Compatible fetishes Ch. 01


Compatible Fetishes

All of the characters are over 18.


Jake lay down awkwardly on the bed and brought the panties to his nose. He took a deep long breath of the sweet, tangy scent of aunt Sara’s pussy as he wrapped a fist around his stiff cock and slowly started to pump. He gave a yelp as he unthinkingly stretched out legs, his injured foot catching against the throw pillows at the end of the bed.

Jake was staying with his aunt and uncle for part of the summer, with the intention of helping his uncle rebuild his garage — then Jake slipped off a tall ladder the second day he was there. His quick reflexes and athletic body helped him avoid major damage, but he smashed up his foot pretty bad and the family doctor recommended he lay up for the next week or so and move around on crutches. He couldn’t navigate the narrow stairs to the basement bedroom, so Sara suggested Jake sleep in the master bedroom while he recovered. Dan, Jake’s uncle, was working on lining up some other help with the garage project, and Sara had just left to go shopping, leaving Jake alone at last: it’d been great having his aunt spend so much time looking after him for the week, but the lack of privacy had made him tense. Like most 18-year old males, he usually jacked off at least a couple of times a day but he’d been in considerable pain for a couple of days, then felt anxious beating his meat knowing his aunt might hear in the small house.

Today, Sara asked if he was OK for an hour while she went shopping, and he eagerly agreed.

“Can’t wait to be free of your boring old aunt, huh?” she said, laughing.

“N-no, that’s not what I meant,” Jake stammered. “Anyway, you aren’t old…or boring.”

“Well, that’s kind of you to say,” Sara said, smiling. She noticed that his eyes had dropped down to her chest when he spoke, and Sara unconsciously leaned back and pushed out her breasts toward him. She was proud of “the girls” and had always liked male attention, but Sara quickly realized what she was doing and turned away, a little embarrassed.

“I should get going,” she said, flustered.

“Oh, yeah, OK,” Jake said, nervously.

Jake had always been fond of Sara growing up, but now this had turned into blatant desire. She was fairly short, with curly blond hair and a body that was toned and trim from yoga and pilates – which made her huge tits (must be 40D’s he thought) stand out even more. It was hard to believe she had two boys finishing up High School – in other words, Sara was one of the finest pieces of MILF that Jake had ever seen, and he always had a hard time (pun intended) to not keep undressing her with his eyes whenever he thought she wasn’t looking.

Now here he was alone, balls aching from a week with no release and aunt Sara had just taken a shower, which meant…

As the front door slammed, Jake got up and hobbled to the master bathroom. Just as he’d hoped, Sara’s newly discarded clothes were laying in the laundry basket. As Jake rummaged through her yoga pants and sports bra, he saw what he wanted – a pair of satin red panties bunched up in the pants. There was a clear streak of white in the crotch and they were still warm from her body. As Jake ran his finger over the “snail trail” he could feel it was moist from recent contact with her pussy.

This wasn’t the first time he’d raided his aunt’s laundry – usually there were too many people around at family events when they visited his aunt and uncle but he’d had an opportunity last Christmas when he was delayed coming back from an all-expenses paid ski trip he’d gotten for his 18th birthday, and the family had gone out to dinner already. Jake had texted his sister to say he’d clean up before coming over there, then thought he’d bend the rules and showered in his aunt’s bathroom. He’d gravitated to the laundry basket like it was a black hole and before he knew it, he had one of her thongs pressed against his nose and a pair of cotton panties wrapped around his stiff cock. He wanted to avoid making a mess so ended up shooting his load all over the inside of the walk-in shower, carefully checking the panties for drops before returning them to the basket.

Now, clutching his new prize, Jake limped back to the bed and lay down, alternately sniffing and licking the panties, then wrapping them around his needy cock as he started jerking off — slowly at first, then with abandon.

He was so focused on the sensations that he didn’t hear the click of the bedroom door until way too late.

“…forgot the stupid shopping list. I should really just put it on my phone and…” Sara froze as she entered the room. So did Jake, his fist caught in a downstroke so Sara’s red panties were stretched over the top of his thick prick.

“Oh my God… I’m so sorry… I…er…” stumbled Jake, blushing profusely.

Sara blushed too, unable for a moment to look away from her panties outlined on Jake’s hardness. She realized how embarrassed he must be and thought to lighten the mood and get past Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort this as fast as possible.

“Boys — always wanting to play with their thing!” Sara said, rolling her eyes before managing a wry smile and looked around for the shopping list.

“Listen, do me a favor – when you’re done, wrap them up in this,” she said, throwing him a hand towel. “I don’t want to get a mess on the other laundry, OK?”

“I…um…sure aunt Sara,” said Jake, surprised and relieved that she hadn’t been outraged and kicked him out of the house.

Sara felt her breath catch as she glanced once more at her knickers and noticed how they were already wet with Jake’s pre-cum. The scene was surreal. She shook her head, sighed, picked up the shopping list and calmly walked out.

“There,” Sara thought. “I didn’t cause a big scene. The poor boy was humiliated enough.” But she had to admit that she had another reason to let Jake finish – she felt in tingle between her legs as she thought of what he was probably doing right now and what she might find later.

Jake waited for the sound of Sara’s car to recede, still comically frozen in the act of whacking off into her panties. It was amazing! He thought he was dead as soon as she’d walked in on him. He’d instantly seen a cascading shit-storm with Sara then Uncle Dan yelling at him for betraying their trust. And, Oh God when his parents and siblings heard about this! He thought his life was going to be over.

But, after an initial shock, Aunt Sara had somehow taken it all in stride. He wondered whether he should do the noble thing, return her clothes to the laundry and just apologize to her again when she returned. But then again, she’d left him with instructions of what to do with her soiled panties – didn’t that imply she was OK with him finishing in them?

Jake didn’t need much persuading, in fact. After a momentary drop in stiffness, his cock had re-hardened even while Sara was still in the room. He had to think a while to realize why: she’d been looking not at his face but at his cock while she spoke about him cleaning up — seemed like she couldn’t take her eyes off it. And then he remembered that she had started to bite her lower lip as she stared, almost like she was getting turned on.

As Jake thought more about the scene that had just played out, his hand started sliding up and down his shaft again. His pre-cum had already soaked the crotch of Sara’s panties and he felt harder than he’d ever felt in his life, his balls fuller than they’d ever been. Moaning, he jerked faster and faster as his need to release grew until his back arched and he sprayed wad after thick wad of cum into the gusset of aunt Sara’s panties, moving them around to try to catch as much as possible and avoid drips. He lay for a moment, exhausted by the emotional rollercoaster. Then he got up, with some difficulty as his pants were still tangled around his ankles, wrapped the sopping wet panties in the hand towel and hobbled to the bathroom to put the bundle in the laundry.

Jake cleaned himself up then went to the living room to play computer games and prepare for Sara’s return. What would she say? What should HE say? Would she be mad now having gotten over the shock of what he was doing with her knickers? Or would they both just pretend it never happened?

Jake was still pondering these questions (and as a result, losing badly in his game), when the door opened and Sara came in with bags of shopping. She dropped them in the kitchen, saying “Gotta pee!” and rushed to her bedroom.

Sara closed the door behind her and thought hard. She couldn’t believe she was going to give into her old fetish, but the urge was so strong. She quietly opened the laundry basket and fished out the towel bundle laying on the top. She could smell Jake’s cum before she could see it – that rich earthy scent that she secretly loved more than any perfume.

Jeez, her panties were a complete mess! They were absolutely drenched in cum, twisted and stretched. Sara held them up to her nose to get a better whiff, and her tongue snaked out, seemingly of its own accord, confirming that it not only smelled like semen but tasted like it too. Sara’s heart was beating like crazy. Was she really going to do this? She laid the ruined panties back on the towel and looked at them before she shucked down her skirt and black thong. Sara reached down and slid on the sticky red panties that Jake had spooged on just a few minutes ago. The initial shock as the cold wetness hit her pussy quickly gave way to the feeling that Sara loved – panties drenched in jizz, thick and manly, saturating her clit, drying onto her trimmed pubes, bathing her body in the scent of cum. She didn’t want it dripping down her legs while walking around Jake, so she put on some dark jeans and switched to a tank top before going out to the kitchen.

As Sara put away the groceries, she felt Jake’s sperm slick into her most delicate parts with every movement, and she had to stop, close her eyes and bend her head every so often so she didn’t moan with the pleasure – Jake was in the next room for heaven’s sake!

Jake for his part noticed that Sara had changed her outfit. For one thing, her bra strap was clearly visible with the tank top – and didn’t it look like her nipples were poking through? He could clearly see them now, like thick erasers standing out on the tank top.

Jake managed to shuffle into the kitchen. “Anything I can do to help Aunt Sara?” he asked shyly,

Sara had to turn away from him. She’d just felt a big glob of cum work its way into her folds when he spoke up, and when he said “Aunt Sara” her pussy gushed the mingled juices back out, warming her already throbbing clit.

Getting a grip, Sara said “No that’s OK, I can manage. You take the weight off that foot.”

Jake did, sitting at the bar stools and watching his aunt put away the things. He was just about to try to discuss what had happened when he got the next big shock of the day: As Sara bent over to put tins in a bottom drawer, her jeans slid down and her t-shirt slid up, revealing the top of her red glossy panties.

Now, Jake had checked out Sara’s panties drawer before (that evening after the ski trip) and knew that she didn’t have more than one design of panties in her collection.

“So, does that mean those are the same red satin panties I just came on…?!” he thought.

19 years earlier…

Sara’s fetish had basically begun as a result of sibling rivalry. Her twin, Arlene, was both her best friend and her constant competitor, especially when it came to boys. Sara was something of a tomboy in High School, wore baggy clothes which hid her glorious tits and curvy figure and hung out mostly with the nerds — Arlene on the other hand was taller, dressed in revealing (just shy of slutty) clothes and was a social butterfly. And so, not surprisingly, it was Arlene who first had a serious boyfriend, called Tom.

They’d be dating for more than 6 months, since the girls turned 18, and Sara knew that their “studying” in her bedroom turned into some serious necking. She gave Arlene her privacy but easily picked up on how flushed she was when the two would finally emerge from Arlene’s room, not to mention noticing the hickey on Tom’s neck that one Sunday night, when they’d been supposedly getting ready for a math test.

Sara and Arlene’s parents, on the other hand seemed clueless — they were old hippies who generally figured that if no-one was getting hurt and no important laws broken, why interfere? At some point though, their mom, Meg, decided that she’d better prepare for the day when her daughters became sexually active — she sat them down on Saturday and told them she’d set up an appointment with the family doctor to set them up with birth control.

“The pill worked for me for years and dozens of…er, well… for me and your dad,” Meg said.

The girls rolled their eyes when Meg wasn’t looking — they’d figured their mom was a pretty easy lay in her earlier years, since she seemed to have a never-ending catalog of men that she’d taken to this concert or that road trip. Their dad hardly got mentioned.

A few weeks after they got their prescriptions, Sara still hadn’t started using hers but wondered if Arlene had. She paid special attention when Tom came by that Friday night and saw Arlene whisper in his ear and them both giggle as they walked up the stairs.

By getting a little closer (while still concealed), Sara heard Arlene finish saying “…won’t need this tonight babe.” Arlene then reached into Tom’s back pocket and pulled something shiny out, which made Tom grin like he’d just won the lottery.

Sara found the unopened condom packet in Arlene’s trash (buried under some tissues) later that night, after they’d finished “studying” and had then gone out to a nightclub.

“So, they HAVE been having sex!” Sara thought. “And tonight, they dispensed with the rubber.”

Sara’s curiosity got the better of her. She knew about sex, in theory, of course, but wanted to know more about the sights and smells — she told herself she just wanted to be better prepared for what was to come (so to speak). Anyway, whatever the rationalization, Sara soon found herself rummaging in the clothes Arlene had dumped on the floor when they changed to go out.

“She’s such a slob,” thought Sara. “Didn’t even put her stuff in the hamper and hang up her sweater!”

Sara stopped, transfixed, her sister’s messiness forgotten.

She’d just dug Arlene’s panties out from her bunched-up jeans and was wide-eyed. Talk about sights and smells! Arlene’s pretty pink panties were soaked, thoroughly doused with sticky while goo that had only partly soaked into the cotton. Sara knew what her own pussy smelled like and – though she’d never admit it – she’d sniffed Arlene’s discarded panties a few times over the last couple of months (telling herself that she was just trying to figure if they were actually dirty or just not put away from her laundry). This scent was totally different — earthy, musty and with a tang that Sara had never smelled before but was immediately attracted to.

Curious, Sara ran her fingers in the cum decorating her sister’s panties — Tom’s jizz, that he’d shot up into his sister’s tight cunt and that had then splooged out of her as they sat watching TV just minutes ago! The scent was even more intense as she lifted the panties to her nose, causing her to close her eyes for a moment. Without thinking, Sara’s tongue slipped out and lightly grazed the sticky surface — she liked the taste: salty but a little sweet, and with a flavor and texture all its own. She could just pick out a hint of her sister’s juices (which she knew well since she’d recently moved past just sniffing Arlene’s dirty knickers) — but Tom’s cum completely dominated the flavor. She sucked a little more into her mouth and swirled it around, hungrily.

“This must be what it’s like after you give a blowjob,” Sara thought.

She knew all about blowjobs from overhearing some of the popular girls at school (including her sister) but could never picture the reality of having a mouth full of cock and a mouth full of slimy semen. While she still couldn’t imagine how a cock would feel on her tongue, she now knew how cum tasted — and she adored it! She felt like she was becoming a woman of the world.

Sara’s mind wandered further — it’s one thing smelling and tasting sperm, but what would it feel like to have it dripping out of your pussy? She looked thoughtfully at Arlene’s drenched panties and made a decision.

Trembling with excitement, Sara shed her jeans and her own underwear then slid on Arlene’s. Some of the cum streaked on her legs, but most stayed in a big wad right in the middle of Arlene’s panties. Sara pulled them tight, squishing the cum right into her gaping snatch.

“Oh my God — when did I get so wet!?” she thought, feeling her own juices bubbling out to mix with Tom’s sperm (and Arlene’s juices). She was afraid of dripping onto the carpet, so bundled up her clothes, opened Arlene’s bedroom door and — after quickly checking that the coast was clear — ran across the hall to her own room. She closed the door with relief: what if her mom or — even worse her dad! — saw her. Sara glanced down and saw that the mixture of fluids — her own, Arlene’s and Tom’s had made the panties virtually transparent and the outline of her puffy pussy was clear.

Safely inside her room, Sara lay back on her bed and lazily ran her fingers up and down the crotch of the panties, getting more aggressive as she thought more about she’d done until she was stuffing the sticky material directly into her snatch and smearing the cum around her hard clit. As her climax approached, Sara realized she might not be able to keep quiet in what was likely to a very intense orgasm, so quickly cast around for something to deaden the sound — she grabbed her own discarded underwear, bunched it up and stuffed it in her mouth, savoring her own flavor as her fingers rubbed furiously against her aching button. Sara thought about how crazy this was — she was wearing her sister’s underwear, was masturbating with her sister’s boyfriend’s cum, had her own knickers stuffed in her mouth as rapidly approaching a mind-blowing orgasm. At that moment, Sara’s body tensed magnificently, her nipples strained against her tight t-shirt while her legs squeezed together on her trembling hand. She gave a loud, long guttural cry – luckily the sound was muffled enough that her parents didn’t come rushing to see who was being murdered. It took her 20 minutes to get up on rubbery legs and return Arlene’s panties back to the hamper in her room before she fell asleep, exhausted and smiling.

That had only been the start. Sara became bolder as her desire to play with cum and wear cummy clothes increased. One time, she snuck into the bathroom while her sister was taking a shower, just so she could taste the freshest cum possible, licking it off Arlene’s panties while her sister’s back was turned. And things turned even more extreme that summer.

Sara had finally recognized how showing off her knockout body could turn virtually every man’s head (even her dad, she thought, blushing). They had a pool in the back yard and one especially steamy July day, Sara had on the thinnest of bikinis. Tom was over and Arlene had just gone inside to call her friends — this was Sara’s chance.

Tom couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off Sara’s stunning breasts for the last few weeks, the nipples barely held back by the straining top. Sara couldn’t resist flirting with him a little, bending over right in front of him to pick up a pool toy, leaning over him as he sat in a deck chair, so that his face was virtually between her tits.

“Would you like a little?” she said sweetly.

“Um…er…wha?” said Tom, his eyes glazed, looking up from her chest.

“I asked whether you would like some lemonade to drink? I was just going to make some,” Sara said smiling. “Here, come inside with me and help me with it.” She held out her hand to help him up.

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