After six years in the Army with three tours of combat, I got out. I had close to a quarter million saved but what got me going was a former commander. Besides two bronze stars and a silver star, I had two purple hearts, the second was why I left the military. Colonel Harris got me into a special defensive driving course and helped me get a Chauffeur’s license.

I had been driving for young miss Penelope, a six year old girl from a rich family. I also drove for her mother Megan who was a stunning woman. They lived on a huge estate with their grandfather. I had a small apartment above the garage and kept mostly to myself. Every evening I practiced my Ti Chi in the garage and used the estate underground shooting range.

I pulled out of the estate with both Megan and Penelope in back. I half ignored them as I drove and watched everything around me. I glanced into the mirror as an older model car pulled out and began following. I made a couple of turns and it stayed with me all the way to Penelope’s school. I let her out and watched as she walked inside before getting back in, “someone is following us.”

Megan looked up from the papers she was reading, “what?”

I glanced back as I pulled out into traffic and the car pulled out to follow us, “someone is following us.”

She turned to glance back through the tinted glass, “who?”

I smiled, “I do not know. I made a few extra turns and they stayed with us.”

She looked at me, “what are you going to do?”

I glanced back at her, “let them know I know.”

I pulled to a stop and got out before walking back towards the other car. It spun tires as it backed up and turned before speeding away. I got back in and drove Megan to her office and even walked her up to her floor. I returned home and called the police to run a check on the license plate of the car that had followed us. I went to find Mr. Dickerson and knocked on his study door and he looked up, “yes?”

I stepped in, “I was followed today.”

He frowned, “are you sure?”

I nodded, “I ran a check of the plate and it was stolen.”

He sat back, “file a report with the police and start carrying that pistol you are always practicing with.”

I smiled and nodded before leaving. The police did not act very concerned when I filed the report. I put my pistol in a holster at the small of my back along with two spare magazines. When I escorted Penelope out of school and pulled out another car followed me. I took a different way home and called to report the car to the police. When a police cruiser pulled in behind it, it fled through a red light with the police following.

It was a couple of days before I noticed the cars following me again. There were three of them and they kept switching out with each other. For a week straight they followed as I used random routes to and from the estate. They did not follow when I took Megan to her office or brought her home, it was only when I had her daughter that they followed me.

It was at the end of the week when I noticed the car crowding closer than normal. I touched my blue tooth to call the police only to find I did not have a signal. I knew right then that they were going to try something. I turned down a street I had never used before and the car sped up. I looked into the mirror as the car started passing me and saw two men wearing masks.

I started to slam on the brakes when the passenger fired into my front tire. I still hit the brakes but spun the wheel to turn away from the other car and into an estate driveway we were passing. We stopped before the large, solid looking gate and I stepped out. Sex hikayeleri I lifted my pistol as the men came out of their car and shot the passenger twice in the chest before switching to the other man.

He was fumbling with a pistol and as he tried to bring it up I put three in his chest before moving to check the first man. One look and I knew he was dead so I went around the car to the other man. I walked to the estate call box and pushed the call button and began asking them to call the police. It did not take them long to get there and then there were a lot of questions.

I had a license to carry my weapon concealed so that was not a problem. Since both men had weapons and wore masks the police were already saying it was justified. They did take my weapon until after the investigation was over. Mr Dickerson arrived within thirty minutes and listened when I told him what had happened.

I thought that he would release me or lay me off but he just grunted, “when the police are finished with the car have it towed and get the tire replaced.”

I nodded and he took little Penelope with him when he left. It was much later when I got home. I walked into my apartment to see a wooden pistol case on the small dinning table. When I opened it, it was to see an engraved Kimber 45. I smiled and closed the box as I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door it was to see Megan.

She smiled, “I wanted to thank you Alex.”

I shook my head, “that is not necessary.”

She looked down, “Penelope is all I have.”

I grinned, “she is special. I made sure she did not see the bodies.”

She nodded, “she told me.”

She moved quickly and kissed me before turning and running away. I watched her and finally glanced at the pistol on the table. I drove to a gun store I use and bought a dozen boxes of ammo as well as a dozen magazines. I tried to concentrate that night as I moved through my Ti Chi. I smiled as Penelope and her grandfather came out and watched, she called what I was doing a dance.

It was a few weeks before I saw someone following me again. I glanced into the back where Penelope was watching cartoons I had put on for her. I looked into the mirror as another car took over following us. I made a turn and started driving faster. It was not until I turned into the police parking lot that the other car swerved and sped off.

I grinned and turned around before leaving. For the next few days that was my routine, they would start to follow and I would go to the police parking lot. The fourth day they did not follow me. Mr Dickerson knew they were back and so did Megan. That was something else, both Megan and Penelope had begun learning Ti Chi and practiced with me.
It was the morning of the fifth day, Megan was going into her office late and was driving with Penelope. As soon as I pulled out the gate I knew it was coming. I slammed on the brakes and hit reverse. I hit the remote to open the gate again. Two large SUV’s slammed into the front of the limo stopping us. I threw open my door and stepped out.

I was pulling the Kimber and moving back along the Limo when a man in body armor came around the near side SUV. I put two shots through his head and spun to fire at another man moving towards the Limo from the other vehicle. I fired low, into his groin and dropped the magazine as I turned back. I was slammed back into the limo by a bullet as another man fired across the hood of the near side SUV.

I lifted Kimber as I let the slide close and fired three times at the face. I turned at more firing and opened the back door when I saw the RPG, “OUT!”

I Sikiş hikayeleri grabbed Penelope and yanked her out as I stepped back. I fired at the guy with the RPG to keep him from aiming as Megan slid out. I pushed Penelope into her arms, “through the gate!”

I was pulling another magazine out as the slide locked open. I dropped the empty and turned to run after Megan and Penelope as I slipped the new one in. The limo exploded and I was tossed up the drive. Megan and Penelope were crouching a dozen feet away as I rolled onto my back and lifted the Kimber and closed the slide. A man was coming around the SUV on the left.

I aimed carefully at his upper legs and groin before squeezing the trigger twice. I rolled and came to my feet and staggered to Megan. I pulled her up and pushed her and her daughter towards the house, “RUN!”

I turned and knelt as I lifted the pistol. No one came as I kept waiting and I finally heard the sirens. I slowly sat and then laid back on the drive as the adrenalin wore off. I thumbed the safety on the Kimber and set it on the ground. It was not long before the street and drive were filled with police and ambulances. Mr Dickerson appeared as the police began questioning me and insisted they could wait until I was in the hospital.

The bullet that had hit me was a through and through in my left shoulder and I had a few small pieces of shrapnel in my back from the RPG. When I came out of surgery it was to see Mr Dickerson, Megan and Penelope waiting. I insisted on leaving that evening and going home. Mr Dickerson was waiting when the taxi stopped in front of the house and even paid for it.

He nodded to a new Limo sitting in front of the garage, “this one is armored.”

I glanced at it and nodded, “we still do not know why.”

He sighed and turned to gesture towards the garage. I walked with him as he thought and he stopped at the door into the apartment above the garage. He looked at me, “I have to testify to the FEC and one of the men has made threats.”

I looked at him as I thought. I glanced at the other door into the house as Megan opened it. I looked at Mr Dickerson, “the feds will not provide protection?”

He shook his head, “they said I am not important enough.”

I smiled and looked at Megan as she walked closer, “I could call in a few favors.”

He smiled, “favors?”

I shrugged, “there are a few people that owe me.”
Megan surprised us both when she stopped and kissed me. I looked at her father and he actually laughed before walking away. She took my hand and led me up to my apartment. I set the bag of meds on the table before looking at the new wooden box already there. I lifted the lid as Megan leaned against me, “dad brought it from his collection.”

Inside the box was a forty four auto mag. I grinned and closed the box before looking at Megan. She touched my cheek, “I wanted to thank you.”

I caught her hand, “you do not need…”

She smiled and pulled me through the bedroom door. It was much later when I made my calls and used my computer to order things overnighted. The gun store even sent a man out with the ammo I had purchased for the auto mag. Megan was still sleeping when I slipped back into bed. I woke her in the morning before going to shower.

I drove Penelope to school in the new limo but had her sit beside me. When I got back it was Megan’s turn and she smiled as she sat in the back and started making calls. Nothing followed me either time and I returned to the estate. I drove Mr Dickerson into the city and waiting outside the federal building. When he came out Erotik hikaye he looked furious.

I drove him home and hesitated when I saw the two SUV’s waiting. A man stepped out and I grinned before glancing into the back, “I have a couple of friends here.”

He glanced up from reading a report, “friends?”

I opened the gate and led the two vehicles into the estate, “the ones I told you about.”

He frowned and then glanced back, “what can they do?”

I stopped at the front door and turned to see him, “they are former combat soldiers that are taking a vacation to help. They will protect the estate and you.”

He snorted, “I would rather have someone protecting my daughter and granddaughter.”

He opened the door and I cleared my throat, “I will be watching Penelope and your daughter.”

He grinned, “you have done a good job so far.”

It took two hours to find the hidden surveillance cameras on the estate walls. Jason and Edwin set up the estate security as I went to get Penelope that afternoon. From the moment I parked the limo outside the school I knew there would be trouble. The black SUV down the street had dark tinted windows but what drew my attention was the cigarette butts on the ground.

I called the police as I stepped out and waited for Penelope. The police arrived just as the school bell rang. The vehicle pulled away fast with two police cars following. I swept Penelope into the limo before leaving. I was a block from the estate when two sedans accelerated towards me from an estate drive. I was already on the phone with Edwin and told him to be ready at the gate.

I slid the limo sideways and sped through the open gate as both Edwin and Jason aimed saiga shotguns at the following vehicles. They had slammed on brakes but as soon as they saw the two men they sped off. I slid to a stop at the front door and hurried Penelope out of the car and into the house. I went back out to talk with Edwin and Jason. They were both grinning as we talked and made some plans.
I parked the limo in front of Megan’s office building and met her inside the lobby to walk her to the car. We were halfway to the car when four men started walking towards us. I pushed Megan down behind a cement planter as I pulled my pistol. I think they thought vests would protect them. They each were carrying what looked like machine pistols.

I knelt beside the planter and shot the first man in the chest and he went down and back. It made the other three hesitate and that was what I needed as I shot a second man. The other two sprayed bullets as they turned to run. A police car just happened to be driving down the street and the officer slammed on the brakes and sprang out with his pistol up, “FREEZE!”

Of course that was the wrong thing to say and he was suddenly ducking as the two men sprayed his cruiser and turned back towards me to run. I shot one and he flew back and down and the other was suddenly throwing his weapon down and shoving his hands up. It was organized chaos for awhile and then I managed to escape with Megan.

I also managed something else, since the federal government refused to protect Megan, Penelope or Mr Dickerson I asked the Police. When we got back to the estate Mr Dickerson was waiting. I let Megan tell him what happened as I talked to Edwin and Jason. I had already called them and Edwin handed me a new colt 1911 to replace the pistol I had given to the police.

Several detectives arrived a little later and we sat down with Mr Dickerson. I think he was surprised when a few other things came out about some of the men he was testifying against. Two months later the men responsible were in prison and things were calm. Megan was still sleeping in my bed almost every night and Penelope was spending more time with me too.

I married Megan six months later.

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