up. I did want to get into her pussy too…) I accepted all. Sophia messaged me and asked to show the pics she had taken. I didn’t mind them being seen but was not ready for my kids to see me posing with my cunt on show. (Don’t care now, everyone else sees my cunt so they can too!) Sophia told me of another site, Fetlife, and asked me to raise a profile there. After a few minutes I had a profile and was sort of shocked to see what was easily on show. (Check it out I dare you, you vanilla living wimps!) Sophia uploaded the pictures, all of them. We said our good nights, and I sort of hit the hay. The scotch, smokes, pain and exhilaration all took their toll on my body. I took two painkillers and was asleep in minutes.

I woke on Monday as the alarm rang. I heard George in a bathroom showering. Afterward he came in, took office clothes from his wardrobe and left, still not speaking. His defiance needed sorting one way or another. I texted my boss to say I couldn’t come in, that I would be seeing a GP. I sort of hinted at a lady’s issue. (Bet he didn’t think it was my piercings!) I called the GP’s surgery and got an appointment later that morning. After I had showered, fingering myself to a decent orgasm, I dressed in new clothes, a shelf bra, leaving my pierced nipps free to move, a tight red dress, which left the top of my tits, almost to the nipples uncovered. and black stockings, red, metal heeled shoes were the lowest I bought at 3 ½ “. I made up again, the full works, which I had decided was the way to go, now. Lots of lippy and gloss too. Breakfast and coffee, bought me my longed for first smoke. I called an old friend and asked her to meet me in a quiet country pub at lunchtime. (She may have some tips on picking up blokes). I then went to the surgery. I parked on the street, and stood smoking, with my short dress and Leather jacket, I looked like a tart up late…Maybe in for a morning after pill. (Oh, that I was young enough to be banged up!

I explained to the GP, thankfully a woman, that I had been pierced, and the ache was off putting. Talking was becoming awkward, my tongue was swelling. She asked to examine me. How could I refuse? I took my leather jacket and dress off, leaving the bra & stockings. (I heard her breathing quicken, briefly. Perhaps, as I was sans panties?) She asked me to lie down, and looked me over, making no judgement. She touched me and looked at the piercings, declaring them clean & professional. I needed to wait out the healing, cleaning them with spray antiseptic liquid. I also said I was having marital issues, at my changing sexuality, still lying down, she touched my hood piercing and I moaned. Inappropriate, I know, but asked her “Do you want to touch, properly?” Unfortunately, she shook her head. She offered me two weeks sick leave. I accepted, hoping to get my shit together in that time. Then she gave me a telling off about smoking. Having seen me outside. She gave me the sick note, a prescription for liquid pain relief, and a small paper with her number on. I didn’t see this until I left! I smiled, and called her from the car, surprisingly she answered, and we fixed a lunch date for Thursday. I called George, he didn’t pick up and I told him I wanted to talk and understand his anger.

I called an acquaintance, Kerry, who always looked Ankara travesti a bit tarty, and asked her where she got her nails done. She told me a place on the edge of the town’s biggest shopping centre. I called, and they were free, it being Monday. I parked on a multi-story and went to Boots the Chemist, then the nail shop, I was able to walk in. The girl asked me what I wanted & I described what Juliet had told me. She showed me a chain that went from a hole drilled into my false

nail across the back of my hand to a small bracelet, but it was clipped to fit onto charm bracelets, under my wrist. I had one in a drawer at home, so she began, they were finished red with a blue tip. They seemed huge. It was going to be impossible for a while to do domestic stuff, shame that!

Kerry, had come down hoping to catch me, almost not recognising me as I stood smoking, a breeze was blowing, so my nipples were standing up against the dress. “God you look hot girl!” I nodded. “I have never seen you smoke?”

“Thanks, I feel hot too. No not for years ’till yesterday. Now I love it again! I have a lunch date, so can’t stay, sorry. Do you want to come?” Kerry nodded her head, I have seen the pictures on your Facebook! Spill what are you up to?

“Come to lunch, I’ll explain on the way. Light me a fag, the packet’s on the dash.”

We got to the pub & Kerry & I sat outside, with her pressing me for information. I kept refusing until Suzanne arrived. Suzanne knew she was a hot trophy, blonde, boob job and the rest, married to a much older broker, 40ish, bored and even to my old self hot! Now I wanted to fuck her brains out…

Over lunch, and probably too much wine, I explained about Sophia, and then showed them the pictures, and as I was sat between them I squirmed my tight dress up and showed two friends my cunt. God, I flooded, Suzanne gasped & Kerry dipped her finger in.

“If I’d known about this I would have passed lunch!

I loved showing off and told them I wanted to be tattooed too! (It seems I had decided…part of it at least, “I want ink on my shoulders, dipping down to my cleavage.” God I really was becoming a slut. There wasn’t a lot more to say, and we went our separate ways, Suzanne taking Kerry back to town. I ordered a coffee, to wait the booze out, before I drove home. So, I sat smoking, thinking over what was happening, to me and why I felt so turned on!

I called Sophia and told her what I had blurted out to my lunch partners, that I wanted tattooing along my collar bone onto my shoulders. I did I wanted it doing soon, if that was possible, before I backed out. She agreed with me. “Chrissey is free tomorrow, come down & party. We can do all sorts of unspeakable things.” You will need some recovery time from the ink too. You can stay with me but meet me at the shop.”

“Can I come tonight? I don’t want to be with George, while he sulks!”

“Yes, I hoped, you would, it’s making me wet, thinking about it.”

“What are you wearing?”

“The red dress, red shelf bra, black stockings, with red suspenders and red heels. Oh, and lots of slutty make-up.”


“What do I need bring?”

“Travel light, bring your cunt, your smokes and what you wear, now. I’ll dress you from here…” She laughed, that made me a little concerned. Call when you are near, I’ll tell you where to park.”

“I’m leaving now!”

“See you in a few hours”

I got back in the car, and headed home, I needed to leave a note for George, so he didn’t think I had left him permanently. I was worried about him. I left the cage on the dining table, with a note telling him to be properly shaven and wearing this on my return, to talk about his new status… I took the anklet but hadn’t yet worn it.

I grabbed some cigarettes and make-up. Looking in the car, it needed fuel too. These things done I headed off, as I have said it’s a boring drive, even when you are a hot wife. I stopped on the motorway, and had lots of admiring glances, and one woman in the bathroom openly looked, and said “Whore!”

I couldn’t help it, answering “At least I enjoy my work, go fuck yourself, no one else seems to want to do, you.” Turning on my heels, I left, not needing to stop for anything else.

The traffic was murder getting near to Miss Sophia’s shop, so I had plenty of time for the butterflies in my tummy to take over. When I was about a mile away I called her & she gave me a postcode, for a garage. (It’s just occurred to me, but my car is hands free, for the phone, sweeties, for the phone. I Prefer hands to be elsewhere, nowadays.) I found myself in a back alley and Juliet opened a gate for me, I parked and took my small bag. We entered the shop at the back, as before Sophia simply said one word: “Strip!”

The room was dark. My cunt gushed at the command. When I had removed the dress, stockings & bra, but put my shoes back on, a blindfold was placed over Antalya travesti my eyes, followed by the tightening at my neck of a leather collar. This had a leash attached & I was dragged to the floor. I was made to crawl along & down some wood stairs. At the bottom, in a cellar the floor became rubber and springy. I crawled several paces. Sophia told me to stop. The blindfold was put tightened, over my eyes, “Kneel up, slut.” I of course did as I was bid to do. A cock, was placed at, my mouth, I opened and accepted it, groaning. A saw a camera flash. Juliet! Bitch… (No not at all. My first Cuckolding cock!! One for George to see.) I had no idea how big or thick it was, yet.

My technique was dreadful. I hadn’t sucked, good safe, George, in years, never to completion. This was longer and thicker. A hand pushed my head further on to the cock. I gagged, drool spilling out of my mouth. I was slapped across my face. Redoubling my endeavour, I took in more and started to suck, it began to slip down my throat. At this time, I felt a cold clammy gel squirt at my rear. I could not speak. My head was being held ball deep onto a cock, my face fucked, rather than me sucking. A finger began to work the cold lube? into my arse. I again gasped, nearly dropping the cock I was sucking. (Oops!!) This got me another slap! “Careful Bitch!” I just held onto it, running my stud around the outside in compensation, and then holding the stud over the Urethra & pushing the stud in… Now he groaned. A second finger was shoved into my arse forcing the sphincter to expand. They were worked in as I sucked. At last I felt his balls harden and his cum filled my mouth and throat. I swallowed as best as I could. (Try me now! I have been called Dyson, by guys, as I suck up everything!) Not then, there was cum in my mouth, my throat, up my nose and spilling onto my tits. Again, the flash.

The cock at my mouth was withdrawn and another replaced it immediately. The fingers were also pulled back and another cock was taking my anal cherry. George never expressed any interest, here. He probably thought it was gay. This hurt, a lot, as he began to thrust firmly into my bowel holding onto my ample hips for leverage. “God Sophia, she’s fuckin’ tight, ‘ere!” I smiled, as much as I could. The guy in my mouth wasn’t as big, and came quickly, I learned from my mistakes & took it all. A third cock was thrust in, but again didn’t last. After about five minutes the guy in my arse rammed one last time, slapping my thigh, like I was a horse then, came., squirting cum god knows where, towards my colon, the pain was exquisite, turning to real pleasure as I moved onto the thick cock, feeling it spray my insides. (He wasn’t going to be the only cock I took up the exhaust pipe.) The guy in my mouth pulled out & sprayed my face & tits with cum. (My first facial!) Juliet snapped it too. Then it was quiet. After a few minutes, sitting on my knees, with my heels digging into my arse, the blindfold was removed & Sophia kissed me, giving me a cigarette, then stepping out of Juliet’s way as she photographed my cum stained body. The men were nowhere to be seen. (I have never seen their faces. They are out of shot in all Juliet’s pics which I have seen. On screens and on different websites. My favourite of the set is my arse, cum seeping out of the extended hole. Along with little flecks of what should be there. An apprentice Cuckoldress, and anal slut.)

After a few minutes of posing, I was passed a towel and a large scotch, much needed. Sophia helped me to my shaky feet. “So…You want to be an inked hot wife too!! I thought you would, but not this quickly. (Oh, you weren’t cunt fucked, because of your piercing.) But I think you are a full-on Bi-Cuckold Bitch, now!! “Now after a bite to eat, let’s talk about ink…”

We ate, some curry Juliet had cooked. Chrissey came downstairs & ate too. As we finished and lit cigarettes and Chrissey began to look at my shoulders. She showed me ideas she had, for interconnected flowers across my collar bone, dripping towards my cleavage. “I have done several women here, and it’s good to have a focus between your tits. I have done flowers, birds and for a woman into Goth stuff, a skull.”

“I think I like flowers, a big red rose would be nice?”

Chrissey mused and shuffled some paper, drawing a rose on one, “This isn’t what I’ll draw on you, but the idea is like those chains, Henry VIII wore, have the rose between your tits with thorns too. I want to colour the middle one blood red, the one’s outside lighter, but one black on one shoulder. The end of innocence & fidelity.” She drew with a white board marker around my neck, a large rose, “This will have more detail, because if you wear any low-cut clothes…” She laughed, as did Sophia, at this thought. “It will be prominent and eye catching, all the time. I think it will be one session, to just put this on. We can then pull it up like a garland. I’ll weave other İstanbul travesti flowers into the strands. How about some other imagery too? Tulips and Lilacs will fit with new your Hot Wife personality. As I move it to your arms I can weave in a clock, and skulls, to signify you’re your re-birth and the time of life. I want to keep both arms different and do a lotus in one. “She paused, looked at her phone, then at Sophia, and asked “Are you two fucking now, or shall we start? I can go several hours this evening then some more tomorrow!”

I said in my still small voice, “Let’s start now, before I recover my sense of responsibility.” The three of us went up to the Studio on the second floor and Chrissey looked on her PC for a complex rose to start between my tits.

“I want to start with this, and work outwards, and backwards.” She printed an intricate design onto a transfer paper, marking out the folds. After a while, I had no long how much time had passed. She passed me a mirror and said that’s where I want to put the rose.” It sat in my cleavage, touching both breasts. The outer petals pointed to my nipples and the lower one was below my where my bra strap would sit. There was a beginning of the thorns and briar to join to other flowers. It seemed huge and was a massive step.

I looked at Sophia, who gripped my hand, leaning in she whispered, “How hot do you want to be…? You took it in the arse, now be decorated for you and only you!”

Again, in the small little voice I nodded “OK Chrissey, let’s go. Do it! Ink my tits!”

The tattoo gun began to hiss, and I gritted my teeth. I first felt it on my left tit, at the edge of what she had drawn. She looked at me smiling, whispering, “Hot slut wife.” She was right. What a tart I was becoming. Less than 2 days after meeting Sophia, I was pierced tattooed, and a Cuckoldress! Not bad for a Monday evening, in September! It was fucking agony! She worked away for ages. Sophia giving me fags and kisses, I couldn’t drink, unless Chrissey stopped. Which she did from time to time. Eventually the agony stopped, and I had the outline of a rose on my tits, it was nearly the length of my phone across. God, I hurt. Did she stop, no!

She said to me “You said the other day you nearly had a butterfly, on your 50th? How about a late birthday present?” I nodded, so she produced another design. Stupidly I thought it would be on my thigh, but no, The Bitch lifted my sore left tit & Started under it and toward my arm. It was drawn with the wings closed and in jet black. It was really contrasting with my white skin. This did not take long, with Sophia, holding my tit out of the way. It looked ace! With a final wipe she said, “That’s done. I want to colour the rose tomorrow & work out from there. You look good.” I was bandaged and helped up. Sophia took a couple of snaps on my phone, and picked one of my DP earlier, and attached them to a WhatsApp message to George. I typed, “Having fun, Cuckold. Get those pubes shaved and the cage on. Love Mistress E. (IT was the first time I Used that derivation of my name!)

During the next few days my tattoos took shape. Chrissey was good and didn’t hurt too much…Not worse than the first few seconds. I believe, was my brain telling me it would hurt, and my fear. I remembered to cancel my date with Dr Angela. We took a rain check. (She promised a full examination when I went home. Also, she gave me four additional weeks sick leave. I was suffering from Depression. – This is not to decry those who are. My Doc thought it was the greyest area for employers.)

The days took a routine that I had never envisaged. I was inked for a session in the morning, and in the evening, at the end of Chrissey’s day. More if she was quiet. Beyond this I, lounged about, smoking and drinking, wearing a nightie that covered my tummy. My tits fell out if I moved and my cunt was on show if I sat down. Oh and 4″ heels. There were no visitors. Also, Sophia and I kissed, and I honed my cunnilingus skills, but I was too sore to really relax and fuck. I slept in a single bed, showering under Chrissey’s instruction, so I took the best care of my damaged body.

After a couple of weeks, I had tattoos that stretched from the central rose up my collar bone and along it, over my shoulders onto my arms. This was all coloured and finished. I had half sleeves to my elbows of flowers and associated bits, including the classic lotus design, and clock promised. This too was in jet black. I also had butterflies on both feet, on my right it was in a large magnolia, that could be used to join to others. True to my desire that first day, I had a garland of wild flowers as a garter too. But much to Chrissey’s chagrin, I did not have my pussy inked. You may ask how I stood this. Well the answer’s easy. I was shitfaced. Juliet knew a guy who sold great dope… If the dope wore off I was in fucking agony!!

My phone was blocked so no one could find me. But, I did talk with friends, strangely with Kerry, who was only a passing acquaintance the most. I also spoke to Milly, less than 10 miles away, but in a different world. She was settling in fine, from what she told her Mum. (I hope she was getting fucked senseless too!!)

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