Buyers Beware


“You’re kidding? Right? You want this one?” the man laughed, pushing his hands in his pocket, idly toying with a few coins out of habit as he glanced back over his shoulder at the merchandise, “No, no, look, you want strong and powerful, you want this, sure, but it ain’t pretty, ain’t clever and really ain’t safe.”

“How much?” the hooded figure asked, regardless.

The man pursed his lips, reaching up to scratch at a thick black beard as he stared down into the woman’s exotic pink eyes, a single wisp of curled brown hair falling down one side of her stoic face, “Uh, well it’s got the control attachment so… Fifty-five gold? What does a little miss like you want it for anyway?”

“Fifty-five? For that?” the hooded figure pressed, the tone of their soft voice a little disapproving at the price, glancing briefly over towards what she was looking to buy.

He shrugged, “It’s only five gold, the control attachment is the other fifty. They aren’t cheap you know. But come on, what do you want it for? Indulge an old man.”

Carefully she counted out fifty-five gold and placed it into the merchant’s outstretched hand. He let out a sigh, lifting up his sleeve to reveal dozens of iron bands, which he searched through, reading the inscribed runes, “Suit yourself…”

Eventually, he picked one out, pulling it off his arm and holding it out to the small figure of the buyer, “Well, just be careful eh little Miss? Attachment or no, it’s dangerous.”

The hooded girl collected the iron band, placing it over her bare wrist and squeezing it tight so it wouldn’t slip off, “Come along then, Orc,” she said in a soft voice, glancing up at her new property.

The merchant watched, his curiosity unsated as the mysterious slender, wide hipped buyer in her fancy but practical clothes and hooded travel cloak walked away through the ranks of slaves in the market, being followed a few paces behind by the imposing beast of an Orcess, wearing only a tattered slip, little more than an itchy sack over her corded olive skin and a prominent iron slave collar, the runes etched on it matching the band at her new masters wrist. He shook his head and diverted his attention elsewhere, there was always more work to do.

Zu’gar glared at the back of her new masters head. She had been caught poaching just a few weeks ago on a local human Lords lavish estates and, frustratingly, she had already hunted down a fine deer when she had been abruptly caught by one of the Lords rare horseback patrols. Despite their puny weakness, they had had the fortune of having a mage among them. Her strength and combat prowess had been worthless when, in an instant, she had been struck with a bolt of something blue and electric, sending her vision swimming before all had gone black in a burst of excruciating agony.

When she had eventually awoken she discovered, to her fury, that she had been stripped of everything she had had on her by those human whelps, finding herself now with only a burlap slip over her strong body muscled. She had been locked up a cramped, filthy cell with a biting iron collar around her neck and even as the anger blazed through her mind she found herself unable to lash out, she couldn’t thrash, she couldn’t fight, she couldn’t even scream.

The steel bars imprisoning her quickly became less confining than the bizarre imprisonments on her own mind, unable to act out, unable to disobey. She had been marched into the nearby city, her body moving against her will to whomever seemingly owned that odd iron bracelet, where, after days of walking, she had been put on sale in a strange foreign city, to be purchased by one of these weak pink skins.

She was told by her new so-called ‘master’ that the rest of her life would be in service to the ‘superior’ humans, likely as a labourer or a builder, but, in her first few weeks, she hadn’t sold. The disgusting buyers wanting muscle for work didn’t want a woman among their workforce and those wanting slave women, for whatever sick deprived purpose they had in mind, would never look twice at an Orc, let alone one as unique among humans as her.

It was no secret that each race despised the other. Humans typically considered Orcs to be less than animal, seeing them as brutal, stupid beasts with no right to control their own lives, useful only as tools to further the human cause. Similarly, Orcs viewed humans with disdain, a weak and uncultured bunch who only survived in the harshness of the world through their heresy of tapping into the worlds magics.

One difference, however, was that while humans viewed Orcs as being hideous with their vile green skin, protruding lower fangs and rough uncultured ways, Orcs viewed humans with lust, their small soft bodies an attractive prospect for long nights of relieving stress upon, though their fragility was often an issue, human captives didn’t tend to last long unless confined to a single Orc owner.

Zu’gar kept her head bowed as she followed the swaying walk of her slow little-legged owner, gaze down not out of shame but to calm her rage. Whenever she looked up everyone who met her gaze scrunched up their faces in absolute disgust which served to feed the fire of anger inside her, but with no outlet, courtesy of her suppressive collar, it merely became pent up, frustrating her more and more with each passing second.

“Do you speak common?”

Zu’gar looked up from the dirty floor, her piercing golden eyes focusing down at the diminutive girl in front of her, her master, the little thing looking at her with, surprisingly, no hate or disgust, just curiosity.

“Yes,” Zu’gar replied vacantly, obliged by her collar to answer her owner’s questions, when able to.

The girl nodded, seemingly pleased, completely uncaring that they were effectively blocking a narrow walkway between rows of market stalls, people flowing around them like a river around a rock, “Good, your purchase card mentioned a lot about you, but not that, why?” Again no malice, just curiosity.

“I think most buyers don’t care. We work. Not talk.” Zu’gar said, her voice still flat and devoid of emotion.

The girl nodded again and pursed her lips some, shrugging, “Follow.”

Zu’gar obeyed, her head once more cast down, trying to figure out her fate. She tried to think back to the girl’s conversation with who had been her master and trader, what had she said she was wanted for? Truth be she hadn’t been listening, she had been talked about stared at then dismissed so frequently she had stopped paying attention, but this young human woman looked unlike anyone else who had even considered her. It was a mystery she couldn’t unravel.

“In here,” the woman said, motioning at an open iron door through which an outpouring of conversation and laughter came.

Zu’gar, obediently, stepped inside after her master and glanced about, her massive frame blocking out the sunlight through the door, casting a shadow on the inside of the Inn which was quick to fall quiet, all eyes turning on Zu’gar, her master stepping nonchalantly forward through the throngs of people towards the bar.

After only a moment’s hesitation she was compelled to follow, having to step carefully as to not sweep people off their seats as she worked her way across, what was to her, the incredibly narrow floor space between tables. As she passed the conversation picked up, but not as loud as before, gazes flickering her way.

As Zu’gar walked she picked up snippets of their hushed whispers, but she paid them no heed.

“Disgusting that thing is allowed in here, they should all-“

“I heard the non-humans are banding together, they want to outlaw slavery, imagine if shits like that were all free to-“


That one caught Zu’gar’s attention, her eyes drifting down to where she had almost stepped on a little blonde girl who she hadn’t seen. Quickly, and on tiny feet, she wove her way through the tables towards the bar, scrambling behind it where a taller woman stood, smirking and glancing down before turning her eyes towards the approaching Zu’gar and her new master, already leaning on the bar.

“Ah, Lace, I see you bought a pet?” The landlady asked, grinning as she swept her eyes over Zu’gar, her hand down ruffling the hair of the child currently protectively clasped to her leg, her wide little eyes set on the Orc.

Her Master, Lace, apparently, let out a little sigh and a dismissive wave of the hand, “Well no one else would offer to travel with me to Thaefar, I had to make do.”

“With an Orc though?” The Landlady asked, laughing.

“I’ve got to have something scary to keep the bandits away, something strong should they actually decide to attach and someone,” Lace paused, “well, someone well equipped for any other task I might have for them.”

“Well she’s scary enough, Mayla’s damn near crapping herself.” The Landlady laughed, giving the little girl clutching her leg an affectionate pat on the shoulder.

Lace nodded keenly, “And according to her buyer’s card she’s got the equipment. But I’m sure I’ll ah, find that out for myself tonight.”

“You’ve got weird ass tastes Lace, can’t say I share them, but so long as it’s not-….” The Landlady hesitated, squinting her eyes.

“….I’ll pay double?” Lace offered, her voice adopting a soft, loving, singsong tone.

The Landlady groaned and rolled her eyes, “By the god’s Lace you’ll never give me a break, will you? Double. But if you leave the room like you did last time, I swear.”

“Thanks.” Lace grinned, settling two coins on the counter then looking over her shoulder at the bewildered but quiet Zu’gar, “Come along! We’re sleeping here tonight.”

Zu’gar gave the Landlady and her spooked child a glance before following after Lace through the Inn. Scaring away bandits she could understand, even fighting them made sense, but what equipment did she have that her master could use? All she had to her name was her damned itchy sack and control collar. She wondered if it was that, but she could’ve bought one of those without the added nuisance of an Orc to feed.

Lace pushed open the door to a set of rooms, a decent suite for an Inn by Lace’s tastes, Luxury for Zu’gar. The room had a bed, large and soft, with places to sit, a rug on the floor and it’s own, albeit it meagre, bathroom.

Lace stepped in and smiled, casting her robe aside to reveal what she wore underneath, a dark shirt and dark trousers that clung to her impressive figure, her slender shoulders and narrow waist blossoming outwards at the hips. The human was small but well proportioned, her hips wide but perfect, Zu’gar thought, for breeding purposes, though her chest was unfortunately diminutive, nothing compared to Zu’gar’s own impressive bust. Lace’s hair, which she had only seen a few loose strands of hidden under the hood turned out to be long and wavy, a deep chestnut brown that she wore tied up in a messy bun at the back.

She turned, smirking as she eyed Zu’gar with those beautiful vibrant pink eyes, like an albino’s, though her skin didn’t seem to conform to that.

“Shut the door, come in come in,” Lace said, beckoning with a hand and Zu’gar obeyed, stepping in and shutting the door, the two of them alone, “Now,” she hesitated, “What was your name again?”


“Now Zu’gar,” Lace smiled, “cute name, now, I give you permission to talk and converse freely. You may ask questions but not to shout, if you don’t want to answer a question you don’t have to, unless I order you to. Do you understand?”

Zu’gar remained quiet.

“Excellent!” Lace beamed and Zu’gar furrowed her brow.

“I’m… Confused.” Zu’gar said, her tone matching what she had said and, with a start, she realised they had been the first words of her own since her capture, previously only being allowed to speak when spoken to, and then the collar all but forcing the words from her even then.

“I expect so, I’m confusing like that. Why don’t you ask me questions while I check you over and get your measurements?” Lace smiled sweetly, pulling a tape measure from a pocket and brandishing it almost like a weapon.

“Measurements?” Zu’gar asked, her accent thick with Orcish inflexions and hesitation.

“Mmhmm, would you like to strip for me?”

Zu’gar hesitated, “Is… That an order?” she asked, for the first time in weeks feeling free of anger and rage, too busy being overwhelmed with confusion and uncertainty at her weird new master to be mad.

“Not if you don’t want to, but if I’m going to buy you new clothes I’ll need to know what size. Unless you’d prefer to wear that potato sack for the rest of your days.”

Zu’gar looked down at the weird symbols on her item of clothing, “So that’s what they mean.”

“You can’t read or write common?” Lace asked.

Zu’gar shook her head.

“That’s fine, now?…” Lace pressed, waving her tape a little.

Zu’gar looked uncertain for a moment then reached her hands to the bottom of her rough clothing, hesitating, “You may not like what you find,” Zu’gar said, tentative, not wanting to scare away her new master, this one seemed willing to give her leeway, like she was kind and gentle. Zu’gar wanted a master like that. It would be easier to trick Sex hikayeleri her and escape.

“Perhaps. Either way, the choice is yours.” Lace said simply.

Zu’gar let out a short sigh then lifted the slip up and off, casting it aside onto the floor.

Lace bit her lip as she stood there, her eyes scanning over Zu’gar’s olive-skinned body, drinking her in. The Orcess was tall and strong, her body not lacking in definition or muscle, her body, relatively free of scars indicating she either wasn’t a fighter, perhaps a hunter or a crafter, or was a very, very good fighter.

Zu’gar stood unashamed of her body, tall and proud, her ears sticking out far to either side of her head, like an elf’s would, her breasts sizable, easily a handful each for the Orc, more so for Lace’s smaller hands. Her hair and eyebrows were a dirty off colour white, not uncommon for their kind. It had been, Lace noted, purposefully matted together to form thick strands that hung down her body.

“Does that not hurt?” Lace asked curiously, pointing up at her hair.

Zu’gar stared at Lace, incredulous, “…That is your question?”

“Yes? Should it not be?”

“I… Thought you would ask about…” She stared down at Lace’s unflinching expression, the smile on her face almost genuine, “Er, no, the dreadlocks do not hurt.”

“Fascinating.” Lace said, stepping around Zu’gar curious to see her from behind, “Nice butt too.” She commented and, to Zu’gar surprise, she felt the humans small delicate hand trace gently down her back, where she knew she had a scar from when she was a child.

“Did the slavers do that to you?” Lace asked, her voice gentle.

“No, I encountered a boar and her litter while a child. The boar ran me down. I was very lucky to live.”

“Mm,” Lace hummed curious, seemingly glad it hadn’t been the slavers as she again stepped before Zu’gar.

“Master?” Zu’gar asked.

Lace pursed her lips, “Mm, call me Lace.”

“…Lace…” Zu’gar repeated, hesitantly, Lace nodded and smiled, “Lace, I, does my manhood not bother you?”

Lace smirked a little and glanced down, her eyes tracing across the soft length of Zu’gar’s impressive cock, soft between her thighs, long and thick, the tip hidden in its hood, her balls round and smooth beneath the resting serpent.

“Mm, nope.” Lace said simply, then stepped in with her tape measure.

“I don’t understand what you want with me,” Zu’gar said, lost, as Lace began to measure her arms, torso, waist, hips, thighs, seemingly making mental notes of every measurement.

“Well, I travel a lot from Kingdom to Kingdom to find work. I bring some quite expensive things with me where I travel, I need someone to keep me safe.” Lace explained casually as she continued her measurements, pausing occasionally to take a little bit of a more in-depth reading that, to Zu’gar’s delight, often seemed to involve the small human with her soft delicate hands feeling over the Orcs broad muscles.

“What equipment do I have that will help you? All I own is a sack and collar.”

Lace smirked a little as she stepped back, tucking her tape away, “Mm, I’ll tell you later tonight.”

Zu’gar watched as Lace picked up her travel cloak, sweeping it on over her shoulders, “Am I to come with?” Zu’gar asked, looking down at her discarded item of ‘clothing’.

Lace shook her head, “No, I will go buy you some clothes and bring some street food back, I will ask that a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge be brought to you while I’m away. You aren’t to leave the room, cause any damage or try to escape. Relax, clean yourself when the water arrives.”

Zu’gar, confused, watched as Lace left the room, leaving her alone and unsupervised with orders… Orders to… Relax? After staring at the door for a couple of minutes, trying to put her mind into order she glanced around, spotting a large chair which seemed to have some kind of padding. Tentatively she stepped towards it and, after glancing around to spot anyone who might be waiting to jump out at her and spoil whatever this was, sat down.

Comfort swallowed Zu’gar as the chair creaked beneath her, straining at the great weight as the Orc’s powerful frame settled in it, her chest depressing as she let out a long sigh she hadn’t realised she had let build up inside her.

This was nice. Really nice. Comfort like this was a luxury, even at home, and during her time as an object waiting to be sold it had been further away than a fleeting dream, the memory of comfort long lost to her in that place.

She wiggled her ass a little, getting comfortable, relaxing. She thought about her new master. Lace. Her flat chest was disappointing, but with hips like that, she would be a fine broodmare. Zu’gar grinned a little as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

She thought ahead, the two of them on the road together, Lace getting confident, freeing Zu’gar of her collar, “Mmm…” Zu’gar murmured, her thighs parting a little, her cock thickening ominously as she thought about it.

Alone in the middle of nowhere with a woman like Lace. She would take her, use her, make her know what it’s like to choke on Orc cock, to feel her massive beastial veined length throbbing as it pulsed and deposited a thick load of hot fresh Orc seed deep into her throat or pussy.

Zu’gar growled softly, her hand wrapped now around her hard, thick member, stroking it slowly, the dark green crown now on display as she pleasured herself for the first time in forever, thoughts of raping and despoiling her master forefront in her mind.

She imagined the girl fighting, screaming, cursing, sickened at the thought of her virtue being stolen by a monster like Zu’gar, tears rolling down her cheeks.

It had been so long since she had had the chance to indulge. Gritting her teeth Zu’gar arched her back, her heavy cock pulsing between her fingers, she was so close, she was-

A knock at the door tore her from her fantasy, her eyes snapping open, freezing in her actions, terrified for a second she had been caught. The knock came again. She glanced down at her cock, the pleasure that had been pulsing through her mere seconds before, threatening to erupt had turned sour, the anxiety at being caught spoiling the moment.

With another growl, this one of frustration and disappointment she rose, picking up her sack and pulling it on over her head, walking to the door and swinging it open, “What?” she said, not harshly, but the surprise was enough to send the child-girl from earlier, clasping the bucket of steaming soapy water wobbling back a couple of unsteady steps, her eyes wide.

“I-I was told to bring you this Miss Orc!” She stammered, holding up the bucket, liquid sloshing around inside, like a shield before her.

Zu’gar grunted and reached out, taking it from the child and setting it inside the door, she was about to close it when the child spoke.

“W-wait! You… You have a thingy?” She asked, voice tiny and meek.

Zu’gar glanced at her, then down at herself where she was obviously tenting through the coarse fabric of her sack, “Yeah, so?”

“N-nothing! I just… Just… Thought I was the only one.” The girl said, shyly.

Zu’gar eyed the kid, narrowing her gaze a little, “Well you ain’t. Don’t be ashamed of it. Be proud of it.” Again she went to close the door, but the child let out a little whine as if she wasn’t done talking yet.

With a sigh, Zu’gar opened the door and looked down at her, “What?”

“Doesn’t… Doesn’t it make us ugly?” The child asked softly, not looking up.

Zu’gar glared at the girl, but after a few moments her gaze softened a little and she sighed, girls like Zu’gar and, apparently, this child were rare and despite her hatred of humans, a few words wouldn’t go wasted.

“Human, is a rose beautiful?” She asked, talking slow so the child would be able to understand her.

The girl looked up at her, not sure what she meant but nodding anyway.

“Why is a rose beautiful?” She asked in her thick voice, but in the tone one often adopted when talking to children or animals.

“Because of the flower? It looks pretty and smells pretty.”

Zu’gar nodded as if this was some great wisdom the child had imparted.

“But, little human, a rose also has thorns. Do to these thorns stop it from being a beautiful rose?”

The child shook her head, her eyes wide and shimmering.

Zu’gar grinned broadly, her teeth white, her lower canines prominent, “Then why, little rose, should your thorn make you ugly?”

The girl blinked meekly, biting her lip and without answering hurried away back down the corridor.

Zu’gar let out a low chuckle shaking her head and finally shut the door, carrying the bucket inside and to the back room.

She spent a good hour cleaning herself. Her race wasn’t exactly known for its hygiene and Zu’gar was no exception, to be dirty was natural, the scents of perfumes and soaps an unnecessary distraction, but she had been ordered to clean and, to be honest, she was grateful to rid her body of the slavers filth, so she was thorough. She would be travelling soon with Lace, if the girl was honest about her plans, so she would soon build up a healthy layer of dirt and dust anyway. She would have to make do with the price of being clean for one night.

Her skin had a more vibrant shine to it, her hair now a perfect gleaming white. Washing each of her dreads had been tedious, but she seldom had soap or hot water, so having both was an opportunity she would not miss. After all, these would stay clean for much much longer.

She had just finished washing and was once more lounging in what was now her chair, wearing a spare bed sheet she had found wrapped around herself like a dress, considering picking up where she had left off before she had been interrupted by the child when she heard the door rattle.

It swung open to reveal Lace carrying several cloth bundles and one paper bundle. She smiled at Zu’gar, clearly pleased to see how clean she was, taking a special interest in her hair and set all but the paper bundle down on the bed, stepping towards Zu’gar and holding out the paper package, “Here, street food. Not healthy but, who cares right? We’ll be out of town for quite a while travelling, might as well enjoy it while we’re here.”

Zu’gar picked up the parcel and wrinkled her nose, she tried to imagine what food one could forage in the streets. In the slave market where she had been kept the only thing in the streets, she had seen that could even remotely be regarded as food were the rats.

She unwrapped the first layer of paper and her suspicions intensified as one of her fingers came away oily, but whatever it was felt hot and, she had to admit despite herself, smelled good.

She opened the paper wrapping to reveal a dozen or so small wooden skewers, on which thick fat pieces of meat and a few token vegetables had been stuck, they were coated with a fine red powder that had soaked up many of the meat’s juices and varied from a crispy brown to an almost charred black. She felt her mouth water as she picked up a skewer, “What is this?” She asked.

“Street food,” Lace said with a smile, “the sort of food they eat in the eastern lands, I think, meat like lamb and chicken, peppers and onion, coated in a spice blend, don’t ask what’s in it, I don’t know and then grilled over a fire.”

Zu’gar glanced from Lace to the stick, using her teeth to persuade a piece of the juicy meat, lamb she thought, off of the stick, chewing on it testingly. The burst of flavours in her mouth was intense, the lamb was chewy, but she didn’t care, it was nice to have something with flavour and texture again, “Mm. Ish good,” she said through a full mouth, genuine in her enjoyment.

Lace smiled brightly, nodding, “I’m glad you like it.”

She hummed quietly to drown out the almost ungodly sound of Zu’gar ravenously eating as she began to unroll the cloth bundles she had bought, revealing several sets of garments, all too big to be for herself but for Zu’gar. They weren’t fancy, no sequins or dyes, but they looked comfortable and sturdy.

The Orc watched with interest as Lace went about neatly folding and sorting Zu’gar’s clothes into distinctive outfits, all similar in their plainness but all unique in their own way. She watched, pleased, as one of the bundles opened to reveal a pair of shoes. Though again simple and practical, after being so long barefoot she’d learned to appreciate even the simplest of shoes.

“So uh,” Zu’gar said as she chewed a mouthful of meat, “You said I had equipment. You uh, said we would talk about it later. Now is later.”

Lace smirked over at her, “Now is later, I’ll give you that. Mm, let’s just say I’m not like other humans and there’s something that you specifically can help me with.”

“Like what?” Zu’gar asked, using her teeth to empty the contents of an entire skewer into her mouth, the last one, already, Lace noted, duly impressed. She had been famished.

Lace bit her lip a little, stepping towards Zu’gar and folding her arms Sikiş hikayeleri over her stomach, looking down only slightly at the sitting Orc, “Mm… Could you remove that cloth?” she asked, gesturing at Zu’gar’s makeshift towel, wrapped around her.

Zu’gar glanced down at herself then shrugged, “Uh, sure?” she lifted herself a small amount up off the chair and dug the sheet out from under her, using the fabric to wipe the oil from her fingers and lips, smirking some as she proudly displayed her superior body, assuming she was shaming Lace for her own puny one.

Lace ignored the messy oil stains on the sheets and stepped towards the nude Zu’gar, who eyed her curiously. With a sly smile, she reached up and started to unbutton her shirt.

Zu’gar’s eyes widened as she watched her master, no more than a few steps from her begin to strip off her shirt, each unclasped button revealing more and more smooth pink skin, “Uhhh…”

“Soooo, I’ve got a confession to make…” Lace said softly, a smirk on her lips, “It’s really about the main reason I bought you, to be fair, the whole bandit thing, while important, isn’t as important as what I have planned for you.”

Zu’gar’s gaze kept flickering between Lace’s own holding gaze, captivating with her unique pink iris’, and the enticing body being displayed to her, she felt a familiar heat down below, a pulse in her sleeping cock, which up until now had been resting peacefully between her powerful thighs, “You want massages?” she asked, voice skeptical.

Lace smirked some and began to unbutton her trousers, “In a sense, I suppose…”

Zu’gar opened her mouth to speak, but was caught flat footed. She watched, shocked, as Lace encouraged her leggings down over the curve of her wide hips, letting them fall into a messy pile on the floor. Beneath her trousers lay two surprises, one, was a pair of lacey thigh highs, held in place by a garter belt around her comparatively slender waist, having just been obscured by her trousers and, like Zu’gar, she had been hiding a cock, maybe five inches long and hard, pointing menacingly towards Zu’gar.

The Orcess opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, glancing up at Lace, everything clicking into place, “You… Want to fuck me.”

“Mm, you bet I do.” Lace said, grinning naughtily, those pink eyes gleaming with lust and desire.

Zu’gar grimaced, she knew she had had it all too good with this new master, nice food, new clothes, the promise of easy work, it had all been building up to something much worse than any lifetime of hard labour would’ve given her, this. Unable to disobey, she would be this perverse fiends sex slave for all her days.

The thought disgusted her, made to spend her remaining days, a strong, muscled, powerful force of nature like her, bent and broken, existing to pleasure this tiny, feminine, humans little pink cocklet. The shame was so intense she felt her cheeks burning at the indignity and rage.

“No…” She growled, deeply, remembering then that she was not bound to silence, she could express her displeasure, “Lace, no, I don’t want to!” she said, her voice rising not to a shout, but certainly to a more emphatic level, the Orcess surging to her feet, Lace taking a few cautious steps back, her eyes going wide, even though she knew she was safe.

“Z-zu’gar. You… You don’t want this? I thought Orcs were like… All really really into humans, I thought… I thought you’d like it?” Lace said, her voice a little frantic, she had been so sure!

Zu’gar shook her head, “No, we are proud race, I will not ever willingly let you defile my body with your tiny cock!”

Lace blinked, opened her mouth, then paused for a long moment, working things out, “…Zu’gar. I order you to sit down and stay still.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Zu’gar lowered herself back down into her seat, the padding already moulded to her butt and back, making it incredibly comfortable, though she still frowned deeply, with the collar she was truly helpless to resist Lace’s grotesque advances. But at least she had made herself known, even as her pride was stripped from her she would be able to rely on the fact she was not giving in.

Lace stepped forward and leaned forward, placing her hands on Zu’gar’s powerful thighs, bringing her face to the Orc’s, nose to nose, “You silly little thing,” she giggled brightly.

Zu’gar kept her mouth shut, glaring with her fierce sunset eyes.

“I was never going to ravish you with my ‘tiny cock’,” she smirked, tilting her head, a playful expression on her face, “I want to be ravished by yours, silly.”

Zu’gar blinked, she couldn’t have heard that right, “W….What.” she said, voice flat.

“I want,” Lace started in a slow sultry tone, starting to sink lower, her gaze shifting to maintain it’s lock on Zu’gar’s as she moved, “to ride,” she grinned a little, now kneeling before Zu’gar, her hands on the Orc’s thighs caressing and squeezing, “this…” she breathed low, leaning in softly, briefly pressing her pursed lips to the top of the orcs still soft cock.

Zu’gar opened her mouth to speak, but before she could bring her words to bear Lace’s mouth opened too, her pretty little lips not requiring any thought for what she had in mind. Zu’gar’s words fell apart into a low moan as she felt Lace’s lips close perfectly over the hooded tip of her cock, feeling the long missed embrace of wet heat surrounding her sensitive crown.

Lace let out a moan of her own, enjoying the sensation of a cock in her wanting mouth, her lips stretched wide to fit the impressively sized mushroom tip, her tongue flicking under the skin of its hood to caress over the darker coloured crown.

“O-oh, fuuuck, oh fucck…” Zu’gar growled, her fingers digging into the padding of her chair as she looked down at Lace, the human’s eyes half-lidded, a few strands of wavy hair partly obscuring one as she looked up at Zu’gar nothing but desire in her gaze, “You’re, ugh, you’re sucking Orc dick…”

Lace winked playfully up at the stunned Orc before letting her gaze trail back down her luscious body to the quickly hardening cock filling her mouth, stretching her lips, making Lace want for more.

She urged her shoulders forward, Zu’gar arching her back as Lace swept forward, her plush wet lips gracefully rolling down the veined green length now inside her, fitting half the cock in her mouth, the tip bumping against the entrance to her throat as she began to suck.

Lace was confident she could take the entire length down her throat, gods knew she had enough practice, however, the angle was all wrong and she was just feeling so amazing simply pleasuring her as she was. She had had twistedly sexual fantasies of Orc women like Zu’gar for years now and this was her first time embracing that side of her, feeding the fantasy that she wanted, no, needed Orc cock in her life and body.

Unable to resist she moved her hands across the toned muscle of Zug’ar’s thighs to touch and feel the Orc’s length, she’d dreamt about it for so very long the allure of having one actually before her was too much for her to resist.

Zu’gar felt her toes curl as pleasures she hadn’t experienced in, well, possibly ever, coursed through her body, it was every Orc’s fantasy to have a human to fuck, but it was a dream you were lucky ever to fulfill, yet here she was, Zu’gar, mere Hunter, not only with a human polishing her pole, but doing it willingly, eagerly, even.

“Ugh, I’m not, going to last, ugh, long,” Zu’gar grunted, her lips parted a little as her breath quickened, the pleasure of the small woman’s full pouted lips, the spongy wetness of her eager swirling tongue and the constant pressure as she sucked on her length, her lips constantly rolling up and down, always to the very tip, the sensation traveling over the silky smoothness of her now revealed cock head the epitome of ecstasy. Or so, at least, Zu’gar thought.

“W-what? Already?” Lace whimpered cutely, a hand wrapped snugly around the base of the cock, squeezing gently as she pulled her lips off, her other hand weighing Zu’gar’s sizable balls, rolling them between her fingers in their smooth sack.

“Y-yeah…” Zu’gar said, really unable to be more expansive in her thoughts than that, still locked in a state of disbelief that this was really happening to her.

Lace pouted some, kissing the underside of the Orcs pulsing shaft which she held pressed against her face, lust-drunk in its beautiful crown, dominant size and exotic colour, for a moment she stared up at Zu’gar, revelling in the moment of fulfilment. Her beautiful olive skin, her massive bulky frame, strong muscles, full breasts, white hair, massive fangs… Every trait that her people typically despised, she lusted for. She felt a shiver of pleasure roll through her body and she leaned in, pressing her lips to the Orcs heavy nuts, kissing them each in turn, soft loving angel kisses quickly turning from light lovers pecks into a more intense experience, her tongue bathing the heavy orbs in her spit, making them shine.

Zu’gar closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the chair, feeling the eager human down between her powerful thighs, tongue lifting and weighing each of her balls in turn. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined she’d be here with a human literally worshipping her heavy nuts, she could lay here all day living the experience, but, after a few long minutes of Lace trying to coat her full nuts in love bites, she felt the girl lean away from her.

Blinking, she saw Lace rise, her expression a little disappointed as she turned away from Zu’gar. In a moment Zu’gar felt confused, “W-wait, Lace, er, did I do wrong?”

Lace stopped, not even a foot away from Zu’gar, her back to her and peered at the Orc over her shoulder, “What? No no! Oh gods no, I was just having too much fun, had to tear myself away, just, can’t wait you know? Now…”

Zu’gar wanted to tell Lace that, no, really, she could spend all the time in the world on her knees sucking her nuts, but before she got the chance to speak, she glanced down. For the first time she got to see this humans real sexual treasure. While her cock with its small size, especially compared to Zu’gar’s, and with her breasts so flat Zu’gar questioned her use of pronouns, were nothing to write home about, her real asset, her ass, was currently lowering itself towards her spit lubed shaft, pointing straight up and twitching eagerly.

“You… You’re… That? Really?” Zu’gar said, disbelieving as Lace steadied herself with her hands on Zu’gar’s thighs, lowering her butt, full and bubbly, rounded like two half-globes towards her waiting shaft.

“Oh fuck yes…” Lace whispered in reply as she looked over her shoulder, glancing briefly up at Zu’gar with a playful smirk before looking back, biting her lip as she felt the slick tip brush up against the warmth of her smooth cheeks.

Zu’gar grit her teeth a little, the anticipation for what was to come killing her, “D-don’t you need to, lube yourself and stuff?” she asked, not wanting to wait but wanting it to be absolutely perfect.

Lace glanced up at her, “Aww, you care about my butt,” she grinned and winked, then hesitated for a moment, closing her eyes. Zu’gar watched, confused as the girls candy-pink eyes flashed briefly, the iris visible for a moment even through her eyelid, then she continued to lower herself down, displaying an affinity, even if just a minor one, for the magics, a heresy in Zu’gar’s eyes, though, as she felt the dark green crown of her cock press between her butt cheeks and up against her waiting star, it was a heresy she could instantly forgive. It was only a little dash of heresy, after all.

Lace moaned out as she felt gravity pull her down onto the slick orc shaft, her head falling back as she bit her lip, explosions of pure bliss erupting in her mind like a bouquet of fireworks, each tiny movement sending pulses of pleasure through her core as she sank her thick white ass down onto the thick shaft, feeling it spread her star wide and begin to fill a void in her life that had plagued her for too long.

Zu’gar wanted to reach up, to grab the little waif’s hips and drag her down, lifting her own body up to ram her entire length into the girl, but commanded to be still she could do little but act as a blessed spectator, her own pleasure and lust driven from fulfilled fantasies coursing through seemingly every nerve ending on her lucky body.

As inch after inch of cock was fed into her ass Lace settled back, leaning against Zu’gar’s toned abs and full breasts, her head settled back on the Orc’s shoulder, cheek brushing up against her ivory dreads.

With one last concerted push, she was sat on the Orc’s lap, her bubbly cheeks resting on Zu’gar’s powerful frame, every inch of the huge cock filling the slender girl up so good. Gently, she worked her hips from side to side, feeling the hot dick stir around inside her.

With a whimper she traced one hand up her body before lacing it through Zu’gar’s dreads, forcing her head to turn to look towards her.

“Kiss me…” Lace breathed hungrily and in no short order felt her tiny mouth dominated by Zu’gar’s. Her lips were so much fuller than Lace’s own, the Orc’s prominent fangs making it a little awkward, but she didn’t care. Testingly she pressed her tongue up between Zu’gar’s lips, running it across her teeth and tempting her to join in. It didn’t take much persuading. In an instant her mouth was full of Zu’gar’s thick tongue, swirling and intermingling with Lace’s own, hot and wet, desperate for the experience of each others body.

Reluctantly Erotik hikaye after several blissful seconds, Lace broke the kiss, winking at Zu’gar as she leaned forward, placing her hands back on the Orc’s thighs for support, lifting up her soft heavy butt before dropping it again, easier this time, her cheeks slapping down on Zu’gar’s body.

Zu’gar groaned and struggled not to writhe as Lace’s booty landed in her lap time and time again, the little human temptress setting an amazing pace that almost instantly threatened to send her over the edge, her load so pent up, the experience so unique and the pleasure pulsing through her so overwhelming within that moment she could almost feel herself peaking.

However, as her shaft grew steely hard, her balls tensing as she was about to cum, she felt Lace slow for a second, the brief moment joined by an odd tingling around Zu’gar’s cock that, while not reducing the pleasure she felt, stopped her from climaxing.

Growling as she tilted her head back she could only assume Lace had used some of her magics to prolong her experience, her moans and gasps of pure pleasure a good indication that the Orc-cock slut didn’t want her first experience to end quite so soon.

Lace stood, bouncing her thick ass down time and time again onto the shiny slick cock, her mouth open her tongue lolling as she stared at nothing, her eyes half-lidded, her entire world lost to the pleasure of the cock powering in and out of her, squeezing in through the tightness of her ring, caressing over the slick hot walls and finally bottoming out, pressing against her prostate like a lust-button.

Lace’s world was complete, she’d had everything, a good upbringing, a solid education majoring in her chosen profession and minoring in magic, a steady stream of gold from her work, but all that had left her lacking and wanting, for this, this right here. Zu’gar was everything she’d fantasised about, her mind, usually so busy with worries and anxieties was a blank canvas of pure unadulterated bliss.

Her little cock, hard between her thighs, was bouncing wildly, untouched save for the brush of air as it swung gracefully up and down, her smaller sack bouncing repeatedly against the huge pair Zu’gar sported. She could feel her own climax mounting, her pleasure rising from each repeated strike against her sensitive prostate.

In a moment of pure clarity Lace knew she was going to cum without so much as touching her cock, a feat she’d never achieved, despite innumerable attempts, “A-ah, Zu’gar, I’m going to cum, I want you to cum too! Inside me! Ah-ah, oh fuck! Sugar that’s amazing, your cock feels so fucking good in my ass!!”

Zu’gar or, apparently, Sugar, growled out an appreciation, her voice husky and deep as she panted too, her balls churning with the need for release, “Yesss you little human whore, ride my Orc cock! Make me cum in your slut ass!”

Lace squeezed down tight on Zu’gar’s cock, so glad at herself for allowing the Orc to speak, she’d only wished she’s started the dirty talk sooner as the Orcs words sent her quickly over the edge, “A-ah! Sugar! I’m cumming!! Oh fuuuuuck!!” she cried loudly, grinding her ass down on Zu’gar’s cock as her own spasmed and twitched in the open air.

In the moment that she came she released her magical hold on Zu’gar, allowing the Orc to finally climax, releasing the dam of pent-up seed that didn’t need a second excuse to flood Lace’s hot tight ass.

Lace gasped loud, arching her back and pushing her flat chest forward as she felt the rush of liquid heat inside her, each burst accompanied by her own smaller spurts that stretched out in thin creamy ropes across the wooden floor.

She gyrated her hips forward and back, grinding her ass down onto the cumming orc cock, leaning back against her body, feeling it slick with sweat as they came together, both of their minds lost in a pleasure they’d never thought possible.

Zu’gar’s grunts and growls and Lace’s whimpering moans both subsided into heavy panting as she lay across her strong Orc slave, feeling the cock, still hard inside her, continue to twitch in rhythm with Zu’gar’s heartbeat. She knew as soon as it left her body she would want it again, already addicted to the pleasure and wonder it could bring her.

“G-gods, Sugar, you can move your arms however you want, just, hold me…” Lace panted softly, limp against the Orc, her voice soft and weak, her body and mind exhausted.

Zu’gar grinned a little and wrapped her big strong arms around Lace, embracing her in a tight little hug that sent a shiver down Lace’s spine as she moved her hands to gently caress over the Orc’s impressively muscled biceps, enjoying the feel of the olive-skinned corded strength under her slender delicate fingers.

“Did… Did you enjoy that?” Lace asked, caressing Zu’gar’s arms as she started to drift, too content and satisfied to stay alert and awake.

“That was the best fuck ever,” Zu’gar admitted, her hands caressing over Lace’s chest, her powerful hands, while rough, were surprisingly gentle.

“I-I want to spend my whole life with you, I’m going to take you with me wherever I go, I’m going to do this every night, more, even,” she said softly, squirming back into Zug’ar’s embrace as she felt the Orcs huge hands caressing over her torso, down her arms…

After a moment of fumbling, Lace pulled her hand back, holding Zu’gar’s hand. She opened her eyes and looked down, her bare hand looked so tiny in Zu’gar’s. She gave it an affectionate squeeze, then, almost in response, felt Zu’gar’s cock, still buried deep in her ass swell a little.

“Mm, maybe… Maybe we can go again tomorrow Sugar… I’m way, way too tired now…” Lace purred softly, resting her head back against the Orc’s soft pillow-like breast.

Zu’gar let out a little laugh and her grip on Lace tightened a little, “I was thinking instead, I carry you to the bed, then breed you like an animal.”

Lace squirmed a little and let out a little giggle, “No no, let me just cuddle and snuggle here for a while.”

“Mm…” Zu’gar breathed a little, leaning in to kiss Lace gently on her ear, her breath hot and humid against her soft pink skin as she whispered, soft and low like a lover, “Lace…?”

“Ah… Yes, Sugar?” she purred back, body relaxed.

“Maybe you should not have let me do whatever I want with my hands…” she growled gently.

Confused, Lace fluttered her eyes open… And found Zu’gar’s hand, dangling the control bracelet that should’ve been locked over her wrist, “O-oh,” she said, her voice quavering, her gaze turning to Zu’gar’s, orange eyes bright with delight and anticipation, Lace looked at her for a moment then bit her lip softly, “be gentle?”

Zu’gar shook her head slowly, scooping Lace up in her arms, the control bracelet falling to the floor in a clatter.


The Landlady stood by the bar in the early hours of the morning, her eyes rimmed with red. She, and many of her patrons had hardly slept a wink last night. The creaking of the bed had been bad enough. But the Orc’s low grunts and Lace’s high gasps had been able to rattle through every timber of her formerly mostly reputable Inn.

She was spending her time, mainly, apologizing to other disgruntled guests as they made their way exhausted from their beds, most opting not to stay for breakfast before leaving her Inn, which sat quiet in the morning save for a few diehard regulars.

She had her head down on her arms, trying to rest after having just been berated by another sleepless couple when a voice drew her attention and her immediate ire.

“…You can’t be mad.”

The Landlady looked up, her eyes narrowing to slits, “Lace, I swear to all the gods, all that is holy, all that is unholy, what. The fuck. Were you thinking!!!” She hissed out the last word through gritted teeth, reaching across the bar to grab the girl by her collar, jerking her forward.

“A-ah!” Lace stammered a little, “f-funny story! So, okay, so, you know the whole Orc slave thing, she, kind of ah! Not so tight! She, well, she kind of escaped!”

The Landlady hesitated, her mouth falling open, “…So there’s a loose Orc in my Inn.”

“I-if it’s any consolation she spent the entire night ruining my ass and calling me Princess, h-hey lighten up the grip would you?”

The Landlady glared at Lace, but did lighten up her grip, oddly, the news that Lace’s entire night of deep anal rearranging had not been entire consensual did brighten up her mood a little. And besides, there was a loose Orc rampaging through her Inn, that was a much, much bigger problem.

With a reluctant sigh she released Lace all together and reached under her bar, to the handy length of wood every Bar man or woman kept to hand. Just in case.

Just as her fingers closed around the worn hilt of the weapon she heard a creak of wood and a giggle. Furrowing her brow she and Lace both turned towards the doorway it had come from, both of them looking on in surprise as Zu’gar, in all her muscled glory wearing one of Lace’s new outfits stepped into the room, laughing in a deep rich tone as, little Mayla, sat on her shoulders, giggled away as she rode the Orc, having to duck all the way down as they stepped under doorway into the main room of the Inn.

Lace and the Landlady both watched with the same expression, pursed lips as if a question was lingering just inside their mouths, eyes disbelieving as Zu’gar, collarless, stomped theatrically around the room, Mayla directing her passage with tugs, points and squeals of joy!

In a moment they came up short, stopping in their tracks, both Zu’gar and Mayla noticing the expressions of the other two at the bar. Mayla looked guilty but couldn’t hide a sweet little smile, Zu’gar grinned, “Made a friend!”

“So I see…” Lace said carefully, as the Landlady released her hold on the weapon, but was no less confused.

Zu’gar grinned, proudly as Mayla toyed with a dreadlock, “Let me know, Princess, when we need to leave to catch wagon.”

It was Lace’s turn to look confused, “I… Wait, what?”

Zu’gar tilted her head, almost dislodging the giggling Mayla, but with the Orcs hands gripping her ankles she was in no danger, “You need a guard still? Yes? And bedmate?”

Lace blinked, then smiled, then laughed, nodding in agreement before turning back to the Landlady as Zu’gar and Mayla continued to play once again flowing through the room to the child’s unmitigated delight.

The Landlady reached over and poked Lace firmly in the chest, “You. Got. Lucky!!”

Lace grinned broadly, her pink eyes twinkling, “I usually do!”


A few days had passed since their first night together and the caravan was progressing well. A couple of times the carts had gotten stuck but, having a strong Orc ‘slave’ on hand to pull them free had made the journey a relative breeze. On the second night, the caravan had spotted outriders, a few scouts on horseback, doubtless sizing up the caravan for it’s worth, but Zu’gar had hefted a stone, sending it sailing towards them throught the cool evening air with a whistle. She had struck the lead rider with such force it had knocked him out the saddle, causing him to be dragged back kicking, flailing and screaming to wherever he’d come from. Oddly, they had had no bandit trouble since then.

While Zu’gar still had to wear her collar during the day, the bracelet Lace wore didn’t match. She was, after all, still an Orc. If the other humans noticed that she was actually free-willed, they would turn on her in a heartbeat. So, for the good of their blossoming relationship, they faked a typical master-slave dynamic during the day, albeit a gentle one, only becoming their true selves at night once locked away in the back of their wagon, away from everyone else.

“Ooh~ that’s the spot!” Lace moaned, one hand up in the loose bun of her messy chestnut hair, her back arched as she slowly rode Zu’gar’s thick cock. She was sat, straddled over the Orc’s powerful thigh, each movement up and down gently grinding her own smaller cock into Zu’gar’s leg.

Zu’gar smirked, leaning back on her elbows, watching as Lace rode her, enjoying the sensation of her tightness around her steely length, one hand gripping the girls ass as she lifted up and pressed down, the girl visibly struggling to maintain control, “Keep it down Princess or they’ll hear you…” she chastised, mirth in her voice as Lace caressed her other thigh with her hand.

Lace blushed a little at the deserved words and giggled very softly, “A-ah, sorry, it just feels so good… Fuck, when we get to Thaefar I’m booking us the most private rooms I can find just so you don’t have to hold back on fucking my ass…” she moaned low, imagining that and remembering that first night.

“Or you can hold back riding my cock, slut,” Zu’gar grinned, “how can you even afford all this. What is it you do for coin?”

Lace bit her lip and tilted her head back, moaning out softly, putting a hand over her mouth to stifle the noise, “O-ooh… Oh fuck, I plan out, ah, cities…”

Zu’gar snorted a little, chuckling between grunts, “Humans are weird.”

Lace whimpered cutely and pressed her ass down a little harder, “Mm shut up and cum in my ass already…” she whined.

Zu’gar grinned and obligingly moved her hand to Lace’s mouth, clasping over it, silencing her in an instant, pulling her back and down so she was laying atop the prone Zu’gar, whose other hand was resting at Lace’s hip.

“As you wish,” she said in a soft teasing voice, her hand tight over her mouth, her hips hammering brutally hard and dangerously fast into Lace’s ass, the girl’s eyes rolling back as she was unable to make any noise, her body belonging to this Orc. Not that she would have it any other way, of course.

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