Dear Becky


In the spring of 1956 an 18 year old high school girl named Linda wrote a series of letters to her best friend Becky. I happened upon these in a hidden compartment of an antique credenza I was restoring. The compartment also contained pictures of the girls. I read the letters with a great deal of incredulity. The suggestive content was not compatible with my beliefs about the sexual behavior of young ladies in the 50’s so I had them examined by a specialist. He assured me that the letters could only have been written during that time period by a female hand, most likely a young female.

After much contemplation I decided to publish the letters. I believe they will shed new light on our perception of the generation who came of age during the 50’s – for most of us our parents and grandparents. They have been edited to correct minor spelling and grammatical errors but other than that are exactly as written. Upon the advice of my lawyers I will not publish the pictures to protect the identity the two girls, but I will provide a verbal description to help the reader visualize their appearance.

Linda, the writer of the letters, has a pleasant looking face with lots of freckles and big innocent eyes. Her wavy hair hangs to her shoulders. A picture of her in a swim suit reveals a shapely figure with larger than average breasts. They certainly fill out a sweater quite nicely. It would be a stretch to call her beautiful but she is pretty in her own way. Although the pictures were black and white, the letters reveal that she has red hair and green eyes.

Becky, the recipient, is blonde and attractive in a Marilyn Monroe kind of way. Her soft eyes are adventurous and her smile is sexy. While not quite as well endowed as Linda, her figure is nonetheless almost perfect. I can attest to this because many of the pictures of Becky leave little to the imagination – in fact nothing at all. Her perky breasts are shaped like rounded pears with dark areolas and tips that point slightly upward. The lighter shade of her pubic hair confirms that she is a natural blonde.

It was difficult finding an editor willing to publish these letters. Legitimate magazines called them smut and accused me of fabricating them. I finally found an online magazine that was willing to take a chance. The editor was concerned about the suggestive nature of the letters but nonetheless felt they were important from a historical perspective and captured what young people of that era were thinking and experiencing. Their lawyers could find no evidence that any of the characters mentioned were under the age of 18.

There are a total of fifteen letters, some quite long. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did, and would be grateful for any feedback.

Martin Stansberry

Dear Becky,

I miss you so much. Nothing here is the same since you moved to Cincinnati. For example, I turned 18 last week and I know you would have thrown me a big surprise birthday party. Instead I ended up going on a blind date with a boy named Skip. I know, you are thinking, wow. You finally went on a date after Mark dumped you, but who is Skip? Well he’s not one of the boys from school. Molly asked Brian to set me up with a guy he knows from work. I was a little nervous because Skip is 20 like Brian and being older might expect me to do things with him. Well maybe not all the way like Molly and Brian do, but more than kissing.

Skip turned out to be much more than I was expecting from a blind date. For one he was tall which was good for me because I’m 5’8″. He had black hair, deep blue eyes and a friendly smile. The best part was when we were introduced and he said I have beautiful red hair and pretty green eyes. I know I’m not pretty like the popular girls but it still felt nice for him to say it. The plan was to go to the movies with Molly and Brian, and then Maxwell’s Diner afterwards because everybody would be there.

When we got to the theater Molly and Brian wanted to sit in the back row where all the couples make-out so that’s what we did too. Once the lights went out Molly and Brian began kissing right away. I figured Skip would make his move soon but I didn’t mind. I was kind of looking forward to it. It was my birthday and I figured that I deserved a good make-out session. I hadn’t had one in two months. After a while, though, I began to wonder if he was ever going to kiss me.

Skip finally stretched and let his arm fall behind my seat. I leaned into him and tilted my head waiting for him to make his move. He got the hint. As soon as our lips met I could tell that Skip was an experienced kisser. He certainly knew how to use his tongue. I wrapped my arm around his neck and he slipped his hand around my waist. I knew he wanted to feel my breast because he kept sliding his hand up and down my side getting closer and closer. I said what the heck. I lifted my arm in a way that let him know it was okay.

His touch was really sensual when he squeezed my breast. Eskort Kız It was as though he was trying to pleasure me and not at all like Mark who was always so rough and mechanical. When he brushed his thumb across my nipple I thought I was going to die. We finally broke for air. That’s when Molly got up and suggested we go to the ladies room. Of course she wanted to know what I thought. I told her we were having fun. She winked and said it looked like we were doing more than that.

When we returned Skip put his arm around me again but we didn’t kiss right away. I looked over and noticed that Brian and Molly were already in another heated make-out session. Not only that, but he had his hand inside her blouse. Even though Skip was a blind date I thought why not? I had let Mark touch me inside like that and Skip was being so much nicer than Mark ever was so I opened several buttons on my blouse. Skip saw what I was doing and quickly pulled me into his arms for another kiss. His hand slipped into my blouse and inside my bra. His fingers felt so incredible against my naked flesh. When he pinched my nipple my whole body shuddered.

The movie finally ended. I barely got my blouse buttoned before the lights came on. Molly and I went to the ladies room to fix up our lipstick and hair before heading to Maxwell’s. She asked if I wanted to go out to the reservoir with Skip afterwards. I shrugged my shoulders and said ‘why not’ like it was no big deal. I figured it was my birthday and I could celebrate anyway I wanted. Still, I was nervous partly because I didn’t know what Brian and Molly would do in the front seat and I knew I shouldn’t go to a place like that with a boy I had just met.

Maxwell’s was fun. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I got a cupcake with a candle in it. We finally got back in the car to drive to the reservoir. Skip put his arm around me in the backseat and we snuggled during the drive over. There were several other cars there. Once Brian turned off the motor he and Molly began kissing in the front seat so Skip pulled me close and kissed me. He fumbled with the buttons of my blouse but failed miserably. I had to help him only this time I opened all the buttons and reached back to unfasten my bra.

Molly and Brian slipped down on the front seat so we couldn’t even see them. Skip and I resumed kissing. His hand quickly found my naked breast. He rubbed and squeezed and occasionally pinched my nipple. I threw my head back and tried to keep from moaning but my breathing was getting heavy. Skip kissed my neck. I still don’t know what made me do it but somehow my hands went to his head and pushed it lower. His lips slid across my breast and then he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

Becky, I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt. Mark just slobbered all over me when he did it. Skip knew just how to drive me crazy with his lips and tongue. My nipple felt like it was going to burst. I was squirming on the seat and squeezing my thighs together to hold back the throbbing between my legs. I finally couldn’t stand the pleasure anymore. I pulled his head away and kissed him hard on the lips. Our tongues lashed out in a flurry of passion. His fingers went back to torturing my nipple making me dizzy with pleasure. When we finally broke from the kiss I was out of breath.

We heard loud moans coming from the front seat. I didn’t know exactly what Molly and Brian were doing but whatever it was had Molly pretty worked up. In between her moans she was saying things like ‘oh god yes’ and ‘right there’. Then she began to squeal like she was in pain. After the squealing ended we could hear her heavy breathing. They finally sat up. Molly adjusted her hair. I pulled my blouse closed. Even though it was dark I didn’t want to take a chance they would see what we had been doing. Molly asked if we were okay and we both said yes.

I thought we were going to leave but Molly and Brian began kissing again so that’s what Skip and I did. Pretty soon he was sucking on my nipples. The throbbing between my legs became so intense that I could barely stand it. Then Skip did something that, well I shouldn’t have let him but I was delirious. He slid his hand under my skirt and along the inside of my thigh. I had never let Mark touch me down there although he had tried enough times, but I wanted Skip to do it. I wanted it desperately. I shamelessly slumped down on the seat and spread my legs.

When his hand slid over my panties I thought I was going to die. My head was getting dizzy. He pressed his fingers firmly against me and rubbed up and down. I pushed back. The pressure building inside me felt like it was going to rip me apart. His fingertip brushed across the sensitive spot at the top of my opening. Everything went spinning out of control. I bit my lip to hold back the scream that wanted to escape from my mouth. My body thrashed and jerked back and forth in a series of spasms. It felt like my insides were exploding out from between my legs.

I was still convulsing when he slipped a finger underneath my panties. He pushed it inside me setting off another wave of spasms. It went on and on and on until I could barely breathe. I finally collapsed back onto the seat trembling and gasping for air. Skip pulled out his finger. When I regained my composure I sat up next to him. I noticed that in the front seat I could see Brian’s head but not Molly’s and wondered what was happening. Then I saw Brian stiffen in his seat, throw his head back and grunt. Not long after that Molly sat up wiping her lips.

Well that was my birthday. I can’t believe I really did all those things with a blind date. He probably thinks I’m one of those easy girls like Cindy. If he asks me out again I wonder if he will expect more. Maybe I should just tell him no.

Write soon. I miss you. Your BFF Linda

Dear Becky,

I was so excited to get your letter. I wanted to call but dad wouldn’t let me. He thinks long distance is too expensive. Anyway I’m glad you are settling in and have made new friends, but I do miss you terribly. Dave asked me the other day if I had heard from you. I didn’t tell him you were dating Kevin. He sounds dreamy. I hope to meet him someday.

I can’t believe what you told me about Molly. It’s hard to believe she was doing that right there in the front seat of the car. Are you sure? I thought only prostitutes did things like that. It sounds so gross, not just using her mouth like that but letting him shoot in it too. I guess the rumors about them going all the way must be true. At least they didn’t do that while we were in the back seat.

Well Skip finally did call and ask me on another date. I told him I wasn’t sure and that perhaps he got the wrong impression about me. He said he was sorry if he did anything that upset me and promised he would be a perfect gentleman if I were to go out with him. I finally said yes. This time it will just be the two of us. He is going to pick me up Saturday for dinner and then a movie and then Maxwell’s.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this but ever since my date with Skip I have been having these urges to touch myself in bed at night. I know we talked about this and you said it was perfectly normal but I still feel like I’ve done something wrong when I do it. I know guys do it all the time but somehow that’s different. I find myself playing with my nipples more often and imagining it is Skip touching them or sucking on them but then that makes me all wet between the legs so I end up touching myself there too and the things I think about are not at all ladylike. What am I becoming?

That’s all for now. Write soon. I miss you. XXX Linda

Dear Becky,

I read your letter over and over again. I’m so glad you found a boy like Kevin that you can trust enough to let him touch you like that. The way you described what it was like to have Kevin push his fingers inside you – and not just one but two – well it was breathtaking. The most exciting part was how you described touching his penis and how you used your hand to make him shoot. I shamelessly rubbed myself each time I read it.

Last night was my date with Skip. We went to Mario’s and had spaghetti, then off to the movies. Of course we sat in the back row. There were a few other couples but none very close. Skip put his arm around me but that was all. I practically had to force him to kiss me and then he didn’t even touch my breast until I slid his hand over it. I guess I came on too strong about behaving when I talked to him on the phone, but after reading your letter I was ready for a repeat our last date.

We hung out at Maxwell’s afterwards but what I really wanted was to go to the reservoir. Some of the other couples had already split so I suggested we leave. Skip said he didn’t think I had to be home until 11:30. I told him he was right but that I wanted to go to the reservoir if that was okay. I can’t believe I was being so aggressive. Skip looked surprised but eagerly accepted my suggestion. When we got there Skip turned off the engine and I scooted over next to him on the large bench seat of the Buick he was driving.

It didn’t take long for Skip to figure out what I wanted. He got the hint when I unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra. When we kissed I fell back on the seat and pulled him on top of me. It was a little awkward at first but we finally found a comfortable position with his right leg wedged between mine and my left leg bent with my foot on the seat. His hand immediately found my breasts and a few moments later his lips. It was everything I felt the last time only more because I could feel his bulge pressing against my sex like Mark used to do on slow dances, only this was so much more intense.

I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned while he continued to suck on me. My head was getting dizzy and a terrible pounding was growing stronger in my loins. He kissed his way back up to my lips and then shifted enough to slide a hand under my dress and between my legs. When his fingers touched my panties I threw my head back and gasped. I spread my thighs as wide as I could. He pulled my panties to the side and touched my moistness. My body was already trembling.

A finger pushed inside me. He moved it in and out. I moved with him trying to draw it deeper. I remembered what you told me in the letter so I whispered in his ear to use two fingers. It was tight at first but he kept pushing and twisting until I stretched open and they plunged deep into my passage. It felt so good I thought I was going to die. He moved them in and out going faster and faster. I pushed against him each time they plunged into me. I was so wet that his fingers made squishing sounds. Then it happened.

I honestly thought my body was going to rip apart when the explosion hit. The pleasure was so agonizingly intense that it was almost painful. My body jerked and thrashed and bucked as spasm after spasm shook me to the core. It seemed to go on forever. I finally fell back on the seat out of breath and barely conscious. When I opened my eyes his fingers were no longer inside me. Skip asked if I was okay. I sat up and kissed him and told him I was just fine. He asked if I wanted to go home but I wasn’t ready.

We kissed some more sitting up. He gently squeezed my breasts and I rubbed his chest. I had this crazy urge to touch him even though I had never even touched Mark down there. I dropped my hand into his lap. It landed right on his bulge. It felt so big. I rubbed my hand across it but I wanted more. After reading your letter I wanted to touch it for real. I tried to pull down his zipper but it got stuck. Skip reached down to help. He got his pants open and shifted in the seat to push them down further. When I reached over to touch him again his naked penis was already poking up from his lap.

It was just like you said Becky. His hard flesh was throbbing with life. I ran my fingers up and down exploring the shape and texture. The mushroom shaped knob at the tip was so big. I even felt the tiny hole where his stuff shoots out. It was slimy like it was already leaking. I moved my finger back down his length until they brushed against his curly hair. I reached under and felt his testicles which made Skip moan. I finally wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I could feel it pulsing.

I didn’t know exactly how to do it but I knew it involved moving my hand up and down so that is what I did. It was quite dark inside the car and I really couldn’t see. I could just make out the outline of the swollen tip. I moved my hand faster and faster. I must have been doing something right because Skip was moaning and thrusting up each time my hand slid down his shaft. I had no idea how long it would take or even how to know when he was going to shoot so I just kept pumping.

The moon came out from behind a cloud and suddenly I could see pretty much everything. I had always thought a man’s penis would be ugly but it wasn’t. It was beautiful and so majestic. I moved my face closer to get a better look. I must have given Skip the wrong impression because he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed down. My lips brushed against the swollen tip. My initial thought was to pull away but then I remembered what you told me about what Molly did with Brian and it didn’t seem so gross anymore.

What I did next will probably make you think less of me but you know we don’t have any secrets from each other. I pushed out my tongue. I felt a shiver go through me when it touched the smooth flesh of the swollen tip. I licked all around it and could taste the sweetness of the secretions that had been oozing out of the slit on top. Then my lips parted. I slid them over the tip and down his shaft. I could feel his hard flesh throbbing with life as it moved across my tongue and pushed deeper into my mouth.

Having him in my mouth was exciting beyond description. My nipples felt like they were about to burst and there was a terrible throbbing between my legs. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t think you weren’t supposed to blow on it even though that’s what it’s called so I swirled my tongue around and moved my lips up and down sucking on it at the same time. Skip was moaning and thrusting up into my mouth so I must have been doing something right. I kept it up moving faster and faster. I even rubbed his testicles with my fingers hoping that would help.

I felt him swell between my lips but didn’t think anything of it. What happened next caught me completely by surprise. A powerful spray shot into my mouth like a blast from a squirt gun. It was warm and creamy and tasted kind of salty. I quickly pulled away but that turned out to be a mistake. Another spray shot up the side of my nose and into my hair. A third one splattered across my face before I was able to wrap my hand around him and point it away. Several more spurts shot into the air landing on my hand and arm. The rest finally oozed out all over my fingers. I had no idea there would be so much stuff.

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