Cheryl’s Extra Credit Ch. 3


My conquest of Cheryl was a satisfying one; of that there can be little doubt. She was a natural born submissive, and once she’d been given the excuse to let herself be the slut she truly wanted to be, she fell into the role with abandon. I’m sure that, in the back of her mind, she continually rationalized her behavior as being necessary to her completion of high school, given my threat to fail her should she not comply with my “extra credit” assignments, but it soon became obvious to me that she relished each and every chance to please me, and I soon made her a very apt sex slave indeed.

We had to be careful, of course. She still lived at home, and our liaisons in the class were too risky to repeat very often (though I did allow myself the pleasure of fucking her mouth a time or two after the last bell had rung). Fortunately I had divorced my wife nearly a year before, and thus was free to pursue my pleasure in my home that was nestled in a grove of trees far enough out of town that I had little fear of nosy neighbors wondering who was paying me visits in her white Jetta. At every opportunity I would page Cheryl and she would always find a way to come to my home where I would induct her into the most wanton pleasures.

I remember well one Saturday evening; I was on my way to a school administration meeting, when I called her to set into motion a plan that I had mapped out earlier in the week. She answered her cell phone on the second ring, and I said, “Cheryl.”

It was a command, not a question, and she immediately knew who it was. I could almost feel her shudder of expectation and excitement. “Yes, Sir.” She answered, and I knew that she was alone.

“Where are you?”

“In the car, Sir. On my way to Ivy’s house. We’re going to watch videos.”

“No,” I said, “Your not…”

I told her to call Ivy and make an excuse and then to go to my house where she would find the key under the stone in the garden. I gave her a list of commands and abruptly hung up.

The meeting was boring, and fortunately only lasted for a couple of hours. Plenty of time for Cheryl to have followed my instructions. Humming to myself, I headed home.

I walked through the door, and there she was, dressed in the maid’s uniform I’d purchased for her and set out on the bed and told her to put on. It was a true uniform, high necked and severe, though perhaps a size too small. It’s hem rode high on her thighs and it accentuated her bust. Her hair was done up under the bonnet, and, in short, she was devastating. She immediately stopped her dusting and stood, head bowed in deference to me. “Hello, Cheryl.” I said, setting down the brown, paper, bag that I’d brought in with me.

“Hello, Sir.” She answered, timidly, but with a tremor of excitement.

“Carry on,” I said with a nod, “I’m going to shower and then I’ll be down for dinner.” I walked past her without a second glance. I knew that she was already wondering what was in the brown bag, but I also knew that she would not dare to peek at its contents. I undressed and enjoyed a leisurely shower, savoring the anticipation of what the night would bring. Drying off and donning a robe, I made my way back to the living room where Cheryl had just finished setting the table. The smells emanating from the kitchen were wonderful. Cheryl may have been a spoiled brat, but she had a knack for cooking which I took advantage of whenever possible. I knew she loved to cook for me. It was another way for her to please me, and that in itself was a pleasure for her.

Of course I didn’t show any signs of enjoying the tantalizing scents coming from the kitchen. I played my part of stern master to the hilt, frowning slightly and surveying the room; looking for any bit of housekeeping she had missed. At last my eyes came to rest on her sweet bottom as she bent over the table to adjust the flower arrangement in the center. The black uniform skirt stretched taut across her lovely ass, and as she bent forward just a bit more I was treated to the delicious view of a slice of white thigh between skirt hem and black stocking top, separated by the vertical supports of her garter belt. I felt my cock stir beneath my robe, and I fought off the urge to simply fuck her across the table right then and there. But I knew that the wait was half the fun. The anticipation, the thrill of the unknown, I knew that those were the things that truly got Cheryl off. She had no idea what I had in store for her, and I knew that her panties were probably sopping wet from the mystery and build up.

She stepped away from the table and I took my seat. She knew what was expected of her, and she played her part to the hilt, remaining silent and avoiding my eyes as she made her trips to and from the kitchen, bringing out steaming dishes of food and a bottle of wine. She had prepared chicken Marsala with bursa eskort bayan fresh vegetables. She poured my wine and filled my plate, and then took a step back to stand behind me, head lowered; ready to cater to my every need.

The dinner was marvelous, as I knew it would be. I ate in silence for several moments, and, when I felt the time was right, I drained my glass of wine. As I knew she would, Cheryl stepped forward to refill it. It was at that point that I let my left hand come to rest on the back of her thigh. She froze for a heartbeat, and I felt a quiver race through her body. The feel of her stocking clad thigh was a delight to my fingertips, and I let my hand slide upwards a bit until I felt her warm, smooth flesh. She stood stock still as my hand traveled still further to find her ass, covered in the thinnest of satin. I cupped her young buttock for a moment, and then, abruptly, I removed my hand and used it to pick up the fresh glass of wine.

“The house looks good, Cheryl.” I said, matter of factly. “And dinner isn’t bad at all. Perhaps a little heavy on the wine, but still, not bad.”

“Th-thank you, Sir.” She whispered.

“Are you hungry, Cheryl?” I asked her.

“Um…a little, Sir.”

“Then you must eat!” I looked up at her and said, “Kneel.”

She did, dropping immediately to her knees beside my chair. “Good girl,” I smiled, and cut off a bite of chicken. I speared it on my fork and held it out to her, feeding her. She took it in her mouth and sighed, taking extreme pleasure from being in such a position of total subservience. I fed her another bite, and another, and then held my glass for her that she might wash it down with some wine. I fed her like that for several minutes until I decided it was time to move on.

“You’ve been a good little maid today, Cheryl,” I said, “And I’ve brought you home a small present. It’s in that bag on the table. Get it and bring it here, but no peeking!” She looked up at me, and I could see her face was flushed and her nipples were hard beneath her uniform blouse. God, but she was sexy. She stood and went to the coffee table, returning with the bag. I took it from her.

“Now, Cheryl, I want you to turn around and raise your skirt. In spite of herself, she flushed an even deeper shade of red, but she did as she was told, turning around to face away from me. She hitched up her skirt to her waist, slowly revealing her stockinged thighs and panty-clad ass. No matter how many times I saw her ass I still got immediately hard at the sight. Is there a more arousing sight in the world than that of an eighteen-year-old girls firm ass? I so wanted to bury my face into her ass crack and lick her through her panties. But time enough for that later. For now the play must be followed as scripted.

“Take your panties down.” I commanded, and she did, sliding the black satin over her hips and down until they bunched at her stocking tops. The straps of her garter belt stretched tight across her pale ass cheeks were a mouthwatering contrast of black on white. Her panty crotch was pulled taut, like a tiny trampoline, and I could see the large circle of moisture there, and could even see a thin sheen coating her inner thighs. I looked at her perfect pussy from behind, her lips pouting and wet with arousal. I allowed myself a taste, running a finger gently along her slit. She gasped and stifled a small moan, and I licked my finger clean.

My cock was making a tent in my robe when I said softly to her, “Reach back and spread your ass for me, Cheryl.” Obediently, she did, grasping her ass cheeks and pulling them wide, exposing herself utterly to me. Her asshole was pink and clean and inviting. I had not fucked her there since that first day in my classroom, but that would soon change.

I opened the bag, first withdrawing a small tube of KY jelly, which I opened, and from it squeezed a dime-sized dollop. It was cold, and she started as my finger laid it on her asshole and began to spread it around. I lubricated the outside of her rosebud, and then inserted a coated finger. She whimpered, but made no other sound. I felt her sphincter clench around my finger, and I slowly worked it in and out of her several times to make sure she was well oiled. Finally I withdrew my finger and reached back into the bag, taking out her gift.

I pressed the head of the butt-plug against her asshole, and her breathing quickened as she felt the smooth plastic begin to spread her wide. I let her ass stretch and continued to push, gently but firmly, until her anal ring crested the widest part of the plug, and closed around the narrow base until only the flanged end was visible. I gave her beautiful ass, now with its new adornment, a final look as I wiped my hands clean. “That will be all, Cheryl.” I said. She slowly straightened and gingerly pulled bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her panties up and her skirt down. She turned on wobbly legs, and I could see that her eyes had taken on a glaze that I knew well. Her breathing was heavy, and I could tell that every step caused the butt-plug to move and remind her of it. I had her bring me a warm washcloth and washed my hands before continuing with my meal.

I finished eating in silence, knowing that she was standing behind me, teeth clenched to stifle her moans as the butt plug filled and stretched her ass. When I was through I sipped my wine while she cleared the dishes. I could tell it was a struggle for her, but I enjoyed every minute of it. When the table was cleared I said, “Cheryl, I want you to go to the bedroom and arrange yourself on hands and knees on the bed. I’ll be in in a moment.

“Yes, Sir.” She said, and I heard her leave.

I finished off my glass of wine, letting her wait for fifteen minutes before heading for the bedroom myself.

The sight that greeted me caused me to stop in the doorway and simply drink it in. There she was, on all fours, on the bed. Her black maids skirt hugged her ass and rode up to expose her thighs and stocking tops even more so than they had a dinner. She looked straight at the headboard, and I could tell she was trembling with desire. My cock began to rise again, and I went to the bed so I could take a seat there beside her.

“You’ve been a good little maid today, Cheryl.” I said softly.

“Thank you, Sir.” She barely got the words out.

“You like being my maid, don’t you”

“Y-yes Sir, I love it.”

“Do you like your present?” I asked as I began to run my hand up her stocking clad leg.

“Oh yes. Yes, Sir I do!”

“ You like me using you like this, don’t you?”

Her reply was a whimper, “Yes, Sir. I’m your slave.”

“Yes you are. You’re my little fuck toy, aren’t you?” I let my hand caress her ass over her skirt.

“I’m your fuck toy, Sir.”

“You like me playing with your ass, don’t you?”

“My ass is yours, Sir.”

“That’s right. And so is the rest of you.”

Yes. Yes Sir!” She tried to muffle a small groan, but it got away from her as I slid my hand beneath her skirt and cupped her panty-covered pussy. It was soaked, and I could feel her lips clearly through the wet material.

“Tell me what you are, Cheryl.” I said, slowly rubbing my middle finger along her slit.

“I’m your whore!” she sobbed, nearly breaking down with desire. “I’m your bad little girl! I’m your slut! Your filthy slut! Your nasty maid! Oh, Sir, I’m such a bad little girl and you’re my daddy! All my holes are yours! My titties, my mouth, my pussy and my ass, they’re yours!”

My cock was now fully erect and had forced its way through my robe, and her words drove me on as I pulled her skirt up around her waist. When I kissed her sopping panty crotch her hips bucked involuntarily and she went down to her elbows, burying her face in a pillow, raising her ass even higher for me. I slowly lowered her panties to her thighs and savored the sight of her pussy as it gaped open with need, and the butt-plug as she fought and clenched her ass to keep it from popping out.

Her juice was running unchecked down her thighs. I had rarely known a girl to get as wet as Cheryl, and it was with wicked pleasure that I used a finger to scoop some of it up and pop it in my mouth. She was so delicious that I had to replace my finger, running it up her inner thigh clear to her cunt. I slicked it with juice between her gaping pussy before plunging it in to the last knuckle. She heaved on the bed as my finger explored her insides, her asshole tried to push the plug out, and a high-pitched squeal rose from the depths of the pillows where she had buried her face. I pulled my finger out with an audible slurp and licked it clean.

I stood and removed my robe. My cock was a raging pole sticking straight out from my body, drooling precum. I positioned myself behind her with my hands on her hips and my cock pointing at her luscious cunt and ass.

“Do you want to be fucked, Cheryl?” I asked her as I let the tip of my cock nuzzle her shaven lips.

“Ohhhhhh, Sir! Ohhh yessss, I want to be fucked! Please!” She hunkered down even more, lifting her ass and pushing back against my cock. I slapped her ass, hard. The crack of flesh on flesh and the sting caused her to gasp and tremble.

“Tell me what you want, slut!” I taunted her, “Beg for it! Beg for my cock!”

“Oh Sir, Mr. Smith! Oh Jesus, please, oh please fuck me! Use my cunt, fuck my holes, rape me like a bad girl! Fuck me like a whore, I’m begging you, Sir!”

Without warning I thrust my pulsing cock into her cunt. I drove into her with bursa eve gelen escort brutal force causing her to cry out in surprise and pain, even though she was thoroughly lubricated. I pressed myself as deeply as I could, feeling my balls hanging against her clit and her pussy walls contracting around my shaft. I rotated my hips, swiveling my cockhead inside her. She screamed in her pillow as a spontaneous orgasm tore through her. Her back arched and rolled, and I gave her still more pleasure with three quick, hard slaps across her ass. My hand left a red print, and the pain of the smacks was just what she needed to drive her fading orgasm into another.

I began to fuck her then. Slowly, with rhythm and piston-like thrusts, I plumbed the depths of her cunt, drawing all the way out and then hammering back inside her to the hilt. My hands gripped her shaking hips, pulling her back into my strokes. I looked down and the sight of her asshole, still plugged, caused me to fuck her even harder. I could feel the hard plastic through her inner walls. Her breathing was ragged and her moans developed into a high pitched keen as another cum rushed through her.

I lent forward, gripping my hands in the front of her uniform, and ripped the buttons away, pulling her top back and down, pinning her arms in her sleeves against her sides. I tore her bra down until her perfect tits fell free and I cupped them in my hands, squeezing, rolling her nipples against my palms, and then pinching them until the pleasure/pain overtook her again.

I fucked her that way for a long time, my thrusts slowly increasing until I was like a jackhammer, my hips a blur, as I rammed my cock into her over and over. Her orgasms rolled over her like waves and I watched as each peak gave way to a valley and then built into another peak. She was sobbing into the pillow, and then shrieking into it as her mind was shattered by another cum that tightened every muscle in her body. She clawed at the sheets, and then screamed filth as if possessed.

“Ahh God yeah, fuck it! Fuck your little tramp slut whore bitch, fuck it! Rape it! God, fuck, Sir, rape that little pussy! Hurt it! God it hurts so good! Slap my ass! Punish me! I’m a bad girl bad girl bad girl, so bad, God…fuck…slut…ghaaaaa!”

At last I withdrew my cock from her slippery cunt. She laid there, hands at her sides, ass in the air, quivering and mewing.

I reached forward and pulled the butt-plug free of her ass.

“Ahhhh!” she squealed as it popped free. I watched as her stretched asshole slowly contracted to its rosebud hole. I gave her no time to rest, and put the slimy head of my cock against that bud.

And pushed.

She stiffened as if I had given her an electric shock, her head thrown back in a silent shriek. I slowly but steadily breached the ring of her asshole and pushed in further still. Even with the stretching the plug had done, her ass was teenaged tight, and I had to force each inch in. She hunched her hips up at me, desperate for my cock, pushing her ass back onto it, swallowing more and more of it with her ass. I knew that she was overcome with the feeling of being filled with cock.

At last I felt my balls touch her cunt, and I knew that I could go no further. She lay beneath me, gasping, crying, and whimpering for me to fuck her ass. I obliged.

The first time I had fucked her ass in the classroom I had not allowed myself to take as much time to enjoy it as I would have liked, considering the location. But this time I savored every second and made it last as long as I could.

Many writers have expounded at length on the joys of fucking an eight teen year old girl in the ass. I’m certain that I could add little to their works. I can only hope that the reader can imagine what it was like, the way her young ass gripped me like a wet fist, the way it clenched and loosened, pumping me as I withdrew and slid into her again and again. I can only hope the reader can picture this little maid being mercilessly ass fucked, her face in the pillow, orgasms ripping her body and mind apart, skirt hiked up, blouse torn open, arms pinned at her sides. Even as I write about it my cock strains at my pants, threatening to burst through my fly. Throughout it all she begged for more; pleaded with me for my cock to fill her ass. She called me Master, Sir, Teacher, Daddy. She gnashed her teeth, moaned, screamed, groaned, and cursed.

I never wanted it to end, but I knew I could take no more. With a great cry of my own I unloaded my cum into the bottommost depths of her ass. My blasts of cum were like scalding jets within her and sent her into the throes of an orgasm so intense that she blacked out for a moment. When she came to she was still cumming.

I left my cock in her ass until it shrank and softened before puling it out with a wet sound. I gently pulled her panties back up and told her to leave them on. I wanted my cum to leak out into them. I rolled her over and took the uniform off of her while she laid there in a daze. When she was at last able to speak, she whispered, “Thank you, Sir.” And then went to the bathroom to get a warm washcloth with which she lovingly cleaned my cock.

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