Busted in Balloonville Ch. 07

Big Tits

Chapter 7: Down the Hall

Jeff was staring down behind the front desk of the Balloonville B&B at the pile of balloons that Janice had blown up, tied, and dropped, when he looked up and saw her disappearing into a door behind the desk. She turned and said, “Come on, do you want to see what happens to the balloons from the non-popping guests or not?” Jeff hurried to follow her through the door. He was curious to see what happened to all the balloons from the non-popping side of the hotel, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he would somehow get waylaid (if not just laid) on the way. Such things seemed to happen quite often in Balloonville.

“We have to be really careful with the balloons for non-poppers,” Janice said as she led Jeff down a long fluorescent-lit hallway. “Some are deathly afraid of popping balloons, and some get really really upset when balloons are popped. I can’t quite figure that out. I mean, they’re just balloons. Who cares if they get popped?”

Jeff had heard fellow looners on the forums talk about getting turned on by hearing women talk so callously about balloons. He never saw the appeal, but he realized that the words Janice was saying were really turning him on.

“I really don’t get it,” she continued. “I mean, we blow and pop hundreds of balloons every day. Hell, I’ve probably busted a dozen balloons today, and it’s not even the end of my shift. What’s the big deal? One balloon pops, you blow up another. The other day one of our non-poppers was in the lobby when the GL500 I was blowing up suddenly popped in my face. It must have been defective, because it wasn’t even blown up all the way. From the look on this guy’s face, I thought was going to cry. I felt bad, because it was a big balloon and the bang was pretty loud, but my goodness, you’d think I’d run over his cat instead of blowing a stupid balloon until it burst. And I didn’t even do it on purpose. Can you imagine what would have happened if I had blown to popping on purpose? The guy would have been catatonic.”

“You blow to pop on purpose?” Jeff asked.

“Not often, but if I’m blowing up a balloon when someone comes to the desk and they ask me to do it, or if they make an off-hand remark Onwin about wanting to see me bust it, and if I’m sure there are no non-poppers around, I’ll do it.”

“That’s nice of you,” Jeff said, his cock stiffening further at the thought of Janice blowing a balloon to bits by request. If only he had known that when she was inflating that big green monster just minutes before…

“Company policy,” Janice explained. “The customer gets what they want. If they want to see me blow a balloon until it busts, I blow it until it busts.”

“What, er, what did you do for the guy who was upset when you, uh, when you…” Jeff was wishing he’d taken a magazine to hide his rapidly growing bulge.

“When I blew that GL500 until ti popped? I apologized and we gave him a free dinner at the hotel restaurant, and he asked me if I would inflate another balloon for him, so I did. He was like a little kid. He wanted me to hold his hand, so I did. I held his hand while I blew up a big red Q24, and he was all smiles after that. The funny thing was, he wanted me to blow it up really, really big. You know how those Q24s go lightbulb-shaped. That’s what he wanted. Does that make any sense? I mean, if you were a non-popper, wouldn’t you want the balloon blown smaller?” She looked at him, as if he had all the answers,

“Er, I don’t know,” Jeff mumbled. “I guess.”

“Oh well,” Janice said. “Different strokes for different folks, I guess.”

Jeff looked down at the tent he was pitching in his pants. Different strokes, indeed.

“This is the kitchen,” she said as they passed one set of doors, “and that’s the laundry on the other side. Balloon testing over there…” Jeff just had time to see the back of a female figure framed by the giant green balloon she was inflating as they rushed by the window. “The balloon and inflatable companies always want us to try out their newest products, since we go through so many. And balloon training is in that room over there.”

“Balloon training?” Jeff asked. “What’s that?”

Janice stopped, looking amused. “Just what it sounds like,” she said. “Surely you don’t think all women just pop out of the womb able to blow like we can.”

“But I thought Onwin giriş you said you had to be able to blow a six-foot balloon to work here,” Jeff said, and the words coming out of his own mouth caused a tremor in his rock-hard member. He willed Janice to maintain eye contact and not look down.

“It’s not like they make us do that in the job interview,” Janice laughed. “I mean, you do have to blow up a couple of balloons, but not really big ones. And we definitely prefer people with some good blowing experience if we can get them. We like applicants who have played a wind instrument, and tuba players are pretty much guaranteed an interview. Especially if they were in a marching band. Those sousaphone girls have a lot of lungpower and lots of stamina. But experience isn’t required. Before I came to work here, I hadn’t blown anything other than my boyfriends.”

Jeff felt his cheeks grow hot. “You, uh… you blew… I mean, you’d never blown…”

“Nope. My brother was afraid of balloons popping, so we didn’t have them as a kid. We had beachballs and floats and stuff, but my mother always blew those up for us.”

“But you’re, uh… you’re…” Jeff could barely get the words out, because saying them were part of a fantasy he had been having since adolescence. He could practically feel the cum building up in his balls as he uttered the words. “You’re such, uh… such an amazing balloon blower.”

If the words were a huge embarrassment for Jeff, they didn’t seem to phase Janice at all.

“Thanks,” she said. “But it took a lot of practice. I could barely blow up a 12-inch balloon in my interview, and the Q260s? Forget it. No, I spent a lot of time huffing and puffing right behind that door.” She nodded towards the room, and as she did, there was a tremendous BANG.

“Sounds like someone is practicing. She must be working on the 16 inch balloons. Most of us practice on the smaller balloons first, but if she was blowing 12 inch balloons, we’d have heard more popping by now.”

Jeff was pretty sure Janice would soon be hearing the popping of his fly, which was straining to hold back his engorged cock.. He stammered, “What, uh, what kind of training do you, uh, have to do?”

“Oh, all kinds. Everyone starts out as an apprentice. They’ll help the maids inflate the smaller balloons, up to 18 inches or so, or they’ll work on lobby decorations with me. They’ll spend a lot of time blowing up pool toys, since that’s a great way to build stamina. You basically have a three-month probationary period before you have to complete your balloon test.”

“There’s a balloon test?” Jeff was sure he was about to soil his trousers.

“Yes,” Janice said. “First you have to blow up 50 16-inch balloons, totally necked and full, but not so big that they pop. They have to be perfect, and we test them by untying and blowing. If it takes more than two blows to pop ir, it doesn’t count. And, of course, if the girl blows it to bursting, it doesn’t count. More than ten mis-blows and you fail the test. Then you have to do the same thing with ten three-foot balloons. You have to blow two dozen Q260s. That part is easy, and they don’t have to pass the popping test, because it’s pretty easy to see when they’re full. Finally you have to blow a six foot balloon to popping, without stopping to rest. If you can do all that, you pass.”

“A six foot balloon, wow, that’s, uh… I didn’t think many people could do that. I mean, it’s got to be really, uh, really difficult.” Jeff said.

“It is,” Janice said. “And let me tell you, they get a fuck-load bigger than six feet before they finally explode. But we all have do it. Mrs. Inflar insists.”

“So… everyone who works here… they’ve… uh…”

“Yes,” Janice said with a gleam in her eye. “Every woman you see here has blown up a six-foot balloon until it pops. Including me.”

And then Janice did the very last thing Jeff expected. She leaned close until her lips were brushing his ear, and he felt his hand wander down to his crotch. “It was the biggest balloon I had ever seen,” she whispered,, “but I blew… she emphasized this last word with a squeeze of his trousers. “And blew…” squeeze… “And blew…” squeeze… “and blew…” squeeze… “until…”

Jeff was sure he was about to blow a load of jizz right into Jancie’s hand, when there was another tremendous BANG from behind the door.

“Until that,” Janice said, stepping back. Jeff’s cock began to ache as he was hit with an instant case of blue balls. “Let’s go take a look,” and she opened the door.

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