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As I look out over the bleak winter city streets, I recall the warmth of a summer day out in rural Alberta where I grew up. I’m sitting in a coffee shop and stir the sugar and cream in my mug and my mind drifts away to a better time and place, back home. The day my mind returns to is the topic of this story.

The farm I lived on was quite isolated and had stretches of farmland and treed clearings, with lots of wildlife. Frequently hunters would arrive and wanted to build concealed blinds up in tree tops from which to hunt deer. This would be in the fall season , so in spring and summer I would climb up and wait for deer to come into the clearing so I could shoot them…with a camera. It sort of sickened me when the hunters would kill on my property and I had no desire to do this.

One late afternoon, I was up in my tree stand and heard a rustling in the bushes. I got my trusty camera ready and held my breath. Deer are easily spooked by pretty much anything. To my amazement, instead of a deer making it’s way into the clearing , it was a slender but shapely girl. I remember recalling that the neighbor had a college girl visiting them and I assumed this must be her. What a beauty she was! Long and curly red hair, big green eyes and such a hot body. My throat got dry and my scalp tingled. I wondered what she was doing here.

Apparently she had come here to read and that is what she mom porn set about to do. She rolled out a yoga mat right under my tree stand and pulled a magazine out of her backpack. She laid on her stomach and flipped through the pages. Her butt cheeks were well rounded and nakedly visible from out the frayed bottoms of her cut off tight denim shorts. As she read, the calves of her legs swayed and crossed at the ankles, right above her taut, round ass and tawny, bare thighs. I had a sudden urge to bury my face in between her butt cheeks and lick and tongue-kiss her anus while massaging her voluptuous derrière.

The sun warmed her skin as she read and I couldn’t believe my luck. I took a few photos to fuel my self induced climaxes I had planned for later. She continued reading and humming to herself as the insects, birds and the breeze sang along. She reached back and swatted a mosquito that had landed on her left butt cheek. Her hand left a red welt on her quivering ass flesh. I now had a perfect view of her denim covered crotch. The fabric was pulled tightly up in-between her legs and was slightly darkened around her perfectly framed pussy mound. This would warrant some more pictures!

On magnification of the photos I’d be able to enjoy every square inch of her nubile form, maybe even spot a stray pussy hair amongst the white cotton threads of her faded cut off jean mobil porno shorts. I was so distracted as I admired her that I slipped and made a bit of noise up in my deer blind! This was a first but so was prairie girl watching, I suppose. I froze in place and prayed I would not be found out. She turned her head and looked in my general direction for a while. Sadly, she decided to leave the clearing and once again, looked back over her shoulder to where I was hiding as she sauntered away.

That night I dreamed of her and woke up with very erect and aroused genitals. I knew I wanted to see her again, but would she ever risk walking out into my clearing again? As unlikely as this was, I went back out there and took a seat in the tree stand once again. To my delight, she returned, this time wearing a bathrobe and cowboy boots. Her hair was wet and I remembered the family she was visiting had a hot tub. This time she laid on her back on a mat directly in front of the tree where I was hiding. She held a magazine in front of her face, which hid me safely from her view.

I started stroking my growing bulge as I watched her, while being very quiet, of course. I looked closely at her book and was surprised to see it was porn! There were men as well as women featured and this got me even more aroused. As she continued reading, her hand strayed down below her bare, xnxx porno downy belly and cupped her sex mound, still covered by the bathrobe. She then parted her legs and drew her knees up to her chest.

She was now fully exposed and I had to stop touching myself or else I’d cum in my shorts. She tossed the book aside, and with her eyes closed in bliss, yawned and smiled to herself. I watched fascinated as she massaged her small, ripe breasts and nipples and arched her back. She was moaning as she spread her legs in a vulgar display of hot pink wetness. She strummed at her clitty, while squeezing her nipples. Her head was turned to one side, her mouth was open and her eyes were shut tight as her moans became louder and more lustful.

Her heels dug into the grass, her hips raised up and I looked down at her hot vagina, well lit and wide open in the broad daylight. I couldn’t help but do what I did next. I took out my hard cock, kneeling carefully on my platform, and pumped it with long solid movements. I continued staring at the space between her legs and squirted my pent up love cream at her! I was right on target. My come shot drilled into her pink, fertile gash. She screamed and climaxed at the same time while looking right at me! I was still holding my cock when her lust glazed eyes closed tightly again and she began driving her cum coated fingers, three at a time, deeply into her sex furrow.

I waited out the next few days for a knock at my door and surely expected I was in trouble. Nothing ever came of it. I heard news of her only once later, months later, that someone had made her pregnant and she went back to Montana to have the baby.

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