Caught in the Act


Wilda sat plain faced embarrassed and ashamed but not being able to charm her way out of this situation she sat still head down eyes closed and mouth shout.

The police officer looked at the young man in the driver’s seat. He was barely of age to drive. Fuzzy faced no enough facial hair to shave yet. He was a big boy though the officer had to give that to this eighteen year old high school drop out.

The officer held his drivers licenses of the young man. The officer said “William is this your correct address?”

The embarrassed boy said “Yes Sir.”

The office said “Then William I suggest you get out of the car and walk home since its only around the corner. Mrs. Stark can drive her own car home.”

The boy was out of sight in two seconds flat.

“Mrs. Stark can I see your drives license? Please.”

Wilda looked up her eyes were wet with tears. She nodded rooting in her hand bag. She handed the officer her driver’s license.

The office said “Why don’t you get out and come around to this side of the car Mrs. Stark?”

Wilda straightened up pulling her open blouse together and pushing her rather generous breasts back into her bra. The officer noticed bit marks on her full large breasts. He smiled and said nothing.

Wilda came around to the divers side and stood there waiting for the police officer to allow her to get in he car. He stood there and looked at her rater unruly hair and twisted clothing.

He said “It says here you sixty four Mrs. Stark. Do you mind if I ask why you would want to have oral sex with a teenager?”

Wilda said nothing.

The officer said “If I take you in to the station you know it will come out in the papers and may even get on TV. There is a member of the press on call at the station twenty four seven just waiting for this kind of a story.”

Wilda said “Please don’t do that. I would die from embarrassment.”

The officer said “Will you tell me how and why this happened?”

Wilda looked up into two deep black eyes. He seemed to be interested in what she had to say not so much into making her feel any worst than she already did.

Wilda said “William works for me part time doing my lawn and garden. Today was pay day and I did not have enough money on hand so I asked William to drive me to the bank. I hurt my foot the other day and did not want to drive. I walked in the bank while William waited out side. As I came out I tripped and William caught me. His hand clasped over my breast and some how that sent a wave of nausea through me. William drove me here and I told him to stop as I was feeling ill. He came around to my side of the car and opened the door for me.

I was about to get out when I saw William was aroused.

I’m a widow and have not been with a man in over five years. Something came over me and I felt like I had to touch him. I don’t know why. I’ve not felt the need for a man in so many years I thought I had lost that feeling altogether. But I guess not.

Any way William was standing there just inches away and I took hold of his erection through his cut off jeans. I know he was surprised as much or more than I was.

But he let me touch him. It has Ankara travesti been so long. I massaged his erection and it grew longer and harder. I got more aroused as I felt it in my hand. I was about to unzip his jeans when we were interrupted.

So William got back in the car. He was excited and unzipped his jeans for me. I’ve always been very oral and could not help my self. I leaned over and took him in my mouth. I don’t remember a thing after that until you came up and caught us. William was just about to explode when you stopped him. It was a shock to me and I’m so embarrassed. I know I should not have acted that way and I have no reason for it. It just happened. I’m sorry. Now what do we do?”

The officer said “How’s your foot do you feel well enough to drive your self home?”

Wilda said “I think so it not far and I think I can make it okay.”

The officer said “Tell you what I’ll do. You follow me and we’ll stay on the alley way all the way to your house. I’ll go slow and you just follow along behind me. Can you do that?”

Five minutes later the police car was parked in the alley behind Wilda’s home and she had pulled in the back yard parking to the side of her garage.

Wilda said “Thanks you.” She looked at his name tag and said “Officer Wheaten. I don’t know how to thank you. Can you come in for a minute?”

He said “I tell you what. I’ll be off duty in two hours. What say I stop back by and check on you on my way home? How would that be?”

Wilda looked into his deep black eyes and saw a rising passion and she knew why he wanted to stop back by. She had not completed the job on young William and she still felt the need to do something for this handsome kind police officer.

So she told him she would have the back door open and for him to just come on it.

Grover Wheaten stood in front of the wall mirror in the Men’s locker room at the police station. He had just stepped out of the shower. Grover stood six foot two inches. Two hundred and ten pounds. Fully muscled from head to foot. Grover worked out four days a week. He was in great shape except for one thing. His cock did not work very well. He was not totally impotent. He could get an erection if the stimulation was strong enough. It seemed he needed to use as many of his senses as he could at the time to get and maintain an erection. He liked to watch his female partner masturbate while she used her mouth on him. He liked to lead up to sex slowly and talk about sex using the dirty little words that made it sound erotic. He liked for his partner to read sex stories while he masturbate. If he got a full erection he wanted to be sucked off and watch his partner suck and swallow as his cum. Sometimes he could stay hard long enough to fuck before he lost his hard on.

He was hoping that his forth coming evening with Mrs. Stark would be exciting enough for her to suck him off before he lost his hard on. He was well hung but if it did not work then size meant little. He had felt something when she was telling him why she had been giving the young man a blow job. Grover watched this older lady with the big tits and generous mouth talk and he thought she could suck Konya travesti his cock and make him cum. He really felt she could.

He slipped on jeans with out underwear. A pull over T-shirt and sandals with out socks. He grabbed his gun and other equipment and headed for his car.

As promised the back door was open. Grover walked in with out knocking.

Once inside he saw a glass of wine on the kitchen table with a note that read “I’m in my bedroom on the second floor. Bring the wine and come up.”

He heard the music and saw the dim light coming from a door way at the front of the house.

He paused to take in the sight before him. Mrs. Stark was naked sitting up on pillows. In her hand was a glass of wine. She was smiling at him. In her other hand was a pink vibrator she was pressing it between her legs. The low hum was audible. Walking to the side of the bed he stood looking at her large breasts and smiling face.

“I see you’ve started with out me?” He said.

“Not really just warming up for the real thing.” She said.

Grover dropped his trousers and pulled off his shirt.

Naked he stood there letting her take in this sight of his long thick limp cock.

“My you do have a handsome cock. I bet you want me to suck it like I was doing for young William?”

Grover could not have wished for more. This lady was doing just the right things to get him aroused and hopefully hard enough to fuck this plump old lady.

He said “Tell me again how it was for you when you were sucking William’s cock. Did you like the feel of his cock in your mouth? Do you like to suck cock?”

Wilda smiled and said “You like to hear the details don’t you? Is that what it takes to get this (she reached out taking his cock in her hand) lovely cock hard?”

Grover smile and said “It will help. It just takes a little extra to get me started sometimes.”

Wilda took the vibrator from between her legs and rubbed it up under his cock with the tip touching his balls. Wilda said “What can I do to help?”

“Tell me you like to suck young cock. And tell me you’re a cocksucker.” He said.

“I see. I love to feel a young hard cock slowly fucking me in the mouth. I like to feel the cock getting harder as it slides deeper into my mouth. I love to suck cock. I’m a cocksucker and always have been. I really get off feeling a cock in my mouth.”

Grover reached down pulling her head closer to his cock. Wilda opened her mouth and took the growing head into her mouth. “Tell me you like to suck big cocks.”

“I love to suck big long thick cocks. Just like your is now.”

“Was that the first time you sucked William’s cock?”

She had already told him it was but she suspected that he wanted to hear something else, like the truth. So she said “No I’ve sucked his young hard cock many times.

I like the taste of his cum and the feel of his cock jerking as he comes in my mouth.”

Grover felt his cock growing hard. He said “Tell me you like to fuck too.”

“I love to fuck. I love to cum when I feel my lover cum in my cunt.” She said.

Grover said “Do you like to take a cock up your plump ass?”

Wilda İzmir travesti said “Oh, yes I love the feel of a thick cock pushing up my ass. Do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

Grover shook and said “God I’m so hot. Suck me off. Let me see your face as I cum. I want to see my cock throb in your mouth as I cum. I’m almost there. Suck it baby suck me off. Here I cum.”

Wilda pushed the vibrator up inside her pussy and sucked as much of Grover’s cock into her mouth as she could. The first spurt was thick, salty and the smell was pungent.

Wilda looked up so Grover could see his cock jerk in her mouth as he shot cum. Wilda milked his cock making him cum even more.

Grover squealed “Oh, you cocksucker suck me, suck my cock. What a great cock sucker you are.”

Grover was still hard as he pulled back. He pushed Wilda down on her back and got between her legs. He found her pussy wet, hot and ready for him. Plunging into her pussy was the greatest feeling he had had in a long time. What a magnificent cunt this old broad had. He rammed down hard and fast. Grover felt Wilda tighten her pussy around his cock. He had not been this hard in years. He rammed faster and when he was nearly ready to cum for the second time Wilda cried out. “Fuck me. I’m cummng. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Grover had not cum so much in ages. He thought he would not stop coming as she milked his cock with her pussy muscles. Grover felt a wave roll over him as he passed out.

When Grover came to Wilda was sitting on the side of the bed washing his cock with a warm soft cloth.

“I guess you liked that?” She said.

“Grover said “I’ve never had climax like that in my life. You’re great and that was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.”

Wilda said “I suspected you needed a little help the way you were asking me questions earlier. I once lived with a man for a few years that needed the same kind of help. He loved to have me talk dirty to him to keep him hard long enough to cum in me. He was one hell of a lover and he made me climax every time. He always wanted me to tell him how much I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. That was some thing he wanted to do but never did. However I’m not cherry there either. Not any more. William took care of that a few weeks ago.”

Grover said “So you had sucked his cock before. It was not the first time when I caught you in the act?”

Wilda smiled and said “No. But I thought if I told you it was the first time you might give me a brake and not say anything or arrest me. “

Grover said “Have you ever thought of maybe taking on two guys at the same time?”

“Oh, yes.” She said “Every time I suck William off here in my bed I use the vibrator making believe it’s another cock fucking me while I suck him off.”

Grover said “Think about it and maybe we can have a nice threesome next time.”

Wilda said “So you want to come back again?”

Grover said “Why not? You’re a fine fuck and a great cocksucker. And I think you’re pretty good looking too.

Even with out my cock in your mouth. You’re not too bad for an old broad.” He laughed. So did Wilda.

Grover took another shower when he got home. This time he got a hard on all by its self. God that felt good. He was thinking of watching young William fucking her while she sucked his cock. Or maybe watch his cock sliding up her ass as she sucked Williams’ cock. This could be the start of something great. He was hoping.

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