Close to the Heart Pt. 02


Disclaimer: All persons engaging in sex are over the age of eighteen. This story contains a very voluptuous older woman with self-esteem issues doing fetish sex things with a sexy young six-inch tall man. The acts include: Tiny man in giantess’s mouth, tiny man in giantess’s cleavage, tiny man in giantess’s vagina, tiny man in giantess’s anus, tiny man being covered in giantess’s sweat, tiny man being pissed on by a drunk giantess, tiny man fucking a giant nipple, nearly-fatal lady-orgasms, and fun with a 3D printer.

If any of that isn’t your thing, don’t read it. You’ve been informed.


Leanne shuffled down the line of seats in the movie theater, purse over her shoulder, tub of salty, buttery popcorn in one hand, a large cup filled with Pepsi in the other.

She eased herself into a seat near the back, the theater nearly empty for the Wednesday matinee.

She rested her drink in the cup holder attached to the armrest, dropped her purse to sit in the folded seat to her right, and waited.

When the lights went down and the ads before the previews began showing, she took one last, careful look around. Seeing no one anywhere near, Leanne placed the popcorn tub between her knees and began unbuttoning her burgundy blouse.

Eventually, Derek’s head and three inches of cleavage were bared, and she pried him upward out of her tits until his arms were clear of her plush entrapments.

She craned her head down and whispered, “Can you see the screen?”

She got three slaps of his palm to her breast, signaling an affirmative. There was no way she’d be able to hear him in the loud theater, so they’d worked out a code. three taps for yes, two for no. One tap meant nothing, and would likely be an accident.

Leanne glanced around again, then fished from her purse one of the plastic thimbles she’d purchased earlier in the day. Using a finger on the top of her straw as a stopper, she was able to transfer a thimble-full of soda to the tiny container, which she handed to Derek.

The little man took a gulp, then wedged it into the cleavage in front of his chest to keep it upright. A single kernel of salty, buttery popcorn was placed to his left on the upper curve of Leanne’s breast, and they were set.

Leanne had cinched up the shoulder straps on her bra, holding her girls higher and more shelf-like. Worried about Derek falling through, she’d wrapped a very fine, long necklace around his chest and under his arms as a kind of safety rope. With the rest of the chain looped around Leanne’s neck, should the worst happen she’d feel the tug and be able to get him back into position, and he wouldn’t fall any further than that.

They sat through the movie they’d compromised on, Leanne scarfing down big handfuls of popcorn and taking large draws from her Pepsi, with Derek nibbling at the (to him,) volleyball-sized popcorn kernel and sipping at his thimble of soda. Now and then Leanne would gently stroke a finger over Derek’s hair or caress his chest, unable to keep herself from touching him for too long.

When the credits began to show, Leanne hurriedly plucked the remainder of the kernel Derek hadn’t finished and flicked it away, then tossed what was left of the thimble-cup into her mouth and palming it.

With a single finger on the top of his head, Leanne shoved her date back down into her cleavage and hurriedly buttoned her blouse back up.

By the time the lights came back up, and the few people in the more forward rows began to make their way to the rear exit, nothing about Leanne looked amiss. No one knew she had her little date safe and secure between her giant breasts. She smiled politely at the people as they passed, a wonderful secret hiding behind her eyes… and between her boobs.

Leanne slung her purse back over her shoulder, placed the thimble in a side pocket, and began to leave herself. As an afterthought, she gathered the remainder of her popcorn and soda to bring home as well.

It was the best date she’d been on since she was a teenager, and it wasn’t over yet. She got to bring her sexy man home with her for once.


Once Leanne had sat in her car and gotten it running, she unbuttoned her blouse yet again. Just enough to bare Derek’s head and let him get some fresher air, but not so much that any onlooker could recognize a shrunken man peeking out of her top.

She began backing out of the parking spot. “So, what did you think?”

“Honestly?” the little man replied, trying in vain to scratch the itch behind his ear on Leanne’s smooth, thick breast flesh. “Rom-Coms are never going to be my favorite kind of movie. This one was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, though. And the seating was the best, ever,” he teased.

“Yeah, um… Hey, Derek? Do you think we could, uh, talk about last night?” Leanne bit her lip, not knowing which way this conversation would go, but also knowing that it had to happen.

“Sure. What’s on your mind, Leanne?”

The bursa sınırsız escort large, middle-aged woman tightened her grip on the steering wheel. “I, um… I had a really good time.”

Derek chuckled. “So did I.”

Leanne pressed, “The thing is, that kind of lit a fire in me. I want to do more. With you. Um, more sexy times is what I’m trying to ask for here.”

“I’m for it. It’s not like I can really say no, anyway,” he shrugged. Well, he tried to shrug. The heavy fat of Leanne’s tits was more or less effortlessly holding him immobile from the neck down.

“No, you can! You really, really can, Derek. No means no, and if you don’t want to, I promise I won’t make you. Cross my heart.”

Derek felt relief over a concern he really didn’t even know he had. “Well, I appreciate that, Leanne. But about the only good thing about shrinking down so small is the new and interesting ways for sex. Well, that, and meeting you.”

“Aww, now you’re just flattering me,” Leanne blushed.

“No. I mean it,” Derek insisted. “You didn’t even know me, and you offered to take care of me the minute after I became pretty helpless. You’re really, incredibly kind. It means everything to me, and I’m really grateful here.”

Leanne cleared her throat, trying to dislodge whatever was causing pressure there. Then she changed the subject. “So, new and interesting ways, huh? Do share.”

Derek laughed out loud. “I’ve been thinking of almost nothing else. Really takes my mind off of… well. For instance, I’ll bet you could slide me into the gusset of your panties right now and no one would know.”

Leanne’s breath left her in a rush, and she pinched her abruptly erect nipple through her blouse as hard as she could, hoping a little pain would distract her.

It didn’t.

Licking suddenly dry lips, she couldn’t help but ask, “What else?”

Derek had no idea how much he’d just turned her on, the older woman’s plush pillows allowing his head to move little. His view was basically limited to the steering wheel, the dashboard, Leanne’s gargantuan hands and the slope of her breasts. He was getting used to speaking to a voice behind him, though. “Mostly stuff along those lines. Taking a ride in your bra cup with a big-ass nipple next to my face. Spending some time in your butt-crack as you walk around. Why, did you have a plan for when we get home?”

“It seems a little unimaginative now,” she chuckled in a very strained manner. “All I can think about right now is shoving you down the front of my panties.”

“Road head!” Derek shouted, and Leanne began to nervously laugh while scanning for a place to pull over. Her massive bosom shook and wobbled as she laughed, jostling her passenger much to his enjoyment.

She pulled into the Walmart parking lot and parked between two large SUVs. It was as much privacy as she could find on short notice, and she was too excited to look for anything better.

Leanne frantically unlatched her black slacks, cursing her chubby belly and thick thighs. Finally getting them undone, she tugged her zipper open and wiggled the pants down just enough, then shuffled forward a bit and slouched in her seat. She checked with her hand, making sure she wasn’t going to be pressing Derek into the seat, and even she was surprised at just how wet she was.

“Ready?” she asked, voice hushed, excitement dripping from the single word.

“Ready for what?” Derek rejoined cluelessly.

Leanne licked her lips. “Ready to take a field trip down the gusset of my panties?”

Derek blinked. Suddenly the hypothetical became something real. Real and immediate. “Sure?” he stated uncertainly.

One more furtive glance around, and Leanne dug her fingers into the deep crevice between her massive breasts, lifting Derek’s entire body out. She unwound the necklace from his torso, then planted her painted lips to his face, giving him a thankful kiss.

The plump woman adjusted him to lay on her open hand, his feet dangling past her fingertips, and went for it. Her free hand pulled back the elastic of her pink panties with the white lace pattern, and she slid him down and around the bulging curve of her paunch, through her moist bush, and into her drooling pussy.

Derek’s feet and legs slid right through her chubby, engorged lips and directly into her tunnel with little resistance given how wet she was. It was a pleasant surprise, and she rolled with it. She kept feeding him in until it felt like her inner labia were grasping his tiny hips, and then she removed her hand from her panties completely.

Leanne’s voice shook when next she spoke. “Okay, Hun. Do your thing.”

It felt like he was pedaling an imaginary bicycle inside of her, while also massaging her incredibly hard clit with his dexterous little hands.

All she could see was a sliver of her panty’s color before it curved out of sight, and she stared at the elastic band of her underwear as Derek proceeded to rock her entire world.

The bursa üniversiteli escort first orgasm came quickly. Leanne was unprepared for all of the new sensations. She gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles turned white and bowed her head even further, keeping the scream inside. Fireworks exploded behind her clenched eyelids. She creamed and clenched around his legs and hips, and the instant it was about to become too sensitive, Derek stopped moving altogether.

Leanne heaved deep breaths, coming down. Her face was so flushed that the red ran down her neck and into her chest.

Derek gave her long enough to nearly recover, and then he started working at her again. Just the idea of Derek halfway inside of her turned her on more than she was prepared for. She had half of an entire person in her pussy.

She had a man inside of her in public, and no one knew. Her lusty vagina quivered at the very thought.


Derek accepted the kiss, the entirety of his face engulfed by the pucker of the plump, red lips. Then Leanne laid him on her palm and turned him around, giving him a brief, excited smile, and proceeded to slap him face-first to the soft fatty bulge between her belly and her pussy.

She slid him downward, his body conforming to the curve, and then he was being dragged down through her wet bush. Somehow, his feet ended up slipping into her pussy hole, sliding right through the divide in the slickened skin. His body continued along the arc until he was wedged in her vag nearly to his waist, her hard, throbbing clit pressed to his chest, and her fat pussy lips contouring to the outline of whatever wasn’t stuffed inside of her.

His legs were a little elevated, but mostly he was reclining with Leanne’s panties on his back keeping him inside and safe from falling out.

He faintly heard her voice, though he couldn’t make out the words. He assumed it was some kind of permission to start playing with her, so he did.

He bicycled his legs inside of her spongy slick cavern and squeezed her big slippery clit between his hands, digging his fingers into it like he was massaging a leg cramp and sliding his fingers around under her hood.

He couldn’t hear anything other than the Titaness’s blood pumping around him, so Leanne’s orgasm took him by surprise. Her tunnel clenched his legs, the sponginess being compressed to a very hard state, and woman-cream was squeezed out around his body. Her cum soaked into the panty behind him, mostly. A fair bit clung to the parts of Derek just outside of her hole.

Derek worked her clit over more, extending her orgasm out, until the world started to vibrate. Then he stopped and took a rest. The bicycle kick was exhausting.

Leanne’s giant pussy clenched and gripped him sporadically in the aftermath, making Derek smile to himself. He scooped a handful of her cum from his stomach, the much thicker consistency marking it as very different from her natural lubricant, and gave it a taste.

It was much better hot and straight from the tap than smeared on a finger and allowed to cool in the air, that was for sure.

Then there was the smell! Pressed against Leanne’s cavernous cunt with her panties behind him holding everything in, the air was hot and incredibly humid, the mature woman’s musky odor permeating everything. Noticing that the vaginal quivering had died down, Derek absently removed a wet rope-like pubic hair from where it clung to his shoulder, and started to work on Leanne’s second orgasm.

After a moment, a gentle pressure began to stroke up and down his back as Leanne expressed her gratitude with the pad of her middle finger. She slowly petted him through the dampening fabric of her panty, spurring Derek to work harder. He kicked his legs faster, compressed her clit even more.

Without warning, the finger stroking him disappeared. Then he was pressed tightly in-between the fat pussy lips around him, and everything went pitch-black.


Leanne was thoroughly enjoying all the attention her little man was giving her. She caressed him through her panties, careful to be as gentle as possible.

The slamming of a car door made her snap her eyes open in a panic. Through the side-mirror, she could see one of the SUVs she’d parked between unloading a shopping cart.

Yanking her hand out of her crotch, she pulled her pants up and re-latched the fastener, having to suck in her tummy to succeed. Then she carefully backed out of the parking space and drove away.

She almost got caught! Her heart raced, and pinpricks of sensation traveled over her skin with the adrenaline rush.

She merged onto the interstate, and began to worry about the tiny guy in her underwear. Right up until she felt him move, playing with her clit anew and moving inside of her.

Her breathing deepened, and she reaffirmed her two-handed grip on the steering wheel. Leanne began bursa anal yapan escort to pant, wild-eyed, as another gushing orgasm overtook her.

In the safety of her car, on the interstate with the windows rolled up, she let herself scream as her seldom-used pussy undulated in her pleasure. Derek felt amazing inside of her. Better than any dildo she’d ever used.

Once the waves of pleasure tapered down, Leanne collected her bearings but noticed something was different. Was Derek deeper now? It sure felt like he was further inside than he should have been.

She felt his arms move against her pussy lips, and a pressure as he tried to pull himself out of her. Involuntarily, she clenched her muscles around the man, and she definitely felt him move even deeper inside of her that time.

“No,” she whispered in dawning horror. “No-no-no-no.”

The matronly woman tried to unlatch her pants to fish him out, but the tab and hook was impossible for her with only one hand. The car was moving too fast for her to take both hands off of the wheel.

She tried to wedge her fingers through her still-open zipper, but only succeeded in nudging him into her hotbox a little further. The waistband of her pants was too tight, and her hand too thick to get in with the latch still fastened.

Desperate tears began to run down her face. She couldn’t sit upright, that might crush him. She couldn’t close her legs, he wouldn’t be able to breathe. She had to stay slouched in her seat, thighs spread lewdly wide, and try not to squeeze him any more. It was her only chance. His, too.

There was only so much she could ignore, though, only so long she could keep her pussy relaxed. Another involuntary contraction slurped him inside a little more, and she felt his arms scrambling against her plump, puffy labia, felt the tugs on her pubic hair as Derek tried to pull himself out by using the soaked, slick hair as rope.

He failed. He obviously couldn’t get a grip, she was just too wet.

“Oh God Oh God JUST LET ME MERGE!” she screamed at the traffic around her. Any exit would do.

The implied danger wasn’t helping her. If anything, it made it all worse. Another shuddering pulse ran through her stupid danger-slut of a cunt hole, and Derek was pulled even further inside of her yet.

His arms were still moving, she could feel that. They were more frantic now, but at least she knew he still had air. The added sensation of the mini-man’s flailing made everything so much more difficult. Fear-sweat beaded on her face, trickling down her neck as she strained to not suffocate her man. One or two more contractions, and things would be bad.

Leanne cursed at herself at the top of her lungs. If only she hadn’t insisted on dressing up for the movie with Derek. Had she worn pretty much anything other than her tight dressy pants, she’d have been able to get him out. If only she’d been able to wait until they were home to try this, there wouldn’t have been any danger at all, but no. Stupid Leanne just had to have her orgasms right away, and now she was going to kill the best thing that had happened to her in decades. One way or another.

Either the budding trust and friendship would die, or…

Leanne forcibly relaxed herself despite every instinct she owned screaming at her to indulge. To embrace how good the contractions felt, how good it felt to exercise her rarely used vaginal muscles on the helpless man. She breathed slow and deep for long, long minutes, and determinedly kept her pussy from making the slightest twitch. She was able to get onto the right lane, and miraculously it was her exit approaching.

“Hold on, Baby. Just hold on. Just a bit longer.”

A moment of lost concentration and the squeeze she’d been holding back for what seemed like ever struck, causing Derek to vanish inside of her. All six inches of his writhing body was completely within her gushing, pulsing vaginal canal.

Leanne broke every speed limit on the exit ramp, unable to hold anything back any longer as she squeezed and churned Derek within her heart-shaped box. His thrashing and scrambling once he was completely engulfed was too much to ignore, and she’d been holding herself back, edging the oncoming explosion for far too long. In a continual state of fear-elevated, delay-enhanced orgasm, she frantically looked for any place to pull over. Any place at all.

She whimpered as her pussy clenched and clenched, trying in vain to milk the struggling form of her suffocating captive, completely outside of her control. Her car seat became hot and wet, and the smell of her sex began to become the dominant scent in the vehicle.

Once clear of the exit ramp she screeched to an abrupt stop on the side of the street, frantically unlatching her pants and tugging both them and her sopping panties down to mid-thigh.

“Please be okay, please be okay,” she chanted as she dug her fingers into her sensitive hole to fish out the boy who’d gone still and limp a minute prior.

It wasn’t easy. Derek was in deep and incredibly slippery, and her pussy wasn’t cooperating in getting him out, clamping down on its long-awaited prize. After a panic-fueled moment or two, she had him evacuated from her soggy depths and in her hands.

“Oh God, please wake up Derek. I don’t think I can give you CPR.”

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