Craving Experience


Chapter 1

Over Christmas and New Years, our neighbors took a holiday in the warmer climes, I certainly can’t blame them; here in Wisconsin, it’s cold.

Their son, Rick, who’d just gone off to college, was not expected to be around with any consistency so they asked me if I would water plants and bring in the mail and such which I was happy to do. They had always been good neighbors which, these days, is quite a happy circumstance.

So, I was generally taking care of things and right after New Years, I went over one afternoon and did my few chores and was checking around the house when I walked by their son’s room. The computer was on but I knew I was there alone, so I went in and looked at the screen.

On it was a page open of videos and it was obvious that they were some kind of sex-porn videos.

It had been a search, someone, well, it must have been Rick, it was his room, has searched for ‘young man older woman’ and had come up with this raft of videos.

There was no one in the house so I sat down and watched some of them.

Well, I’d never tried looking at porn before and, my, it sure was graphic. I was a bit nervous that Rick might come back so I kept my ear out and the sound low while I watched one after another.

I had my slacks open at the waist and my hand down in my panties and got off very well watching these hot videos. They were really quite different from one another but all hot and all depicting younger men having sex with older women. I realized that I’d no doubt stumbled upon Rick’s fetish, his preoccupation and fascination for older women.

Then, I saw it…a folder on the computer screen marked, ‘Maureen.’

I opened it and there were five files with JPEG on the end. I knew enough that these were photos. So, I opened one and there I was.

It was a picture of me last summer in my back yard wearing my black two-piece bathing suit. I opened the next one and it was the same except I was lying down on the blanket I often used to sun myself. I opened the third one and there I was with my top off. He’d gotten a picture of me with my boobs out getting some sun.

Sneaky little bastard, I thought.

The last two were also of me with my top off. I’d seen enough so now I put his computer back to the way I’d found it and went home.

I went right upstairs and undressed and pulled out my favorite vibrator, the one with the smaller clit head and closed my eyes dreaming of Rick, the young man next door. The orgasm was one of the best I’d had in a long time.

If he had a fantasy about older women, I was just the one to help him live it out. So, I left a note on the table just inside the front door for him to come over so I could tell him about a small problem that I’d found. Then, I went out to the garage and threw one of the breakers, it was labelled as the one to his bedroom which, of course, shut down his computer as well.

It was the next day when my doorbell rang and I was keeping myself looking nice in case he came over.

“Hi, Mrs. Wolff. You left a note that there was a problem at the house?”

“Oh, yes, let’s go over, I’ll show you,” I told him as we went over to his house and in. “There’s no electricity upstairs, it seems.”

“Have you checked the circuit breakers?”

“No, I didn’t know where they were. Your house is quite different from mine.”

“In the garage, let’s look,” he told me and I followed his cute butt to the garage where, lo and behold, there was a tripped breaker. He flipped it back on and we went up to see the results.

I knew, unfortunately, that his computer wouldn’t still be on the same screen I’d seen earlier but we did try the lights and they worked fine.

So, I began, “The other day, the computer was on, I remember that. I don’t know what might have happened. But I distinctly remember your computer being on, it seems that you were looking at some naughty things on the computer. You modern young men use technology for your pleasure, don’t you?”

“Um, I, uh, did I leave it on? I guess I might have. I hope you weren’t upset?”

“No, not at all. In fact, it was rather fun looking at what you’d been watching.”

“Oh, it’s, um…”

“You don’t have to explain, Rick, I’ve been around a bit, I know how horny young guys get. I wouldn’t mind looking at it again. Why don’t you find it again for me. Let’s have a look, it might just be fun,” I said as I pulled a second chair up to the table.

“Well, okay. You won’t tell my Mom and Dad, right?”

“Oh, I’m very good at keeping secrets,” I told him and the computer began starting up.

This was going well, I thought, even better than I’d hoped.

“You were looking at older women being with younger men, I believe. I found it quite interesting. And rather arousing. I’m sure you must have as well,” I said as I rested my hand on his thigh.

He, no doubt, had an idea just where this might be headed, surely he was at least that experienced.

“You really want to watch some of those? They’re pretty adult?”

I laughed as I told him I was Eskort certainly adult enough and he got a porn site on the screen and typed in the words we both wanted.

Then, there they were. Whole rows and columns of explicit videos of older women having sex with younger men.

“You’re sure, Mrs. Wolff? You want to watch these?”

“Oh, call me Maureen, Rick. After all, we’re being rather naughty looking at these. Look, here’s one where she kind of looks like me, let’s watch that one.”

He started it up and it was about a young man helping the lady next door to fix something. What it was never seemed to be made very clear but the direction of the video was quite clear. It had only played a minute or so before he had his rather beautiful penis in her mouth.

“Well, they’re having fun, Rick, aren’t they?” I said as I moved my hand. “Mmm, I can tell this is affecting you. Or is it me, I hope?” I asked as I gave a soft squeeze and began rubbing.

“Well, it’s kinda both, Maureen,” he said not completely sure of himself.

“Let’s see if I can help things,” I said as I pulled off my top and reached around to unhook my laciest bra.

I’m thirty-eight, certainly not an old bag and my boobs are still quite nice. They’re C-cup and have a slight fall to them but they’re still nice. I reached down and took his hand and raised it to my breast.

“There, that makes it a little more interesting, I hope?”

“Oh, you are so pretty, Mrs….er, Maureen. This is really nice watching this together.”

“I’ll bet it’s even giving you some naughty ideas, isn’t it, Rick? You sure feel like you’re becoming very excited,” I told him as I gave a squeeze. “Why don’t you take it out for me? I promise I won’t hurt it,” I cooed.

He reached down and slid down the zipper, reached inside his shorts and tugged his hard cock out into the open.

“Oh, my. You’re quite a grown-up young man. Much like this one we’re watching on your computer,” I said to him as I wrapped my fingers around moving my hand up and down.

“You’re very hard. I hope you don’t mind, but I think we should take this to your bed,” and I stood up and began taking my shorts and panties off. I stepped to his bed and pulled down the covers and got in the middle waiting.

I had freshly shaved that morning, even had the tiniest dab of fragrance between my thighs to welcome him.

He stood up, his cock poked outside his fly and pulled off his teeshirt and got his shorts and briefs down and off and came to join me in bed.

Chapter 2

“Oh, I’ve dreamed about this so many times,” he panted as he moved up between my legs and began pushing between my wet pussy lips.

The feel of his cock moving ever deeper was thrilling.

“You are so sexy. You don’t know this but I took some photos of you last summer in your backyard. Some with your top off.”

“I remember a few days slipping my top off. You took pictures of me like that? I’ll bet you jacked-off a lot to them, huh?”

He was moving back and forth now, a look of ecstasy on his face.

“Yes, I did, lots of times but this is so much better. I can’t believe, all the times I’ve looked at those pictures of you while I, you know, masturbated, that I’d ever be doing this.”

“Well, your parents will be gone another week. I think we could do quite a lot of this if you want, Rick. I think you’re quite a wonderful lover.”

“Lover? Me, your lover? That’s so cool,” he said as his hips pushed and pulled so wonderfully.

“I know I may not be as sexy as some of the girls your age that you’ve had sex with but I hope you’re enjoying us being together. I sure am.”

“I…I…well, you may think I’m weird but, well, this is the first time I’ve ever had sex,” he admitted. “I just never had anyone let me before.”

“Mmm, I’ll let you all you want, Rick. My body is here for you just as much as you want it. I just love sex and don’t get a lot of it so us being together like this is just wonderful. Maybe you’d like to sleep over with me while your parents are away?”

“Sleep over? You mean stay at your house while they’re gone?”

“Stay in my bed is what I really mean. You and I could just be naked together the whole time. I love sex, Rick, and I like it lots of ways. Have you ever, um, tied up a woman and teased her sexually? Licked her pussy while she was like that?”

“I’ve really never done anything, not really.”

“I could tie you to my bed and tease you? Lick your penis until you begged me to let you cum? Think you’d like that?”

“All this is making me so horny and excited. Yes, I want to do all these things. I’ve never done anything but I did feel a girl through her clothes once. And she rubbed my pants but I, well, I got them all wet.”

“You cummed in your pants?”

“Yeah, I thought I’d die I was so embarrassed.”

“Cumming is nothing to be ashamed about, Rick. I’ll see to it that you cum as much as you want.”

“You really mean it?”

“Just as much as you want. I’ll bet you’ll love that, huh?”

“Do you know how much I get myself off? It’s a lot.”

“Good, I love making guys cum. How often do you masturbate?”

“Like with my parents being gone, oh, it’s like, oh, eight, ten times a day?”

“You really mean that, Rick? That many times?”

“You just don’t know how horny I get. Yeah, that much.”

“Well, you can fuck me anytime you want or if you want me to do you by hand, I will, and I love sucking nice cocks like yours. So, yes, I’ll do whatever you want just as much as you want.”

“That’s gonna be a lot then, you just don’t know how horny I get.”

“You don’t know how horny I get, Rick.”

“This feels so good, I think I’m getting real close, like really close,” he groaned.

“Mmm, good, give me your cum, Rick, isn’t this better than jacking-off to my picture? I think you’ll need to take some new ones of me, don’t you? Some with more than my top off?”

“Would you let me do that? Like some fully nude shots?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? Maybe some with my legs open for you? To remind you of my pussy. Would that be nice when you’re at college?”

“Oh, I’d love that,” he moaned as his hips pushed forward as I felt him throb his cum deep inside me while he pulled me tight, his tongue in my mouth, his cock in my pussy, so beautifully connected in two such lovely ways.

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had, it was just awesome,” he gasped as he fell down on me.

He just stopped fucking me for some reason, maybe just overwhelmed from his first sex, but I nudged him on, “Don’t stop, Rick, you’re getting me really close.”

“Oh, sorry, just…oh, I’m just in a daze, I guess,” he babbled as he began moving his hips back and forth once again. I raised my legs up onto his shoulders so he could plunge straight down into me which I love so I can wiggle my butt making it feel so delicious. I felt our coupling get slipperier from his semen.

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this. I dreamed of this for so long and it’s even better than I’d dreamed. Just way better.”

“I wish I’d known you liked me, Rick. Believe me, I love sex and we could have been doing this a long time ago. But, that’s the past, it’s gone, let’s enjoy us being together now.”

“Well, you may not believe it but I was in middle school when I first started dreaming about you.”

“Maybe you’ll masturbate for me later? We can pretend you’re a little boy and you’re showing me how you do it,” I snickered.

“I’ll do anything you want, Maureen, just whatever you want with me,” he panted as he thrust his hips back and forth.

“Just hold still, Rick, don’t move, I’ll do it,” I said as I began moving my hips around in a circle which I knew would get me off pretty quickly. His cock was so nice, still hard, I was loving this.

“Oh, that feels so good, I think I’m gonna cum again,” he gushed as I began a wonderful orgasm, the first one from a man in some time. I was so ready.

Then, he pushed into me really hard, actually scooting my head to the headboard as I trembled and shook.

“Oh, Rick, yes, oh, it’s so good, mmm,” I gasped.

I pulled him down to me and we kissed as he kept moving, I thought that he just didn’t want to stop.

“Why don’t you come and stay with me while your parents are gone, Rick. I’ll see that you get fed properly and that all your needs are taken care of,” I snickered. “Particularly your sexual needs.”

“Oh, I really can’t believe this, it’s the happiest day of my life. Yes, I’d love to come stay with you. You really mean this, right?”

“Of course, Rick. I want you for my lover. I want you to be mine now,” I told him as he happily fucked me.

“Your lover? That sounds so neat. Yes, I’ll do anything you want. No matter whatever it is. I just can’t believe I’m really doing this. I think I can cum again,” he moaned.

“Mmm, then cum in me, Rick, I want you to cum and cum and cum. That’s what I’m here for, your cum; to make you happy.”

“I’m so glad this has happened. I really never thought I’d get beyond just dreaming of this and, you know, masturbating to the pictures I took.”

“Come on, Rick, let’s get dressed and we can go to my house. Then I’ll let you take some even better pictures of me. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, would I? Yeah, you really mean it, huh?”

“You’re my lover now, of course, I mean it. So bring your camera and your toothbrush. You won’t need any clothes while you’re staying at my place,” I told him and he rolled off me and we got dressed and he brought his camera and toothbrush to my house.

“Okay, now we’re inside, time to get naked again, Rick. I want to see that pretty cock of yours.”

“Then I can take some pictures, right?” he asked as he pulled his clothes off. Once naked I embraced him, gripping his cock, then telling him that we could go up to my bedroom and I would try on some nighties to start out with.

He followed me upstairs, I’m sure noting just how wet I was between my legs, this young man had gotten my juices flowing like never before and, of course, I was drooling his cum down my thighs, I could feel it.

We went in my bedroom and I began getting out nighties and holding them up asking his opinion.

He settled on a black lace one which I dropped down over my arms and asked, “Panties or not?”

“Um, no, it’s really sexy just like that.”

I stood there and began striking poses as he took pictures one after another. I turned and bent down, lifting the hem so he could get some shots with my pussy lips winking back at him seductively from between my thighs.

“Now, let’s get some on the bed, okay?” he asked as I pulled a breast up out of the top for him. That got a few clicks of the camera.

“Do you think I should shave?” I asked him as I sat on the bed spreading my knees open as the kept taking pictures. “I know the girls today all shave their pussies. Would you like that better? I want you to have whatever turns you on, Rick. I want to keep you hard.”

“I…yeah, I guess that would be nice. I could take some pictures of you doing it,” he suggested and we went in my bathroom and I was soon shaving off all my dark, curly pubic hair for him as he recorded it in detail, even getting some closeups. I wiped myself clean and we went back to my bed where I began giving him all manner of pussy shots including some on my hands and knees looking back at him.

I was in this position when I asked him to take his hard cock and put it in my pussy, telling him how much I dearly loved doggie-style sex.

I was looking backward as he stepped to the bed and gripped his cock and began pushing into me. I dropped my head down as I felt his hardness push my pussy open and begin its lovely descent inside.

Mmm, this was so good. I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to find out about my neighbor’s son’s fascination with older women, particularly me. I knew when I saw those pictures of me on his computer that I would soon have his cock inside me.

He began drawing it back and forth sending waves of pleasure across my body as his hands went up under me holding my breasts. He felt so hard inside me, so erect and rigid, so swollen, it was marvelous.

“Oh, this is everything I’ve ever wanted,” he moaned as he slowly fucked me standing between my legs at the edge of the bed.

“I’m glad you’re happy, Rick. You’re making me happy, too,” I told him.

“I’m not gonna last much longer, this is so sexy with you,” he moaned.

“Mmm, yes, we make a good pair, Rick. Go ahead, I want you to be happy, cum in me, love,” I murmured as I rotated my butt to receive his man juice once again, this time in my own bed.

He had his orgasm soon after and just kept going, one of the wonders of a younger man and he soon had me squirming with joy as my body erupted in what just might have been the best climax of my life.

We collapsed there, him still on top of me, his cock still snug inside me, him softly kissing my back, it was heaven.

“I still can’t believe this has all happened. I could do it again, you know,” he whispered as his hips began moving back and forth.

“I’m here for whatever you want, Rick,” I said softly as he fucked me again that late morning. Oh, yes, this was heaven, indeed.

After that I made us a nice lunch which we ate naked at my kitchen table.

“It’s really nice being like this without our clothes on. I just love looking at you like this,” he said.

“Well, after lunch I want to watch my new lover masturbate for me. I want to see how you were dreaming of me all this time, making yourself cum fantasizing about us being together. Now we are, Rick. So, your dreams have come true.”

“They have. Well, not quite all of them but most have.”

“Ahh, what is it that you would want us to do, then?” I asked with a tingle deep inside.

“Um, I’ve…I’ve kinda wondered what it would be like to be tied to a bed and be, um, just touched and played with for hours until I just had to cum.”

“Oh, you are a fun young man, Rick, I think we can do that if you want. But first I want you to masturbate for me. Let’s clean up the kitchen and you can show me how you do it. I’ll do whatever you want to help you along,” I said as I petted his hard cock rising in anticipation.

Chapter 3

He followed me back to the bedroom and we both sat on my bed as I handed him the lube. He put some in his hand and curled his fingers around his cock.

I leaned back, I was facing him, and spread my legs apart and began slowly rubbing along my wet slit.

“Does seeing my pussy help?”

“Oh, seeing it, watching you do that, makes me so hard,” he gasped.

“You cum for me, Rick. I want to see your cock spurt out your hot cum. Here, I want it to hit my pussy, Rick,” I told him as I moved closer.

“Jack it good, Rick. Just like all those times you dreamed about me. You’re a naughty boy, Rick, wanting to fuck me all this time. And all those times you took your cock in your hand just like this and made it cum.”

“Oh, this is so hot, man, I never dreamed I’d be doing it like this,” he moaned as white, spurts of his cum went pumping out the end of his cock to land on my pussy first, then the shorter squirts on the carpet below us.

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