Bringing The Family Together Ch. 01



Author’s Note: This is the first chapter of a three part story.


“I’m home.”

Kathy’s heart rose as she heard her sister’s voice, followed by the urgent slamming of the front door. It was always like this now. Every time she saw her, heard her, her mouth went dry and her heart seemed to beat just that little bit faster. Of course it hadn’t always been like this. She’d always been close to her sister, despite the four years between them. But it had been like this for the last five months.

Since they’d become lovers.

Kathy met Suzy in the hallway. They stopped and stared at each other for just a moment before taking that last step and falling into each others embrace. Kathy felt Suzy’s arms sliding around her waist just as she draped hers around her sister’s neck. They kissed gently, their lips moving easily against each other. Suzy’s tongue appeared first, licking slowly along Kathy’s lips before slipping between them. Kathy moaned against her sister’s mouth, against her invasion, her nipples throbbing as their tongues danced together.

Suzy could feel her own body responding to Kathy’s, her sisters responding to hers. She felt a flood of wetness to her pussy. She could hardly believe that they had only been apart for an hour — or that she had left their bed to run the errand that she had just returned from after getting the phone call they’d been hoping for that day.

They broke their kiss breathlessly and stepped apart. Suzy held her sisters arms, glancing down to where she knew her nipples would be threatening to break through the long tee shirt that was all her sister was wearing.

“Did you get it? Did you open it?” Kathy asked at last.

“Yes,” Suzy told her with a husky laugh, before adding as she took Kathy’s hand, “And no … let’s open it together … and try it.”


It had all started fifteen months earlier. The phone call had come in the middle of the night, the sort of phone call you dread, the sort that nothing can ever prepare you for.

The call had been surprisingly short. But by the end of it, Kathy knew that Dick, her husband of almost twenty years, was dead. There had been an accident — a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road and it was all over. Dick had never stood a chance.

Kathy had been numb for weeks afterwards. During the funeral, she had clung to Jason, her eighteen year old son, and to Suzy. A week after the funeral, she had insisted that Jason go back to College, that Suzy go back to her own husband, that she wanted to be alone.

She had roamed through the huge house, with its secluded gardens and outdoor pool, wondering what would become of her. The house was highly mortgaged, a decision they had taken based on Dick’s glittering future at the company he’d worked for since leaving university. But a few weeks later, Kathy had realised that Dick was still looking after her. The mortgage was insured, Dick’s life was insured, his company had him insured. Suddenly, Kathy was a rich woman, with a large house free of any debt, a healthy income from Dick’s pension plans, and more money in the bank than she could spend.

For several months she struggled on alone, buoyed by Jason’s breaks from College, and an occasional visit from Suzy. Despite her financial position, Kathy kept working, staying on as a part time graphic designer, a job she loved and had done for the last five years.

But seven months after Dick died, the phone rang again in the middle of the night.

Kathy’s heart was pounding as she sat bolt upright in bed, the ringing of the phone tearing through her head as if it had physically reached out and shaken her awake. Her hand was shaking as she reached out for the phone, hardly daring to touch it, let alone pick it up and speak, as all sorts of terrible thoughts rushed through her head.

“No,” she told herself, “No … no … no … not Jason … not again …”

But it was Suzy.

Kathy knew straight away that her sister was upset, was crying, that something was wrong.

“Kathy,” she’d wailed.

It took a few minutes to get it out of her, but Doug, Suzy’s drunk of a husband, had gone one step too far — and had hit her. For Suzy, once was once too often, and she had stormed out of the house, a marriage that for her had been disintegrating for years finally over. She had wandered the streets for hours, numb at the suddenness of something she had known for a long time was inevitable. In the end, as she woke up the dangers of walking the streets alone at night, she had phoned her sister.

“I’m coming for you,” she told her younger sister straightway, already grabbing whatever clothes were within reach.

“Okay,” the relief obvious in Suzy’s voice.

“Where are you?” Kathy had continued, pulling a sweatshirt on over the tee shirt she habitually wore to bed.

“Near the shops.”

Kathy knew immediately where Suzy meant. Despite the size of the city, there was only one “the bursa suriyeli escort escort shops” to them.

“Go into MacDonald’s, you’ll be safe there,” Kathy told her, taking control as she dragged her jeans on as quickly as she could, any thoughts of underwear forgotten.

She staggered along the hallway, grabbing her mobile phone and keys from the hall table before rushing outside, just about remembering to slam the door behind her.

As soon as she was in the car, Kathy pushed her phone into the hands free cradle and phoned Suzy’s mobile. She spoke to her as she raced the five miles into the city centre in record time. She spoke to Suzy to make sure that she was safe, never mentioning what had happened between her and Doug. As she screeched to a halt outside MacDonald’s, Suzy burst through the door. They clung to each other in the front of the car before Kathy drove home in silence.

It was only when they were safely in Kathy’s kitchen, the two of them sat across the table from each other nursing steaming cups of cocoa that Suzy broke down and the whole story poured out. Kathy let her speak, hardly saying a word as everything poured out. Suzy spoke rapidly, tears running down her cheeks as she told Kathy everything she’d wanted to tell her for so long, but hadn’t as Kathy had so much on her mind already. Kathy cried as well, for herself, for Suzy, for what they’d lost, because she hadn’t been there for her sister.

The next day they both missed work. Suzy borrowed some of Kathy’s clothes and they lounged around, talking about everything they wished they’d spoken about before. It was clear that there was no going back for Suzy.

“Stay here,” Kathy told her.

“Okay,” Suzy said slowly, “But only until I get sorted.”

“Stay as long as you like,” Kathy laughed, “In this place, I’d hardly see you anyway.”

They both laughed as Kathy waved her arm, gesturing at the huge single storey house that seemed to reach out in all directions.

“What about clothes?” Kathy asked suddenly, “You can borrow mine for now, but what about yours?”

“I’m not going back, not even for my clothes,” Suzy declared defiantly, “Not for anything!”

“Let me treat you then,” Kathy said quickly.

They looked at each other. Kathy knew that Suzy could be a little sensitive about their differing financial circumstances, especially since Dick had died. But after just a second, Suzy grinned.

“Yes,” she declared, “Thank you … that would be great … I would love a treat … and maybe we could get you something as well.”

They laughed together after that, before starting to make plans for their shopping trip the next day.


They hit the shops early. As Suzy had nothing but the clothes she’d arrived in, they both knew that it would be a long day — but one they were looking forward to. They wandered through a few shops first, until the arrived at a larger store that they both liked. After half an hour, they staggered into the changing rooms, laden down with clothes to try on.

The shop assistant pointed them towards a larger changing room that they could share. It was plenty big enough for both of them, with a large mirrored wall along one side. Suzy pulled the curtained divider closed behind them, while Kathy hung the clothes up on the hooks spread out along one wall. By the time Kathy turned around, Suzy was already stripping off her own clothes.

For a moment, Kathy watched, suddenly embarrassed at seeing her sister half naked. It was a long time since she’d been in this position, and even longer since anyone but Dick had seen her undressing. The thought of Dick sent a pang of need through her body, and she had to shake her head to control herself. Suzy looked up as she reached up her back to unclip her bra, shrugging her shoulders as the straps slid down her arms.

“Come on,” she encouraged Kathy, “Hurry up!”

Kathy started to undress, but couldn’t resist the odd glance at her sister. At 36, Suzy still looked stunning. She had always been fit, with a well toned body that just seemed to naturally look after itself. Her legs were long and slender, her stomach flat. Her waist seemed tiny, nipping in above the flair of her hips and her still taut ass. But it was her breasts that always astonished Kathy. They would seem too big for such a slender frame on anyone but Suzy. On her, they looked just perfect, full and firm, her pale pink, conical shaped nipples perched at the tips as her breasts as they seemed to sweep upwards.

She couldn’t help but notice that Suzy’s body was tanned a golden brown, her breasts as well. Even her ass was brown, just an odd paler piece of skin betraying the thong she had so obviously worn. Kathy knew that Suzy loved her holidays in the sun, and would save for those above all else. Her tan showed that even the cheapest hotel still benefited from the same sun as there more expensive neighbours.

Kathy blushed as she realised bursa ucuz escort that Suzy was looking at her, that she had been staring.

“Come on,” Suzy encouraged her, “Try yours on as well.”

Kathy undressed quickly after that, conscious of her own body — and of the pangs in her belly – now that she had glanced, more than glanced, at Suzy. Although she was four years older than her sister, they had always been close. Even so, it was a long time since Suzy had seen her undressed like this. Kathy thought that she still looked good for her age, and could still turn a few heads, but it was largely due to the long hours she spent in the gym.

Her full, rounded breasts where only just showing signs of sagging, while her ass was still firm and capable of drawing the admiring glances. Her waist still pinched in, while her hips were nicely rounded. While Suzy’s blonde hair was fashionably short, Kathy’s hung around her shoulders, largely neglected since Dick had died. But their faces left no-one in any doubt that they were sisters, the two of them sharing the same generous mouth’s and alert eyes, the same sprinkling of freckles.

“Wow,” Suzy exclaimed, looking at Kathy as she checked out her new lingerie in the mirror.

They laughed, complimenting each other before the two of reached out for the first of the many outfits they’d picked up. But Kathy couldn’t shake the sight of her naked sister from her mind — and nor could Suzy forget the look in her sister’s eyes.


The next few months flew by. Kathy felt happier than she had done since Dick had died, enjoying her younger sister’s company. Jason, her son, came home for a week from College and immediately noticed the difference in his Mother. Suzy was happier as well, relieved that at least her problems with Doug where out in the open. Doug had made no attempt to contact her, and she was happy to leave it that way.

Kathy carried on with her job, working most weekday mornings, while Suzy came and went, enjoying working for herself as a copywriter, enjoying the freedom and flexibility it gave her.

The sister’s enjoyed each others company around the house, but equally they could lose each other if they wanted to be alone.

But all that changed late one night in the early spring.


Suzy was lying in bed reading when she heard the sounds of sobbing from Kathy’s room. She had become used to it, but the episodes had become less often over recent weeks so it did take her a little bit by surprise — as did the intensity of the heart wrenching sobs she could hear. She had learnt to leave her sister alone, but still wondered how she coped. But tonight something felt, something sounded, different. After listening for a few minutes, Suzy slipped out of bed and reached for her silk robe to cover her nakedness.

She paused at the door that separated their two bedrooms, her hand resting on the handle while she listened to her sister. Something was different, and when one sob seemed to wrench her sister apart, Suzy pushed the door handle down and went to Kathy.

Kathy looked up, her eyes red. She was sat up in bed, the sheets pulled up to her neck. Suzy slipped onto the bed beside her, and hugged her sister to her. They clung to each other for a few long minutes until Kathy calmed down.

“I miss him so much,” Kathy murmured at last.

“I know,” Suzy told her, her hand sliding slowly up and down Kathy’s back.

“I miss being held,” Kathy went on, as if Suzy hadn’t spoken, “I miss the feel of another person against me, the feel of someone holding me, of my skin against theirs, of their hands on me ….”

She stopped suddenly, as if she was only just aware of what she was saying, of what she was confessing.

“I miss it too,” Suzy told her, “The warmth … the touch … the intimacy …”

“The feel of warm skin against me,” Kathy added, “Of lips on mine, on me …”

As she spoke, Kathy turned towards Suzy, the sheet dropping away from her as she moved. Suzy couldn’t help but look, her eyes dropping to her sister’s breasts, to her dark, swollen nipples.

“Hold me,” Kathy gasped, “I need to be held.”

Without thinking, Suzy shrugged her robe off and pulled her sister to her. They hugged tightly, their breasts pressed together.

And then it happened.

All their desires, their frustrations, their needs, burst to the fore and they were kissing, hot, needy kisses that sent pleasure they hadn’t known for a long time crashing through them. Their tongues met, dancing, thrusting, loving, until they jerked apart, gasping for breath, staring at each other.

“This is wrong…”

“No … no … its right … so right …”

Later, neither of them knew who had said what, but now they fell back into each others arms, their hands reaching for each others breasts, for their nipples.

They pressed their hungry bodies to each other, not really knowing what they were doing bursa üniversiteli escort as they kissed and touched. Their legs became entwined, and then their pussies found each other, grinding against each other until they were shocked by the strength of the orgasms that crashed through their bodies, that they so desperately needed. Afterwards, they held each other, neither of them speaking until their hungry kisses began again, hot, needy, wanton kisses that came from the desire deep within their bodies.

Suzy broke their kiss first, but only so that she could push her sister back before dipping her head and drawing Kathy’s hot flesh into her mouth, her nipple, then her breast, kissing, licking, sucking. Her hand swept downwards, over her sister’s belly until she was cupping her mound, the dense hair tickling her hand as her fingers sought and found the wetness beneath. Kathy cried out as she came again, as the first touch of Suzy’s inquisitive fingers sent pleasure rushing through her.

Later, it was Kathy’s turn to reach out to Suzy, watching, feeling, her pink nipples turn into dark, erect peaks under her tongue, later marvelling at how hot, how wet, how tight, her sister’s pussy felt around her plunging fingers.

Later still, they slept in each others arms, clinging together like scared children, neither of them sure of what had happened — but sure that they wanted more.


Kathy woke first, her brain registering surprise at Suzy being beside her, one arm flung over her. She still hadn’t woken up enough to put the pieces together when the deep sense of pleasure she was still feeling inside her reminded her.

She gasped, her hand flying to her mouth.

“What have we done?” she whispered to herself.

“Nothing we should be ashamed of … or be afraid of doing again,” Suzy answered, looking up at her sister.

Kathy stared at Suzy as she sat up, the sheets falling away from her firm body. She couldn’t stop herself from looking down at her sister’s breasts, watching as her nipples changed, as the soft, pink flesh darkened and puckered under her gaze, as they swelled and hardened, as her own nipples tightened, as her pussy throbbed.

“This is so wrong …” she muttered as she pulled Suzy to her, her mouth, her hands, her whole body, seeking out her sister.


By the time that Kathy returned from work a few hours later, her mind was made up. It had to stop. They had to stop. Yes, being with Suzy had felt good, had been good, but it was wrong, so wrong. After all, she told herself, they were sisters.

But all her resolve had disappeared as soon as she saw Suzy again, and then they just fell into each others arms, their clothes falling where they dropped them, a trail leading to Suzy’s room, the first bedroom they staggered into.

And it was Kathy who took things further than before, who kissed her sister’s pebble like nipples before starting a trail of kisses that led across Suzy’s flat belly — and lower.

She moaned softly and stretched her taut body out on the bed as she felt her sister’s body sliding over hers. She reached for Kathy’s hand, pulling it to her mouth to suck her own juices from her fingers, fingers that only seconds before had been deep inside her. Kathy watched, her own pussy throbbing, before pulling her hand back and sliding lower until she was kneeling between her sister’s outstretched legs, gazing back up at her sexy, beautiful body.

Her breasts swayed forward as Kathy dipped her head, as Suzy felt her sister’s lips soft against the short, soft hair that did little to hide her clit, and even less to hide her wet, inviting pussy. Kathy stared at her sister’s wetness, wanting more than anything to taste, to pleasure her, to kiss and lick and suck a pussy for the first time.

“Please …” Suzy moaned.

And then Kathy’s mouth was on her, her tongue inside her, licking, sucking, kissing.

Kathy had never known anything like it as her sister writhed beneath her, pushing her hips up to meet her thrusting tongue. At first, she didn’t know what she should do, but then it felt so natural as her mouth and tongue moved over her sister. Suzy came quickly, a flood of juices filling Kathy’s mouth. Kathy moved over her sister then, pressing her naked body to Suzy’s as they kissed, as they shared Suzy’s taste until she took her turn, pushing Kathy onto her back and then taking her time, savouring her sister’s body until she cried out her name, her juices flowing down between her taut cheeks as she came.

As her sister came, Suzy lapped gently at her clit and pussy. Once she was calm, she kissed slowly along the inside of her sister’s thighs before making her way back to her pussy. Then, after only a moments hesitation, she moved to straddle her sister, lowering her own pussy towards Kathy’s eager mouth as she slipped her tongue back inside her sister once again.

Later, they held each other, softly caressing each other as they talked. They ate downstairs in just their dressing gowns before curling up together on the settee together to watch TV, both knowing how the evening would end. As they watched the screen in front of them, their hands reached out easily for each other.

“I love your smoothness,” Kathy told her sister as she cupped her hand around her mound and stroked the short hair that barely covered it.

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