Cassie and Kayla Ch. 02


Glancing at her watch, the middle-aged woman grumbled softly to herself.

As a housewife who led a relatively sedentary lifestyle, Cassie had not been able to completely escape the ravages of time. Oh, she had kept her weight in check by eating right and joining a gym, but then again she had not been able to dodge the appearance of those first few wrinkles and gray hairs. With her shoulder length hair the color of wheat, her eyes a sky blue, and her blouse filled by a pair of full breasts though, she still got plenty of lingering glances from the male half of the population.

Fortunately for her husband, he had nothing to fear of her ever betraying him though.

Not with another man, at least.

Perched on the edge of her seat and pretending to read a magazine, Cassie was keeping a very close eye on a nearby door.

When the door swung open at length, she almost leapt out of her seat, but quickly subsided again when she saw it wasn’t Kayla. Sighing with disappointment when she saw that it was instead just one of her daughters teammates. As she returned to her magazine though, she couldn’t help but notice that the teen seemed inordinately interested in her, constantly glancing back at her when she thought she wasn’t looking.

Cassie didn’t think too much of it, assuming the girl was probably just wondering who she was.

Unable to concentrate enough on the magazine to be able to read the articles or make heads or tails of the pictures, she finally gave up the pretense and threw it aside. What could be keeping her?! She was sorely tempted to just jump up and go looking for her daughter, but vigorously quashed the notion.

Lost in a fog of lust and passion, she was feeling frustrated and over-anxious, but didn’t need to be stupid about it.

The text she’d received from Kayla earlier had warned her that her coach wanted her to stay behind for a little while. Apparently, he’d noticed some kind of problem with her performance in the pool today and wanted to work with her on it. That would have been fine with Cassie under normal circumstances, but not anymore.

Not after last night . . .

Unable to sit still any longer, Cassie jumped to her feet and headed over to the window to look out across the skyline of this city. It was a lovely view to be sure, especially with the sun dying beyond the buildings and setting the entire sky aflame, but the middle-aged housewife barely even noticed it.

She was about to start pacing when the door opened again and Kayla appeared at long last.

Spinning around, Cassie was confronted by nothing less than a wet dream made real.

Young and strong with a slender figure, the eighteen year old had her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and her full lips curved into a wide smile at the sight of her mother. There were dark circles under her sparkling blue eyes, but that was not nearly enough to spoil her beauty so far as Cassie was concerned.

She was wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed her to be the property of her schools athletic department, but utterly failed to conceal the shape of her small, perky breasts or their hardened tips. Her jeans weren’t skin-tight or anything, but were still plenty snug enough to show off those long legs and tight little bottom. A pair of scuffed and well-worn, but comfortable sneakers rounded out her outfit and she was dragging a gym bag along behind her.

The sight of those dark circles made Cassie feel just a little guilty as it was entirely her fault that the girl hadn’t gotten enough rest the night before. As exhausted as Kayla must be, who could have blamed her for screwing up a little during the meet and drawing the ire of her coach?

Scooping up her purse from the couch, Cassie charged over to her daughter and grabbed hold of her by the wrist. In the state she was in, it was hard to resist just pushing her up against the wall and kissing her hard and deep, but there were people about who might know who they were and it was all important that they not get caught committing incest. Instead, she dragged Kayla down the hall towards the elevators at a brisk pace.

In truth, they barely made it.

Kayla had hardly pushed the button for the parking garage beneath the building and the doors had just started to slide closed when she was suddenly and forcibly shoved up against the wall. Cassie pinned her there by pressing the full length of their bodies together, tangling her hands in Kayla’s hair and kissing her hungrily full on the mouth.

Kayla’s hands first went to her assailant’s back as they kissed, but soon found their way down to firmly grab hold of her ass. As much as she was enjoying this however, she knew how important secrecy was and thought this kind of fun was best confined to their hotel room.

“Mom?” she mumbled desperately around that probing and exploring tongue. “We need to stop . . .”

“Nuh, uh,” Cassie mumbled right back, kissing the other woman even more fiercely. “No stopping.”

“Mom. . .”

The Escort Bayan Gaziantep doors slid open again behind them and suddenly Cassie was not pinning her lover to the wall anymore. Suddenly released like that, Kayla might have stumbled or even sagged to the floor, but she didn’t get the chance as Cassie had grabbed her wrist again and was once more pulling her along helplessly in her wake.

As the couple exited the elevator and jogged across the underground parking garage, Kayla glanced back over her shoulder briefly. It was lucky that no one had been standing there waiting to get on the elevator, she reflected, or they would have been trampled!

Cassie led them through the garage at a breakneck pace on the way to the car they had rented, their footsteps echoing hollowly around the concrete structure. At this hour, the garage was only sparsely populated and there were only a couple of people were visible. The distant sound of a running automobile engine could be heard, too, but for all intents and purposes Cassie and Kayla had the place all to themselves.

As soon as they arrived at the car, squeezing in between it and the one beside it on the driver’s side, purses and gym bags were dropped and Cassie steered her young lover up against the side of the vehicle and again pinned her there by pressing her own body firmly up against her’s.

Before Kayla could react or even complain about being manhandled like this, there were strong hands firmly grasping her breasts and a tongue trying hard to shove itself down her throat. Even though she was still a little startled by how enthusiastic her mother was today, Kayla decided that her only response should be to kiss her back and let out a happy, throaty groan.

The two women remained like that for what seemed like forever – leaning up against the side of the car, groping and exchanging hungry kisses.

Breaking their last feverish kiss with a sly smile and sparkling eyes that together spoke of mischievous intent, Cassie didn’t say a word as she slid slowly down to her knees in front of the girl.

Kayla watched with wide and uncertain eyes, wondering if her mother really intended to do what it looked like she was thinking of. This was an awfully public place for someone to be committing adultery, much less incest!

Reaching up with both hands, Cassie took hold of her lover’s full breasts for just long enough to give them a firm squeeze. Those hands then slid smoothly and inexorably down the front of Kayla’s body until they came to a stop at the top edge of the younger woman’s pants.

And all the while, Cassie never once broke eye contact with Kayla, never lost that lively and wicked little smile.

Kayla actually shivered, gasping. There was just something so incredibly, intensely erotic about the way her mother was looking at her and she was certainly feeling it in all the right places.

Cassie was obviously well aware of what kind of an effect she was having on her prey and it was equally clear that she was enjoying herself immensely. She sent her hands sliding back up again, but this time they slipped easily under Kayla’s shirt to once more clasp those breasts – this time though, there was nothing between her hands and the bare skin.

Leaning back against her car, helpless to do anything but stare down into this woman’s eyes fixedly, Kayla found that her limbs refused to obey her commands. There was absolutely nothing she could do but let her mom do whatever she liked.

As she felt her heaving breasts be caressed, Kayla was breathing harder and harder and could feel her heart pounding away in her chest. Soft whimpers could already be heard escaping from her lips as she tried and failed to summon up so much as an ounce of will power.

The way those fingers worked her erect and very sensitive nipples sent such a tremor of pure pleasure through Kayla that she had no choice but to surrender herself body and soul to the other woman’s ministrations. “Oh, God, yes . . .”

Cassie once more let her hands slowly slide down over her lover’s flat belly until they reached the waistband of her slacks. This time though, rather than go back up, she took a moment to unfasten the snap closure and pull down the zipper. As she neared her lover’s most intimate of treasures, Cassie was thrilled to realize that the younger woman was actually trembling with excitement.

And still their eyes held each other firmly.

Running her tongue slowly and sensuously over her full lips, Cassie took hold of each side of her daughter’s pants and gently tugged them down as far as her knees. This left only a thin and thoroughly soaked pair of panties between her and the prize she had come for.

And still neither woman looked anywhere but into each other’s eyes.

At a spot as far away from Kayla’s churning twat as she could possibly find, Cassie carefully slid two fingers up inside those panties through one of the leg holes and was rewarded with a shudder and a deep moan from the other woman.

“Oh, my God, mom . . .”

There were a few more people in the garage at that point, but unfortunately for them they were too far away and there were too many parked cars between them and so all they could see was a woman apparently all by herself and leaning back against the side of a car. They probably wouldn’t have noticed her there at all except for the loud groan that came echoing back to them from across the concrete garage when Cassie’s two fingers ever so slowly made their way around the edge of that leg hole to Kayla’s crotch, still being very careful to avoid touching her twat.

A brief glance in her direction was all these people spared Kayla however as they went about their business, climbing into their cars and driving off.

Cassie and Kayla never knew they had been there in the first place as they still only had eyes for each other.

Using those two fingers she had hooked into her lover’s panties so perilously close to her boiling sex, Cassie pulled the sodden material over to one side so that the cunt she had been scrupulously avoiding for so long now was at last revealed.

Kayla let out her loudest cry yet as she felt cool, fresh air blow across her now exposed pussy. The anticipation of what her lover was going to do down there had her ready to explode, her whole body vibrating like a tuning fork. Fortunately, the noise was drowned out for the most part by the growl of automobile engines and so nobody heard it.

Cassie’s other hand rose now, sliding excruciatingly slowly up the inside of one of the younger woman’s legs until it reached it’s inevitable destination. Her smile got just a little bigger then.

Kayla’s whole body lurched violently when that second hand made contact with her burning, dripping cunt and she let out a long, wailing cry that thankfully went unheard. The poor girl was so on edge by now that she very nearly had an orgasm right then and there, but by scraping up the last of her strength she managed to hold it off. Still, the way Cassie was rubbing her hand all over her crotch, pushing and rubbing against that trembling twat, was very nearly more than Kayla could handle.

Something occurred to Kayla then as she realized that her mother was coating her entire hand in her juices, taking full advantage of the natural lubricant she was offering up so freely right now. Suddenly, she knew exactly what Cassie meant to do.

As they were still looking nowhere but into each other’s eyes, Cassie recognized immediately when her lover finally guessed her game and so she hurried to carry out this last part of her plan before either of them could think better of it.

Kayla involuntarily lifted up on her toes as she felt strong fingers press firmly against the entrance of her twat. The lubricating effect of Kayla’s own juices helped, but there was also the fact that her pussy itself was so very aroused and open and so Cassie’s fingertips were quickly wedged inside. By pushing and wriggling and working her hand, Cassie got more and more of it buried inside her lover until finally her whole hand had vanished into Kayla’s cunt.

Holding onto the wing mirror projecting from the car door with one hand and reaching out with the other to stroke the kneeling woman’s soft hair with the other, Kayla was panting heavily as the older woman did a little exploring as long as she was in there. Cassie twisted her hand this way and that, pushed her hand back and forth, and wriggled her fingers about as much as she could given where her hand was.

Eye contact was finally broken only when Cassie closed her hand into a fist and really started to drive it back and forth, causing Kayla’s eyes to roll back into her head and an inhuman shriek to rise from her throat. Lost in the throes of ecstacy and blind to everything but the exquisite fisting she was now receiving, it did not even occur to Kayla that she might want to keep quiet and so she ended up making a tremendous amount of noise.

Fortunately, the garage was either deserted now or none of the people who were there were at all interested in coming to see what this poor woman’s problem was because Kayla’s echoing cries drew no one over to their side.

The fisting did not last for long as Kayla was far too aroused to have much endurance, but that brevity did not detract from her enjoyment of the experience. In fact, the climax Kayla endured at that moment was huge, easily the biggest of her entire life.

By the time Kayla found herself capable of rational thought again, that magical hand was coming free of her spasming cunt. Kayla missed it immediately and keenly, but Cassie soon provided her with something new to distract her.

First, as she was still holding Kayla’s panties to one side to expose the teen’s twat, Cassie went ahead and tugged them down. Second, Cassie reached up with both hands to grab hold of Kayla’s taut young ass. Third, Cassie flashed her young lover a wicked little smile that made Kayla gasp in delight and anticipation. And fourth and last, Cassie shoved her face firmly between Kayla’s legs.

Kayla let out a guttural howl of pleasure as her mother feasted on her juicy twat, her whole body convulsing again as an intense jolt of sheer ecstasy ripped through her. Grabbing hold of Cassie’s hair with both hands, she eagerly tried to force the woman’s face even more firmly into her crotch.

Though she might have thought that she would have been able to hold out a little longer as she had just suffered such a huge climax, Kayla found that her excitement was building far too rapidly for her to be able to contain it. The final straw came though when Cassie picked just the right moment and suddenly drove an impossibly long finger right up Kayla’s butt.

Shaking and writhing like she was being electrocuted, Kayla endured a second and even bigger orgasm. She would have loved to be able to scream for joy, but couldn’t seem to catch her breath this time and so she had to settle for just gasping and wheezing and hoarsely moaning the other woman’s name over and over again.

Still holding onto Cassie’s head with both hands, Kayla had rubbed the older woman’s face all over her pussy so thoroughly by the time it was all over that Cassie’s lovely features were soon just as wet as that hand she had shoved up into her lover’s twat before.

Chuckling happily to herself, thoroughly pleased with what she had done to her daughter, Cassie lifted herself back to her feet and took Kayla into her arms. She just held the woman close now and waited for her to catch her breath and regain her strength. Kayla, who was practically insensible at this point, was only too happy to just cuddle for a few moments.

The women were so wrapped up in each other that neither of them even noticed when a car happened to drive by them. The sudden sound of squealing brakes and that automobile skidding to a stop was not so easy to ignore though and Cassie and Kayla raised their heads to watch as the vehicle backed up again as the driver wanted to see if she had really seen what she thought she had just seen.

Looking back into the now stopped car, Cassie and Kayla saw a little old silver-haired lady who was staring at them with an absolutely astonished expression on her face.

And no wonder, given the state the couple was in.

A look of righteous indignation was starting to form on the old woman’s face and Kayla could only smile sheepishly as she clung desperately to her lover. Cassie’s response was a bit more forceful though as she gave the old woman a sweet smile and brazenly flipped her off. Seeing her own mother giving some poor, shocked old woman the middle finger struck Kayla as terribly funny and she couldn’t help but start giggling.

Huffing in horror at these two wicked, evil women, the old woman drove away so fast that her tires squealed again.

Kayla raised her head from where it had rested so comfortably on her mother’s shoulder.


“Yes, Kayla?”

“It’s your turn now.”

In mere moments, Cassie found herself naked from the waist down and sprawled on her back across the hood of a car as Kayla devoured her juicy cunt.

It was a little interesting that they were dinging and denting up the hood of someone else’s car instead of their own, but that was really just the luck of the draw. It wasn’t that Kayla or Cassie was trying to look out for the rental car they hadn’t gotten full insurance on or anything, it was just that the other car had been more convenient.


With one hand lying flat atop Cassie’s mound so that she could work the woman’s clitoris with her thumb, her other hand up underneath Cassie’s top so that she could caress one of her full breasts, Kayla was doing everything possible to make this as good as possible for her lover. She plowed her tongue skillfully through the liquid depths of that sweetest and most delectable of twats, used her teeth to nibble gently on the swollen and highly sensitive labia, and just generally did all of those things her internet research told her would send the other woman into orbit and keep her there.

Cassie seemed to have a lot more control over herself than her lover had and she really made Kayla work for it. It seemed to take forever before she was finally ready to come, but when it did it wasn’t just the kind that makes it into the history books, it was the kind that would one day become myth and legend!

Breathing hard, Cassie forced herself up into a sitting position and threw her arms around the girl, crushing her to herself. Kayla’s arms encircled her lover meanwhile and held her tight and that was how they stayed for several long moments.

“I love you, mom.”

Cassie’s heart skipped a beat to hear those wonderful words from her daughter and she smiled so widely that it made her face ache. “I love you, too, Kayla,” she whispered back, her eyes watering.

“Come on,” Cassie purred. “Let’s get out of here.”

Pausing only to hurriedly fix their clothing and grab their fallen bags, the two women jumped into their car and drove away.

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