But For Her Sweet Love


Author’s note:

Recently I attended a short conference overseas. During my time away from home I stayed in a beachfront resort located beside an ocean beach on the outskirts of a small coastal town.

After landing at the airport and while walking across the tarmac to the terminal building I was approached by a guy who I vaguely recognised. He introduced himself and asked if I was attending the same conference as he, which I was. He asked me how I was travelling there, a distance of some 50 miles, and I told him I didn’t know, probably I’d catch a shuttle. He said he’d booked a rental car for the next five days and offered me a ride, which I gratefully accepted. We travelled together, found our accommodation, spent some time on the beach swimming in the warm sea, had a snack, and attended the first conference session. We travelled to and from the conference venue for the next three days, finally travelling back to the airport together and flying home on the last day.

He is happily married and deeply in love with his wife. This story is therefore fiction based on actual events, exploring what might have been. Some people in the story actually exist but their names have been changed. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.


The flight was comfortable and seemed to be over almost before it began. A good book to lose yourself in when flying is a great asset. After we landed on the sunny runway of the small regional airport we had to cross the tarmac to the terminal building. When I was about half way to the terminal building, I was approached by a guy who I seemed to recognize, who asked if I was going to the same conference that he was.

“Yes,” I replied, “I’m Michelle. I think we met once before.”

He told me he had a terrible memory for people and names of people he had ‘met once before’, even attractive blonde ones, and he could neither confirm nor deny my assertion, but hey, who was he to dispute that? He introduced himself as Joe and we chatted amiably as we entered the building. He asked how I was travelling to the venue, about an hour’s drive further south.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ll find a shuttle or something,” I replied.

‘I’ve booked a rental car if you’d like a ride. I’d enjoy the company far more than travelling alone.”

“Hey, thanks, yes that would be great.”

We passed through immigration and I waited by the carousel for my bag. He only had carry-on so went through before me, telling me he’d find the car then find me again. Small terminals are great as there are few people and you can do that sort of thing.

Five minutes later I emerged from the building and was just in time to see him walking over from the carpark. We loaded my huge suitcase into the boot, nearly filling it, then headed out of the car park and hit the road south.

As well as being easy on the eyes, Joe was also very easy company and time flew. Before we knew it he was turning off the freeway towards the small coastal settlement which was our destination. He’d been in this part of the world a couple of times before, he told me, while for me it was my first time there. Hence I let him drive me around and show me the layout of the small town. We explored the town and found my accommodation, where I dropped my bag, the conference venue and his accommodation in that order. The resort he was staying in was right on the surf beach with the endless ocean rolling onto the sand. We watched the waves for a while then decided we really needed a swim.

We changed back in his room, one at a time and alone, then hit the beach again with towels, hats, sunnies and sunblock. After lying on the warm sand for a short time we needed to cool off in the water.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said, grabbing his hand to pull him upright.

We strolled to the water’s edge, the sun pouring over our bodies like warm liquid honey. The water was tepid even to our overheated skin; no cold entry shock like in the seas around our homeland. We waded in and dived under one of the small waves which rolled gently to shore, then swam out a little to about shoulder depth, floating freely over each wave.

We stayed like this, walking occasionally and maintaining a friendly conversation until I dropped into a hole and fell sideways as a wave hit me. We reached for each other in that moment, resulting in me being well steadied by Joe and coming to rest with our arms around each other. In a beautiful place with a great guy who had just rescued me, what could I do? I kissed him, tenderly, on the lips.

What would he do? Let me go? Turn and run? No. He kissed me back, again tenderly and lovingly.

We held each other for several minutes, gradually allowing our embraces and kisses to become more loving, more tender and closer. I daringly lowered my hand and felt his swelling penis, rubbed my fingers along nigdeescort.com it and murmured with a grin “I thought I could feel something big coming between us.”

I let go, wriggled free and swam away, giving us both time to consider what had just happened and reconsider any further amorous activities. We swam for another 20 minutes or so then walked hand in hand out of the water and back along the beach to our towels. We dried ourselves and lay in the sun like before, but this time holding hands. Our conversation had changed also. Instead of speaking of things that may or may not be happening in our line of business and at the conference, we talked about ourselves and discussed how any romantic involvement would affect ourselves and others. I was divorced with two young children; he was very happily married with older children who had all left home. Was any sort of romantic involvement possible? Was it desirable? Deep inside each of us we recognised that there was a flame of love for the other; should that be fanned or extinguished?

After a while we returned to his room at the resort and changed back into our clothes, together, with our backs to each other and a promise not to look. We kept that promise, well, I did, I don’t know about Joe. Once dressed, we embraced again, gently, lovingly fanning that flame of love. I had never felt that feeling before, even when I was courting my ex-husband many years earlier. Joe confessed he had only felt this feeling of love many years before when he first met his wife and he wanted more of it. This wasn’t helping us make rational decisions.

We headed into town and had a quick meal before we returned to my accommodation. I asked him to wait so he could take me to the venue for the evening session. I went inside and sat on my bed, my still mainly packed bag at my feet. What to do, I wondered. Part of me said that I wanted, no, needed to spend a few days with Joe. I wanted to be loved in all ways, fucked silly by the stiff cock I had briefly touched. Yet he was happily married. I didn’t want to destroy his marriage for a few days of selfish pleasure. Eventually those few days of selfish pleasure won out. I negotiated with the manager, agreeing to pay half the accommodation costs and not stay there. I closed my bag, and walked back to the car, a huge smile on my face.

“I told the people here that I had found other accommodation and could I just pay part of the account and cancel my booking,” I told Joe. “They were very obliging and refunded me half the payment. Let’s go to the evening session then I’m moving in with you.”

“Omigod!” he replied, “You what? Without even any consultation?”

I held his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I hope that’s Ok with you,” I said, feeling a little nervous now.

“Get in and let’s go. I’ll think about it and let you know when I know,” he replied.

As he drove I could see that he was thinking hard what to do about this situation. I could sense that one part of him was probably screaming ‘Don’t do it, get her out of the car now and just leave her; it’s not your problem’ and another, physical part of him was reaching out to me. That part must have won out, as it had with me, because after we stopped at the conference venue, he gazed into my eyes and took my hands in his.

“Thank you, my love,” he said, and then kissed me gently on the lips.

We sat through the conference, separately. My thoughts were whirring. This was the first time I’d had an affair since my divorce. He was married; was I being fair to him? I could still back out, but part of me was screaming to go with it, enjoy it while I could. I didn’t know. All I did know was that when the conference session ended, we met outside and together we drove to his room at the resort and carried my case inside.

With few words we walked down to the beach, sitting on the still warm sand with the warm gentle breeze blowing through the palm trees, watching the white foam of the breaking waves as the light from the recently risen moon glinted on the water. It was one of the most romantic settings I have ever been in or seen. The type of setting that dreams are made of.

I rested my head on Joe’s shoulder, one arm around his waist, the other hand holding his. Quietly I began weeping, my sobs racking my body as tears rolled down my cheeks. After several minutes I calmed down a little, sniffed and spoke quietly, thoughtfully.

“I’m sorry, darling. I’ve been a completely self-centered idiot. I have only thought of my need for you, nothing about your situation if we spend nights together. You have a wife at home; what will she think? How will she feel? I have no right to tear your marriage apart. Let’s go back to your room, collect my bag and I’ll sleep on the beach tonight. I’m so, so sorry for what I’m doing to you, but I love you so much I just can’t stand it without you.”

“Oh sweetheart, I know you love me and I know that you seem to have fallen head over heels in love with niğde escort me, and I love you too and feel a deep love inside me for you. I have no idea how my wife will respond if we go ahead and have an affair. I think she will be deeply hurt and will certainly not trust me again. Yet I feel our love too and it’s so hard to ignore this passion.”

“You know, at the conference they were talking about living for the present. We’re in the present now and living it. The love we feel for each other is in the present. Imagine if the plane crashed on the way home and we hadn’t taken this opportunity for love. The future is uncertain, hypothetical. The present is all we ever have. I am happy to live in the present. Do you want to also?”

“Yes, I’m definitely enjoying the present, enjoying your company yet torn apart with doubts, all in the future. Maybe you’re right; maybe we should enjoy the present and face the future when we come to it. What’s that song say – If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with? Maybe that’s good advice. But maybe it’s not. I don’t know anymore.”

We lapsed into silence, listening to the calming effect of the ocean rollers pounding the beach, watching the moon climb higher into the sky, and feeling our love grow deeper by the second. Eventually we stirred ourselves, kissed and walked wordlessly, hand in hand up the beach to his, or should that be our, room.

Once inside it was as though a door opened. We kissed deeply, tongue wrestling for several minutes while our hands were busy removing what little clothing we each wore in the tropical night. Very soon, naked, we fell onto the bed, still hugging and kissing and pressing our bodies together as though each was trying to be a part of the other. It was a time beyond time, beyond reason, beyond physicality. I felt his hard penis find its way into my sopping vagina. Oh it was so great to be filled once again; it had been so long since I’d had a real cock in me. Somehow we made love while our souls communicated on a different plane and our minds were stilled by the raw passion unleashed by our union. With silent screams we both came hard, transcending the realms of the physical to the outer extremes of the universe before descending into the pit of guilt and remorse waiting beneath.

“Omigod, what have we done?” I sobbed. “I’m so sorry, so sorry. I had no right to drag you into this.”

“Hey, I’m a big person too. I went in with my eyes open but yes, I too regret what we’ve done. However, there’s no going back. What’s done is done. So we may as well enjoy it in the present. The time for recriminations will come soon enough.”

“Yes, I guess you’re right, darling.”

“Right now it’s time to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow with a 9am start so better get some sleep. Goodnight dearest.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

We kissed gently for several minutes then I curled up against him and we slept. I awoke at some stage and, by the moonlight filtering through the curtains, I watched him sleep, noting his regular soft breathing and lines on his face from many years of living. I marvelled that we could have found each other at this particular time and in this particular place. The old adage ‘everything is always absolutely perfect exactly as it is’ came to mind. Was this all really perfect? Time will tell, I thought as I drifted back to sleep, content for the moment.

We awoke at around 6am, our body clocks still not adjusted to local time, and we both had surges of panic as we realised where we were and who we were with. Reality is not always kind. However, our love for each other dominated and we kissed each other awake then made gentle passionate love, savouring each other’s body as we sought to give each other the pleasure that we most wished them to have. I lay on Joe, his penis firmly embedded in my vagina, my clitoris pressing against his pubic bone and for nearly half an hour I simply tensed and relaxed my vaginal muscles, squeezing and releasing his penis yet forbidding any movement that would bring us closer to our orgasms. After I felt he had been teased enough with my sweet torture, I moved slowly and gently, arousing both of us to highs neither had ever experienced before. He came, pouring what felt like gallons of cum into me, pushing me into my own mind-blowing orgasm. I bit his chest to muffle my scream as he held my pulsating body against him to prevent me falling from the bed.

Slowly we came down from our highs and I rolled off him. Lying beside him we gazed into each other’s eyes before kissing deeply and lovingly. After a few moments I sat up.

“Come on, we don’t have all day. Swim time, then shower, then breakfast then I guess we need to return to the conference,” I summarised.

He agreed with my program somewhat reluctantly and we both donned our swim gear and walked hand in hand to the beach. The water was still warm, the sand cool and the sun rising as we washed ourselves in the waves, removing all traces of our lovemaking, cuddling and kissing as the waves washed over us. We ran up the beach, behaving like kids, dried ourselves quickly, then back to a shared shower, dress for the conference, followed by a quick trip to a breakfast café before arriving at the conference with five minutes to spare.

The day was a day of agony and ecstasy, spending most of the time apart as we worked in pairs with different people between listening to keynote addresses, catching each other’s eye across the room on occasions. Lunch was spent together yet without touching; the afternoon was much the same as the morning and by the end of the day we were both suffering from the torture of being so close but so far apart. We drove back to our room and headed to the beach for a swim to cool off, after sharing kisses and cuddles as we changed into our swimwear. After a swim, sunbake to dry off and a change into street clothes again we walked along the beach to town and had dinner at a small, intimate café. The service was discreet, meals delicious, wine rich and flavoursome and company superb. After dinner we walked back along the beach, watching the moon rise out of the sea, cuddling, holding hands and doing all the things courting couples normally do, except talk about the future.

Back in our room we stripped each other naked once again and lay on the bed caressing and cuddling each other, cooling off under the aircon unit. Even at night the air temperature was over 80F and the humidity had climbed to over 90% with the approach of a tropical storm offshore. We were hot and sticky just staying still, certainly not conducive to lovemaking. We silently gave thanks for our efficient aircon system.

Our lovemaking session lasted several hours as we lazily, lovingly and carefully explored each other’s body, investigating what we each liked and disliked, how we responded to certain areas of stimulation, always aware of the other’s needs, desires and always ensuring that the other did not cum prematurely.

Later, we cuddled into each other, stimulating each other in the manner they preferred before I gently and erotically engulfed his penis with my talented vagina. This time I sat on him, cowgirl style, guiding his hands to my sensitive breasts, showing him how I liked my nipples caressed, squeezed and twisted as I became ever more horny. I reached behind and squeezed his balls, pulling them away from his body as he continued to massage my clitoris with his pubic bone.

After 20 minutes of gentle fucking, he began moving me in earnest, pushing me back and forth as I rose and fell, obviously enjoying the action. I closed my eyes and threw my head back in ecstasy, feeling the sensations surge through my body as they emanated from my clitoris. I was getting close and from his breathing I could tell he was also close. He reached up and squeezed and twisted my nipples while thrusting upwards, pressing my clit hard. This pushed us both over the edge and I felt his cum squirting against my cervix as I went into a shuddering orgasm, writhing and thrashing about on top of him as I came hard.

Once our ecstasy had subsided I lay gently on him as he cuddled me close, sharing sweat from our exertions. Within a few minutes I was asleep, still with his penis inside me. I vaguely felt him roll me off him and cuddle me before I drifted off to sleep once again.

The following morning was much like the previous. We woke early, made love, doggie style this time, then swam, showered, ate breakfast and drove to the venue for another day of the same. It was harder today because all we really wanted to do was sit on the beach and be together, but it was necessary for us to attend, even though our thoughts were very much with each other elsewhere. Lunchtime and the morning and afternoon breaks made welcome changes because we could sit and chat, but we had to be careful with what we said and how we behaved in public; we didn’t want others to realise how close we had become.

After we finished for the day we drove a short way down the coast where there was reputed to be a clothing optional beach. Once we found it, with several naked people sunbathing in the late afternoon sun, we stripped off and swam naked, enjoying the wonderful feeling of the water against all of our skin and the unrestricted movements of our bodies through the water. We stood in chest deep water and cuddled, holding each other closely and, as we kissed, I felt his penis press between my legs, ready for another adventure. I parted my legs and helped to ease his penis into my vagina, lubricated by both my fluids and sea water. Once he was inside me, I wrapped my legs around his hips and supported myself with my arms around his neck, my breasts pressing hard into his chest. As I was mostly submerged I was almost weightless enabling him to move inside me, stimulating my clitoris and sending wonderful sensations throughout my body.

“Oh darling, just keep doing that. It’s so wonderful, so relaxing and sweet.”

“Mmmm, I’m pleased you like it. You’re as light as a feather because you’re almost floating in the water so it’s really easy to move together with you,” he replied. “What else would you like me to do for you?”

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