Boyfriend Girlfriend 5


After an hour or so I got up. I’m going to get a drink I said, do you want anything, I asked. No I’m ok she answered. Her eyes locking onto the bulge in my pants. I went to the kitchen to get a pop. When I came out my little sister was sitting up. She had pulled her hair back up, and I then noticed she had undone 2 buttons on the shirt she was wearing. I just stood there and stared for a second. I could clearly see the smooth tan skin between her little tits, and see the upper part of her 6 pak. My cock began to swell and get harder. I looked at her face and she was staring at my growing bulge, with her lips parted.

I walked in and sat back down. Her eyes followed my bulge. As I drank my pop she asked, so you have only had 2 girlfriends then? Yes I said as I turned to look at her. Ever had any one night stands? No I haven’t actually. Why, she asked. I just never tried I suppose. She adjusted herself and faced me. Her shirt opened a lot and I could almost see her nipples. I could see her little tit mounds on the side and I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Do you remember the game we use to play, she asked. Oh yeah I remember that. I replied. That was so hot, she whispered. I know it was, I still remember it like it was yesterday. Me too she said. I still have pictures of you on my camera from that day. Yeah, I asked. Yeah I do, only your much hotter now, she said in a seductive tone. What does it feel like to, you know, to have a hard boner. I turned to her and said, I can’t really explain it. It just feels really good! Like it needs something warm and wet to surround it and tightly squeeze and message it, I replied. Does it feel like that now, she asked. Her breath was quickening. I looked at her and said, yeah it does. I’m really horny right now. Me too, she replied.

I think I’m going to go get a movie I said. What movie are you going to get? Oh I don’t know I guess ill find out though. Can I come, she asked? I’m not going to that kind of movie store Malia, I answered. I think I’m going to go get some porn. Oh my god, the look on her face at that moment made my cock jump. Mmmmhh I wanna go, she whimpered. I couldn’t take it. I wanted her so bad my cock was leaving a wet spot in my boxer briefs. Ok I answered, but your my sister, it’ll be weird for a brother and sister to go into a porn shop together. Plus you’re only 17. I have a fake Id. and ill think about the other part. Don’t worry your sexy little head off, ill think of something.

She ran out of the room. I stood up and went to mine and put a button down shirt on. I went back and sat on the couch. When my little sister came out I couldn’t breath! She had her hair up, and she looked so fucking hot she is lucky I didn’t try to fuck her right then and there! I stood up and she saw a very noticeable bulge in my pants. She just stared at it as she bit her lower lip.

How do I look, she asked. She had on a very short skirt. Her top left very little to the imagination. It drooped down almost her belly. It was a middrif as well, showing off her amazing abs, and her belly ring. Her little tits were almost visible. If she were to bend over I would be able to see them clearly. She turned around, and all I saw on her back was a small gold chain looking strap, smaller than a spaghetti noodle. And one around her neck. The only fabric was in front, and looked like it just hung off of her shoulders. I could see the sides of her little teen tits! You look so fucking hot right now I replied. I was hoping you would say that she said. Her skirt was so small and short What you don’t like it she asked. Oh god yeah I like it I said. Good , I was hoping for that too.

She walked up to me. Now can I do something she asked. Yes you can. She started unbuttoning my shirt and left only 3 done. There she said. You look so hot now, she said as she ran her fingers along my exposed skin. God you’re so sexy she whispered. Now listen she said. I have an idea to solve our issue.

When we get there we need to play boyfriend girlfriend, she said. Ok I replied. Your ok with that? Yes I am I answered. Because if we are going to pretend to be a real horny couple, we need to act like it, she said softly as she got as close to me as possible. Well I am horny as hell I said as she looked up into my eyes. We should practice she whispered. She slid her arms up and around my neck, and pulled me down. She kissed me lightly. I kissed her back. Soon we were making out heavily. Both of us breathing hard as our tounges wrestled. We soon stopped. She backed up a little. Wow, you’re a great kisser she said. We better go before I do something I shouldn’t.

We have to act normal when we walk out the door she said. I know, I replied. We walked out to my truck and started to leave. Mom was outside, she was jogging in the late evening cause it was cooler then. She stopped us. What are you all doing she asked. Oh we are just going to go get some food and a movie I said. Yeah we are, said my sister. Ok well be careful, and Malia what have I told you about those outfits. You need to be careful. You look like a slut! Ok mom she said as we started driving away. I think you look extremely hot and sexy, I said. Thanks, she said with a very sexy look on her face.

Before we even arrived to the porn shop the act was back on! She grabbed my hand, and held it. She scooted as close to me as she could, with the center console between us. She placed my hand on to her thigh. Her skin was so smooth and soft. My cock was throbbing. When we came to a stop light, I would take my hand off the wheel and stroke my throbbing cock through my jeans. She would watch my hand the whole time. Wow hhh you really are horny aren’t you, she asked. Yeah I am. Me too she said.

We arrived there and I went and opened her door. As she climbed out of the truck, I got a glimpse of her small panties. It was hard to not notice the wet spot on them. I also saw that her inner thighs were shiny from her leaking juices. She had no idea I had seen that. We went in the store and showed our ids. We then started walking around, and looking for a video we could agree on.

My sexy little sister was all over me that whole time. I was loving it, and it was also making my cock throb even more! We would kiss very passionately. She wanted to go look at some other movies. We split up with a very passionate and long kiss. We went to different sides of the store. I went to her side of the store within a few minutes. I found her bent over. I had to grab my throbbing cock and squeeze it a little. Her ass was showing. Her skirt had rode up and the bottom part of her sexy little teen ass was almost completely exposed. Her legs were spread open so I could see her panties with hardly any obstruction. I could clearly see a wet spot right around her pussy. I then stroked my hard cock a few times, as I wondered if she was doing this to show me how wet she was.

I approached her and stood next to her. I didn’t find anything over there, I said. Ok babe, she replied. I started acting like I was looking at other movies, as I got my throbbing bulge close to her face. I only stood there for a few minutes. I wanted her to see how hard she was making me. I looked down and saw her looking right at my bulge. She licked her lips and went back to looking. You find anything yet, I asked. No not yet, its kind of hard for me to concentrate with that hard dick of yours in my face, she said quietly with a shaky voice. Sorry about that, I said. Don’t be she said as she looked into my eyes. Sex hikayeleri Its beautiful, and my friend was right. Tara wasn’t lying, it looks big, she whispered.

As she remained bent over I slid my hand from the small of her back and ran my hand over onto her ass. My hand found her exposed as cheeks and I rubbed them gently. She shivered and sighed. She started breathing harder, and whimpered a little. I purposefully ran my fingers along her ass crack and down to the sides of her soaked pussy. She a great deal of moisture on her inner thighs. She stood up, as I moved my hand to her bare back.

She looked directly into my eyes. you probably should stop that, she whispered. Why is that I asked. Cause you’re making me very wet, she said as her finger rested on my throbbing cock! You’re already wet, I replied. So sue me, she whispered. I began to kiss her hard. As we kissed, her hand slid across my throbbing cock sending an electric pulse through my body. Her hand then slid up into my shirt and began to rub my stomach, and up to my chest. Our tounges dancing, twisting, and messaging each other. We broke the kiss. Then she backed up and looked down at my bulge. Your so hard, she whispered. So sue me, I replied. She giggled then looked at the movies again.

What are you looking for I asked. I’m looking for one that has a lesbian scene in it, or maybe a threesome with 2 girls. I didn’t know you liked that kind of stuff. She got a very lust full look on her face. I do, she replied. Now look for one that has teen girls in it, with older guys. So I began to look with her. Once she found one, she asked me to come look. I went over, and it was a barely legal video. I looked more and decided that th was the one we would get. She agreed, and so we went to check out.

We got our movie and as she got into the truck, she opened her legs wide on purpose, all the while watching my face. I looked down and saw her soaked panties. She bit the corner of her lower lip as I looked at her wet covered pussy. She remained still allowing me a really good look. Then she put her legs in. I leaned in and kissed her hard. My hand then slipped into the opening of her shirt. I slid my hand to the soft teen flesh between her little tits. She arched her hack as I lightly caressed her skin. I broke the kiss, as she moaned in disappointment. I closed her door and got in to drive home. On the way home I began to hear her whimper. I started hearing the wet little sloshing noises from her fingers on her clit and in her pussy. She sounded so wet. I reached down and started stroking my cock, as I asked, are you playing with you pussy? Mm hmm, she replied. I can’t help it, you turned me on so…. Uhhh so bad. I’ve never been this wet! God you make me so horny, she said.

When we got home, it was all I could do to keep my hands off of her. We got in the door unnoticed. Once we got in, she turned around and kissed me hard. Ok, she said, I’m going to go get comfortable. You do the same, and try to dress as sexy as you possibly can, and ill do the same.

I went into my room. I immediately stripped down. I didn’t care if she saw my cock bulging anymore. In fact I wanted her to! I decided to wear the tightest boxer briefs I owned. I got them from Allison. I had modeled them for her and she put the pics on the net. I put them on adjusting my hard cock so I didn’t poke out of the top. My cock was so big It would have easily! I put my robe on to surprise her with it, because any doubt I ever had about her wanting me was all gone now. I went to the living room. I heard her yell, you can put that movie in if you want, just don’t start it without me. Ok I answered. I put the DVD in and went to the root menu and waited.

When my little sister Malia came out I about choked. She had a black see thru robe on. I could clearly see her very small black bra. Very lacy and see through as well. Her thong was matching, and it was see through as well. There was no doubt that she shaved her pussy clean. Her hair was down and looked like she had done it up. Oh my god, I whispered. You like, she asked. Too bad your my sister, I would so fuck you right now. That’s what I was going for, she said.

We started the movie. As we watched the movie I would rub my throbbing cock as my little sister watched. She would turn and watch the movie as well. She would make comments like, god I wish a guy would do that to me, and that looks like it would feel sooo gooood. She was rubbing her pussy as well. I could hear her wetness so clearly, that it would make my cock throb so hard it almost hurt. I stood up and asked her if she wanted a drink. Yeah ill have a pop. So I went to the kitchen and got our pops. Before I went in, I untied my robe and let if fall all the way open. I grabbed the sodas, and went back to the living room.

When I stepped in, Malia looked at me, then my covered cock. Her eyes got really big, her mouth gaped open as she gasped. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, she said softly. She just stared at my covered cock as I walked into the room. Is this sexy enough for you I asked her. She couldn’t speak, so she just nodded. Then she bit her lower lip as I got as close to her as I could. She reached up and almost started to touch my cock but she stopped. Her hand immediately dropped to her pussy and started playing with her clit. She began to moan and whimper a little as she stared at my cock. Jesus Christ, she moaned. I heard your cock was big, but I didn’t know it was that big, god, she said in a breathy seductive voice. Its so hard too she whispered. She sat up to get a closer look at it. Her other hand cupped her little tits and pinched her nipples.

I can’t help it, I told her. You are making me this hard. She looked into my eyes and said, oh god I was hoping I would! Your making my pussy so wet too. Good I wanted to, I replied. Mmmm, she moaned as I slipped my hand to my cock and started rubbing it I then sat down. The whole time my sexy little sister stared at my cock. Isn’t that hot, she asked looking at the screen. I looked over and the guy on the screen was blowing his wad on two sexy teen girls faces. Then the girls started licking the cum off of each others faces, and making out!

As the scene faded, I looked at Malia and she was watching me stroke my cock. She looked up at me and asked, so have you ever had a one night stand? You already asked me that I answered. I know but I want to hear it again. No I never have I answered. So why do you like lesbian scenes, I asked. Because I’m bi, she answered. My cock jumped at her answer. So have you ever had sex with a girl before? Yes, she said. Did you like it. Yes. Have you ever had a threesome she asked. No I never have, I answered. Hmmm that’s too bad, you look like you have more than enough to satisfy two girls. What’s your favorite thing to do with a girl I asked. I love eating pussy, she answered. Wow, sounds like we are a lot a like! I love eating pussy too, I said. She moaned, oh wow, that’s hot she whispered. Ill have to remember that. I love sucking cock too, she said. Hmmm I’m going to have to remember that, I said. Yeah you will, she said.

So what made you decide you liked girls too. Well I am not really sure. My friend and I were talking about it one day after cheer practice. We decided to experiment. And that’s when I knew I was bi. My friend and I have had a lot of sex together and other girls. How many, I asked. Not sure about 8 or 9 I think. Five of them all at once on more than one occasion. Sikiş hikayeleri So do mom and dad know? Yes and they are ok with it, she said. I look at it this way now and have since then , you are in just as much control with who you are sexually attracted to, as when it rains. Wow, I like your philosophy I said to her. You should, it might benefit you and that big cock of yours, she said. My cock jumped.

So when we played our game that one time, did you like it, she asked. God yes, yes I said. I still think about it sometimes. Me too she said. I have played with my pussy so many times, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had orgasms thinking about that day. Do you ever jerk off thinking about it? Almost every time, I said. Like you are now, she asked. The only difference is that my cock is in my hand and not my under wear. I wouldn’t mind seeing that she said. My cock jumped again. I remember it felt so good feeling your pussy grind on my cock, I said. Oh you have no idea how good it felt on my little pussy she said.

Do you remember when I told you to never expect it to happen again, she asked. She sat up as I nodded my head. She moved closer and kissed me on the mouth. She then slid closer to me and said, well baby, I hope your expecting it tonight, cause I really want to do that again. She placed her small hand on the hand I was using to stroke my hard cock. She moved my hand out of the way and started kissing me hard. Are you expecting it now she asked as she put her hand on my cock and squeezed it gently. Oh god yeah, I whispered. Good, she said as she began to kiss me hard. Her little hand began to slide up and down the length of my hard cock. Its so thick, she whispered.

I reached my hand down and slid it onto her soft teen thigh, and began to gently glide my fingers toward her pussy. She stopped kissing me, and rested her forehead against mine, looking directly into my eyes. She spread her legs wider as I neared her pussy. Soon my fingers felt wetness when I reached her panties. I then slid my middle finger onto her pussy and began to stroke her pussy slit through her panties. She took in a sharp breath as my finger made contact, her eyes opened wide. Her mouth dropped open as well.

Her hand slid up and down my covered cock as I played with her pussy. Her breath was becoming more and more ragged with each of my strokes. Her hips began to move in time with my finger, back and forth, back and forth. I began to tremble as my hot little sister messaged my cock. We continued to stare in each others eyes. When I made contact with her clit, she whimpered, and we began to kiss harder and full of lust!

We stopped kissing. How long have you waited for this, I asked. She whimpered. For a long time she moaned softly. Yeah I asked. She just nodded her head as she continued to moan. How long? Since the first time we almost had sex, she replied softly. It only intensified it more when you sent those really hot pictures of yourself in your gear, without a coat or a shirt. You liked that huh, I asked. Mm m yeah, it made me so wet.

What about you she asked. I moved my hand and she began to grind her pussy on my leg. I’ve been hoping for this since our first time too. Yeah she asked. I just nodded as my hand slipped over her little tits. I slid a bra strap down far enough to expose everything above her nipple. Your so sexy, I said. What made you want to do this this bad, she asked as she whimpered. Since you accidentally sent me a topless picture of your sexy body, you only had a thong on. The look on your face made me so fucking hard. That was no accident she moaned. I was trying to make you want me. Oh god, I moaned, it worked.

Yeah, she asked as I slid my hand into her bra and gently cupped her soft, smooth, perky teen tit. She moaned at my touch and she began to climb onto me. I’ve been wanting this so bad, she moaned in pure lust. She then took her robe off and reached behind herself, and undid her bra. As it began to fall off she asked, do you still like small tits baby? My cock jumped as both of her small b cup tits came out. I looked up at her, she had the corner of her bottom lip in her mouth. I nodded as I reached up and began to gently message them. She jumped and shivered as I felt them, and pinched her nipples. She began to grind her pussy on my hard cock. She threw her head back and moaned. I sat up and began to suck my little sisters tits. Oh Alan, she moaned. Yeah baby uhhhhh. Mmmm your cock feels so good! I couldn’t take it any more. I pulled her down and began to kiss her hard. She moaned the whole time.

The sound of her little voice moaning and whimpering almost sent me over the edge! I began to thrust my hips in time with hers. I put one hand on her ass and helped her thrust. She was grinding her pussy so hard on my cock, and I was grinding my cock on her pussy! I reached down with my other hand and touched her clit. She just shook, and her pussy jerked as she slid it up and down the length of my hard cock.

My boxer briefs were soaked from her pussy. I began to work her clit in slow circles. She began to tremble all over her body, and she was whimpering with every spasm. Oh god, she moaned. Oh my god, oh god baby uhhhh! She was grinding my cock so hard that it was now facing straight up. When her wet panty covered pussy lips made contact with the 3 inches of bare cock, she jumped! Mmmmhhh she moaned as she concentrated on the exposed part of my throbbing cock. I did my best to pull my boxer briefs down more. I got my whole cock out, somehow with out her noticing. Then I reached for her panties. I pulled them to the side. Soon her bare pussy was grinding on my bare cock.

Chills ran through my body! Oooohh god I moaned! I could hear her wetness as she slid her pussy on me. We kissed hard. Our tounges messaging each others. When she pulled back she had the sexiest smile! Too bad your my sister baby, I whispered. Why is that uhhh, she moaned. I would let my cock slide into your pussy! Oh god I would love that she exclaimed. If you weren’t my brother I would have had this big cock of yours in me already.

We began to speed up our grinding. It got harder too! She was whimpering and moaning. I reached down and started rubbing her clit again! She began to jerk again. I’m gonna cum, she moaned. Oh god, oh my god oh my go uhhhhh, she moaned. Her whole body was shaking violently. She tensed up, and her eyes rolled back. She stopped breathing. Seconds later I felt a warm gush of fluid spray from her pussy. I then felt my balls tighten, and feel tingly. I began to shake. I’m gonna cum baby, I warned. She wasn’t down from her orgasm as she shot more and more fluid from her little bald pussy! Them my cock erupted! A huge shot of cum, after huge shot spurted from my cock! We we’re both moaning as we both had the most intense orgasm we have ever had in our lives. After what seemed like hours, we both collapsed! We both just layed there. Breathing and panting. I looked over at my little sister as she had fallen off of me. Her eyes were half shut, as she layed there jerking violently.

Once we both came down from the orgasms of our lives we just looked at each other. Wow, she said, my big brother sure knows how to get a girl off, Jesus! I have never cum so hard! She started to run her little fingers through my cum. It was all over my belly and up on my chest. I’ve never seen this much cum from a guy either, she whispered as she began to kiss me again.

My cock was almost Erotik hikaye all the way down when she looked at it. It was almost completely soft. It was very sensitive. As we kissed I felt her reach down. Her fingers lightly cupped my balls and begin to slide slowly up and across my cock. It began to stiffen again! I have never had a girl that was able to make me hard after cumming so hard.

Oh wow hhhh, you’re getting hard again baby, am I doing that to you? I nodded my head. Mmmmmm good baby, she moaned as she kissed me more. My cock began to get harder as our tounges wrestled. My little sisters breath was quickening again. She slid her leg onto my hardening cock to replace her hand. We broke our kiss, and I began to suck on her small tits. She began to whimper and moan as she glided her pussy on my thigh.

I wanna see your pussy, I whispered. Yeah she whispered. I nodded my head again. She the stood up and looked at my cock. Oh wow, she said. She locked her eyes on it then began to pull at the waist band of her panties down. She then turned around and bent over sliding her panties off all of the way. She stood there with her legs parted. I sat up and grabbed my stiff cock and reached for her pussy. She shivered upon contact. I couldn’t believe how wet she was!

I then slid off the couch and onto the floor. I was aching to eat her pussy. She placed one foot on the couch as I looked up at her. I got my face as close to her pussy as I could. I could clearly smell her sweet pussy. My mouth watered as my cock began to twitch and throb. I looked up at my sexy little teen sister and smiled. She smiled back as I gently placed my hand on her ass, and pulled her pussy closer to my face. I winked at her as her mouth dropped open again. Her eyes popped open wide and she gasped as my tounge made contact with her pussy. It had to be the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted! I began to lick from her taint to her clit. I did that softly as she began to shake and moan. I dipped my tounge into her pussy hole more and more, licking and sucking her little pussy, and clit! I did it as gentle as I could savoring her sweet smell and taste.

I could hear her tiny voice moaning and whimpering! She was shaking all over. Then I licked her clit a few times before I began to suck and nibble on it gently. I took my finger and slid it as deep into her as I could. I began to move my finger in and out slowly, while I curved my finger. I found her g spot and began to lightly rub! Oh god, right there, right there, right there, she said breathlessly. Her body began to jerk violently as she whimpered and moaned! She began to grind her pussy on my face, and soon after, I felt her pussy clinching around my finger. As soon as I slowly slid my finger out, her pussy gushed into my mouth! Her cum filled my mouth as I swallowed as much as I could! My throbbing cock twitched! I was drinking my sisters cum!!! She fell forward on the couch as she orgasmed. I got out from under her and stood up. I need to go get cleaned up baby, I said. She just layed there and jerked! She didn’t even respond. I kissed her and told her, ill be in the shower. Still no response, other than a little smile. I smiled knowing I did that to her.

I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I began to stroke my hard cock. It was throbbing and I needed to cum. As I waited for the water to warm up I stroked my cock, wishing I wasn’t Malias brother. I wanted so bad to slide my cock deep into her wet teen pussy while she layed there jerking on the couch!

I finally got into the shower and lathered my hand up, and began to jerk my throbbing cock! A few minutes into my jerking, the shower curtain flew open. I looked over and saw my little teen sister staring in awe at my cock. Mmm mmm she said, you’re not going to get away with that that easy! She bit her lower lip, and climbed into the shower with me. As she stood close to me, my cock slid up her stomach. She pressed herself against me and began to move from side to side. I moaned from the feeling of her soft flesh gliding side to side. I then began to kiss my little sister hard. She backed up and her tiny hands gripped my cock! Mmmm, that feels nice, I said. Good she whispered. You know, there is only one person that has been able to make me cum that hard. My best friend Shannon. That was amazing! Now I’m going to suck this big beautiful cock of yours. Is that ok baby, she asked. I just groaned as she gently jerked my cock. It was rubbing against her soft stomach as well.

She then got onto her knees, and looked up at me. She smiled as she licked my cock from my balls to the tip. My whole body shivered. My sexy little 17 year old sister looked so hot with my cock against her tounge! How the fuck big is this sexy cock of yours, she asked. Softly I replied, I was told somewhere around 8 or 9 inches. God, she moaned. Ill bet its around 2 inches thick too! Its so beautiful, she moaned. Her voice got an extremely sexy tone, and she said softly, its the biggest cock I have ever seen. Wow, its so beautiful! Shannon would be so jealous!

With that, her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock! A jolt of electricity shot through out my whole body! Her tounge was working a magic on my cock that I have never felt! Oh god baby, I moaned as I threw my head back. She sucked and licked my cock like an experienced pro! Her tounge gliding up and down my cock and all over my balls. She moaned when my cock twitched every time she licked its whole length. You like that baby, she asked. Mmmghhh, was all I could say. What ever part of my cock didn’t fit in her mouth, she would be jerking and twisting her hands at the same time.

Soon I began to feel my balls begin to tighten. My cock began to tingle, sending chills throughout my body! I knew I was getting close! Cum in my mouth, and watch me swallow it all, she whispered! She began to jerk my cock hard and fast, while sucking the head. She used her tounge on the underside of my cock head. She popped it out of her mouth and licked my shaved balls and sucked on them. I’m gonna cum baby, I warned. She stick her tounge out and cupped my cock head with it. She continued to jerk with one hand and play with my balls with the other.

I closed my eyes and clinched my teeth. I began to spasm all over. Soon after my cock erupted. I looked down and saw my little sisters mouth filling with my cum. Shot after shot, my cum filled her mouth and began to run out and down her chin. She sucked my cock one last time as my orgasm began to subside. She smiled then opened her mouth to show me the cum. Then she swallowed it all! Yummy she said.

Oh my god, I said as I watched her open her mouth and show me it was all gone. She took her finger and wiped what was on her face and chin and licked it off of her fingers. She stood up and said, I really want to see more of this gorgeous cock of yours. Fine, I said, ill walk around naked more often. So will I, she said, as she climbed out of the shower. I turned the water off, and got out. She dried me off as we kissed passionately from time to time. You can start tonight, she said. She dried herself off, and then wrapped her hair in the towel. She winked at me as she walked out. God I love your cock, oh and you can bet that this will happen again, she said with a seductive look on her face.

I stayed naked. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, for the rest of the night. I made her cum at least 4 more times, by either fingering her pussy, or licking it! I came at least 2 more times, only I had less and less cum from all the times before. We both went to sleep in the living room naked, and in each others arms.

Then the next morning arrived…..

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