Curious Kayla Gets to See Pt. 02


I felt my orgasm engulf me, consuming me in that wonderful wave of pleasure, closing my legs around my hand tightly and rolling over on my side, I shivered in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through my body. I let out a long, exhausted breath and stayed balled up like that for several minutes, delirious and dreamy with contentment.

I finally pulled my hand out of my pussy, and felt the juices coating my fingers. The dream came back to me, I could remember it with crystal clarity. Did I want my brother to fuck me? Did I want to lose my virginity? Incest, we’d be committing incest, it didn’t sound as shocking to my mind as I thought it would. It sounded naughty but kind of nice and sexy too. After seeing my brother stroking that stiff hardness, and hearing him fantasizing about me, I knew he was more than ready. Hmmm, a lot to think about, I’d have to ponder it.

I rolled over and sat up. I saw my laundry basket, my brother must have crept back into my room while I was asleep, I saw my panties that he had used. They were folded up, unfolding them, they were sticky with his load, I could see all the thick semen patterning the fabric. Seeing the thick dried trails of his spunk got me going again.

It was Saturday morning, and our parents would not be home until Sunday night. I hoped he would be stroking that hard cock again, I wanted to see him shoot another nice, juicy load, watching my brother was a wild turn-on. And since he liked my panties, I wanted to make sure that the pair I was wearing would be ready for him.

I pulled a clean pair up tight against me, and I sniffed at the trails of thick cum covering my other pair. It smelled musky, almost primitive, and I could feel my pussy respond, lustful urges starting to juice up. I again imagined the same scenario I had dreamed about. My brother, stripping off his clothes, standing totally naked before me, his 7 inches of cock rock hard, eager, and wanting me. My pussy start to juice up wildly, and I started to stroke myself over my panties.

I could hear him say, “Oh yeah Kayla, so fucking sexy, let me lick your cunt baby, then I’ll break that tight cherry open, and give your tight hole its first fuck.”

I could see myself stripping down, laying back, and feeling the hot breath between my legs. My fingers became his tongue, tickling and teasing at my throbbing clit, my pussy started to pulse and throb, and I couldn’t take the fantasy any further, as I could feel the familiar spasms hit me deep inside.

I shuddered, shook, and moaned with pleasure porno videolar as I felt the gushing release, and I pressed my hand against the crotch, holding my panties tightly to me, smearing a big load of my lust juices against the crotch. I got dressed and went downstairs, and saw my brother, nice and calm, making a sandwich. I joined him and asked him how the party was.

“It was okay, not really anything that exciting, so I left early. You must have gone to bed early, I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No, I was just so tired, I was out like a light.”

I saw a quick flicker of relief cross his face, thinking that little sis didn’t see him last night. And, hopefully, I’ll see him again, tonight.

After lunch, we both went our separate ways. I went and hung out with some friends at the mall, and saw a movie. Getting back at about 5 PM, my brother was just getting home at the same time, and we ordered a pizza for dinner. After, he invited his friend over to hang out in his room, and I got more interested in that movie on the DVD. His friend left just before 10 PM, and I decided to make my move.

I yawned, stretched, and though I wasn’t tired, I said “Wow, I’m really beat, I think I’ll turn in early.”

I thought I saw a gleam in his eye, or maybe it was just my imagination, as he said, “OK sis, I’ll lock up, and see you in the morning.”

Passing in front of him in the armchair, I bent down, gave him a smile, a press of my lips to his that lasted just a bit too long, and said, “Good night Jason.”

Going upstairs, I could feel the juices starting to flow again, patterning the crotch. Good, I wanted my panties to be totally permeated with the smell of my lust. Maybe he’ll wake me up, and suggest that we go further. I had decided that I wanted him to deflower me, it seemed right that an older brother introduce his younger sister to the ways of an adult sex life. And, hopefully, it will be as wonderful as I hope it will be.

Stripping naked, and carefully putting my just-worn panties on the very top, I crawled into bed. Laying there in the dark, I could hear my heart thumping. After about 30 minutes, I could hear him creeping upstairs quietly. His footsteps paused at my door. Shutting my eyes and feigning the deep, regular pattern of slow breathing of sleep, I heard the door open.

“Kayla, are you awake sis?” he whispered.

I gave no response, and I heard him turn to my laundry basket. I cracked one eye open slightly, and could see him take my panties, and porno video izle quietly retreat. I gave him about 10 minutes, then I crept out of my room and down the hallway, I wanted to see him again. Easing open his door slowly, he was stretched out naked, his cock rock hard, my panties pressed against his nose.

“Fuck, oh fuck yeah, you smell so hot, so fucking sexy Kayla. Yeah, wanna fuck you so bad, wanna get my nose right down there, and smell your delicious juices up close, then lick them all up.”

He reached over, squirted some baby oil over his cock head, then instead of wrapping a fist around his cock, he put his thumb and the tops of his fingers around his cock, and started to stroke it. My pussy dampened up quickly, I again started to rub my tingling tits against the door frame, my hand reaching down and tweaking at my clit. He clicked on his TV, and a VCR tape started to play, 2 porn actresses were making steamy, sexy love to each other. As he watched and stroked, he verbalized his desire.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock, make me nice and hard for you. Lay back baby, gonna give my little sis her first fuck. I’ll be gentle baby, you’ll love feeling my cock throbbing and pulsing. Oh yeah, feel it, feel my cock spreading open your tight hole.”

I reached my first orgasm, keeping my mouth shut, which was not easy. The cries of the actresses spurred me onto a second climax, and a third was coming right up.

“Yeah, oh yeah feel the pumping of my cock, yeah, oh fuck yeah, your hot tight hole is gonna make me blow a gusher, yeah, get ready Kayla, I’m gonna fill your hot tight cunt, gonna blow it, gonna squirt, yeah, oh yeah, fuck YEAH!”

Just before he blew, he put the panties over his belly, and his cock erupted, a thick white stream shot up, splattering down over my panties, followed by another, and another.

I watched through a haze of lust, he was pumping out his load all my panties, which just about made me insane with heat, as my pussy was hit by a 3rd, 4th and 5th orgasm, my inner pussy muscles spasming wildly, my body shaking and bucking against the doorframe, watching his less powerful gushes splatter down over his hand again and again, a river of hot, white cum pouring over fist and onto my panties.

As he squeezed out the last drops of his load, I quickly retreated back to my room, my legs rubbery from the sensory rush. Back in bed, I wondered if he would be returning my panties right away. If so, let’s give him something to think about. I threw porno video back the sheet, and I was totally naked, the sheet kicked down to below my knees as if I had thrashed about in the night. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I heard him outside the door.

“Kayla, are you awake?”

Receiving no reply, he slipped in to return my panties, and there was enough light from the hallway to reveal my nudity. I watched through slitted eyes as he froze, then crept closer. Clamping my eyes shut, I could feel him right next to my bed, watching me.

“Incredible, so fucking sexy, God, so hot,” he whispered.

I suddenly felt a feather-light touch as he stroked gently at me, trying his best to feel me up, without waking me. I choked back a sigh of pleasure, and let him stroke me, his hand making light tantalizing strokes across my breasts, my nipples, my belly, and lower. I could feel that feather-like touch stroking at the outside of my pussy, I heard him make a guttural moan as he felt my sparse, wispy covering of pubic hair. My pussy was starting to pulse, and I ached to feel him slide a finger inside of me.

Just then, in the outside hallway, the damn phone rang! He jumped, his hand flew away, and he was out of my room in a flash. I heard him answer the phone, but couldn’t make out the conversation, but I hoped he’d come back in. When he hung up, I heard his footsteps retreating, and the door to his room open and close. Damn the timing!

I was burning up, my hands quickly found my burning core, I barely got a stroking rhythm going between my legs before I came, hard, my pussy wrenching and spasming wildly, I moaned in pleasure as I gave myself the release my pussy was aching for. If that stupid phone hadn’t gone off, I might be cumming with my brother’s fingers, or better yet, his cock. I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore, I was still horny as hell, I marched down the hall, knocked at my brother’s door, and barged in before he could say anything.

My brother was getting dressed, he looked, and then stared. His eyes were locked on me, his 18-year-old horny, naked sister.

I just rushed ahead, and blurted out, “Jason, you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh fuck, yes, I’d love to, but we can’t right now.”

“Why not?”

“Mom and Dad just called, they’re just about home, they left Aunt Emma’s house early, and they should be home….”

Just then, we heard the downstairs door open, and my Mom’s voice, “Jason, Kayla, we’re home!”

“…..Just about now!” my brother finished.

Just before I ducked out of his room, he grabbed me, and said, “This is to be continued later, I’ve wanted your sweet pussy for ages, sis!”

Back in my room, I quickly threw on my robe and went downstairs to greet Mom and Dad. Jason and I exchanged looks, and I knew that next time, we would get to finish what we’d started.

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